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White Supremacist Represents School for Poor Minority Kids

By Heidi Beirich on July 9, 2008 - 4:03 pm, Posted in White Supremacist

This spring, a high-society New York magazine called Quest ran a short feature about Emilia Fanjul, the wife of sugar baron Jose “Pepe” Fanjul, and her remarkable efforts to help black and migrant worker children out of poverty. The story described how Fanjul, a major philanthropist, was helping to finance and build a sparkling new campus for Glades Academy, a charter school in the town of Pahokee, Fla., which suffers with a 32% poverty rate. “I call them the forgotten children,” Fanjul said. “My greatest wish is that they gain dignity and hope.”

At the end of the article, Quest added a practical note: “For more information about Glades Academy, call Chloe Black.” A telephone number followed.

Chloe Black and David Duke

What the magazine didn’t say — and, doubtless, didn’t know — was that Chloe Hardin Black (above, with David Duke, in a 1976 photo from Tyler Bridges’ The Rise of David Duke) is a long-time white supremacist and the wife of a notorious former Klan leader. Black’s husband is Don Black, a former Alabama Klan chieftain who is famous among white supremacists for his creation of Stormfront, the largest white supremacist Web forum in the world. Prior to Black, Chloe Hardin was married to Black’s former boss, neo-Nazi David Duke, who was the national leader of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan in the 1970s.

There is no evidence that Emilia Fanjul, who married decades ago into what the Palm Beach Post has described as the country’s best-known and wealthiest Cuban-American family, or other family members had any inkling as to Chloe Black’s background.

Black, who lives in West Palm Beach just a few miles from the Fanjuls’ Palm Beach mansion, also works as an “executive assistant” in the executive suite of Florida Crystals, where the Fanjul family’s sugar conglomerate is headquartered. The Intelligence Report contacted Gaston Cantens, vice president of corporate relations at Florida Crystals, for comment, but a day later none was forthcoming. Similarly, many calls to Chloe Black’s work, home and cell phones went unanswered.

The irony of Chloe Black doing public relations work for a school explicitly aimed at lifting black and Latino children out of poverty is hard to miss. While less visible in the white supremacist world than either of her husbands, Black has a strong movement history of her own. She met Duke at a college meeting of the White Youth Alliance in the 1970s, and, after marrying him, became vice president of his Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. She long held the copyright to African Atto, a weird 1973 booklet that instructs blacks on how to kill whites — and which was written, as was revealed by enterprising reporters, by Duke, who then claimed he was using it to compile a list of “radical blacks.” Although Chloe divorced Duke in 1984, four years later she married Don Black — a man who had only recently emerged from prison after serving time for plotting to invade a black-run Caribbean island.

Don Black has grown into a central figure on the white supremacist scene since putting up the first major hate site on the Internet in March 1995, just a month before the Oklahoma City bombing. In recent years, Black has built Stormfront into a huge forum for so-called “white nationalists” that now claims more than 133,000 members (although only about 20,000 are believed to be active). It offers scores of busy discussion threads on topics ranging from white dating to ideology to race “science.” The site even has 15 forums dedicated to the movement in other countries, many of them in foreign languages. Overall, Stormfront has become the premier site for white supremacists in the world, and as such is very expensive to run.

But Don Black — who lives and operates Stormfront out of a house owned entirely by Chloe and valued at about half a million dollars — is apparently unemployed, although he claims to do some Internet consulting work. He solicits contributions to the Stormfront site, but says he draws no salary from the operation and has, according to an official Stormfront posting, “financed much of Stormfront’s growth out of pocket, personally.” The website is believed to be at least partly supported by the salary that Florida Crystals pays Chloe Black.

Chloe Black’s “pro-white” activism did not end in the 1970s. In recent years, she has attended biannual conferences of American Renaissance magazine, a racist organization known for publishing pseudo-scientific tracts purporting to show that black people are less intelligent and suffer from more “psychopathologies” than others. She and her husband continue to socialize with Duke, who fathered her two daughters, and even years after her divorce from Duke, she was still lauding him as “the Jesse Jackson of white rights in America.” In 2007, both Blacks were in the news after it came to light that Don had donated money to the Ron Paul presidential campaign. And just this June, Chloe and Don Black attended a major “leadership conference” of the Council of Conservative Citizens, a white supremacist group that has described black people as “a retrograde species of humanity.”

