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Extremist Steve Sailer is Source for CNN’s ‘Black in America’ Series

By David Holthouse on July 25, 2008 - 2:42 pm, Posted in Media Extremism

As part of its ongoing “Black in America” project, CNN posted a story to its website earlier this week titled “Could an Obama presidency hurt black Americans?” Credited to CNN correspondent John Blake, the piece quotes the wit and wisdom of Steve Sailer, identified only as “a columnist for The American Conservative magazine.”

Specifically, the CNN story quotes a column by Sailer first published last year in which he opined that Obama offers voters “White guilt repellent.”

“So many whites want to be able to say, ‘I’m not one of them, those bad whites. … Hey, I voted for a black guy for president,'” Sailer wrote.

What the CNN article fails to note is that in addition to writing columns and movie reviews for The American Conservative, Sailer is the founder of the Human Biodiversity Institute, a neo-eugenics online discussion forum where right-wing journalists and race scientists have promoted selective breeding of the human species. He also writes frequently for the anti-immigrant hate site, named for the first white child born in America, and runs a website,

Sailer’s website is rife with primitive stereotypes. On it, Sailer mocks professional golfer Annika Sorenstam for having well-developed muscles and claims that Asian men have a hard time finding dates because they look “less masculine” than other men.

Last January, on the hate site, Sailer labeled Obama a “wigger.”

“He’s a remarkably exotic variety of the faux African-American, but a wigger nonetheless,” Sailer wrote. “Even genetically, Obama, whose East African descent is apparent in his unusual features, has only a distant relationship to the West Africans who are the ancestors of almost all African-Americans.” To illustrate his point, Sailer used photos of Obama side-by-side with Jesse Jackson and the rapper Ludacris, “both of whom have conventional West African features.”

Assessing the tragic aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in September 2005, Sailer wrote, “The plain fact is that they [black Americans] tend to possess poorer native judgment than members of better-educated groups. Thus they need stricter moral guidance from society.”

This isn’t the only time in recent history that CNN has turned to an unabashed bigot for commentary on controversial issues in America while cloaking the source’s full identity.

In October 2006, CNN medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta reported on a study by J. Phillpe Rushton that purported to show that men, on average, are more intelligent than women. Gupta identified Rushton only as a professor of psychology at the University of Western Ontario. Since 2002, Rushton has been the head of the Pioneer Fund, a pro-eugenics foundation that funds the research of academic racists like Jared Taylor and Rushton, who himself has received over $1 million in Pioneer grants. Among Rushton’s findings are that on average blacks have larger genitals, breasts and buttocks, characteristics that, according to Rushton’s “research,” have an inverse relationship to brain size and, thus, intelligence.

Then last April, CNN host Paula Zahn invited white supremacist James Edwards to participate in a live on-air panel discussion of “self-segregation” in America. Edwards, a self-proclaimed crusader for the white race, is the co-founder of the Political Cesspool, a Memphis, Tenn.-based AM radio show whose guest lineup is a rogue’s gallery of prominent figures on the radical right, including former Klan leader David Duke, anti-Semitic attorney Edgar Steele and the neo-Nazi teen singing duo Prussian Blue.

On that occasion, CNN identified Edwards rather sparingly as a “talk radio show host.”

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  • Sideways

    Jay: so if you had read what Sailer wrote (which has specifics) and not someone else’s summary of it, it wouldnt be racist anymore?

  • Jay W

    “antouan said,

    on July 26th, 2008 at 4:38 pm

    “claims that Asian men have a hard time finding dates because they look “less masculine” than other men.”

    And this is racist, because…?”

    Because it is too general. So what traits make you “more masculine?” Larger penises? More facial hair? More muscles? More tan? What?

    It is as if I said, “Black women are behaving exactly how you would expect them to behave.”

    Okay, so how do I expect them to behave? And any answer I provide will probably sound racist as hell.

  • scribbler

    yeah, yeah, yeah, sailer’s a racist. and ‘the folk’, by any social measure, are always, always, sorry and coming in last place.
    What else is new?

