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By Hatewatch Staff on May 14, 2008 - 8:59 am, Posted in Hatewatch Headlines

[MO] Two Men Convicted Of Hate Crime Thrill Killing
The Kansas City Star / May 8, 2008
Kansas City residents Gary Eye, 21, and Steven Sandstrom, 22, were both convicted of randomly shooting to death a homeless black man targeted for the color of his skin in March 2005.

[CA] Public Defender Blames School For Murder Of Gay Student
The Los Angeles Times / May 8, 2008
The lawyer representing 14-year-old Brandon McInerney, who allegedly shot to death a gay classmate, argued that school officials should have quelled tensions between the two boys rather than allowing the victim to wear feminine accessories and flirt with McInerny.

[MI] Neo-Nazi Leader Schemes To Exploit Ailing Economy
The Livingston Daily Press & Argus / May 12, 2008
National Socialist Movement commander Jeff Schoep, who relocated the NSM to the Detroit area last December, sees recruitment opportunities in the region’s economic malaise and racial tensions.

[WI] ‘Die, Jew’ Scrawled On Synagogue Doors
The Wisconsin State Journal / May 5, 2008
Vandals drew three swastikas and wrote “Die, Jew” on the outside door and walls of the Beth Israel Center in Madison.

[GA] ‘Swastika Lawn Mower Man’ Re-Arrested
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution / May 9, 2008
Steven Whitfield, 31, who was arrested April 16 after he mowed swastikas into his lawn and pointed a rifle at passerby, was taken into custody again for aiming a firearm at a juvenile girl.

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  • Patrick

    Why does your little “center” strictly harass White groups and individual Whites. Hate to break it to you, blacks and latinos commit more crimes of racial hate against Whites than the other way around. I looked up your past articles and noticed you didn’t have the Channon Christian and Christopher Newsome murders on there. I guess b/c it was black on white it couldn’t have been race related, right?! As far as I’m concerned, your little center has about as much credibility as a White gansta rapper from Beverly Hills. A Jew, a mulatto, and a race traitor run the center so it’s no surprise the outright lies that spew forth from it.

  • playboy

    “My home and property has been repeated vandalized and I have been harassed for over 10 years here in Rowlett, Texas and there is no end in sight. ”

    Why have you been harrassed and vandalized? Are you a church?

    I searched the records for Juctice 4 in Rowlett, but didn’t find anything. Have there been newspaper reports?

  • nesha Minge Irizarry

    Welcome to Justice4 Brother Marsh White !
    Forner NFL GIANT and current minister

    My home and property has been repeated vandalized and I have been harassed for over 10 years here in Rowlett, Texas and there is no end in sight. The total amounts of damages are over $20,000 thousands dollars and it is climbing. The incidents on file with the Rowlett Police Department range from damaging both of my cars (spraying paints, chemicals-hitting against-and keying my cars,) to destroying my lawn, killing my plants, attempted break in of my home, breaking windows, and continually trespassing into my backyard.

    The last incident happened with a vandal in my back yard in (04-19-2008). It would appear to be on the outside as if kids are doing this but I am convinced that adults are behind a lot of this and using kids to carry out the damages to escape prosecution. Just as terrorist use kids as shields to do their damage so are some of the people who are behind the vandalizing of my home and my own personal harassment.

    As a result of this tactic, the police are not able to do anything to stop it because the kids are under-aged, attorneys can¢t get the addresses to hold the parents liable, and the people behind this can¢t be held accountable and as a result this tragedy is allowed to continue and the damages and cost continue to amass. My insurance will not cover the cost of the damages. This scheme has been well thought out and planned by someone who has either done this before or has a law enforcement background. The authorities in Rowlett either will not or cannot investigate these people or maybe it is a combination of both. Because there is no law enforcement the people behind this are emboldened and continue with impunity.

