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Immigration Report Being Released Today Linked to White Supremacists

By Mark Potok on April 8, 2008 - 9:15 am, Posted in Anti-Immigrant, Media Extremism

Last Friday, a highly conservative publication called Investor’s Business Daily (IBD) published an editorial on its website called “The Real Cost of Immigration” that previewed a report to be released today at the National Press Club — an analysis, as IBD noted, by one Edwin S. Rubenstein that is being published by The Social Contract journal. What IBD didn’t bother to tell its readers was the troubling truth about Rubenstein’s politics and those of his Michigan publisher.

According to IBD, Rubenstein’s report, “The Fiscal Impact of Immigration: An Analysis of the Costs to 15 Federal Departments and Agencies,” concludes that every immigrant to the United States costs taxpayers more than $9,000. That’s vastly more than other analyses have concluded, and no mention whatsoever is made of what most economists agree on —that immigrants, legal and otherwise, help grow the economy in ways that actually increase jobs for native Americans. But that’s no surprise, given where Rubenstein and his publisher are coming from.

The truth is that Rubenstein is a man who has written for years for a racist anti-immigration website called VDARE — short for Virginia Dare, said to be the first white child born in the New World. He also writes for the white supremacist National Policy Institute. Last spring, the institute released a report, prepared with Rubenstein’s help, that paints “a statistical and narrative portrait of the war on white America,” in the website’s words. Nicholas Stix’s introduction to the article describes the Supreme Court’s 1954 Brown vs. Board of Education ruling outlawing school segregation as “arguably the worse decision in the Court’s 216 year history.” He claims later civil rights legislation was unconstitutional. “[I]ntegration and the civil rights movement led directly to the destruction of great cities,” he concludes.

Rubenstein’s publisher has its own sordid story. Although you’d never know it from the IBD editorial, The Social Contract Press (which publishes The Social Contract, the journal where the new report appears) is well known for its racist publications. The press was started by nativist ideologue John Tanton and is run by his editor, Wayne Lutton, who has been on the board of advisors of the Council of Conservative Citizens, a hate group that describes blacks as “a retrograde species of humanity.” In 1994, Tanton republished an infamous racist novel, The Camp of the Saints, along with his wholehearted endorsement and a special afterword from its author saying “the proliferation of other races dooms our race, my race, to extinction.” The novel describes the “swarthy hordes” of Indian immigrants who take over France, send white women to “a whorehouse for Hindus,” and engage in a grotesque orgy of men, women and children. The immigrants are described as “monsters,” “grotesque little beggars from the streets of Calcutta,” and worse. Unconcerned, Tanton said he was “honored” to republish what he described as an important and “prescient” text.

None of this has stopped other websites from picking up on the IBD editorial. On Monday, it went up on the Money page of CNN’s website. It has been republished by the far-right Eagle Forum, on several nativist blogs, and the GOPUSA website. GOPUSA is a right-wing website that reportedly owns Talon News, the shady organization that credentialed Jeff Gannon (real name: Jeff Guckert) as a reporter who regularly attended White House news conferences. That ended in 2005, after Gannon’s links to gay escort service websites (where he was known as “Bulldog”) were exposed by liberal bloggers. Gannon had no real journalism background and, according to many reporters who attended White House briefings, seemed to be there simply to boost the Bush Administration and bash Democrats.

The editor of this blog contacted IBD Monday with some of these facts but no reply had been received as of today. Perhaps that should come as no surprise. After all, IBD since 2005 has been home to cartoonist Michael Ramirez, whose far-right views ended in his resignation from the L.A. Times despite his winning of the Pulitzer Prize. Among other things, Ramirez was known for a 1993 speech to the Council of Conservative Citizens, America’s largest hate group.