  • Franklin

    How can any of you defend Sailer’s post-Katrina comment? He’s basically saying blacks are less civilised because there was looting in New Orleans. How would he feel if I said whites are less civilised because some of them loot and riot after their favourite football team loses (or wins)? Where are the anti-white screeds after those incidents?

    Many scientists, such as Steven Jay Gould, have stated that any collective differences in IQ between blacks and whites are likely due to socioeconomic differences. Whites do tend to be richer, at least in America.

  • Ben

    Rather than refuting what these people say, you are trying paint them as biased because of there funding. You have to remember though that it is extremely difficult to get any funding for research that may show genetic differences between people. This is due to the fear that findings may undermine efforts at social reform.

    Even Bouchard’s twin studies research was turned down by most government agencies. If research funding was available for this kind of research there would be no need for groups like Pioneer Fund.

  • Assistant Village Idiot

    dk – The Arts & Humanities Tribe. If you think it is some conservative business tribe that pulls those strings, it is because you are from the A&H tribe yourself and cannot see clearly.

    It has been a remarkably silly argument for two decades: oh those media outlets can’t be liberal, they are owned by corporations, doncha know. (mumble murdoch, murdoch, murdoch, endlessly). Symptoms should precede discussion of etiology, shouldn’t they? Not ojn the left, apparently. There it’s sentence first, trial after.

  • dk

    What Tribe owns the major Media outlets in the USA?

    There is the Problem.

  • Joseph

    And people say CNN is part of the “liberal media?” HA,HA,HA! What a crude joke! These people are no more liberal than Adolf Hitler and Mussolini! Conservatives should be ashamed of themselves for allowing such trash to appear on their network! The same goes for Fox and any other news network that allows these crazy people onto their network!

  • Interloper

    Steve Sailer’s white supremacist obsession dates back more than a decade. Back in the early Internet days, he posted claims of white superority using the traditional claims of Southerners, such as blacks being ‘civilized’ by slavery. During the last several years, he began to claim a ‘scientfic’ basis for some of the silliest stereotypical thinking imaginable. His following increasingly consists of frothing moonbats who think they are deceiving people with pseudoscience, Afrikaners pining for the good ole days and anti-Semites, in a speedy race to the bottom. No one with any analytical skills sees Sailer as anything more than the babbling numbskull he is.

    As for the CNN story, it is an iReport – an opinion piece submitted by someone who is not a staff journalist. The same fellow has written other poorly sourced iReports, usually about African-Americans.

  • Wikitopian


    Thank you for your service and your patriotism. I believe you’re mistaken in assuming that racists in general, and Steve Sailer in particular, believe the sweeping statements you project on them. A brief review of Steve’s blog shows that he not only believes that there are millions of intelligent Black people, but that Barack Obama is himself highly intelligent and capable. He’s simply engaging in critical journalism of a man who would be President, a task that SOMEBODY oughta do, right? He’s highly critical of John McCain, too.

    A thorough review of Steve’s blog would also show you that he advocates and supports “citizenism”, a position which he has debated against contemporary White Nationalists on. It sounds pretty similar to the notion of citizenship you’re implying. No, he’s not politically correct, and his views on race are certainly not popular or pleasing to many. But he’s not the strawman you’re envisioning and he’s certainly not “in love with the war”.

  • Kate De Braose

    Face it folks, there is no way you can size up any individual by just looking at his or her skin color, or any other physical characteristic.

    Racists are people who want to be regarded as superior simply because they have an exaggerated opinion of their own importance in the world. Depending on their fervor, they are either egotists or completely psychotic.

    Give the American viewers the credit they deserve for seeing through the real intentions of television’s false prophets.

