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Evidence of Extremist Infiltration of Military Grows

By David Holthouse on August 27, 2008 - 4:57 pm, Posted in Extremists in the Military, Neo-Nazi

The racist skinhead logged on with exciting news: He’d just enlisted in the United States Army.

“Sieg Heil, I will do us proud,” he wrote. It was a June 3 post to AryanWear Forum 14, a neo-Nazi online forum to which “Sobibor’s SS,” who identified himself as a skinhead living in Plantersville, Ala., had belonged since early 2004. (Sobibor was a Nazi death camp in Poland during World War II).

About a month after he announced his enlistment, Sobibor’s SS bragged in another post to Forum 14 that he’d specifically requested and been assigned to MOS, or Military Occupational Specialty, 98D. MOS98D soldiers are in high demand right now. That’s because they’re specially trained in disarming Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) like the infamous roadside bombs that are killing and maiming so many U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Presumably, a part of learning how to disarm an IED is learning how to make one.

“I have my own reasons for wanting this training but in fear of the government tracing me and me loosing [sic] my clearance I can’t share them here,” Sobibor’s SS informed his fellow neo-Nazis.

One of his earlier posts indicated his reasons serve a darker purpose than defending America: “Once all the Jews are gone the world will start fixing itself.”

Sobibor’s SS included enough biographical details in his various posts to Forum 14 over the years, including that he’s a single father from the small town in southern Alabama, that a military investigator with access to enlistment records for recent months should have little trouble discerning whether the Army is actually teaching a skinhead with genocide on his mind how to be a tactical bomb maker.

But there’s little reason to expect that will happen.

Two years ago, the Intelligence Report revealed that alarming numbers of neo-Nazi skinheads and other white supremacist extremists were taking advantage of lowered armed services recruiting standards and lax enforcement of anti-extremist military regulations by infiltrating the U.S. armed forces in order to receive combat training and gain access to weapons and explosives.

Forty members of Congress urged then-Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld to launch a full-scale investigation and implement a zero-tolerance policy toward white supremacists in the military. “Military extremists present an elevated threat to both their fellow service members and the public,” U.S. Senator Richard Shelby, an Alabama Republican, wrote in a separate open letter to Rumsfeld. “We witnessed with Timothy McVeigh that today’s racist extremist may become tomorrow’s domestic terrorist.”

But neither Rumsfeld nor his successor, Robert Gates, enacted any sort of systemic investigation or crackdown. Military and Defense Department officials seem to have made no sustained effort to prevent active white supremacists from joining the armed forces, or to weed out those already in uniform.

Furthermore, new evidence is emerging that not only supports the Intelligence Report’s findings, but also indicates the problem may have worsened since the summer of 2006, as enlistment rates continued to plummet, and the military accepted an ever-lower quality of soldier in a time of unpopular war.

First of all, a new FBI report (PDF) confirms that white supremacist leaders are making a concerted effort to recruit active-duty soldiers and recent combat veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. According to the unclassified FBI Intelligence Assessment, “White Supremacist Recruitment of Military Personnel Since 9/11,” which was released to law enforcement agencies nationwide: “Sensitive and reliable source reporting indicates supremacist leaders are encouraging followers who lack documented histories of neo-Nazi activity and overt racist insignia such as tattoos to infiltrate the military as ‘ghost skins,’ in order to recruit and receive training for the benefit of the extremist movement.”

The FBI report details more than a dozen investigative findings and criminal cases involving Iraq and Afghanistan veterans as well as active-duty personnel engaging in extremist activity in recent years. For example, in September 2006, the leader of the Celtic Knights, a central Texas splinter faction of the Hammerskins, a national racist skinhead organization, planned to obtain firearms and explosives from an active duty Army soldier in Fort Hood, Texas. That soldier, who served in Iraq in 2006 and 2007, was a member of the National Alliance, a neo-Nazi group.

“Looking ahead, current and former military personnel belonging to white supremacist extremist organizations who experience frustration at the inability of these organizations to achieve their goals may choose to found new, more operationally minded and operationally capable groups,” the report concludes. “The military training veterans bring to the movement and their potential to pass this training on to others can increase the ability of lone offenders to carry out violence from the movement’s fringes.”

Currently, 46 members of the white supremacist social networking website identity themselves as active-duty military personnel. Six of these individuals are members of “White Military Men,” a New Saxon sub-group.