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  • Corello Coretti

    High John: http://www.wecanstopthehate.or.....he_curtain says:
    “He is the same Rubenstein who in a report written for the National Policy Institute (NPI), an organization founded to “elevate the consciousness of whites, ensure our biological and cultural continuity, and protect our civil rights,” argued that diversity programs are “harming the economy as a whole” and displacing whites. This Rubenstein is also the man who was the lead on the NPI report The State of White America, which was a “statistical and narrative portrait of the war on white America, and thus, on America herself.”

  • Armenian Genocide

    Interesting Article, thank you!

  • High John

    The SPLC is now the Mad magazine of the radical left. To call Ed Rubenstein who has written for National Review for decades “linked to White Supremacists” is an outrageous distortion.

  • Lawrence Carroll

    Justadog, I didn’t say that Latino gangs didn’t exist, but expressed doubt that they existed in such great numbers. Even your short excerpt of what I said shows this: “If these gangs exist in such great numbers, what don’t you mention the names of them.”

    And so, yes, you did mention the name of one of them. Thanks. God, I guess that proves that there is a Latino conspiracy against us good ol’ white folk! We should be shoutin’ about this threat to our national security from the rooftops! Yes-sir-ree!

    But just like the “communist conspiracy” of years past, the “stupid” socialists (and you include me as one) never denied the existence of communists, or Soviet spys etc. — only that the majority of those accused of being so — were often not. And even those that actually were card-carrying members of the communist party were still human beings, and deserved to be treated and such.

    What the extremists — or all those with “commie phobia” in those days — never mentioned was that when minorities, such as blacks, couldn’t vote and were collectively disenfranchised, the only political party that allowed them to actually join (in many states, especially here in the South) was the communist party. A number of years ago, this fact was brought to light in the University of Alabama journal, ALABAMA HERITAGE.

    Obviously if there had been other parties to let them in (without sacrificing who they were and what they wanted), then they would have joined those other political parties just as readily, and in fact did so as soon as they could. Once they were accepted as fellow human beings, and not second class ones, a more “normal” reality ensued.

    Insofar as your silly comment that I have apparently never lived in Southern California, you couldn’t be more wrong. I lived in San Diego for two years, and in Los Angeles for three months, as well as living in San Jose for several months before my move to the more southern area of California. And while I never stayed at the Hyatt (or any other expensive motel), I did often venture out at night, and never came close to what are called “ritzy” or “protected” or “gated” areas in that entire period. I ventured all over the place without worrying about where I was going. At no point in that time was I ever even so much as accosted by Latinos with negative intent, much less robbed, beaten, stabbed, shouted at, or killed (though I was once offered a toke on a joint and a beer by a Latino who was relaxing in his front yard after work — which I accepted graciously. (Of course, I did meet others of a different ethnic and racial backgrounds as well in my nocturnal and daylight wanderings. They didn’t rob or beat me either, including those of my own race, the white one).

    What I’ve always found is that if you fear something — and hate it because of that fear — if there is no subsequent “return to sanity” from such fear/hate madness then, yes, it will affect you, and in very concrete ways. Fear is like magnet that ultimately attracts the very thing that it dreads. It is a phobia just like any other, and the only cure for it is relaxing “back to normal” (which is nothing more or less than loving yourself).

    Like any other human being, I am not above getting frightened, tense, or feeling “trapped” at times. Being afraid or nervous at certain times isn’t abnormal or “weird.” But staying that way, especially because of the existence of an entire ethnic or racial group, day after day or year after year, most definitely is.


    I couldn’t say it any better than Alabama Conservative Citizen, Illinois Student, or Justadog! There is no way to defend 20-38 million criminal illegals who have no respect for our laws. You disagree that illegals cost us tax payers $9000 each, but have no numbers of your own! In truth it’s probably more. Illegals over run our hospitals, schools, social services, jails, roads, etc. It’s estimated illegals kill 12 Americans every day, that’s a 9/11 toll every year! How many Americans have been killed by illegals DUI’S? The cost to America is to high, that’s why MEXICO doesn’t what the illegals back and they’ve said so. Mexico wants us to pay for their over population, poverty, illiteracy and crime! Americans say no to any form of amnesty, we’ve had 6 or 7 since 1986, because they don’t work and they just bring another hord across our border. We need to enforce our immigration laws and secure our border! To people who say we can’t deport all the criminal illegals, your wrong! Jail employers who hire illegals, with no jobs the illegals will be forced to self-deport back to their home countries, period!
    Dan Bergstrom
    Seattle, Wa…

