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The House Cleaning Continues at The Washington Times

By Heidi Beirich on January 17, 2008 - 12:09 pm, Posted in Media Extremism, Neo-Confederate, White Supremacist

Robert Stacy McCainYesterday, longtime assistant national editor Robert Stacy McCain resigned from The Washington Times. McCain was particularly close to managing editor Fran Coombs, who had assigned him to write the paper’s “Culture, Et Cetera” section.

McCain, who was once a member of the neo-Confederate hate group League of the South, often filled these briefs with items from hate sites. A foe of interracial marriage, McCain regularly quoted neo-Confederate activists favorably in his stories. In 2005, stories freelanced by McCain to the website of the conservative newspaper Human Events were scrubbed after that publication’s editor, Thomas Winter, was given information by the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Report about McCain’s racism.

This Tuesday, Hatewatch contacted McCain for comment about the managerial changes at the Times. McCain, who then seemed upbeat, told Hatewatch that he felt that newly named executive editor John Solomon was a “stand-up guy.” McCain added, “Of course, the newsroom was shocked by the back-to-back announcements that both Wes Pruden and Fran Coombs were leaving,” and called both men “excellent newspapermen.” He especially praised Coombs — who has his own history of ties to white supremacy — for being “the cog that turned the wheel, the straw that stirred the drink” at the Times.

But, apparently, the changes proved to be too much. In his Wednesday resignation letter, which was posted to his personal blog, McCain writes that with the exit of Pruden and Coombs, “I suppose now is as good a time as any for me to go.”

  • karen

    Good for the times. Racists don’t need to have that much access to the public.

  • giantslor

    Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs is currently destroying this guy, exposing him as the white supremacist he is. If other conservative bloggers read this, there should be massive de-linkings of R.S. McCain. And for those who don’t de-link him, one can legitimately ask: are they racist too?

  • carter

    I think what Mark is saying is that libertarianism is being painted as racist (or supporters of anything outside of the commercial Left). I also believe him to be saying that the application of the term racist is not being fairly applied. He is also distancing himself from “pure” libertarianism in his personal views.
    In regards to voting, the American people have for too long voted for “the lesser of two evils” or some such non-sense instead of who they really wanted to express their views. The voting for a third or fourth party is exactly what this country needs to widen the playing field. Whether you personally believe in libertarianism is almost irrelevant to the point initially expressed.
    A skilled politician will respond how he wants instead of responding to the question (that may be a tough one). That’s exactly how many of those presently running for President are operating! Widening the playing field is politically healthy.
    Calling someone on a racist statement or concept is fine, and is often NOT done when that person is one of color. I happen to know that for a fact. I applaud the SPLC for starting to run N.O.I. as a hate group. That took guts. It’s politically incorrect to do so. It’s also not PC to deal with the garbage spewed out by RAP music, etc. If you take some time and think it through – Mark has some very salient points. But you have to READ the material and respond to what was SAID.

  • mark

    Johnny wrote: “I think he (Mark) is saying that supporting libertarianism will end racism, or that racism is already dead, not a factor, so support libertarianism in spite of the fact that it will end civil rights laws, which we dont need.

    Mark: Re-read my post. There’s nothing there which alludes to supporting Libertarianism in order to end racism. In fact, I’m not trying to convert anybody. I’m not even a true Libertarian in the strictest sense of the word. There are too many things a strict Libertarian believes that I do not, like open borders. I’m not for that. Borders are what define a nation and it isn’t possible to have national security with open borders and ports. I call myself a Libertarian, because Libertarians come the closest to my beliefs, generally.

    I believe its criminal to unilaterally start a war, as in Iraq, and that the only time we should resort to military action is if we are attacked or in eminent danger of it. I think we should pull our troops back from every country they’re in right now and keep our noses out of the affairs of other nations.

    I believe in the legalization of drugs. ( No, I don’t do drugs) I think it’s a person’s own business what he puts into his own body, so long as it doesn’t result in harm or death to other people, like driving a motor vehicle while being under
    the influence of a substance that impairs ability.

