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President Obama? Many White Supremacists are Celebrating

By Mark Potok on June 11, 2008 - 11:56 am, Posted in White Supremacist

With the nomination of Barack Obama as the Democratic presidential candidate clinched, large sections of the white supremacist movement are adopting a surprising attitude: Electing America’s first black president would be a very good thing.

It’s not that the assortment of neo-Nazis, Klansmen, anti-Semites and others who make up this country’s radical right have suddenly discovered that a man should be judged based on the content of his character, not his skin. On the contrary. A growing number of white supremacists, and even some of those who pass for intellectual leaders of their movement, think that a black man in the Oval Office would shock white America, possibly drive millions to their cause, and perhaps even set off a race war that, they hope, would ultimately end in Aryan victory.

“He will make things so bad for white people that hopefully they will finally realize how stupid they were for admiring these jigaboos all these years,” “Darthvader” wrote on the neo-Nazi Vanguard News Network web forum. “I believe in the motto ‘Worse is Better’ and Obama certainly fits that description.” Just last week, another poster on the same thread chimed in with this: “I hope Obama wins because in four years, white people just might be pissed off enough to actually do something. … White people aren’t going to do a thing until their toys are taken away from them. So things have to be worse for things to be better.”

“Oh man,” enthused “Centimanus” on the white nationalist Stormfront website. “I am gleefully, sadistically looking forward to Obama as president. … It will be a beautiful day when the masses look at the paper and truly realize they have lost their own country. Added “Fulimnata”: “To the average white man and woman, they could look at Obama and see plain as day that whites are not in control.” Another message, from “TheLastOfMyKind,” agreed: “Could it be that the nomination of Obama finally sparks a sense of unity in white voters? I would propose that this threat of black, muslim [sic] rule may very well be the thing that finally scares some sense back into complacent whites throughout the nation.” “Actually,” said another poster, “if Obama were to win, it would be the best thing that ever happened to the Klan. They would have massive growth.” And “TeutonicLegion” said that “a whole bunch of people will join us and find these boards” if Obama becomes president.

David DukeEven David Duke (right), the neo-Nazi and former Klan boss who is the closest thing the movement has to a real intellectual these days, sees clear advantages in an Obama victory in the fall. “Obama will be a signal, a clear signal for millions of our people,” Duke wrote in an essay entitled “A Black Flag for White America” last week. “Obama is like that new big dark spot on your arm that finally sends you to the doctor for some real medicine. … Obama is the pain that let’s [sic] your body know that something is dreadfully wrong. Obama will let the American people know that there is a real cancer eating away at the heart of our country and Republican aspirin will not only not cure it, but only masks the pain and makes you think you don’t need radical surgery. … My bet is that whether Obama wins or loses in November, millions of European Americans will inevitably react with new awareness of their heritage and the need for them to defend and advance it.”

Opinion on the radical right is far from unanimous on the topic of a possible Obama victory. Many of those writing on the topic — perhaps half of those who have posted recently — think an Obama presidency would destroy the country and oppose it mightily. On the other hand, there is virtually no enthusiasm on the radical right for presumptive Republican nominee John McCain, who is widely seen by white supremacists as a sellout, particularly on the issue of nonwhite immigration into the United States. But increasing numbers think that a bad situation with a black president will be good for their movement.

“Thomas Dixon Jr.,” a Stormfront poster using the name of the racist author who wrote the classic novel The Clansman, put it like this: “As WLP [William Luther Pierce, the late leader of the neo-Nazi National Alliance] would say… ‘What is bad for the system is good for us.’” “Obama,” added “The Patriot” in the same thread, “would be better for our cause in the long run, no doubt about it.”

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  • Mason

    Hey stupid demagogues (Dan and Keith) the change is going great. We are finally coming out of the hole that Bush and the rich licking bstrds who gave our country away dug for us. Obama 2012, because we love America.

  • Keith

    Boy what a bunch of hogwash. Just because he has a foreign sounding name and lived in a Muslim country as a kid doesn’t mean he practices Islam. Do you honestly believe if he kept talking about his Muslim experiences would’ve helped him get elected? People are sensitive when it comes to religion (especially because of 911), why should he risk his Presidential campaign over something he had no control over as a kid?