  • JustaDog

    I have never encountered a Latino gang, or anything like it. If these gangs exist in such great numbers, what don’t you mention the names of them

    I’m glad you exposed your ignorance on this subject. For a start, you can Google “latino gangs” and see if anything comes up – DUH. You can visit CNN, Washington Post, and all the other major networks and media outlets and tell them they are mistaken for using the term “Latino Gang”.

    I use to live in S.Cal. near a Latino area – you obviously have not. In your travels try leaving your Hyatt Hotel and walk the streets of East LA at night – alone. Ask any one of the Latinos that start towards you if they know anything about Latino gangs. I don’t usually use names on posts, but you’re either a total idiot or choose to spread lies – or both.

    There are hundreds of Latino gangs – and the most famous and violent (unknown to you) is MS-13. I’ll leave it as a book report for you to research this large and growing Latino gang – comprised of LATINS – mostly illegals – from Mexico, Guatemala, Salvador, Honduras, etc. I’m not going to do your research for you – besides, it wouldn’t take much looking since they are always in the news.

    Just type in “MS-13″ in your Google news search and see what comes up. I just did and over 100 current news items came up.

    You can visit all the survivors of the victims of this LATINO GANG.

    I LOVE IGNORANT SOCIALISTS! Their “facts” are so baseless! LOL

  • Lawrence Carroll

    “Sorry but the USA has had illegal aliens spewing over the border before there was such a thing as NAFTA. Nice try.”

    But not at all to the same per capita degree that they are “spewing” into our country now, as you put it. If so, why wasn’t there such a huge, right-wing reaction then? Likewise, why weren’t the right wingers of the past attacking the “liberals” for that reason then? I’m 50 years old, and nothing like this overt hate and suspicion for Latinos or other immirgrants (whether legal or not) in the mainstream has ever existed in my lifetime before.

    Xenophobia seems to have taken a strong possession of your mind, and while you claim to be against institutions that waste the taxpayer money, why aren’t you worked up in the same way (or as much) over them {SOA (WHISC), IMF, and World Bank}? Simply saying you’re against these institutions (when the subject comes up) is not the same as taking such a strident and militant reaction against “evil” Latinos, or other foreigners. Your a-priori hate/fear of poor illegal immigrants — when compared with your lukewarm dislike or disapproval of extremely powerful and tax-dollar rich institutions like the World Bank — is laughable in its obvious imbalance and hypocrisy. If a serial killer was loose, and you were the chief of police, I would imagine that your main priority would be to increase the number of parking meter-readers, and forget all about the mad killer. “Strain at the gnat, and swallow the camel.”

    “You left out the hundreds of violent latino gangs comprised of mostly illegal aliens that terrorize the streets of (mostly) larger cities in the USA – killing, assults, drug pushers, etc. Again, nice try.”

    In my many years, and in the many places I’ve been (including large cities), I have never encountered a Latino gang, or anything like it. If these gangs exist in such great numbers, what don’t you mention the names of them (as in “Crips” and “Bloods”), along perhaps with the names of their more infamous or notorious leaders/members? Surely if you can say that there are hundred of violent Latino gangs, you must have some concrete evidence(?). It sounds like the “reds under bed” arguments of the McCarthy-like folks from the nineteen fifties.

    And what is with the idea that these are “Latino” gangs? If there are such gangs, well, why is the fact that they’re Latino have anything to do with it? It sounds like you’re already implying that Latinos as a race are simply more violent. And by attacking only “Latino gangs” as the most important crisis the nation or the world faces, you’re ignoring so many other things. It is tantamount to saying that World Bank and IMF aid to a violent murderer like Surhato of Indonesia (who killed hundred of thousands with our tax money) and his regime is less of a violent act than if a “Latino” gang were to assault, kill, or rob one person.