    But if he wants to sit in front of his T.V. puffing away or snorting away, I believe it’s an individual choice. Right now the government is arresting terminally ill older people who are buying whatever they can to alleviate their suffering during their final days. The government has become so oppressive about it they’re looking very closely over the shoulders of doctors who prescribe addictive medication to ease the suffering of people on the way out. They pay more attention to that than they do the multi-billion dollars in drugs that come across the southern border. Of course there are many other tenets involved, but I hit on just a couple, as examples.

    But, be assured, I don’t care if anyone converts to the Libertarian philosophy, generally speaking. I won’t vote for a Libertarian candidate simply because he’s a Libertarian.

    That’s not what my post was all about. I wanted to try to get across to those here that the concentration is only on one thing, which is hate from white supremacist groups, but hate from other groups is a definite reality, and it’s much more prevalent. That’s why I gave the link and the example I did. It proves that the government reports what I’m saying. Here it is again. Are not the victims below victims of racism? The FBI thinks they are. And so do I.

    “WASHINGTON – The most likely victim of a hate crime in the U.S. is a poor, young, white, single urban dweller, according to an analysis of Justice Department statistics collected from between July 2000 and December 2003.”

    “Hate Crime Victims, Young, Poor, White.…..E_ID=48898″

    If you’re going to have a group that’s a “Hatewatch” group, shouldn’t all hate be reported and condemned? In fact shouldn’t the above report have been placed on this site to show that SPLC’s concerns are with all hate not with just white hate from a few fanatics?

    I can do a Google search and give you about three hundred more incidents of anti-white hate if you would like.

    Doesn’t it concern anybody here that there are legitimate claims of anti-white hate? If not, surely it should, because the writers here could be victims just as easy as any white person that has been beaten, assaulted, maimed, or murdered. You’re not immune, because you hold the torch casting your light on white racists. Hate is hate, and every group is gulty of it, not just white supremacists.

    What’s wrong with condemning all hate? Claiming there is none by any group but whites flies in the face of reality, because there are more of those than white on non-white.

    Again, don’t take my word for it, do a Google, or, if you’d like, I’d be glad to provide several examples from the mainline newspapers.

    And speaking of those mainline newspapers, most all of them now have a comments section at the end of each article just like this one. If you read what Joe Sixpack and Sally Soccermom are saying lately about attacks on whites you might be quite surprised because the rhetoric is not only outraged and heated it’s beginning to sound like they’re ready to take up arms.

    Now, instead of calling me a liar, because, emotionally, you don’t like what I write, because you have been led to believe otherwise, why not do as I suggest and take a look for yourself?

    Be a free thinker. Don’t let somebody do your thinking for you or you’ll be used for their own purposes, just like the Republicrats have been doing to people for over a hundred years.

    And if it’s racists you hate, why is it just white racists? Have you ever asked yourself that?

    Are you in denial?

  • 88 R.I.P.

    Speaking of Ron Paul, he just happened to roll back into my State today, in a long stretched limo(I mean long, like the one in the movie MASK featuring Jim Carey). And where is he seeking votes here? Guess Where?
    Strip clubs, Caberets, Undergrounds and other Nativists “hang-outs”, according to the local media coverage.
    I was merely disappointed he actually came in 2nd in the Nevada caucus trailling behind Mitt Rommey who won NV. But emphatically, Ron Paul will not win the popular vote. Its the nativists/white supremacists who backs Ron Paul.
    I saw the presidential debate on Sat. 19th on channel FOX NEWS hosted by Chris. And to my amazement, Ron Paul has got some serious hearing problems or lacked additional listening skills necessary to be the Chief of Staff. His middle east policies is a disaster, particularliy his stance on Isreal who is by the way–our true middle east ally. Leaving Isreal alone, undermines our National Homeland Security and the war on terror.
    Word has it that many white supremacists are also pressuring Lou Dobbs to run for prez.
    “Draft Dobbs Campaign Roaring Start Over 200k Pledge!!”
    This is quite possibly the most ridiculous thing mentioned this year is having a stinking talk show host running for prez. Someone with no political expertise that doesn’t come close to Barack Obama`s political resume…….