The Fanjul family long dominated Cuba’s sugar industry, but left after the 1959 Cuban revolution and rebuilt their business in Palm Beach County. Today, four brothers — Jose, Alfonso, Andres and Alexander — run the family firm, Flo-Sun, from the same building where Chloe Black works. The raw sugar producer has more than 400,000 acres of cane in Florida and the Dominican Republic and some 25,000 employees in subsidiaries including Florida Crystals, C&H, and Domino, according to the Palm Beach Post.

Emilia and Jose Fanjul are famous in high-society circles, in part because of Emilia’s tireless charity work — including starting the Glades Academy seven years ago and continuing to serve as its chair — and major philanthropic gifts from both her and others in the extended Fanjul family. The couple regularly moves between their Palm Beach mansion, New York City, and a 7,000-acre resort home in the Dominican Republic.

For his part, Don Black seems to know the Dominican Republic well. In a 2006 posting to Stormfront, the former Klan leader described the Caribbean island nation as “a Third World cesspool, but [one that] still contains well-protected resorts which are playgrounds for the European and American rich and famous.”

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  • Rita White

    Stormfront is a racist and supremacist site. They advocate that whites marry with like minded individuals so I doubt that Ms. Black is anything but racist and supremacist.

  • Tim Simmons

    As a rational person reading this I can not believe this situation is happening. There is only one thing to do.

    Go to Florida Crystals website and send them a note expressing your feelings. Even if it’s a small note, these things add up to a PR person in not time.

  • Jaine Dough

    The only thing the SPLC is good at is shaking down the paranoid and the far-left oligarchy. The trouble is you create more hate than you extinguish. Changing people’s minds through reason and example would far outweigh the pariah attacks! How come you never run to the aid of whites? Your organization is despicable if only for the blatant hypocrisy.

    Dees, Cohen, and the lot are the lowest form of parasite.

  • Lawrence Carroll

    the watcher stated: ” simply put there are more whites than blacks on welfare in america. the actual numbers trumps the percentage. there are far more whites than blacks.”

    Excellent comment, though I cannot verify it.

    But what is perhaps worse (or at least just as bad) is that the long-standing welfare that the U. S. Government doles out to corporate entities has continued throughout the twentieth century and now into the 21st, yet the public media has never truly been reported on this imbalance in a consistent, objective manner. If it did or had, people would see that the real problem has always been that it is not actually a white vs. black (or hispanic etc.) issue in regard to welfare, but the wealthy and powerful corporate interests vs. the poor, middle class, and even upper middle class.

    The problem is that the poor, middle class, and even upper middle class people in this country have a very resigned, fatalistic view of this fact, even if they’re aware of it (which most of them probably are not, and are not even interested in!). Or worse, they’re for it!

    It is not ideology really that is at stake, but rather the fact that without good information being disseminated, the “people” are not able to make informed decisions regarding the policies of the government, such as those that deal with welfare (read subsidies!).

    “Garbage in, garbage out” used to be a truism regarding computers back in the sixties and seventies, meaning that if the information put into a computer is incomplete or faulty, the computer will inevitably generate an incomplete, misleading, or even false conclusion, no matter how flawless the software/hardware is in its execution. The same is true of people. Without good media outlets, we will remain “castrated,” for we cannot form good conclusions without valid and complete information.

    In addition, regardless of who we elect, the person elected, no matter how informed they may be, or how pure or honest their intentions, will be hamstrung too. For one must have a public that is well informed and “mature” first before even a good politico can actually fulfill his or her potential. Such a politico will simply not get the public support needed to change the incredibly unbalanced tax/subsidy mess, even if they want to.

  • Boss Hogg

    So what’s you’re point?
    Whites are about 68% of the population, blacks around 13%.
    So yes, there are probably more whites on welfare due to the sheer numbers.
    But as you stated, blacks have a higher(much higher) percentage on welfare.
    I’m not saying that’s good or bad, just the way it is.
    And with the economy slipping, that will increase for both groups.

  • the_watcher

    seems as though some of you all are in denial about welfare numbers. simply put there are more whites than blacks on welfare in america. the actual numbers trumps the percentage. there are far more whites than blacks. yes the media has painted the face of welfare as being single black mother in the hood with 5 kids and no job living of state money. but truth in the matter is that the average welfare recipient is susan in nowhere idaho with 3 kids no job living in a trailer. so yes higher % of blacks BUT actual amount is whites

  • Jonathan

    Dear Ivy Rose Nightscales,

    You must have suffered from some heavy brainwashing!