    There used to be the same rumors about “homosexual” gangs back in the early seventies, but never any concrete news stories supporting the existence of this alleged phenomena. It seems that such ideas spring forth from the unconscious, probably from watching too many old, campy movies about such “communist -fringe” groups. I can imagine the type of promotion such an exploitation film like that now might have, “Evil Latinos kill babies just for kicks!,”

    or “Murderous Lesbos with pink guns attack old ladies!”

    In fact, I don’t have to imagine such absurd, childish things — I can just watch Lou Dobbs and the like, or read posts like yours.

  • JustaDog

    I applaud the SPLC’s dilignence in protecting ther rights of immigrants both documented and otherwise.

    “otherwise” = illegal = have no rights other than to be deported.

    I think that having a chaotic imigration policy only encourages such hateful behavior

    No one forces the illegal to do an illegal act. They do so by free will, so stop blaming others.

    BTW – I would like to applaud the Southern Poverty Law Center for allowing comments to their site that don’t always agree with what is posted.

    It takes courage to allow various viewpoints especially on some of these “hot” topics – something that I find lacking on many other such sites.

    I simply want equality for all, no special treatment for special interest groups, less government, and enforce our laws.

    So, kudos to the owners of this site! I will add you to my blog under “Worth a peek”.

  • Martin Pechersky

    I just finished reading the founders message in the Spring 2008 news letter. I applaud the SPLC’s dilignence in protecting ther rights of imigrants both documented and otherwise. However, I think that having a chaotic imigration policy only encourages such hateful behavior. The US goverment needs to establish and enforce a consistant policy of enforcement while providing humane options for those who are here already. I am for strict border enforecment. From the tone of the message I think that the SPLC isn’t. Am I therefore to be considered a bigot?

  • JustaDog

    – more strict? How about simply enforcing the law.

    One reason I don’t care much for the immigration laws (at present) is that they don’t address the reason why so many people are emigrating from Latin America to our country. – American laws should be in the interest of Americans, not for the benefit of other nations at the cost of American tax dollars.

    Without addressing the failure of so-called “free-trade” (which Ron Paul correctly pointed out wasn’t really free trade), any discussion of the issue of illegal immigration is fundamentally flawed. – Sorry but the USA has had illegal aliens spewing over the border before there was such a thing as NAFTA. Nice try.

    But is apologizing for mass-murder (or accessory to mass-murder) enough? Should the KKK be given an innocent verdict when their members go to trial if they simply say they’re sorry? – You left out the hundreds of violent latino gangs comprised of mostly illegal aliens that terrorize the streets of (mostly) larger cities in the USA – killing, assults, drug pushers, etc. Again, nice try.

    On top of that you have the IMF and World Bank – I’m against USA involvement in globalism, in the IMF, the UN, the WB – all of them. It costs US taxpayers billions with nothing to show for it but political manipulation of other countries. Their existence and support in the USA comes mostly from liberal politicians.

    Vote for candidates that will reduce the size of our government, not increase it!

  • Lawrence Carroll

    Whoops — Clinton apologized when he visited Guatemala, not Colombia. Sorry. My mistake!

  • Lawrence Carroll

    JustaDog, I don’t feel that those who respect immigration laws are evil, yet I do support the SPLC. One of my favorite candidates, Ron Paul, was (and is) on the opposite side on the immigration debate from me, being for a more strict enforcement of the immigration laws. For myself, they don’t even appear on my political radar.

    One reason I don’t care much for the immigration laws (at present) is that they don’t address the reason why so many people are emigrating from Latin America to our country. We were all told that the passage of the “free-trade” laws would enrich the people of Central and South America, yet it has only allowed their further exploitation and impoverishment. The WTO has overruled the authority of the governments in the South who have wanted to put up tariffs to keep out heavily subsidized commodities such as American grown corn, wheat, etc. The subsequent dumping of surplus American crops put most of the poor campesinos completely out of business. Being non-subsidized, they couldn’t possibly compete with the likes of Cargill, Monsanto etc. The poor were thus often forced by circumstances to either move to the cities and work at low-paying jobs at the factories (that have moved from the North to exploit their plight) and earn low wages, or to illegally immigrate to the North (the USA) and find work here.