  • unlucky 13

    White supremacy is alive and well in the criminal justice system.It needs to be cleared out so liberty and justice is truly for all.

  • johnny

    the Washington Times’ editor is a white supremacist, but Mark wants us to believe that white supremacists are powerless. I think he is saying that supporting libertarianism will end racism, or that racism is already dead, not a factor, so support libertarianism in spite of the fact that it will end civil rights laws, which we dont need.
    Perhaps Mark supports Ron Paul?
    i had a libertarian landlord once. he hated the civil rights laws, because he didnt want to rent to minorities. i had a libertarian boss once. he didnt want to hire minorities.
    i reject libertarianism. i support civil rights laws and the SPLC.
    And i reject Ron Paul, who didnt write his racist newsletters, doesnt know who wrote them, and doesnt care. i think he’s a lying racist, and i think there’s a lot of them in the “libertarian” movement.

  • mark

    R.I.P. wrote: “And uh…..there is no such thing as a BOOGEYMAN.”

    M: No such thing as a “boogeyman?” Of course, you mean to point out that the word should be ‘”boogeyman” and not “bogeyman.” You’re incorrect—-again.

    Webster’s dictionary: 1) “Bogeyman: A monstrous imaginary figure used in threatening children. 2) a terrifying or dreaded person or thing.”

    RIP: “The 2nd blogger above claims that white supremacists “bogeyman” doesn’t exist or is just in a state of extreme denial. Its absolutely unbelievable that they (sic) posts on here not knowing what goes on in our society, if they are actually reading anything SPLC has to say.

    M: I’m reading everything SPLC has to say, but the point is that there’s a world of information outside of the SPLC that has to be looked at in its entirety, and much is available revealing that there are far worse groups committing hate and hate crimes than a small band of white extremists, but SPLC is not reporting them, and I wish they would, because they represent a far greater threat to race relations and peace and serenity in the country than an insignificant band of white rebels who have no money nor influence on anybody really.

    Most all of them are the usual dregs any society has. Keying in on them matters not one whit in the overall racial tensions here, but calling the other far more numerous groups to account for their crimes would definitely calm things down, because, whether it’s recognized or not by the left, mainstream whites are becoming more militant in response to these non-white hate groups and individuals within them who commit hate crimes against white people.

    Here’s a link which will give you an idea on hate crime commissions and who is affected the greatest:

    “WASHINGTON – The most likely victim of a hate crime in the U.S. is a poor, young, white, single urban dweller, according to an analysis of Justice Department statistics collected from between July 2000 and December 2003.”

    Hate Crime Victims, Young, Poor, White.

    If you do not want to believe the above information, I would suggest you go to the United States Department of Justice’s web site where you can verify the information for yourself.

    There’s a wealth of CURRENT information available today on group hate crimes, as well as mob and individual hate crimes, which are the ones that are most indicative of the ones based on hate rhetoric within a particular group.

    It isn’t possible to overlook hateful violence by one segment of society and ignore the larger picture, because it somehow fits an emotional need to lend support to hateful notions against a particular group or a specific race of people.

    There are NUMEROUS racial hate attacks against whites everyday in this country that ARE NOT reported on a national scale as are the infrequent ones by a skinhead, or white low-life, against a black. They’re all over the internet. Would you like a few examples? I’d be glad to furnish them.

    And to clear the point up before it is raised, these attacks I write of ARE NOT ordinary street fights. They are racial attacks against whites, mostly by mobs. And the reason they occur is because the people who commit them are encouraged to do so with blatantly slanted reports in the media exaggerating white attacks, while condoning non-white ones, especially blacks.