  • chris

    Common sense ALWAYS flies out the window. How can the Klan be a “Christian” organization? How can people like Steve Sailer (who basically says that Blacks aren’t smart enough to save themselves from drowning,like an act of God ie;hurricane,blizzard,tornado cannot happen to Whites) NOT be racist? To people like him and Jared Taylor, there is NO difference between Will Smith and Willie Horton. Are there no Black Phd’s and Black professionals in this country? Of course there are. Is it some type of fluke? No. These people worked hard for what they have. Are there White murderers and thieves and rapists? Yes. A guy just shot up a church a few days ago. Is he a savage with no morals because he is White? No. It’s because he is a criminal. Man people wake up. Some don’t like Obama because he does not have enough political expirience. Okay, that I can buy. But when I read that because he’s a Black man the country will go to hell in a handbasket. WTF is THAT about??? Are we living in Eden now? A war (in which I have served) with no end in sight. American kids dying left and right. Some of you act like you are in LOVE with war. I am not saying that Obama is the be all, end all,but using COMMON SENSE,this man could not have gotten to this level of the game if he were NOT INTELLIGENT. This is why America will fall sooner or later, because of this racial divide. COMMON SENSE. I am an AMERICAN CITIZEN. I WAS BORN HERE. BOTH SETS OF MY GRANDPARENTS WERE BORN HERE ALSO. I AM A BLACK MAN. I have served in BOTH Gulf Wars, so that alone makes me MORE than qualified to give my opinion. Wake up and use some common sense man. It’s not only Black people who so-called “complain”. Whites do it also, like you have not had White privilige.

  • David L Nilsson

    Isn’t it time the SPLC provided a complete list of acceptable things to think, say and do, so we poor benighted dupes of Evil won’t go wrong any more?

    After all these years ecraser-ing l’infame, you must surely be able to codify a Complete Guide to Political Corrrectness on Planet Earth (Independent Thought for the Avoidance Of).

    Go on, Morris and Heidi, spend a few of those shekels in a good cause!

  • ken mier

    the alabama christian klan has recieved hundreds of emails and applications as a result of this cnn sympathy special.

    it has become obvious to so many white christian families that the media is promoting the possibility of a race war by focusing on worse case senerio examples.

    as a result we are now recieving calls and emails from african american church leaders in our area.
    finally the opportunity to sit down and iron out issues that effect our kids future is on the horizon.

    this saddens me personaly as it inflicts unnecessary guilt and stress on our children.

  • Jonathan

    IludiumPhosdex ,

    “Wasn’t that also the same agenda the Afrikaners of South Africa had in mind to justify apartheid?”

    Many, if not most, of the Afrikaaners were interested in preserving themselves via the apartheid system. They probably felt that giving up political power would doom them. Ultimately, that’ll probably turn out to be true.

  • IludiumPhosdex

    Steve Sailer wants to eliminate Blacks, Asians, Hispanics and Jews from “White countries” unless they “conform to White norms” and “forego their ethnic self-interest”, ie. stop thinking they have a right to live as distinct peoples.

    We heard all this talk in 1930s Europe…

    Wasn’t that also the same agenda the Afrikaners of South Africa had in mind to justify apartheid?

  • rawdawgbuffalo
  • scottynx

    J.K writes:
    “Steve Sailer wants to eliminate Blacks, Asians, Hispanics and Jews from “White countries” unless they “conform to White norms” and “forego their ethnic self-interest”, ie. stop thinking they have a right to live as distinct peoples.”

    Wrong. Where did you get this? *Could you cite something to back this up with a link?* Here is some writing of Sailer’s that directly contradicts what you said, in a debate vs. Jared Taylor:

    Sailer vs. Taylor, Round II —”Citizenism” vs. White Nationalism

    “As Talleyrand might have said, “White Nationalism is worse than a crime, it’s a mistake.”

  • Johnson

    Sailer is simply someone who approaches social questions WITHOUT assuming that all groups of people are the same. It’s a valid assumption. At least one that James Watson agrees with. 50,000 years ago, humans split from each other and evolved different features. Do you think the mind was completely unaffected by 50,000 years of different selection pressures?

  • Dennis

    Steve Sailer wants to eliminate Blacks, Asians, Hispanics and Jews from “White countries” unless they “conform to White norms” and “forego their ethnic self-interest”, ie. stop thinking they have a right to live as distinct peoples.

    We heard all this talk in 1930s Europe…

    Leaving aside the fact that Sailer’s said no such thing, the talk we heard in 1930’s Germany (I assume you’re dragging out this hoary carcass for flailing) that preceded the Nazi terror was resentment directed against what Amy Chua has termed a “market dominant minority” (is she on the list yet?) and just the sort of ethno-nationalism you seem to take as a healthy and necessary practice regardless of the inevitable ethnic strife in can only lead to, ie citizens of a nation living as “distinct peoples” within that nation.