    Without addressing the failure of so-called “free-trade” (which Ron Paul correctly pointed out wasn’t really free trade), any discussion of the issue of illegal immigration is fundamentally flawed.

    In addition to the above, our Federal government funds the terrorist organization called the “Western Hemiphere Institute for Security Cooperation” (more commonly known as the SOA, or School of Americas), which has always existed to kill those whom our government deems a threat, such as union organizers, or nuns and monks distributing food and clothing and medical care to the poor.

    When Clinton was in office, and he visited Colombia, he apologized in a speech he gave there for our CIA’s involvement in the mass-murder of civilians during their long civil war. In addition, Jimmy Carter recently apologized for his own involvement in the East Timor genocide while President of the United States.

    But is apologizing for mass-murder (or accessory to mass-murder) enough? Should the KKK be given an innocent verdict when their members go to trial if they simply say they’re sorry? Would Morris Dees, or any decent person be happy? Yet we’re supposed to accept the above-mentioned apologies as if they simply solved the matter, once and for all. Any attempt by ANY citizen of the USA to stop paying taxes in protest of our government’s long history of mass murder would be treated with extreme hate and prejudice by that same goddamn government.

    On top of that you have the IMF and World Bank. James Bovard, a Libertarian, quoted a former employee of the Bank in 1989 in the magazine, REASON, that the World Bank’s policies were “genocide with a human face.” Likewise, Doug Bandow, at the right-wing CATO institute, wrote in 1994 that the World Bank had “never met a dictator it didn’t like,” whether it was a “left-wing” dictator like Nicolae Ceaceacu of Romania, or a “right-wing” dictator like Augusto Pinochet of Chili (who were both “friends” of the USA, or at least treated that way by our government).

    So on both the right and left wing you have disgust at the way our government operates. Strangely, nothing substantial ever seems to come of it. God and his angels have not come to hear our prayers, nor provide protection and succor for those who are the primary victims of our government’s violence, the people of Latin America (and other countries, too).

  • JustaDog

    Why do hate organizations like SPLC always take perverted steps to demonize people that simply wish immigration laws enforced?

    How can the Southern Poverty “Law Center” even be interested in law when they spew hate-crap like this post?

    My parent (father) was an immigrant – a legal immigrant from Italy. I am all for immigrants – but not illegal immigrants.

    The SPLC makes every effort to distract the legality of immigration with hate posts like this; they make every effort to hatefully label people that want lawful immigrants as “racists” or other hateful names.

    Mark Potok – a hate monger.

  • Lawrence Carroll

    As a supplement to what has been said in the article here, and the responses, I would like to point out that the New York Times (like the Washington Post, among others) has been (in my view) justly criticized by many prominent leaders of the left, most notably Noam Chomsky, for its failure to report on issues such as America’s involvement in the occupation and genocide of East Timor by Indonesia during General Surharto’s rein. As anyone who is familiar with what should now be part of our recorded history, America supported the Indonesian dictator and his brutal policies without interruption during his entire thirty year rein, including shipping weapons to kill the people of East Timor. Yet during the occupation, neither the New York Times, nor any other prominent, mainstream media outlet (including Rolling Stone), ever bothered to tell us, the public, about our government’s own involvement in the mass killing, nor that of other countries such as that of England by both the Labor and Tory parties. In our own country, both the Democrat and Republican parties (for the most part) failed to show any real courage in stopping the slaughter of the population of East Timor, nor in the prosecution of those responsible.

