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Alabama KKK Denounces Hatred (No, Really)

By Casey Sanchez on November 7, 2007 - 2:44 pm, Posted in Hate Groups, Klan, White Supremacist

Anti-racist demonstrators are about as common at Ku Klux Klan rallies as white pointy hoods. So it came as no surprise when, shortly after the National Knights of the Ku Klux Klan revealed plans to hold a rally in Cullman, Ala., a counter-protest spokesperson piped up to announce that his group would likewise make a showing in Cullman to oppose the “racial slurs,” the “ignorance and stupidity,” the “hatred” and the “threats” voiced by the Indiana-based National Knights.

The identity of this “anti-hate” group, however, was a bit of a shock: The Alabama Ku Klux Klan.


Trussville, Ala., resident Ken Mier, who is publicizing the counter-protest and claims to be an “investigator” for the Alabama Ku Klux Klan, directed Hatewatch to a website depicting a hooded Klansmen riding a hooded horse and waving a burning cross — classic imagery from a movement whose entire 140-plus-year history is one of racially motivated terrorism. Nevertheless, Mier informed Hatewatch via E-mail, the Alabama Ku Klux Klan is “focusing on a totally different outward appearance. No militia, no Nazi flag, and, yes, no hatred of any sort.”

It gets weirder.

“We are the descendants of the ‘Non Violent, True Southern Christian Klanspeople,’” Mier wrote. “We are the children that fought with our fist [sic] to protect the negro [sic] friends we grew up with in the sharecropper fields.”

According to Mier, the Alabama Ku Klux Klan used to belong to Ku Klux Klan LLC, a national KKK organization based in Compton, Ark. But now the Alabama KKK is totally independent, Mier says, and totally opposed to the crude tactics of modern-day Klan poseurs like the National Knights.

“We of the Alabama Klan do hereby announce a dilligent [sic] campaign to challenge all Klan styled groups to Clean up your act and stop embarrassing [sic] the white Christian race,” declares the Alabama KKK website. It also specifies a list of “don’ts” for respectable Klansmen, including: “Nazi Flags, Skinheads, or Atheist” and “Ignorant Appearances on National television to serve as a martar [sic] for the likes of Jerry Springer.”

Dan Quinn, the grand dragon for the “Alabama Realm” of the National Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, told Hatewatch he’s never heard of Mier or the Alabama KKK, adding that no matter who shows up to counter-protest, even if they’re wearing white robes and hoods, the National Knights will go on with the show. “We will be speaking out against the invasion of our beautiful state by the illegal immigrants,” Quinn said.

Originally scheduled for Nov. 10, the Klan rally in Cullman — or Klan vs. Klan, as some are now calling it — has been reset for Nov. 17.

  • Ryan

    I just moved to Alabama from Portland oregon, my wife has already had two run ins with whites from cullmen who don’t like that kind ie blacks. Just weird is all I can say. I judge people on values whether it’s white, black or any color. It’s strange to me how we misinterpret scripture, how we sy we are Christian and we completely turn a blinds eye to the second greatest commandment “love others.” its not hard to understand that there an overwhelming lack of consideration for others, most of this talk is self centered, self interests, self preference, etc. I’ll tell you my impression of Alabama blacks have been pretty dang positive…I too don’t like inner city rapping thug want to smack that booty style PERSON which happens to be mostly black but I understand that that is a culture and not the race and besides I don’t have the energy to hate on something that I may not prefer. I may not condone certain behaviors but I sure as heck won’t allow hate to enter in. It’s a waste of time. It takes energy to hate. It limits our capacity to be happy. Happiness is service, helping others, selflessness and I can go on. No political or worldly viewpoint or opinion trumps general consideration for others. Just curious…what are white interests? Never understood this. My interests surpasses race…family, liberty, freedom and the pursuit of happiness…these are my interests. I know people will spin this but had to weigh in as new residents of this state and was really shocked that this racists thing still exists. Anyway theirs my two cents.

  • Ironman

    Hardly anyone sees himself as evil, there are some very misplaced good intentions here. Protecting the “White Christian race” is racial language. Most folks in Cullman are white and Christian so why mention it? What is disturbing to me is that in the same breath they the Alabama KKK are denouncing their more brutal cousins, they are opening up atheists as alternative objects of hatred.

    In my opinion, the problems facing the rural south deserve more attention than these dramatic uses of scapegoats, those problem are Poverty (class warfare and oppression from within and outside the state of Alabama), Education (just read the above statements and judge them by their grammar how educated they are), various other public health concerns: pollution, bad diet, methamphetamines.