  • Dan

    Aside from the racial tensions and the fact that Obama is a Muslim…………How’s the “change” going for all of you? Funny he never mentioned what kind of change while campaigning. Most of you were duped with great rhetoric and a charismatic, young man spewing it. He never fooled me. His past has been nothing but anti-American and pro-Islamic teachings. Now he’s going to get even with the capitalists (which, by the way, is the system by which he was allowed to get where he is) and destroy our country. God help us all (NOT Allah).

  • BetterWorld

    Well, B.Robert Enright, I find it hypocritical that you can classify other people as being so low as to not be considered human beings anymore and then just as easily have the audacity to turn around and support or directly commit savage and barbaric acts of murder. Great contradiction there. And as for your “whatever retaliation to my comments will fall on deaf ears”, all I have to say is: sucks to be you.

  • B.Robert Enright

    My faith does not allow me to wish harm on anyone. It tells me that I must respect and try to understand why people feel the way they do so that you can love them for what they really are.
    But as I read this tripe,….and realize that the human race, in some sections of it’s ranks, has been perverted to a level so low that they cannot be recognized as human any longer, I wish a long, painful, lingering, lonely death to all of the sub-humans that think in this way. And may the Goddess forgive me.
    And whatever you might want to say in retaliation to my comments will fall on deaf ears (I hope that the use of words with more than three letters hasn’t confused you too greatly). Thank you…….

  • cherrie

    Sigh… cant believe these lunatics! I am white- voted for Obama and will vote for him again. Seeing the hate-raciest postings on other sites has turned me completly against the republican party… not saying they are all raciest but seems that most of the raciest are republicans… anyway, one day you will stand in judgement before the Lord and I dont think you will like the results….

  • James

    I have to agree, that by electing Obama as president has made the white movement more powerful, which is a good thing.

  • mary b

    Bob Fairlane,

    We all know that you can read and write. But can you comprehend what you read? It doesn’t seem so.
    Everybody wants life, liberty and happiness. How does name calling, racism, hate talk and debate prevent that from happening?
    You don’t make any sense. Nobody is standing in your way. Only if ‘your way’ is illegal, racist and/or violent.
    Why don’t you pick up a real book and read about what Fascism is all about? Better yet, google Mussilini, he describes it in detail. You may just open up your mind. And THAT would be a good thing.

  • Bob Fairlane

    Why do you “hatewatch” dorks think all white people are “right wing?” And you also tend to call them Nazis (wouldn’t that be left wing “extremist”) . You anti-whites are fucked up seriously.

    If you think ” hate is our primary focus” you are way out of bounds. Our “primary focus” is life, liberty and happiness, which you are “stubbornly” standing in way of our pursuit of! Wreck you!

  • Alan

    It is about time we as humans just try to live life with love, joy and pleasure in mind and share all human common goals instead of living with paranoia, hate, and scare monger.

    You racist group are just that waste of the earth with evil intention and all your cause ever do is cause devastation and badness.

    I hope the world family will see sense and feel pity for all you racist losers.

    I feel all of you racists will live life full of pain and anger forever cause by living with hate as a primary focus, you are the one who is feeling the most pain and self-destructive feelings.

    God bless the ‘world’ as a whole family.

    Think about it one day we are all going to die anyway and every living thing will die including the planet earth, so why be so stupid and stubborn over race? It is absurd.

    Be happy and loving instead and live with peace!

  • Clarissa

    We need to rise up against all the hate mongers and take them head on. Stop the black on black crime and direct your hate towards the real culprits. With numbers we can overcome. Neo Nazis, skin heads, and white suprimacists need to pay for their atrocities. If the law wont protect us then we must stand up for ourselves.