    Hitler’s success was largely dependent upon his declaration that ethnic Germans living within the Sudetenland and Austria, for instance, were not citizens of those nations but of their “ethnic homeland’ and stirring up resentment within them toward those nations that were far more liberal and democratic than the “homeland”–what you and your ilk would recognize as pure, violent racism if you weren’t willfully blind–precisely what Mexico practices vis a vis the US.

    How much longer you ask, until those who frighten you are “silenced”? Echoes of Nazi Germany indeed.

    And oh, by the way:

  • Bret Ludwig

    Sorry, I think Sailer is NOT a racist in the sense you use the term, if indeed there is any sense you do not use the term-it’s obvious that “racist”, like “fascist” and “hater”, is a catchall pejorative in the loony-left lexicon.

    Sailer IS genuinely fascinated by the real and provable differences between racial groups, as opposed to postulating that some groups are “better” than others by some arbitrary standard. In fact he explicitly advocates PRESERVING the groups that exist.

  • vanderleun

    “It’s time to officially designate CNN a hate group.”

    Who then will promulgate your precious messages?

  • Love IT!

    I really like the post comparing Steve Sailer to the Nazis. Where would the SPLC and their drones be without their favorite bogeymen?


    (…oh, and did you know that you can bequeath securities to us in your will?)

  • Matt Parrott


    The website is named after the first English child born in America, not the first white child born in America. The site is quite explicit about this. The appropriate next steps are to verify my claim, revise your article, and post a note about the correction at the bottom of the article. Please avoid the temptation to toss this fact down the memory hole.

  • Minuteman


  • Nicholas Stix

    My problem with CNN, and specifically, the since-cancelled Paula Zahn Now show, is that they plagiarized my American Renaissance exposé on the Knoxville Horror.

    I want to take this opportunity to thank the SPLC for promoting my work, both on the Knoxville Horror, and on the NPI report on which I proudly served as project director, The State of White America-2007.

    Nicholas Stix

  • Jenny

    Sorry, but these same claims were made by a black, Labour party bigwig waaaay back this February. If SPLC is looking to start an inquisition, it should start with Trevor Phillips.

    From the February 28, 2008 issue of the Times of London newspaper, an interview with Trevor Phillips, a diversity chief for the Labour government, also black, former henchman of former London Mayor Ken Livingstone:

    Obama victory will prolong US racial divide, says British equality chief

    One of Britain’s most influential black figures today accused Barack Obama of cynically exploiting America’s racial divide and gave warning that he could prolong, rather than heal the rift.

    Trevor Phillips, chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, claimed that the Democratic front-runner would ultimately disappoint the African-American community and dismissed the notion that he would be “the harbinger of a post-racial America” if he becomes the country’s first black President.

    Writing in Prospect, the monthly current affairs magazine, Mr Phillips suggested that guilt over transatlantic slavery was behind Mr Obama’s support from middle class whites.

    “If Obama can succeed, then maybe they can imagine that [Martin Luther] King’s post-racial nirvana has arrived. A vote for Obama is a pain-free negation of their own racism. So long as they don’t have to live next door to him; Obama has yet to win convincingly in white districts adjacent to black communities,” he wrote.

    Related Links
    Clinton ‘superdelegate’ switches to back Obama
    Obama wins backing from former rival
    Migrants’ impact on housing to be tested
    Mr Phillips compared Mr Obama to Bill Cosby and Oprah Winfrey, prominent black “bargainers” – those who strike a deal with white America not to make an issue of historical racism if their own race is not used against them.

    But, in a warning to the Democratic candidate, he added that Cosby now cut a “sad and lonely figure” because he had abandoned the moral weapon used by figures such as Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X and Jesse Jackson in insisting that “in the end, salvation for blacks won’t depend on the actions of whites.”

    “In truth, Obama may be helping to postpone the arrival of a post-racial America and I think he knows it,” Mr Phillips wrote. “If he wins, the cynicism may be worth it to him and his party. In the end he is a politician and a very good one: his job is to win elections.”

