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NYT Features SPLC Work in Op-Ed Graphic

By Mark Potok on November 26, 2007 - 11:17 am, Posted in Hate Crime

On Sunday, The New York Times ran a major “op-chart” on its op-ed page entitled “The Geography of Hate” and detailing the apparent rash of racist noose incidents in the last couple of months. The piece discussed the white backlash that has developed since the huge Sept. 20 anti-racist rally in Jena, La., and included a map describing noose incidents across the eastern half of the United States.

The text of the op-chart was written by Mark Potok, director of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Project (which produces this blog). The research on noose incidents was the work of a team led by Luke Visconti and Barbara Frankel at DiversityInc., a magazine about diversity and business. The graphic illustration was done by Nigel Holmes.

  • Southern gal

    I find it appalling and, in fact, intriguing that “racially aware patriot” can spout off a series of intense racially biased comments and manage to misspell them at the same time. First of all the statement that this country is rightfully the white race’s is ridiculous to say the least. Native Americans, who suffered and still suffer from hate crimes daily, inhabited this land long before European colonization happened.
    “ME” supplies inadequate numbers since not only were some hangings not documented but current and past population records have to be taken into account. The “Jim Crow” era was wrong for a variety of reasons and I think everyone can agree with that. And it wasn’t just blacks that were targeted. Hispanics, Jews, Catholics, Asians, etc. were also targeted for hate crimes. I am not suggesting that there has not been any hate crimes against white people for that would be untrue, there have been and there continues to be. The point of the SPLC is to educate everyone on the horrors of hate crimes. Period.

  • ME

    More blacks killed other blacks in 2005 ALONE, than were ever hanged in the “jim crow” era. Yet, SPLC says nothing!?

  • jennifer

    The difference between hate crime and non-bias-motivated crime is that hate crime is acted out in representation against an entire group of people (primarily a minority group). Bias-motivated crime is intended to and does victimize and inflict fear upon an entire group. Noose incidents clearly qualify, as they cannot be justified but to incite fear. Claiming that they are hung as pranks seems like a cop-out. Amid the racial tensions that exist in our country, and especially with the precedent reactions of fear and the violent cultural associations of the noose in symbol and historical practice, the motivation behind these incidents is clear. A recurrent “prank” that is racially motivated and incites fear is a threat, and a hate crime.

    Drew, are you suggesting people hang nooses to suggest threats of punishment? For what crime, then, other than belonging to a minority group?

    A Racially Aware American Patriot, I hope you meant your statement ironically; otherwise your ignorance and inhumanity shine.

  • Eric Rudolph Missed Me

    Nooses are terrorism.

    I’m a blue eyed white gal, and I’m not interested in getting taller by stomping on someone else’s neck. Those nooses are being put up by cowards, afraid to face a world where everyone has equal rights.
    If you want to be important, make a difference. Build a house, create an idea, invent a solution. Pass good ideas on. Help others.
    When you shine a light on racism and hatred, the roaches scurry away. SPLC is doing just that.
    …. now where did I put that can of Raid?

  • G.I. Joe

    I dont agree with racism in any form, but its not just whites that are racist. Most of the time it’s reverse racism anyways. I think the people that complain about it make it that much more of a popular topic. Ignore it. Words are just words, and they dont hold any value. On the same point crimes are crimes. If you hit a man cause hes a different race its still assault, and if you kill a man cause hes gay its still murder. Stop blowing this crap up. Racism will always exist because hate will always exist.

  • A racialy aware patriot

    The times will put anything in the paper to sell a few more copies, and racial confrontations is what the public wants. this is a meaningless articale to once again, brainwash white americans aginst our race and what is rightfully ours. I wish this articale were true, it would show we are finally taking our country back! good response Lewis Loflin!

  • mikki

    The history of noose hangings, in America, as documented, were primarily used against people of color. For the most part, noose hangings in America involved innocent victims and an intimidating crowd of hateful flunkies trying to comfort their insecurities.