    And Indonesia is only one of many examples in which our “wonderful press” has failed completely to report the truth — or successfully marginalized it. It has failed to report on IBM’s role in the Holocaust, on Union Carbide/Dow Chemical’s complete abrogation of responsiblity in the Bhopal disaster, or (with the exception of Bill Moyer’s report on PBS) the massive cover-up among all the major chemical manufacturers of their persistent poisoning of their workers and the public with such substances as Polyvinyl Chloride Monomer (keeping private their knowledge of the nature of these chemicals for decades).

    So, to call the New York Times or any major entity of the mainstream press “liberal” or “human-rights oriented” is an exaggeration, if not an outright distortion, to say the least.
    It may, at times, have good, objective articles by honest writers — yes, indeed. But overall its record is pathetic.

    Suggested reading: The Trial of Henry Kissenger by Christopher Hitchens

    East Timor, Genocide in Paradise by Mathew Jardine

    IBM & the Holacaust by Edwin Black

  • Antonio

    Rubenstein sounds Jewish to me. I don’t think any white supremacists group would allow him as a member. I think you should look up the facts before you state such rediculous remarks.

  • Nicholas Stix

    Dear Mark,

    Thanks for the PR work. The check’s in the mail.

    Yours in struggle,


    P.S. Virginia Dare wasn’t the first white child born in America, but the third, after Snorri Porfinnsson (born circa 1000) and Martín de Argüelles (born circa 1567). Virginia Dare was the first English child born here.

    See here:

  • IludiumPhosdex

    From Media Matters for America comes this extract of remarks from the “Talking Points Memo” segment of Fox News Channel’s O’Reilly Factor broadcast of the 7th instant (emphasis supplied):

    Hi, I’m Bill O’Reilly. Thank you for watching us tonight. The white backlash against Reverend Wright and racist accusations — that is the subject of this evening’s “Talking Points Memo.”

    As we’ve been reporting, millions of Americans of all colors are fed up with race-baiters and accusations of racism. This vile stuff has been going on far too long. And now with the Wright controversy, critical mass has been reached.

    Here is a partial list of people that Jesse Jackson’s organizations have labeled racist. President Bush, President Bush the elder, President Reagan, Newt Gingrich, Don Imus, Trent Lott, Gary Hart, and Jeb Bush.

    The hateful far-left Media Matters website has branded as racist the following: Alan Colmes, John Gibson, Glenn Beck, Michelle Malkin, Neil Cavuto, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and Fred Barnes, among others.

    Liberal icon Senator Joe Biden and Geraldine Ferraro have both been branded racist. Comedian Bill Maher was called racist by his former girlfriend Nancy Johnson, who sued him, and the list goes on and on.

    The result of all this garbage is that millions of white Americans will no longer even think about discussing race with blacks. It is far too dangerous. Any slip of the tongue can lead to big trouble.

    One of the biggest race-baiters in the country writes for the St. Petersburg Times newspaper. Eric Deggans also serves as the chairman of the Black Journalist Media Monitoring Committee. Deggans takes delight in branding people racist. Senator Joseph McCarthy would love this guy.

    So what should be done? Well, full exposure of the race-baiters is number one. They will be challenged here.

    Secondly, African-Americans should realize that this stuff drives good people away from constructive dialogue that might advance racial harmony in America. The race-baiters and the profiteers actually hurt minorities by inhibiting sincere discussion. If you’ve watched The Factor over the years, you know we have a great guest list filled with smart Americans of all colors and ethnicities. We have a respectful relationship with Al Sharpton. We have introduced the country to great minds like Juan Williams and Dr. Marc Lamont Hill.

    We’ll continue to do that in the no-spin zone because no-spin people come in all colors. But you race hustlers out there, you race-baiters: You better watch it. We got your number. And the gloves are off. And that’s the “Memo.”

    Which begs the question of whether these remarks are dead-on serious (in which case, risking clear and present danger for inciting harm and violence against those thus named) or is just “harmless fun.”

    And what exactly is the FBI doing about this?