Earlier this year, the founder of White Military Men identified himself in his New Saxon account as “Lance Corporal Burton” of the 2nd Battalion Fox Company Pit 2097, from Florida, according to a master’s thesis by graduate student Matthew Kennard. Under his “About Me” section, Burton writes: “Love to shoot my M16A2 service rifle effectively at the Hachies (Iraqis),” and, “Love to watch things blow up (Hachies House).”

As part of his thesis research, Kennard, at the time a student at Columbia University’s Toni Stabile Center for Investigative Journalism, also monitored claims of active-duty military service earlier this year on the neo-Nazi online forum Blood and Honour, where “88Soldier88” posted this message on Feb. 18: “I am in the ARMY right now. I work in the Detainee Holding Area [in Iraq]. … I am in this until 2013. I am in the infantry but want to go to SF [Special Forces]. Hopefully the training will prepare me for what I hope is to come.”

One of the Blood and Honour members claiming to be an active-duty soldier taking part in combat operations in Iraq identified himself to Kennard as Jacob Berg. He did not disclose his rank or branch of service. “There are actually a lot more ‘skinheads,’ ‘nazis,’ white supremacists now [in the military] than there has been in a long time,” Berg wrote in an E-mail exchange with Kennard. “Us racists are actually getting into the military a lot now because if we don’t every one who already is [in the military] will take pity on killing sand niggers. Yes I have killed women, yes I have killed children and yes I have killed older people. But the biggest reason I’m so proud of my kills is because by killing a brown many white people will live to see a new dawn.”

The Army is currently investigating war crimes allegations leveled against Iraq combat veteran and active-duty Army soldier Kenneth Eastridge, 24, who is facing trial for the December 2007 murder of a fellow serviceman. After Eastridge was arrested for that killing, National Public Radio publicized his MySpace page, which showed Eastridge displaying a tattoo of SS lightning bolts, a common neo-Nazi insignia.

Another member of Eastridge’s company recently told Army investigators that Eastridge used a stolen AK-47 to fire indiscriminately at Iraqi civilians from his moving Humvee on the streets of Baghdad. “The military is to some extent desperate to get people to fight, soldiers who are not fit, mentally and physically sick, but they continue to send them,” Eastridge’s attorney told Kennard. “Having a tattoo was the least [Eastridge’s] concerns.”

As part of the research for his thesis, “The New Nazi Army: How the U.S. military is allowing the far right to join its ranks,” Kennard used the Freedom of Information Act to obtain from the Army’s Criminal Investigative Division investigative reports concerning white supremacist activity in 2006 and 2007. They show that Army commanders repeatedly terminated investigations of suspected extremist activity in the military despite strong evidence it was occurring. This evidence was often provided by regional Joint Terrorism Task Forces, which are made up of FBI and state and local law enforcement officials.

For example, one CID report details a 2006 investigation of a suspected member of the Hammerskins, a multi-state racist skinhead gang, who was stationed at Fort Hood, a large Army base in central Texas. According to the report, there was “probable cause” to believe that the soldier “had participated in a white extremist meeting and also provided a military technical manual 31-210, Improvised Munitions Handbook, to the leader of a white extremist group in order to assist in the planning and execution of future attacks on various targets.”

The report shows that agents only interviewed the subject once, in November 2006, before Fort Hood higher-ups called off the investigation that December.

Another report, also from 2006, covers an investigation of another Fort Hood soldier who was posting messages on, a major white supremacist website. One CID investigator expresses his frustration at the muddled process for dealing with extremists. “We need to discuss the review process,” he writes. “I’m not doing my job here. Needs to get fixed.”

A third CID report, regarding a 2007 investigation, notes the termination of an investigation of a soldier at Fort Richardson, Alaska, who was reportedly the leader and chief recruiter for the Alaska Front, a white supremacist group. According to the report, the investigation was halted because the solider was “mobilized to Camp Shelby, MS in preparation for deployment to Iraq.”

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  • Gary Rudolph

    I always see a lot of SPLC activity directed at issues sympathetic to blacks but never related to issues related to other minorities such as Koreans, Chinese or even whites (who are a minority in most southern cities). This article in particular is typical of SPLC anti white racism. Never has the SPLC ever come out against racist drivil such as Black Liberation Theology which teaches black children that white people are devils and that the United States should be “taken down” and destroyed to be rebuilt in the image of Black Liberationism. The SPLC is a for profit hate mongering enterprise that takes advantage of the disadvantaged (particularly blacks) for economic gain. They solicit donations for the supposed purposed of righting wrongs which essentially no lnger exist. At one time this organization did do some significantly meaningful civil rights legal defense, but in recent years has stooped to hate mongering to raise funds for its own well being. SPLC is an excellent example of an organization whose time has come an gone. Believe me, for every 1 white soldier in the US military with a swastika tatoo on his arm, there are 100 blacks, hispanics and others with gang ink and other equally incriminating distinguishments on their person that if viewed through unbiased eyes would meet the same requirement for discharge as whites with similar markings. This is not 1964. Grow up SPLC, get a mission. You have become a civil rights joke.