    Forget about the public image of the South, the rest of the country is going to continue to laugh at us until we cover those bases. A PR campaign ain’t gonna solve our problems… Was that hateful?

  • N. White

    I have just read the long list of comments on this page and I find that many of them sound like they were written in the mid-1900s. I would like to start by saying that my name is real, not a way to convey a message. However, I am not sure we can say the same for Mr. DJ Racist Ryke. Sir, your message sounds pretty good, but the attitude you convey with the “handle” you choose to identify yourself with stands in opposition to said message. What is up with that ? Ken Meier, you are another one. You talk about your positive intentions, why then would you choose to miss-spell the word “clan” in the title of your organization unless you wish to invoke an association with the “klan” ? Proverbs tells us that God knows the intentions of our hearts. You might want to think about that. Lisa Jackson, you silly girl, if it is no one’s business who you talk to and you don’t want to explain yourself, then why are you passionately typing it out on a national forum ? I think you DO want to talk about it. But here is the good news for you . The people you so disdain would probably rather not talk to you, so I don’t think you need to worry about being imposed upon by hordes of “undesirables” clamoring for your attention. Brad, I would refer you to Chadez who’s testimony obviously negates your theory. Look up some statistics. A substantial portion of our population are already functioning in society as mixed race persons. We are not a tribal society. One need not “belong ” to one side or the other. One can simply succeed as an individual, regardless of mixed heritage. Reference our President. Dusty, I was a VietNam era teenager who faithfully wore three MIA bracelets. I have made the heart wrenching pilgrimage to the memorial in DC. I can not tell you how truly sorry I am that you were treated so badly. Those events were atrocious, and I apologize to you that we, as a country, wronged you in so many ways. But Bitterness, my friend, will not help your brothers. Take your passion and make it count. Join or start an effort to extend love, support, meals or friendship….whatever they need. YOU are uniquely qualified to know what that would be. dm klrwin, how I wish your statement were true. The day the klan becomes extinct will truly be a triumphant day, but it has not come yet. I look forward to the day when that group opens a bible in one of it’s meetings and reads that in Heaven there will be no gender and no race. THAT, my friends is God’s position on the subject. Read your new testament. Jesus came for everyone, no exceptions. Thank God he loves us through our process, I look forward to to continued societal enlightenment …Check with your own faith, even humanism will not disagree that LOVE IS THE ANSWER. Blessings to all, NW

  • Elder K C Pope

    I’ve read many of the comments listed on this site and needless to say I find it extremely ignorant to see some of the comments that proves lack of education and facts to back up what is discussed.

    I find Lisa Jackson to be extremely ignorant. We are living in a society now where their are many people so your comments prove that your circle of life is extremely small. We are dealing with a society now that are rebelling against their parents and the close minded teaching that was passed on to them regardless if they are black or white. This is why you are seeing so many young people that are mix dating. You are not going to be able to stop it so get over it. Its going to happen.

    Concerning Birmingham…. Yes it is a city that has crime, drugs, and violance and most cities with a high level of unemployment, poverty etc. you will find this. Please do your research before you begin to discuss a topic that you are not familiar with. Birmingham never recovered from the civil right movement in the 60’s. Many of the residence migrated else where or business was shut down. This is why you see what you see in Birmingham. Its funny, I’m their all the time and I never see the crime the violence so it tells me that you must look for the negative because it is considered a black city. Guess what? All of my family are their and they all are highly educated, good jobs or own their own business and are living extremely well and so do all of the people that we associate ourselves with. So, I beg your parden concerning Bham.

    This society is large enough for all of us if you work hard educate yourself to obtain what life has to offer. In a few years because of the influx into the US of other cultures and the mix dating and marriages whites will know longer be the minority and I think this where the fear is coming from. Again, get over it. Lisa you need counseling