  • Alabama Conservative Citizen

    In response to Slavyanski,
    The New York Times maligned Montgomery Police Dept. on behalf of Martin Luther King. After disproved, they boldly refused to detract. NYT was sued over it. It led to the NYT v. Sullivan case in the Supreme Court, where the Court ruled that a publication could lie and smear just as long as the accused couldn’t prove malice…

    Plus there were other NYT distortions on the issue of race relations, like the refusal to report on the ties between the “civil rights” movement and Moscow agents and Cuban revolutionaries. They also reported on the “murder” of “civil rights” marcher Jimmie Lee Jackson in Marion, AL, by a state trooper, which would lead to the Selma-to-Montgomery march; what they didn’t report was that federal and state grand juries found that while Jackson was marching to break a SCLC staffer out of jail, he broke a bottle over the troopers head, tried to take his gun, and died 8 days later from a botched operation. The Most other media was also guilty, but it doesn’t excuse the NYT.

    As for NYT carrying water for the Communists, you must look no further than their corresponent Walter Duranty…

    Plus it is no secret that the NYT liked Gorbachev better than Reagan, and their reporting represented that view.

    Here’s a good article about the NYT’s love affair with Communism…

  • Illinois Student

    The way the SPLC “links” together everyone, to try to discredit important viewpoints and perspectives, has become tired, and almost laughable, in recent times. Your threshold for what constitutes “racism” is also unreasonably low.

    On immigration, there has been a diversity of groups and individuals calling for lower numbers. The Bill Clinton-endorsed U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform, which took a strong stance in favor of deporting illegal aliens, increasing penalties on business that hire them, and reducing legal immigration, was headed by the ultra-liberal civil rights attorney and Democrat leader Barbara Jordan.

    Other prominent minority-American leaders have criticized the disproportionate impact that mass immigration has had on minorities, and prominent labor and environmentalist leaders have criticized the devastating impact it has on blue-collar workers, and on the environment. For SPLC to label these diverse criticisms – many of which come from minorities, liberals, and Democrats – as well as those on the Right – as “hate” and “racism” is ridiculous, libelous, and damaging to the discourse, regarding this important issue.

  • Slavyanski

    Which NYT article “carried water for Communists”? Just wondering.

  • Alabama Conservative Citizen

    Blacks are a “retrograde species of humanity,” says the Council of Conservative Citizens? What did you do, go around to random people at our conferences until you found some obscure person to give you the juiciest quote? What one of our members may or may not say is far different than what one of our anointed spokespersons, who strive to keep the dialogue dignified, would say.

    As for the New York Times article you sourced to ‘disprove’ Rubenstein’s report, it should be considered about as credible as the NYT articles that carried water for the Communists during the Cold War, distorted the situation of Southern race relations during the ‘civil rights’ movement, and continues to have an anti-American and anti-military bias as documented by Fox News and others.

    As for your attacks of “white supremacy” against organizations that simply address issues relevant to White Americans, your double hypocrisy is historic! You defend the National Organization for the Advancement of Colored People or NAACP, which deals with issues of importance to Blacks and attacks Whitey as the source of all their ills. You work with La Raza (The Race, in Spanish) on immigration issues, but it doesn’t bother you that they’re an overtly racial organization that resents and seeks to eliminate everything upon which this country was founded. The SPLC and the anti-White organizations you work with oppose the Constitutional rights of Whites to speak against the invasion of our nation through our southern border, anti-White discrimination or affirmative action, the alarming drop in White birth rates that threaten to render us extinct, the assault on Christianity that we’ve experienced in the last fifty years, and the forced diversity that has ruined the quality of life for White children and for working class people of all races. To attack us for caring about these issues is anti-White and anti-Christian.

    And for your assertion on the 1954 Brown v. Board of Education decision, no matter your view it was certainly flawed. The same Congress that passed the 14th Amendment to our Constitution mandated segregated schools in Washington, DC. Furthermore, the Supreme Court Justices even admitted that their primary deciding point was sociological experiments that had nothing to do with law or the Constitution.