  • http://yahoo DragoWolf

    I agree 100% what you said.Instead of thinking in the box I have decided to think a little out there.
    I have always been good in the forest and in nature.I am moving to a very large wilderness here in the U.S.I have aquired everything I need for wilderness survival.(Absolute freedom from anyone,especially the government.)I figure in the next couple couple years many more people will join the “wilderness men”and start a self sufficent tribe,or colony or whatever you wish to call it.
    Whatever anyone of decide to do is that persons choice,but you do have a choice.Sit back and bitch about how shitty things are or do something that is constuctive,and quite ingenious.Think about it.How many people live in the forest as the natives did?Less than 1/2 percent of the population.No one would look for you.If they did then become Nomadic.Move often if necessary but wait for the shit to hit the fan and the war is on.Most people will cower to the “authorities”but those of us in the wild will know only one thing,natural law.

  • Eric

    I think it is time for “us” black folk to quit living in the past and move forward.

    1. Black on black crime outnumbers by far any white on black crime

    2. Why do shopping centers in predominately minority areas have bars on the windows and roll down steel covers on the doors?

    3. Why do we burn down our neighborhoods and riot like savage animals??


    1. Get educated

    2. Stop having children we are not taking care of

    3. Open more businesses

    4. Stop commiting crimes (reduce prison population) THE HELL WITH UNFAIR SENTENCING, DON’T COMMIT CRIME

  • Shawn Curtis Lacey

    Yes, believe this lie and the terrorist will not have to do a thing. How can whites pretend as if they are the standard when they were too busy holding blacks, yellows, and browns’ hands singing “Cum Ba Ya” and “God Bless America when the towels were hit?” The next race riot will be catastrophic, and it will be the doing of “white America.” In one day’s time, five hundred years of oppression will cross the minds of blacks, and it will not be good for this country. The white media like FOX News promotes race hating; they are too ignorant to see the outcome. They would love for Obama to get shot or killed. They do not have a clue as to how this would change the USA. No one is a victim anymore!! Whites are too weak to confront the hispanic epidemics, and blacks need to allow illegals to take the country. How dare whites think that we would side with them after what they have and are doing to blacks in this nation! Let supremacists, David Duke, and the likes do what will! There will be hell to pay!! “Learned Helplessness” is when an individual comes to a point mentally where he does not care anymore. Morality, reasoning, and common sense are no longer a factor in his life. This is when law abiding educated blacks lead the crowds with vengenace. Most whites feed into the hate groups; they want blacks to feel threatened. Well, it is not working! Just be prepared for the reprecussions! White Supremacists and the spirit of Jim Crowe will one day bring this nation to its knees.

  • ZX-10R

    I am a proud White American and I do not look forward to this ass kid attempting to ruin our great nation.
    Now we must pay for his errors and take back the “White” House in 2010 and rebuild once again.
    It just goes to prove that the yuppiy media driven idiots have no clue when it comes to electing a president.
    Take care from the hills of NV

  • Gg

    Ummmm folks?? Kudos to the people AGAINST all of the racist crap…

    And white supremacists, DO YOU KNOW WHAT WEBSITE YOU ARE POSTING TO?? WE are watching YOU, we’re watching out for the human and civil rights of others….. This is a hate watch site… So what makes you think you’re convincing US with your ‘cheers’ and hatred? Please die.

  • mike

    I started to write this and found myself at a loss for words. The circus that surrounds Obama’s every move has been embarrassing on the world stage for America. Our country loses the respect of our allies on a daily basis. When the opposition to America is observed unresponsive to the American President warning’s the message is clear they are not taking our President serious. Indecision is a sigh of weakness and that is the signal our president seems all to happy to communicate.

  • Randall

    I have one very simple question for you naive Obama supporters. What do you call a Foreign student who overstays his student visa? Answer: An Illegal Alien!! Obama has an entire legal office that does nothing but hide his past! He has spent $1,600,000+ to conceal the fact that when he attended college, he did so on aid for foreign students! He is a phoney! When the truth finally comes out (and it will) all the people who have helped him hide his past will be revealed for what they are. Crooks!! The truth will set us free of this Socialist bastard!!