    He added: “If he fulfils the hopes of whites, he must disappoint blacks – and vice versa.”

    Mr Phillips said that there was no “British Obama” in part because the black British community was much smaller and therefore less likely to produce such high-achievers, and because “Black Britons can’t bring centuries of white guilt to bear with the devastating impact that African-Americans have done for two generations”.

    The equality chief, a former Labour politician and broadcaster said he did not expect Mr Obama ultimately to win the Democratic nomination, although he conceded it was possible. However, if he did come to power, Mr Obama would not emulate JFK, he predicted, but Bill Clinton, with all the “charm, skill and ruthless cynicism” that entailed.

    Mr Phillips is no stranger to controversy, having drawn criticism for past comments on multiculturalism in British society. Ken Livingstone, the Mayor of London, once said he was a prime candidate for the far right British National Party and his appointment to the CEHR was bitterly opposed by a number of black organisations.


    Frankly, the SPLC doesn’t give a damn about southern or any kind of poverty, nor does it care about eradicating hate, in fact it’s a big proponent of spreading hatred It rationalizes imposing dire poverty on strugging American citizens, denying our working poor the ability to lift itself out of poverty by helping the corporate and business elites to destroy, once and for all the wage and workplace protections that have provided opportunities in the US.

    It’s a con game to exploit illegal aliens, to displace citizens, and ultimately will trap them in the same poverty they claim to seek to escape, once the status quo of their home countries is imposed here.

    Any legitimate organization interested in lessening poverty, whether here or any where else, would for example work to shame and force wealthy foreign countries like Mexico (14th wealthiest in the world, large thriving middle class, plenty of millionaires and billionaires, a housing boom, a lower cost of living, you name it) to raise wage standards and increase opportunities for it’s people. You don’t improve the lives of the poor in Mexico, by imposing that same poverty in the US.

    What that sort of rationale has in mind is the same sort that those who rationalized slavery did. I wonder how much money SPLC and Morris Dees has made from the US Chamber of Commerce, Business Roundtable and the wealthy foreign interests who are seeking to hammer the final nail in worker’s rights in the US? Is Dees and his scam organization willing to make a complete, full financial disclosure?

    We know that La Raza (the race, not a very human rights oriented title), MALDEF and LULAC have taken millions from those same groups.

  • TGGP

    Virginia Dare was not the first white child born in America. The first European colony was founded by Leif Erikson, and the first child born in it was likely Snorri Porfinnsson. A white Spaniard, Martín de Argüelles was born in Florida 20 years before Virginia Dare. SPLC has exaggerated how inclusive VDARE is. It is not sufficient to be white (hence their calls to expel current Irish illegal immigrants), they are more specifically concerned with the white English population that Samuel Huntington deemed “settlers” and created the United States as we know it, as opposed to the “nation of immigrants”. Sailer himself advocates what he calls “citizenism”, which means that the U.S government should display favoritism towards those who currently supposedly own it, analogous to a corporation favoring its shareholders. A blunt way of phrasing might be that the people who’ve already got theirs should close the door or draw up the latter and nuts to the have-nots, to which I imagine a citizenist would respond “Well, duh.

  • michigander

    As my ex-wife’s nephew once wrote in a 4th-grade essay: all races are equal in every way. Keep up the tripe.

  • Captainchaos

    BTW, what exactly is meant by the term “white-skin privilege”?

    Ultimately, and in effect, this means ethnic nepotism, right?

    Why is this not legitimate?

    If not, are you willing to apply this standard universally?

    Chinese, Koreans, and Jews are well known practitioners of this strategy for group advancement.

  • Issac Bickerstaff

    Clearly this Sailer guy is guilty of a thought crime. If only we had a Canadian-style human rights commission in this country, we could prosecute him. Perhaps when the Chosen One becomes President, his type can be dealt with properly.

  • Captainchaos

    Once Whites become a minority in the country that our ancestors built will we then have your permission to organize politically as Whites per se?

    Kind of like La Raza ( The Race!) and the NAACP?

    Fat chance!

  • AMac

    Before CNN can be made to face up to its responsibilities, people need to learn more. This goes beyond the abuses suggested in the article’s text. For instance, a Google search brings up this article. I am sure further research would unearth yet more.