    It is also my belief that there is a cover-up concerning this matter that runs fairly deep. I would like this pursued on the basis of violation of my 14th amendment rights among other things. I have had to endure eight years of hell here

  • B. Kenneth McGee

    Little Murders

    I call them Little Murders. Maybe, I should call them accessories to Little Murders. Either way, they are the things that people say that diminish or degrade other people. We hear them all of the time. Senator Joe Biden made such remarks recently and although he is probably not a racist, his remarks did indeed, remind us of the fact that bigotry and racism can be a very subtle thing. In fact, it is the subtle that can be the most damaging.

    I happen to have had a Irish father and a Jewish mother, therefore I am as much Jew as Gentile. Because my last name is Irish folks think they can make a remark like “I Jewed him down” and it will fall on ears, if not sympathetic, at least uncaring. For the purpose of this piece I will only call out the names that have referred to my nationalities. Everyone knows the derogatory names that Afro “Americans are called, gay folks are called, Latinos are called and to a lesser extent these days what others are called that diminish and degrade them. In the old days my Irish ancestors were called “fish eaters, mackerel snappers, and pope worshippers.” But it is my Jewish side that has been the most vilified—Jew Boy, Christ killers, the chosen people and Kikes. And then there is the “catch all” for all of the above and is mentioned in the context of a conversation—-“those people.” It can be Blacks, Jews, Italians, Latinos, Muslims, or whatever fits the situation and the conversation. I call them “little murders.”

    You see, it has always been that “little murders” preceded the real murders. The holocaust could never have happened if the awful remarks had not proceeded it. A young black man in Mississippi would not have been beaten to death for whistling at a white woman if the awful words had not been used first. I cannot even bring myself to even write the “n” word but how many times have you heard it said. A gay man would not have been tied to a fence and beaten to death if there had not been first the awful words—fagot, queer, homo, etc. And then there is the “wink, wink, nod, nod,” comments that say it all about those that we want to set apart. I read now that the hate groups are using the immigration issue to recruit for their hateful purposes. Will we always find a way to hate somebody? Will it ever end?

    Are we being an accessory to a “little murder if we listen to these remarks and say nothing? I think so. Is it too embarrassing to call someone out that says these things? I think not. Is it worth a moment of embarrassment to do so. You tell me. Bigotry, prejudice, racism, anti Semitism, and homophobia, are set ablaze by the hate mongers but they are fueled by the indifferent. Where do you stand?

    That is the bad news. But, there is also the good news. I sat in the stands at a high school wrestling match last weekend. I watched as Afro-Americans and white kids wrestled each other, horsed around on the mats together between matches, and laughed and joked together. I watched as white female wrestlers (still somewhat of a shock to an old timer) did the same, wrestling young black men, horsing around together, and laughing and joking together. Could this be? Forty years ago when I was a civil rights activist in the South, those young men would have been beaten, lynched, and thrown in the river for even whistling at the young ladies. Now, here they were doing what wrestlers do to each other when they wrestle and to them it was the most natural thing in the world. My gosh, I thought, things really have changed. There is an Afro American that is running for President and has a very good chance of making it. Borack Obama is a US Senator from Illinois. He was elected in a state that South of Chicago is not exactly a liberal bastion. The young people in particular don’t give a darn if he is Black or White. They like him, his message and because he is close to their age they feel a kinship. Not all to be sure, but enough to make a difference.

    I think back forty years and the days in Alabama and Georgia. Maybe, someday, “little murders” will be as much a thing of the past as the crimes that they preceded.

    I realize that yes, things have changed — not yet what it should be and hopefully not what it will be, but by gosh, not what it use to be! Free at last? Not quite, but a heck of a lot closer!

  • B. Kenneth McGee

    I have received an email that was suppposed to be a joke. It was not a joke!

    It’s prupose was to suggest the assasination of Barack Obama arranged for by the Clintons. I Consider it hate mail and the kind of thing that the “crazies” would imagine justified their thoughts and possible deeds. I call these types of things “little murders”