  • andys

    So this article is old, and now the guys been in office for about 8 months. Everything he promised has been taken back. This shows you that every presidential canidates lies and makes promises he can’t stand by, to get elected. The other sad state of affairs is that this country needs to change the way the government is. It goes beyond the president but the whole government. Which by now is to monstrous for the people to even consider taking back. The people no longer have any power, and that is the real problem. I think people got so hooked on Obama because of how he was SO HYPED on every media spectrum.That now people are waking up to see that the
    change he promised is not a positive one. The fact that nothing is going to change in the peoples favor, but rather what’s right for the government as a whole in their agenda. I always question authority and race doesn’t have anything to do with that, and I believe that most normal americans are the same way. I think Obama is great guy, however he came out of no where and his socialist ideals are not going to help what the people need. Buying out every major sector is only making us slaves to the system, which is FAR worse than anything Bush did to the country, WAKE UP. I am going to wrap this up by saying that. People are afraid to speak out against Obama for fear of being called a racist. That is the problem, and article like this make me sick. I for one am not racist and will say that Obama/ Biden are not the change we need. Obama has never played the race card, and I have respect for that. That means that all this racist talk has nothing to do with the point at hand. Stand UP and help take this country back, it is ours and not the government. If you have a leader everyone thinks is god. The president and his appointed government are just going to walk all over just like they are clearly doing now. I can’t believe how stupid people like the author of this article can be. WAKE UP!!This president is just like any other one we have ever had!

  • Sod Off

    this is one of the more entertaining websites that i’ve found. “keeping an eye on the radical right”. ha. if you actually cared about freedom and liberty for all you’d be keeping an eye on any radicals, right, left or elsewhere. you actually think that conservatives encourage this kind of insanity? you think because i didn’t vote for President Obama that i want some whackadoo racist to take a shot at him? this is what happens when you live in the south. you lose perspective of what people in the north and mid west believe in and your write these mindless fluff pieces. i’m just sorry that i didn’t turn this article up until a year later. actually, it’s funnier now then it would have been then, i suppose.

  • Jay

    Faceless, as for your last post. No, the slaves were not living the good life in Africa. The facts are that tribal warfare resulted in slavery amongst blacks there and then the blacks who won the war would trade bodies for Dutch wealth (usually worthless stuff) and then the Dutch would bring the black slaves around the world to sell for actual currency.

    As for the first comment, racists think that because they are taught that. They have no clue as to what God said or says about race. In fact, Jesus warned against making such snap judgments. Blacks, whites, reds or whatever are all equal in God’s eyes, but there are separating factors as to who we descend from.

    Read about Shem Ham and Japheth. Each ne had his characteristics and each’s descendants shared them. One was blessed above the others and Ham was held to be the lowest because of something he did to his father. Thus God pronounced that he would be a servant in the tents of his favored brother, who had been less sinful. Thus, Ham became the Canaanite who is most likely all black men’s forefather. Due to the actions of Ham, not his skin color, he brought upon himself, the mark of Cain. And remember, Cain was cast into the land of Nod where he fathered many.

    None of this is to say black men are bad. Color doesn’t make one less intelligent or less capable of Christ’s redemption. It doesn’t say being a descendant of Japheth or Shem makes anyone better. It is just the way it happened.

  • Faceless

    If we are not wanted here then why did the WHITE man bring us here…We were living the good life in Africa but because some WHITE people were stupid they brought us here…They didnt stop there they also had to take over AFRICA as well and then they had the nerve to tell us we dont belong there….Do you realise that is as stupid as any person can be….

  • Faceless

    I am sitting here reading all your comments and wondering what is wrong with half of you….For all you white supremecist I am 100% black and I plan to die that way….Where I live everyong has equality and no one is treated any different….My family is a cultural mosiac that incorpates most ethnicities and I love it that way…..I dont see anything wrong with that….I have one question that I want answered…When did God tell you that you were better and please show me in the bible where he said white is the sumpreme race because I am dying to read that passage….

  • Jay


    There is a lot of opinions on that one. I think there’s a Heaven and Hell is a hole in the ground.

    What does that have to do with Obama and white supremacy and the race issues facing Americans?

    *rubber stamp* Thump……

  • Eric

    Do you racist people think there are multiple Gods and multiple Heavens and Hells???