  • Ivy Rose Nightscales

    I am “white” too and I would find an all “white” world incredibly boring. Different cultures, music, literature etc. make the world fascinating. Race is superficial. Too bad the white supremacists (or whatever you call yourselves) are so xenophobic and can’t get over themselves and the superficiality of the color of your skin.

    Racism is used by the rulers (the super rich) for cheap labor and to divide us. Its a big club and none of us are in it. White supremacists (I include zionists) or whatever you call yourselves are cowards. You have terrorized blacks, latinos, jews, arabs, women, gays, ad infinitum. You are DISGUSTING and, as a “white” person I am thoroughly ashamed of you and your history of murder, rape and terrrorism against those you bully because of their differences and its always uneven odds isn’t it? You run when the odds are even as we have witnessed.

    Even your recent behaviors include terrorizing latino people who are used as cheap labor and flee their countries because of desperate poverty caused by corporate greed. They are worked like slaves, pay taxes and still treated like shit by many of those with power. You haven’t mentioned CORPORATE WELFARE and class warfare because you are too cowardly to do so. Many in this demented society has the deranged audacity to call people whose ancestry on the American Continents goes back thousands of years – illegal. AMERICAN CONTINENTS – that makes everyone of these continents american no matter what homeland security (ie gestapo) enforces.

    You are seriously outnumbered. Go cower in your basements with the one color you own. The yellow streaks down your backs.

  • Jonathan

    Great Southern,

    We’ll probably run around in circles on this topic, but never the less.

    As I’ve said before, the “White Supremacist” groups that disobey the law are damaging to legitimate pro-White interests. I’m sure you wish that they’d fade away as much as I do.

    The point I was making about “let’s get real” is that the SPLC is focused White groups. There is plenty of anti-White activity that they ignore.

    Additionally, the SPLC labels virtually everything with which they disagree as “hate”. There are a number of organizations that they denounce, which are perfectly law-abiding.

    “The WN movement as many Americans have come to reconginzed is a grave and gathering threat to our Freedom, Democracy and Rights, is a reality.”
    Funny, the SPLC would probably denounce the Founding Fathers as “haters”.


  • the Great Southern Trend Kill


    “No offense intended. But lets get real.”

    SPLC is for real(and I’m sure of that). And to go on and deny the fact that NSM, KKK, CCC, et ceteria isn’t “real” then you really are delusional and easily influenced by White Supremacy. But regardless of of what you think isn’t “real”. The WN movement as many Americans have come to reconginzed is a grave and gathering threat to our Freedom, Democracy and Rights, is a reality.

    “I wonder about the people of the SPLC”

    That’s all you could ever do is “wonder”(bread) about the purposes of the SPLC when they in fact have prosecuted and sued some of the most violent White Extremists in the Nation and won. They bring justice for the victims who were victimized by those hatemongers. These violent elements of White Extremists were accused of such serious crimes like “Plot to murder” or “Attempted to assisinate” such individuals including domestic terrorism and many other dangerous crimes these White Supremacists engaged in. And it was all documented and proven in the court of law. Many of them are serving hard time and thank God for that and the hard work of the SPLC.

    “They seemed to focus on “hate”..”

    Yes of course, because of the very actions of violent virulent White Extremists whose actions are saturated with “hate”. And many people applaud the SPLC for tackling “hate” wherever they’re found and most of the time its pin pointed directly from White Supremacists gangs of every kind.

    “And in the perspective of the psychological phenomena of “projection”.

    There is nothing “psychological” about it. White Supremacy is as real as Al Queada and Osama Bin Laden. Plain and simple.

  • Jonathan

    Great Southern,

    No offense intended, but let’s get real. Virtually all of the focus of the SPLC is on White groups. It’s true that there is a token coverage of a couple of other groups, but it’s very minimal. Do really believe that the occurrence of “hate” is so one-sided?

    Using the term “hate” is rather touchy-feely and manipulative on the part of the SPLC. It’s easy to label anything with which you disagree as “hate”.

    I wonder about the people of the SPLC: they seem so focused on “hate” and in the perspective of the psychological phenomena of “projection”, I’d suspect that their hearts are filled with hate.