  • Drew

    noose hangings aren’t a representation of hate you dipshits when I think of a hanging I think of corporal punishment not a hate crime

  • Idetrorce

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  • Arthur

    So some posters think it’s humour to make a death-threat, and then say “Just kidding!” Funny hoax.

    Having been hospitalized by a gang of youths screaming hatred, I take death threats very seriously, there are bad people out there.

    I guess some people need to be on the receiving end of hatred before they can understand that what they think is humour, is actualy terrorism from their victims’ perspectives.

    But hey, it’s not terrorism if I think it’s funny, right? Just like America doesn’t torture…

  • JMS

    Yeah….and how many of these “noose” incidents turned out to be a hoax????

    How embarrassing that must be for you.

  • George

    I have to laugh at the SPLC. There is no evidence that these noose incidents are related to racist groups or widespread hate towards minorities. The very act of putting up a noose these days results in a press reaction only comparable to packs of sharks smelling blood in the water. 99 percent of these are just acts of ignorant fruitcake SOBs who get their jollies from watching the overreactive civil rights groups and the press. These people often act solitarily and have little capacity to do physical harm. It’s meat for the gullible SLPC who take the bait and run off on wild goose chases. After all, would the SLPC exist if it didn’t manufacture a new race based crisis to give it an opportunity to tell us how terrible a people we are as a nation.

  • Lewis Loflin

    Mark Potok is a racist bigot himself. His bias on this issue along with SPLC is absurd. How many blacks have lynched this week? Can I see a count?

    When are you going to focus on the many hate crimes involving white victims? Why would you publish one article where some skinhead committed a crime that had nothing to do with race at all, just a crime? Why not follow that for black crime? You are focused on race alone and have differing standards. That makes racist.

    Here is another another race crime involving a white women beaten by nine blacks. Are you going to list this on? I’d be surprised. Here is the info anyway:

    As Sarah Kreager, 26, tried to sit down on a Baltimore City bus Tuesday, police say…She was “immediately attacked” by nine students…from Robert Poole Middle School… (They were all black.)

    Kreager was dragged off the bus and her boyfriend…She sustained “serious injuries” and had to be transported to the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center, according to a police report.

    Kreager suffered two broken bones in her left eye socket, police said. “She had eye muscles that were damaged,” a police report states. “She had deep lacerations on the top of her head and another above her neck.”

    Two seats and the bus’ rear glass were destroyed during the attack…


    Enjoy the pictures.


    Have you heard what is happening to Hispanics in Jacksonville?
    Yeah… I thought so; even people in Jacksonville have no idea. (Most don’t care Afro, or Caucasian-Americans)
    Hispanics have been dying, only Hispanics notice; only Hispanics care. The Sheriff notices because his murder rate numbers rise, the national media might take an interest.
    Nothing is being done, except hiring a few token Hispanics in the police Dpt. to translate, a few posters put up in Spanish assuring brown folks they might not be deported if they report a crime.
    These are numerous murders committed by black men against brown men, women and children with the excuse of “robbery”, these black murderers know they will get away with murder and hard earned money, as long as the hold-up or house invasion is committed against the brown people who are helpless.
    The discrimination is staggering, for uneducated laborers as well as educated Hispanics. You might say, we have the EEOC, yeah right! You might look at their investigations (and investigators) of discrimination against Hispanics for a good laugh (or cry)
    I hope something is done soon, it might take a few dozen more lives for the problem to be noticed; but then again these are only undocumented alliens, they’ll never do anything, they are scared to get deported.
    Angry Hispanic

  • Karen Johnson

    Thank God for this unambiguous example of responsible journalism.

  • unlucky 13

    Nooses are not just symbols of hate.They may be intended as well as death threats.Hate speech is constitutionaly protected.Death threats are not.Death threats ,of any type ,should always be illegal.Ï