  • Jay


    I get it now. Sorry. But yeah, everyone has it. Just recently I was in a chat room listening to the arguments and a Portugese guy came in and started talking and the whites were calling him a sand n****** and he was rubber stamping them all bigots and dumb hillbillies and all that bunch of crap. Then, an Australian girl comes in and he is asking her about her cannibal aboriginal’s. See the point there? If someone is not familiar much with a people’s culture and philosophies, naturally they get a lot of misinformation and make judgments. It is human nature to fear the unknown.

    Now, with that point being made I can say, I don’t feel confortable on a bus filled with black people cause I am the only white guy. The only thing in common is our species. Just like a dog doesn’t get along well in a pack of wolves. When one feels all alone, they feel the most vulnerable.

    Now again, this concept only gets bad when laws and politicians get intimidated to make legislation to make the majority feel bad for being a majority. Or when the minority constantly complains and accuses the majority of something they themselves feel. No one is guilt free.

    Does it make me bad not to be the only white person in my neighborhood? No, because, people want to feel at home and comfortable where they go to sleep. A swallow does not make a nest next to an eagle’s nest.

    America is screwed up. The melting pot mentality is divisive. Isn’t that ironic due to the fact that the saying is ‘united we stand, divided we fall’. We are falling people, because diversity is a bad thing and hasn’t ever worked out for the good.

  • KJ Luttrall

    jay hold on brother . i was making a joke every one is a racist if you dont believe me . look at a lady when some black teens pass bye . she WILL clutch her purse. the only difference is knowing. im a REDNECK you can say it as a bad thing i do not i look on it as a badge of courage ” work hard live right, and take care of my family” so as the world looks down on me i’ll be working in the 12,000,000,000 degree heat making a living for my family. i live in hell is called the 8-5 work week that doesn’t end when i get home. but for the rest on the things you said were right on brother and thanks for the honesty of your rubber stamp. if you noticed i put my e-mail address on my name to show my honesty…12-14-88

  • Jay


    You have no sense. Just rubber-stamp racist all over anything and your life is better, right? Someone says anything you don’t like, they’re a racist. Quit school, stand on the street and deal drugs, get caught, go to jail and it is racism that did it. No responsibility in America, it is all racism’s fault.

    That’s a coward’s way of dealing with society.

    Micah and Rachael,
    God doesn’t deal in racism, but nor does he deal in people who don’t admit to their own faults. You can’t rubber-stamp ‘Get Saved’ on everything, God expects us to use our heads to solve our own issues. He designed us all separate and put us all on different parts of the planet for a reason. He saw this coming long before we knew it possible.

    What you said doesn’t help anything. ‘You’re all going to burn in hell farrr cause you don’t praise Jesus on Sunday.” Nice thought, but 99% of Christians Christ doesn’t even know. He said it, ‘they say my name and yet I don’t know them’. In fact, there is no mention of people burning in hell in the entire scripts. The thing you who follow tradition read is about Abraham being there and the man not being able to get any water to cool his tongue. It’s a parable, Abraham was a good man, he wouldn’t really be in hell. It”s saying, once you die, you can’t become a good person. Because as was noted in the Old Testament, ‘the dead know nothing.’ So your hell argument is based upon scare tactics used by Catholic Europe to gather the masses of Pagans. As are your holidays. Jesus was a child of Judah and his Sabbath was Saturday.

    So what I am saying is, what does,’ burn in hell’, have to do with a race discussion? And, where does it tell you hell is 12, 000,000,000 degrees? Is that Celsius? Fahrenheit? I think you talk out your back end a lot.

    Race is a hot topic because there are so many hurt feelings. Whites get it from blacks, blacks get it from whites. What matters is how you live and treat people. Racism is not color blind.

  • micah

    out of all of these comments rachels is the best. everyone needs to stop worrying about worldly things and turn to god. if you say no, fine, but when you are burning up in 12,000,000,000 degress fire it is not my fault it is yours, because i tried to get you to get saved but you but whan you were on eaqrth you wouldnt listen to me or god or rachel or any other person that tried to get you saved.