    Yours truly,

    Elder K. Pope

  • Gopal

    It’s amazing to see how prehistoric the mentality of some people can be. No religion should denounce other races and whatever that religion is should be called poison. I am a mixed
    Latino/Black/White person who is a product of a mixed marriage. My mom came from Costa Rica with Jamaican roots and had me with a white guy. Since then, I’ve had no connection with my father’s family because they werent ready for a “non-white” sharing the same last name. God did not create man and woman to only be with only 1 race or discriminate or hate another race. And to those who think that “immigrants don’t belong in America” remember that they are the descendants of the original Americans who were raped, killed, and decimated for the sake of “Manifest Destiny”. Most Mexican immigrants are of Native descent and were forced to follow Christianity otherwise they were tortured, raped, and killed. Also this war that “we” have been fighting has drafted many illegal immigrants who fight for America, and come back to still be denied citizenship.The KKK symbolizes the mentality of racist white America pre-1860’s. Black people were brought to North, South America, and the Carribeans with no choice but to be slaves with less than humane treatment. Nobody looks at 2Pac like God, but many Blacks and Latinos respect him for beating the odds, and for coming out of the Black Panthers to the top of the charts. His Godfather was Geronimo Pratt who was incarcerated for a crime never committed, and his mother was a leader to female Black Panthers. I think people need to do their homework before they speak about things they don’t know. Crack cocaine was brought in by the Reagan Administration to keep Minorities in poverty and to be crime-driven “thugs”. I can’t say that I believe that Whites are evil, because that’s not what I feel, but I can say that the ones who have the power and control abuse it just like anybody else would if it was in their hands.

  • ken mier

    I’m glad to see that the replies to this article have begun to show that people are realizing that Change is obvious.

    Asside from the resentments over the attitudes of Black gangsta inner city criminals, the Dream has become reality. Birmingham mayor Larry Langford himself has dared combat the problem by honorably handing out Holy Bibles .
    He also recently denounced the Gay Pride parade in Southside and was ridiculed by the media. I would be proud to stand beside him in an effort to demand that homosexuality is an abbomination in the eyes of our God.

    I personaly commend the achievements of MLK. A great spiritual leader who simplified the concept of his movement involking non-violence.
    What America must realize is tha J. Edgar himself had convinced the white population that he was tied to communist activity. Now, I ask you to consider the education level of the average person in that day and time.
    The blame has to be evenly distributed, equaled out and accepted for CHANGE to happen.

    Racism is exactly what the individual feels in his own heart. I am often questioned about my views, many hard core supremist have condemed me for my realism.

    My own quest has landed me in the middle of the road.

    We are all Gods Children, seperated by color yes, but if we all believe in the same that Jesus Christ himself died on the cross and shall return, we shall meet on high someday without this skin we wear here on earth.

    So Civil Rights is an issue, and myself and Al Sharpton will always remain on speed dial.

  • Chadez

    I just want to say that I am married to a white women. I live out in the country and I enjoy the country. I was born in the city and when my parents split at the age of 4 I moved away to a rural area. My mother always taught me however, that she wouldn’t care what race I was with as long as I see them for who they are not the color of there skin. She always told me to make sure that they were rooted in christian teachings.

    When I met my wife she had a 5 month old son (my step son) and his father a WHITE man ran out on him and my wife and left them with nothing. He cared more about Crystal meth then his responsiblities. To me according to Websters dictionary he is a nigger don’t you think? Well I took both of them in because I told her from the start if I want to be with you I want to be with him too. I consider him my son my blood and he considers me his dad and calls him dad. Every child especially a male child needs a father. Me and my wife are both in school trying to make a better life for our children. We have 3 beautiful kids now and I think God that I found her.

    Not all black people are thugs some of us want to make a name for ourselves and not even that for our families. I will say this there is racisim within races. How you ask?

    Well Some of my own people make fun of me because I talk like a “redneck” well I tell them I was born in the south and I’ll talk like a southerner. I’m not what you call a cliche’s black man like people make us. I wear my pants on my ass and I do not show my ass. I speak my words clearly I do not speak ebonics. I tell you this people to get you to see that we should get to know people who they are in there heart. MLK preached this. He didn’t just preach equality for the black man he preached it for all no matter what race.

    May God Bless all of you!

  • http://hatewatch paul etchells

    wow what an interesting forum.
    I think it is verry important for white people to protect there rights in a new world were we are the minoritys.
    But i think it is equaly as important not to sound ignorant in doing so.
    Paul Henry Etchells III

  • JT

    Of course, if you’re not Christian, they still hate you.
    Especially if you’re agnostic/atheist. ;)

  • Ken Mier

    Hey Casey Sanchez, don’t you think this is more important than racial election coverage ?

  • Ken Mier

    Right Brad and I commend you for not useing racial slurs as you voice an oppinion that is based on truth and insite.

    Birmingham is now a nasty City, We referr to it as the City of Hate and so true.

    The general population outside the city agrees with the fact that the inner city is a very dangerous place to work , live, and even visit for business or entertainment.

    Mayor Langford has declaired to quieten the Black on Black crime as they have quitened the Klan. That statement alone confirms that the city is now under complete controll of the African Americans that are decendents of the innocent that witnessed the violence of the 1960’s.