  • S

    Our military is made up of many people from many walks of life.I know exactly who they are talking about in the last paragraph. He is not AF, but he is a skin. If skinheads are so scary, tell me how many murders they have committed in the last ten about black gangbangers or latino gangs. Maybe you should focus on the government they must be haters and racists also putting out statistics like the crimes per 100,000 people. American whites versus American blacks.
    Murder- Whites5.1 Blacks.43.4
    Robbery-Whites126 Blacks1,343
    Source: Uniform Crime Reports for U.S.
    Its all so scary for those who cant see past there nose.

  • Robert

    Aslan Maskhadov, has anyone ever told you to THINK before you speak, other than me?

  • ccollina

    “Which is why we’ve seen an increased in the use of pipe bombs by WN`s and other loners thoughout the Nation in isolated incidents.”

    Has there been isolated incidents? When? How recent?

  • Xenophobic Terrorizer

    >>>the perpetrator[s] in the OCK terror were using simplified materials & taking advantage of lower level of awareness that existed at that time.<<<quote from Carter.

    Which is why we’ve seen an increased in the use of pipe bombs by WN`s and other loners thoughout the Nation in isolated incidents. “Simplified materials” can still pose a danger to the communities. And in most cases, they’re not that hard to acquire. And Americans must remain vigalante and focused on the WN`s. WN`s are known to stockpile weapons caches in the privacy of their own home. The ATF and the FBI has made numerous arrests involving WNs on the basis of illegal possessions of firearms and bomb making materials. That’s why I applaud this article so I won’t dispute its facts.

  • SouthernBelle56

    In my honest opinion, racism of any kind is NOT acceptable in the military or anywhere else. IF, and that’s a big IF, the military is aware of this and has proof it is happening it should NOT be tolerated.
    We are losing so many troops now that it seems the military might be lowering the standards for enlistment just to have more “warm bodies” to replace the ones that are being killed at an alarming rate. That does NOT mean that they should be allowed to run amok and spread their venom!!!

  • ccollina

    Kane has a very good point. White supremacist group members are a teeny tiny fraction of the white population in this country. It seems that their existence and their supposed potential threat is being exaggerated. In recent times, Latino gang members in California, probably have caused more deaths, injuries, mayham and costs to society, but for some reason their racism is excused.

    We should still keep an eye on and deal with ANY group, who threatens violence and/or are stockpiling weapons and bomb making materials.

  • kane

    all this article is doing is to try and villify the white american male and female turning the media against us,then the american people will be white al queda and we’ll all be considered terrorists.war on terror=sham

  • Carter

    “If Timothy McVeigh can set off a large scale bomb without IED bomb difusing training in the military. Then so can other White Extremists. Its juwt as simple as that. Which is why this is a cause for alarm. To say this is an isolated incident is an act of denial, and denial is what trriggered the 9/11 attacks.”

    The level of response to the OKC Bombing was sharp, positive, & pretty damn intense. The EOD oriented educational level of any individual to evolve an IED is rather low if such a thing were the only element of their existence. I repeat, learning such information in the capacity of a technician as an EOD MOS in the service is covered not only by a number of interlocking safe-guards & background investigations, but an on-going dynamic of public safety agenda.
    The perpetrator(s) in the OKC terror were using simplified materials & taking advantage of a lower level of awareness that existed at that time. Such a thing is NOT the case today. There have been several VERY in depth items of legislation that were enacted directly to thwart such an agenda and it’s pretty damn powerful & efficient. The intelligence and research arms of the federal agencies today are substantially better equipped to deal with Domestic Terror. They include all areas where such a nightmare can take root.
    Any realistic research on completed acts of Domestic Terror using IEDs from OKC forward show effective, coordinated response. How many acts have been completed since that time?
    It’s not denial at all, but fact…..a fact – that the USA will not allow DT to plague the government or people of our country.
    The level of investigation is quite effective; both on a civilian level and a military one.
    It may be argued that it is intrusive or even (in the case of the Patriot Act DT issues) unconstitutional but it is in place since OKC. A [group or] lone individual pathetic baby killer is NOT going to get a chance to do that again.
    When a cop or State Trooper gets shot, what happens? Do you have any idea what happens when their family is harmed? Imagine that on several orders of magnitude higher and you have a glimmer of what happened after OKC. Due to the level of civilian deaths, the public supports that foundation of interdiction as well.
    Domestic Terror is aimed at all of us & the level of co-operation is staggering. Some half-wit spinning his wheels and opening his mouth about IEDs has as much of a chance as a sand spider stopping a tank.