    People, don’t just get educated, get mad!

  • Alex

    Carter makes a grim, but sadly necessary, request. People need to know what they are getting into when they tune into CNN now, and if the topic isn’t race it may not be immediately obvious.

    By the way–I just happened to notice two hate sites on the SPLC blogroll here. Wonkette made a racist Asian joke a few years back. While hate site proprietor Michelle Malkin happened to be the target, the practice of racist jokes hurts not just the individual but the entire race.

    And Undercover Black Man, rather perversely, frequently argues that there are likely genetic differences in IQ between the races.

    Readers deserve to know the SPLC blog’s extremist connections.

  • Justin

    Your article does not demonstrate Steve Sailer to be a racist.

    Like most liberals you are unable to provide a measured response to a falsifiable claim. Take the Rushton example of sexual organ size relating inversely to intelligence. If Rushton is wrong, then publish the data that proves your point. Until then you are not fit to debate.


  • scottynx

    “VDARE.COM is named after Virginia Dare, the first English child—not “white child,” as Flynn evocatively puts it—born in the New World, in 1587. (The first white child was probably a Viking, Snorri Porfinnsson.”
    -Peter Brimelow

  • Assistant Village Idiot

    Way to misrepresent a whole crowd of people by taking their statements out of context. Whew. It must be tiring to do the research, having to skip over so much stuff in order to find the perfect suggestive information to make your opponent look bad.

    IIudiumPhosdex has another beauty. Not a criticism of those he disagrees with based on what they have said or done, but on what he imagines they would say or do if they weren’t constantly kept in check. “…you have to wonder how much longer it would be…” Yeah, don’t let actual reality trouble you. Much easier to just imagine how bad your opponents secretly are and hate them for that.

  • Curious

    Hey SPLC,

    Why don’t you open your books to the Better Business Bureau like real non-profits do? Got something to hide?

  • antouan

    “claims that Asian men have a hard time finding dates because they look “less masculine” than other men.”

    And this is racist, because…?

  • J. K.

    Steve Sailer wants to eliminate Blacks, Asians, Hispanics and Jews from “White countries” unless they “conform to White norms” and “forego their ethnic self-interest”, ie. stop thinking they have a right to live as distinct peoples.

    We heard all this talk in 1930s Europe…

    38 members of my family were murdered in the Nazi gas chambers by people who think like Sailer.

    How many times must propaganda for genocide become achieved genocide before voices like Sailer’s are silenced???

  • Dennis

    Love the sinister eye alongside the “Hatewatch” header.

  • Thinking Man

    Since the SPLC clearly hates Steve Sailer, maybe the SPLC should designate itself as a hate group.

  • Jonathan

    SPLC has gone too far. Steve Sailer is an excellent writer and very insightful. VDare is an excellent source of article from a variety of authors.

  • Vaughn

    It’s hard to believe that CNN didn’t know that Steve Sailor uses racist science in his articles. It’s very shameful and irresponsible on their part. I would have expected this kind of garbage from the bigots at Fox News.

  • Terry

    The word racist is tossed around too much. Steve Sailer simply tells us what he sees with his eyes. If you don’t like it then boo hoo. Tough noogies for you.

    So what if he mocked a woman’s muscles. What are you going to do? Tell your Mommy on him?

    Steve Sailer is a Bronze God. Kneel before him.

  • Carter

    It’s time to officially designate CNN a hate group.

  • IludiumPhosdex

    In response to the CNN series, you have to wonder how much longer it would be before Fox Prolefeed decides to respond with White in America, which turns out, in the end, being nothing more than a cheap rehashing of racist and white-supremacist screeds, bromides and platitudes.

    Same designed to pander to Fox Prolefeed’s target audience of the poor, undereducated, easily-influenced–as well as being too “race-conscious” for their own good–and their latent, hubris-laden racist arrogance rivalled only by the depraved depths of apartheid South Africa.

  • anti-zionist secessionist movement

    Is Steve “extremist” because he was the only blog author interested in following the Efraim Diveroli story? Way to provide smoke for the criminal Washington regime. We the people, are on to you.