    The years have passed and the fallout has blackened the once Beautiful Magic City.

    I call your atttention to the
    three White police officer murders commited by Kerry Spencer and Nathanial Woods, these were Hate Crimes and is proven by our own investigators documentations by interviewing many of the residences on that very street.

    When the two wanna be gangstaz ran down to the other nearby crackhouse to hide in the attic and finish off their cocaine stash, the first thing they said to the other drug thug was…………”WE SHOT THAY WHITE ASSES”
    However you did not hear that revelation when the media got wind of it..Nope, Instead they considered first that the officers were on the take.?

    This confirmed to us that the denial was out of control and worsening.

    Black on Black crime has slowly gained circumfrace and the white neighborhoods surrounding the city area are realizing the overflow of black criminals.

    So hear this, Mayor Langford, there are many Christian’s that realize that your Black City of Hate is a disgusting place to be and they realize the problem.
    Instead of spending millions on Civil rights monuments, spend it on more Bibles to hand out and make it a point to demand that the former civil rights movement has been the reason for hate by blacks and turned the city into a cesspool. Finaly, please remove the sympathy card as a bookmark.

    This article was run when the Alabama Christian Klan finaly realized that the hatered had to stop. Yes, so we used our Bibles to find a path in which to return to promote an answer for re-unification
    Forgiveness is the key and untill the entire issues are addresed publicly and civil, the situation will spiril further out of control.

    By that we confirm that we have not been quitened, .
    We do suggest an involvement in an effort to bring out facts of the progression and justification for black on black crime to date.

    In an effort to show genuine concern and involvement, I am personally willing to join Larry on the steps of the 16th. street Baptist Church to relay the horror and shame of the true white christians for the vicious crimes of vigilanties of the past.
    From that time on we shall hand out bibles together and begin on a unified campaine to be an example as we show the nation what true Christians of all races can accomplish. “””Together”””””



  • brad

    not to mention what something like that would do to the kids. The blacks wouldnt accept them and neither would the whites.

    theyd grow up stealing cars and raping german tourists.

  • brad

    as far as having a black G/F, im old fashioned. My dad would kill me, nail me to a cross himself.

    its something id never consider,not just for that reason. Ive never found blacks sexually appealing. never. im just not attracted to them at all.

  • brad

    i dont associate with inner city punk trash thugs. i associate with people who live in the inner city and wish they could get out of it.

  • brad

    Well, Miss Lisa, you hit it on the nail. Although i dont agree with not talking to black people, because out in the country they actually have a lot of good things to say.

    In the cities of america, Urban Thug culture has taken over. A bunch of punks and theives live there.

    out where i live, little leroy still has a “big momma” to smack him around when he fucks up, and usually grows up respectable. dealing with the people in Birmingham, you are in Da Hood. even the black folks out here agree and wouldnt want to live there.

    there is a lot to the dynamic that seperates us. In one corner, guys like snoop dogg and tupac have replaced god.

    in the other corner, and a bit farther out from town, god is king, NOT tupac.

  • Lisa Jackson

    I dont want to talk about it. I am thinking about other things. And if some white men want to have relationships with black females, whatever. But they dont need to be talking to me if they are behaving that way. It is against my religion and my personal preference. And that once again is the end of that racial nonsense discussion.

  • Lisa Jackson

    I am a white woman and I only want to talk to white people. It is as simple as that. And I dont have to explain why to anyone either. It is a personal preference and I do not care if anybody understand me or not.

  • Ken Mier

    Wow Carter, what are you Smoking ?

  • carter

    I have often given the whole topic of “being proud of my race” some thought.
    I have come to the conclusion that it is ridiculous… Why should I be “proud” of something I am born with RATHER THAN SOMETHING I DO!
    Put this in smaller scale terms….”I am proud of my feet”. Being proud of one’s ability to run quickly makes some sense. Being proud of one’s feet is laughable…..This goes across the board. Being “proud” of one’s genetic profile is laughable whether one is Black, Mexican, or White. being proud of the accomplishments of other’s in one’s genetic profile is also something akin to assuming that such a thing as genetic profiles are a separate “team”.
    Take Arabian horses or Irish Setters….Those genetic profile’s don’t have a “Team”…. The whole issue is absurdly laughable were it not for the hate and violence generated by such remarkable childishness.

