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Republican Leader Sues To Prevent Minutemen From Taking Commission Seats

By Hatewatch Staff on August 26, 2008 - 9:28 am, Posted in Uncategorized

The chairman of the Alameda County Republican Central Committee filed a lawsuit to block seven members of a coalition of Minutemen and Ron Paul supporters from occupying committee seats they won in a June election.
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  • Joanne

    From the full article that I read, it makes it sound as though the Chairman has filed the suit to have the elected reps removed from their elected positions. Most voters and judges don’t like over-turned elections.

    We all should question what the Chairman’s real motivation is here. For the record, the Chairman is suing these people to get them removed from his own Central Committee. There are 30 total seats on the Central Committee and the Chairman wants 7 members removed. There are already vacancies on the Central Committee, due to the fact that Central Committee positions are volunteer positions, as they are not paid. So, if the Chairman has his way, he’ll have 1/3 of the Committee seats vacated, making it almost impossible to achieve a quorum and leaving the Central Committee unable to transact any official Party business.

    I’d say the Chairman’s self-defeating lawsuit may have a hidden agenda. None of the Bush supporters within the Republican Party like Ron Paul, or his ideas. I also wouldn’t be surprised if the California Republican Party is involved with trying to screen out these people too. They’re are the ones scared of change in the G.O.P.

  • Walter

    So, we’re all worried about the Republican Party being infiltrated by people that support, liberty, the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, free-markets, government accountability, lower taxes, balanced budgets, secure borders and the rule of law… And oppose, the Patriot Act, Unjust Wars, nation building, unconstitutional legislation, secret prisons, tourture, warrantless-wiretaps and so-called free-trade agreements.

    Sounds like these candidates were elected by the people for a reason. Maybe with their Constitutional platform and conservative beliefs, they can “change” the GOP for the better. Right now, most Republicans out there are a little fed-up with how the current Republican Party is conducting itself.

    The SPLC should take a step back and analize what this lawsuit is really about, which is nothing more than a desperate Chairman trying to intimidate everyday people from getting involved with the local political process, so he may continue his business as usual.

    I think the Republican Party and the current Administration has dug a hole for itself! Maybe, just maybe, these Constitutional Republicans can turn things around… And that would be good for everyone regardless of if you’re a Democrat, a Republican or an Independent.

    “We the People” must do everything possible to return the
    power to the people… Defending ourselves against frivolous lawsuits, brought by polished power-hungry politicians is just one of the many battles we will face along the way!

    ~Liberty or Death~Don’t Tread On Me!


    What is alarming is watching our freedom of speech be taken away from the American people and groups such as the SPLC who apparently want a One World Order and who will do anything to stop patriotic Americans from speaking out or running for office. These Americans don’t want their sovereignty taken away. The MM are concerned citizen activists. Once upon a time the SPLC was a decent upstanding organization until they started supporting the neocons and illegal lawbreakers who are literally bankrupting this country. They back the cheap labor advocates!

  • the Great Southern Trend Kill

    This is alarming! We can’t afford to allow extremists and xenophobes to take up political positions in committee seats no matter what party. To allow the Republicans to be infilitrated by such extremists will only damage their credibility as well as their reputation. Will it only add to their self-destruct by turning away many potential supporters of moderated Republicans. Whose supporters are primary supporters of a Party represented by prominent people, decent folks in all of fairness and not to be a Party of bigots, racists, and hypocrites. This will cause their Party to systematically gravitate to the point where it will take years to restore its integrity as a Party.
    You cannot achieve momentum rallying with extremists whose idealogies are for the most part–bigotted. Its not a popular idealogy in times like these.