  • the Great Southern Trend Kill


    “The SPLC`s main function is to criticize Pro-White organizations”


    That’s certainly not the case. SPLC`s primary goal is to expose groups that promote hate. And yes many of them are indeed “Pro-White organizations”. You have SPLC at a disavantaged viewpoint. Which is why I applaud their cause for exposing such hategroups.

  • Jonathan

    Sarah Payton-Gayman,

    In the spirit of equality, would you agree that Obama and McCain should not have anything to do with politics as they spoke at racist, Hispanic Supremacist organization (La Raza) a couple months ago?

    If you didn’t know, “La Raza” means “the race”.

  • Sarah Payton-Gayman

    If, after all this time, Black has not renounced her affiliation with white supremacist organizations, she should not be working with a school or other organization that has anything to do with children.

  • Jonathan

    Black in North Carolina,

    “Like someone told me years ago: If people criticize you, and DON’T like you because you are doing a thorough job, then you are definitely doing a fantastic job!”

    The SPLC’s main function is to criticize pro-White organizations.

  • Black in North Carolina

    July 12th, 2008: Jennifer M Thomas said,

    “Also, it’s interesting to note the number of venemous respones on this topic, mostly directed at SPLC on its own website. Your organization must be doing something right if you’ve got all these hate-mongers paying such close attention.”

    You tell it, Sister! Like someone told me years ago: If people criticize you, and DON’T like you because you are doing a thorough job, then you are definitely doing a fantastic job! You need to start worrying when you have gained more “buddies” than detractors. The struggle to help reduce hate and bigotry is not a fun job, and we need all of the support that we can get! As long as the haters continue to shout and complain, we are moving in the right direction! Keep up the wonderful work and mission, Hatewatch – more power to you all!!!

  • Mike

    Jennifer M Thomas said,

    on July 12th, 2008 at 3:50 pm
    “….As an English teacher I couldn’t let that go by. I am just not clear on how one race is superior to the other since there is no such thing as a “pure” racial identity anymore. Everyone in the world originated in Africa, so we are all brothers and sisters. Race is a superficial, physical characteristic and the real issues, like igonorance, poverty, and war are what we need to address.”

    You spelled “ignorance” incorrectly, teacher. It’s “ignorance,” not “igonorance.” You can’t spell, you don’t realize that races are deeply different, and you subscribe to the unproven “out of Africa” crackpot theory. Yet here you are, lecturing people.

    In your case, Jennifer, being allowed to teach children anything should be classified as a hate crime.

  • JTL

    Racist are EVERYWHERE.
    By the way, their BLACK as well as WHITE, and other colors too. You ONLY hear about the WHITE ones, most the OTHERS have a free PASS…. If you think someday this will be fixed, your nuts… I hope it’s less and less every day, but I’m not a moron… If your too PC to admit it, your already screwed.. you’ll never be happy. PC is going to KILL our Country.. You are all asleep ! Commen Sense is dead too… To be PC, you can’t have any.

  • Menachem Moshe Tapirstein

    Jennifer M. Thomas wrote:

    “It’s “theirs” by the way, not “there’s.” And “they” were there before the colonialists stole the land from them. As an English teacher I couldn’t let that go by.”


    “Also, it’s interesting to note the number of venemous respones on this topic, mostly directed at SPLC on its own website.”

    My Reply:

    It’s impossible not to laugh at someone who arrogantly offers grammar lessons, then turns around and misspells “venomous” in the very next breath.

    Funny how the “English teacher” let that one get by, eh?

    LOL! Priceless. Absolutely priceless.

  • http://Hatewatch Carl


    It’s always easy to say that when it’s not your kids or kids you care about.

  • Jonathan


    Regarding Mr. Duke’s alleged claim that “50+ million Christians” were killed during the Bolshevik revolution, I don’t know if the figure is correct or not. But here’s an article from the reputable “Daily Mail” about Soviet atrocities in the Ukraine, where “as many as nine million may have died”:

  • Nat Hegmon

    Two comments here.
    “just read about the 50+ million Christians they killed in the Bolshavek reolution” That comes from a book David Duke wrote, there is NO PROOF of that. It is quoted as a fact by White Nationalists because Prince David wrote it.

    This story is a hatchet job done on Don Black’s wife. No proof she is hurting kids. No proof she is not known to her bosses as far as her associations and beliefs. No one should be kept from employment that they are qualified for because of their political or cultural beliefs. No one should be persecuted because their spouse or relatives are controversial.