  • Ken Mier

    I agree ther dbkerwin….The Ku Klux Klan as we recognise it today should be dead. We find the retoric and dispicable public announcements of we hate. N.J.F. etc. completly unacceptable.
    We of the Alabama Christian Klan have united in an effort to simply stand up for our White Christian Civil Rights. Mr Sharpon himself has declared a beginning of the new Civil Rights era and the average person is scared that the KU Klux Klan will become even more of a deadly threat than in the 60’s . Just think about it.
    We do not wish to offend anyone, We do intend to be the organization that is prepared to sit at the table and discuss positive solutions to very old and yes, still dangerous issues.
    Since we began our Clean it up Campaign, “MANY” Klansmen and women have denounced the Ku Klux and became members with us. It is a great thing that It only took one instance of the Alabama Klan standing up to the CNKKKK and company for the believers to seperate from the haters,
    Ken Mier…….The Alabama Christian Klan….ACK

  • dmkirwin

    There are no southern boogy men any more, nothing like spilling out the same old sterio-types of an embracing time. Reconstruction is what created them. The Klan thing is Dead, please ignor their postings, your basicly supporting terrorist by giving them press.

  • Chad

    D.J. Racist Ryke just called someone a low IQ Redneck! Put him on the hate list please!

  • Ken Mier

    We of the Alabama Klan have lived up to our word. The CNKKKK have canceled their Jerry Springer stage show in Cullman . We consider this a victory for the Christian residence of .Alabama. In addition the people of our organization would like to extend a very special thanks for the absence of negative coverage of our actions.

    Ken Mier……The Alabama Klan…..WWJD ?

  • Dusty

    WHOA!!! sounds like we have a hater!!! First off not all racist are rednecks. And i could care less about the La Raza or the KKK. Maybe i need to “re-word the ? for you. Why do people of color even care what Whites think of them (it may just be me but i dont care what people think of me) and if Whites formed a group or an organization for Whites only why is it so wrong even if it is a non-racist/ non-hate group? The greatest threat to this country is people like you trying to poison the minds of decent hard working “LEGAL” Americans to the reality of the “illegal” situation.
    You dont know what me and my fellow Vietnam Vets fought for. Most where drafted in my Platoon but they went for America. Someone like you would have dodged the draft. You also dont know what its like to see true Americans (white, black etc..) fall for their Nation. Those Heros would turn over in their grave if they knew that todays generation would just let illegals come over here and have their way with it and all the tax payers resources. As for survivors we got spit on cursed, ridiculed,etc… and now we are watching this happen. Havent you heard 1 out of 3 Vets are homeless and no one really seems to care about that as much as do about protecting illegals thats far more cruel than hate!
    Anyway none of this probably even matters to you. Because you would have probably been one of the sensitive little people spitting on us and cursing at us. I am for AMERICA and yes i am proud of my race there is absolutly nothing wrong with that!! ( you may be on here just for a good laugh or because you really like to keep hate and drama going all the time because it fills up your empty little life)

  • D.J. Racist Ryke

    Sounds like someone is off of their “meds” or is it just a common trait in single digit I.Q`ed Rednecks?
    “Why is it “racism” when White people form an organization to protect White interest.?”
    To answer your own question, try answering this-Why is it “racism” when Latinos/Mexicans formed the La Raza to protect Mexican interest? If you think you can answer that then you just answered your own little question. If anythings a racists, there are 2 biggest racist groups in the U.S. today. The La Raza and its pro-illegal sister groups and the White Supremacist groups and the like. These two domestic sects are the greatest & gathering threat to our American Freedom and Our American Way of Life. Our fathers and grandfathers who fought for this Country, did so to preserve and protect Freedom and Demacracy. They didn’t go to war to form racist organizations and terrorize communities locally and at large. This is where ignorance is so blissfully shown from the decrepit minds of White Supremacists.

  • Dusty

    Why is it always “racism” when white people form an organization to protect White interest? Granted the Klan isnt what it once was because all they do is rally on some steps or something and talk they once got something done actually! If you going to hate do it right dont worry about explaining it and sugar coat it! Americans White and Black need to do something about the illegal aliens damn lay white and black differences aside for a while and do something about illegals then we can get back to normal and fight with each other! If Americans dont come together on this illegal thing we will be a Third World country before we all know it. And all are our Heros that have fought and died for this nation will have all been in VAIN. “If a WHITE GROUP is Hate and people Hate them, then both groups have something in common”

  • Bernard

    Okay, anyway, they are full of it as usual

  • D.J. Racist Ryke

    Let the games begin. If Ken Meir lives up to his word. Then he is the man. You will never succeed in anything through hate.