    RIP: “The latest rally taking place in Jena, LA marching in protest of MLK holiday by the National Socialists Movement is proof the Neo-Nazis scene is alive and well.”

    Re-read my posts. Nothing was written that there are NO white supremacist groups, only that they are insignificant in numbers, clout and money. There’s not enough of those people marching to fit on the head of a pin.

    They’re insignificant, but their numbers are disingenuously inflated and the bogeyman is kept alive by including other groups within their ranks that do not share a leftist point of view, but simply do not agree on an intellectual basis with leftist dogma, like the anti-immigration groups who believe unchecked immigration and unguarded ports and borders leave the country open for jihadic infiltrators and others who hate the country.

  • 88 R.I.P.

    The 2nd blogger above claims that white supremacists “bogeyman” doesn’t exist or is just in a state of extreme denial. Its absolutely unbelievable that they posts on here not knowing what goes on in our society, if they are actually reading anything SPLC has to say. Those that are ill-informed just have to remained in the dark, if someone out there is willing to step up to the gonads and explain to them that they are wrong. But it can be impossible to do so to those who have a mind so narrow that even a flea could fall off. Here are some facts if he can explain this white supremacist/nativist “surge”.

    1.) According to the 2006 SPLC Intelligence Report, the number of White Supremacists hategroups rose 5% from the year before, that totals up to 844 new hategroups indentified by SPLC nationwide, which translates into 40% increase since the year 2000.
    2.) The latest rally taking place in Jena, LA marching in protest of MLK holiday by the National Socialists Movement is proof the Neo-Nazis scene is alive and well.
    3.) The latest hatecrime as reported by the local media source(Associated Press) on the Racial Graffiti found on a Gilbert Home occupied by a black family:

    That latest incident tells you that hatecrimes commited by neo-nazis is still active. Debating you on anything regarding hatecrimes & white supremacists is pointless……

    And uh…..there is no such thing as a BOOGEYMAN.

  • mark

    “Times are changing and the 21st century shall be the end of white supremacy as we know it…..”

    That has already occurred for several years now. It’s just absolutely amazing that there are still people who believe in a white supremacist bogeyman.

    In the other thread on Hal Turner, posters were laughing about the fact he only had 150 supporters.

    Surely people here don’t get hysterical over an insignificant number like that.

    And, if there are others, where are they at? Unless, of course, the net has to be cast a little wider to encompass groups that can’t legitimately be remotely connected to this fading group.

    Is it necessary to keep the white supremacist bogeyman alive in order to paint conservatives and Libertarians with the same brush, because it is really their ideas that are hated and must be demonized?

    That appears to be the case, because the country abounds with hate groups in every race, with many more people involved than white supremacist groups. Hate is hate, is it not? What makes the difference if the hater is a large Voz de Aztlan movement or a black NOI preacher of hatred against Jews and whites? Are these types to be ignored in favor of pursuing a small rag tag group on the fringes of society, who have very few members, almost no clout, and even less money?

    Would the anti white supremacist movement dry up if they admitted little or no influence by these so called white supremacists, making it necessary to keep a myth alive?

    Any ideology that’s based in facts and figures and legitimately pursues the truth shouldn’t be afraid to have its ideas challenged. In fact a contest of ideas should be welcomed, because it would offer an ideologue an opportunity to prove the points against him are either factually incorrect or not supportable in any meaningful way.

    I welcome debate and challenge ideas on libertarianism. Prove to me what I say is wrong with honest, intelligent debate and you will have me on your side.

    Only that ideology which is based on falsehoods and propaganda needs to fear having its tenets challenged.

  • 88 R.I.P.

    Its been a long time coming since the “house” has been cleaned spot free of the vermin that plaques our media. I cannot fathom the thought of having a “white supremacists” write about “cultures et cetera” without any hint of truths and real facts, especially when they themselves spent half of their lives in white supremacists related issues. Times are changing and the 21st century shall be the end of white supremacy as we know it…..