  • Jonathan


    Maybe Chloe needs to earn a living. So would you recommend that a Jewish AIPAC supporter should be fired from working for a Palestinian charity even though our hypothetical Jewish worker is a good worker and keeps his personal views from interfering with work duties?

  • jonesey12

    This is my first time on this website. Just stumbled upon it reading Google News.

    WOW! It’s amazing to see how many delusional rednecks post comments on this website!

    Bottom line is – an “out” white supremacist like that has no place being associated with a charitable endeavor that aims to help minorities. It’s kind of like Louis Farrakhan working in a charity for poor whites, or one of those stupid Idaho-based neo-nazis working in a Jewish charity.

    Chloe Black ought to be fired.

  • Jonathan

    Dear Carl,

    In answer to your question, the SPLC is an influential organization and thus requires close scrutiny.

    Not all that the SPLC does is bad. Unfortunately there are few individuals and organizations that reflect badly on legitimate White interests. I too wish they would go away.

    Where, I feel, the SPLC crosses the line is that they condemn any pro-White interest as “hate”. Clearly, they have an anti-White bias along with many of the posters here. I’m sure you have read many of them. One could easily declare SPLC a “Hate” organization. The topic categories in the articles on this website are, e.g., “Anti-Black”, “Anti-Semitic”, “White Supremacist”, etc. Maybe it exists, but I have not seen an “Anti-White” category – I’d be happy if someone points me to it.

  • http://Hatewatch Carl

    At first I did not understand why so many people opposed to the views of SPLC would pay such close attention and even post on the website. Then I realized just how much hate is organized and vigilant against anyone who seeks to expose or oppose them. This,I feel should serve as a basis for like minded people to join organizations like SPLC who seek to bring people together to solve problems instead of fueling hatred.

  • Jonathan


    A far more relevant and serious issue today is the level Black criminality and “racism” against Whites. The Black crime rate is well documented. For example, look at interracial rape/sexual assault rates in the DOJ report (scroll down to table 42):

    There are about 37,000 single-offender rapes/sexual assaults committed by Blacks against White women and vice-versa is virtually zero for just 2005! Also note from the table how Blacks rape more Whites than Blacks rape Blacks! One cannot deny that anti-White hatred is not involved!

    This is a far more serious problem than “nationalist” organizations, whom you criticize. What is wrong with self-determination? Do you then consider Israelis “haters”?

    “Pull yourself up and create (legally) the life you want.”
    Great advice!

    “I mean damn,can’t you see that this whole country is geared towards White Anglo-Saxons?”
    No, I don’t see that at all.


  • Chris Harper (get at me)

    Making excuses for racists is dumb. I’m of the Malcolm X school of thought. I have more respect for Klan member who says “I hate you ’cause your Black.Period”. Than I do for somebody who is in some of these so-called “nationalist” groups. Who’d rather give me a stroke job about “It’s not about hating your “race” but “loving” my own”. WTF??? Yeah,right. Luckily I am not defined by White people,Black people, or anyone else but myself. It’s a new day, the days of calling grown ass men “boy” are gone. The days of murdering Black folks and others who don’t agree with you (just check the South of the 50’s and 60’s if you need proof) are over. Damn,man let it go. Nobody is taking your “White rights” away. That’s all in your mind. All this crazy talk about ZOG and Jews and all of this other crap. Do you actually believe this stuff? Take the advice you have always forced on others. Pull yourself up and create (legally) the life you want. I mean damn,can’t you see that this whole country is geared towards White Anglo-Saxons? You can’t deny that. TV shows,printed media,movies,etc. So why do you get mad and use the “BET” (which is not even OWNED by Blacks)
    argument. You have holidays dedicated to your heroes,so why get mad because there is a Black History Month. And whether you like it or not it is AMERICAN HISTORY. And if you disagree don’t participate, nobody is forcing you. I am trying to grasp why you hate people because of their color and I can’t. I don’t think that any of your ancestors had any problems putting Black folks in their “place”. Wow. I just can’t hate anybody. Not even you.

  • 88`s Jeno-side

    To Phil,

    Actually the Chinese immigrants helped build the rail system in the 1800`s. And the Mohawk Indians are famous for building the Empire State Bldg in NYC and other high rise structures in NY. Jews may have build some of the economic structures as well, hence there may be other minorites groups that I have yet did an in-depth research on, who may have helped build the system, so therefore not all Whites build everything in the U.S.

  • Joe McKInney

    My God, I had no idea that white supremacists would actually “fund” a school for poor kids to try to avoid being labeled racist. What I also can’t believe is the fact that many racist and racist Zionist idiots would actually read these reports and slander this organization’s good name.

  • Chris Harper (get at me)

    This ALWAYS cracks me up. Here you have some racist idiot post that Blacks live in ghettoes and have babies and sell drugs,blah,blah. Lol! Please. Why when I look out of my window in An ALL BLACK NEIGHBORHOOD in Virginia,I don’t see any of that? I work for a living,so does my wife and I pay a mortgage. All Black people commit crime? Yeah and Whites don’t. Let’s just ignore all the school shootings,serial killing and ALL of the Klan murders since the early 20th century. Do half of you bigots even believe this? You can call the NOI a hate group,you can say that people like Jesse Jackson are hatemongers,but c’mon now. What ethnicity in the US has WHOLE organizations based on HATING somebody because their skin is not the same color as yours? And that’s RATIONAL to you?? The KKK,Aryan Nations,Aryan Brotherhood,National Alliance,and all manner of Skinhead gangs. If I sat down with one of you and asked you why do you hate me? Could you answer? I couldn’t hate you personally,because I don’t KNOW you. If you believe that all of this countries problems come from Blacks and others then you are VERY easily manipulated. Because I bet if there was a way to have a world with all White people it wouldn’t take long before there’s more trouble. People with dark hair and dark eyes would probably go against people who are blond/blue. Why? Is it because Whites are born with a gene that makes them want to hate those who are different from them? Nope. That’s not rational thinking. What it is from is HUMAN NATURE. And please,don’t say it can’t happen. Because I belong to stormfront too! Lol!! And I have seen the battles between “Nordic” types and more “Mediterranean” types on who is “Whiter”. Spare me.

  • Phil

    Even though whites are not any more civilized or intelligent
    than any other race it seems like the most desired places
    for immigrant are the U.S and white european countries.
    Just because whites developed most of the sciences
    and created most industries such as automotive, electronics, computers, aviation, have more patents,
    nobel prizes, and scientific discoveries doesn’t make
    them any better than anyone else.

  • Jonathan

    Great Southern,

    “To be “baff[e]led” by the grave and dire threats of White Supremacy, also tells me that you’re either too naive to actually fully understand their intentions in this nation or you are just plain ignorant to see the dangers behind the elements of White Power, ”

    I’d agree some of these elements to which you allude are obnoxious, detrimental to legitimate White interests along with occasional criminal activity but declaring them to be a “major threat to our American way of life” takes a bit of imagination. The level of criminal mischief is far less than other gangs and common criminals. Pests yes, a major threat no.

  • The Great Southern Trend kill

    First off, I want to disagree with “the writing on the wall” on one point and that’s where he or she stated that the White Power movement is dwindling or shrinking. Its quite the contrary, in fact its actually growing because of a possible black prez. and illegal immigration. The rest of his or her points are pretty much true, regarding mr. Black.

    To be “baffeled” by the grave and dire threats of White Supremacy, also tells me that you’re either too naive to actually fully understand their intentions in this nation or you are just plain ignorant to see the dangers behind the elements of White Power, which is probably beyond your comprehensional capabilities, only to be blinded by hate and hogwash.
    Many White Extremists boast of waging a “civil war 2″ amongst Americans. Some has actually made serious death threats to a presidential hopeful Barak Obama and many others including the founders of SPLC. It is documented on internet sites, forums, news media and well evident in these post where White Extremists tend to comment frequently using different handles.
    Unlike Boss Hogg who says the illegals trash this nation which may partially be true.
    However, White Supemacists also do a lot of damage and vandalism in our communities nationwaide. Many of them tend to spray swastika and “white power” graffiti as well as using racial slurs, and death threats on both public and private properties. White Supremacists tend to vandalize structure and burial grounds of jewish people. They desecrate their graves and tombstones. Whereas, these dangerous White Extremists have no respect for public and private properties and cementeries.
    Illegal aliens do trash and leave behind filth when they cross the border but so too do the Nazis trash people`s property for no real reason other than out of pure evil and hatred of mankind.