  • gypsy

    this has been going on for years. Back in the 70’s I saw some of this in the AF. And in the 80’s they tried to take my child from me because of my religion. I was denied reenlistment and was asked by the Human Relations folks to fight it. But unfortunately did not. Prejudice is as old as time. And most the time, by the time this stuff gets in the news or made public in some way, it has been going on for a long time.

  • the Great Southern Trend Kill

    Here’s another possible reason why Sarah Palin is a two-faced hypocrite. If Sarah Palin enjoys fishing and hunting as part of her American past time and a hobby of her`s and her husband, yet she goes so far to ban hunting/fishing, a God given right to the Native peoples who have practiced this ancient sport for ages. But most importantly she attcks the sovereignty, the self-determination and the self-governance of the local tribes in Alaska.

    She sure sounds a little too dangerous for me. And may not be fit to be in the oval office. Just another of several reasons why we must not vote for the Palin/McBush ticket.

  • the Great Southern Trend Kill

    To give you some insight into Sarah Palin`s Religious Extremist/Diehard Pentacontalist ways which has influenced some of her policies while in office in the Great White North. A letter written by one of Palin`s closest friend reveals a shocking personal portrait of one woman`s path into the rise of her political career using Religion to jeopardize
    Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Choice, and to promote censorship by shoving her Religious views down our throats……


  • Sandy

    Here is the link for the above story.

  • Sandy



    “Military Recruiters Set Sights On Hispanics”

    “A bipartisan proposal included in the immigration bill that died in Congress in June would have allowed undocumented students to gain legal status by completing two years of military service or college. The measure is expected to come before Congress as a stand-alone bill this fall.

    For those here legally, President Bush in 2002 signed an executive order that fast-tracked citizenship applications for those who serve in the military.”

    The military wants them Roger.

  • Roger Thompson
    I see you have nothing to say about illegals in the Military, your bias is so oblivious. I don’t think we should train any kind of gang, skinheads or illegals so point out the whole story DUH

  • the Great Southern Trend Kill

    Karen in case you are wondering. Palin is not a “feminist” nor is she for the sake of a women`s well being. Evidence was displayed all over the media last week showing her daughter was irresponsibily pregant. Like what “dr. k” was saying, Palin is agianst abortion, even in cases where rape and incest are involved. So if you were to be raped by a Black man or Hispanic, you must bore that child. And if you were raped by your brother, father or uncle, you must also bore that child. She will not grant you the right to abort. And that’s where Sarah Palin stands.
    What’s also troubling is the fact that Palin is a diehard Pentacostalist. She is a religious zealot and one has to wonder if her religious background will easily influence her as a V.P. This will backfire on her and may cause a widespread damage to Church and State. Which it must stay separate.

  • dr.k

    Karen, your argument does not hold up.

    People aren’t against Palin because of her religion but because of her intolerance of others beliefs and her policies founded on such intolerance. I think it’s immoral to have five children in an era that is witnessing unprecedented population growth and resulting severe environmental problems. But I don’t advocate laws to force Palin to use birth control or have abortions. I tolerate her differing point of view.

    Palin thinks abortion is immoral. She is in favor of banning it. If she had her way, my life and sense of security would be very much diminished. This is the intolerant position. It doesn’t allow for my very different views on the subject. Palin wants to use the political system to ensure I can’t live by my beliefs.

    Fighting to be able to live my life according to my own morals does not make me intolerant.

    Refusing to tolerate INTOLERANCE does not make me intolerant.

    And rejecting Palin’s policy proposals does not make me “against her religious views” except in the sense that I don’t want them crammed down my throat (or up my… nevermind)

    But your attempt at an argument is consistent with the Christian Right’s unjustified but politically effective strategy of playing the victim.

  • Karen

    It is just not these groups that are worrisome – when I was in Gulf I – we had soldiers being recruited by Muslims in Saudi Arabia – one thing if it was just for religious purposes but some of those “conversions” were not for peaceful religious means as was later discovered when one of these soldiers threw a grenade in to a tent and killed fellow soldiers. But – that said – as a former enlisted soldier and officer – if any such supremist-stuff had come to my attention – it would have been swiftly dealt with and I think most of my brethren feel likewise. My soldier-son experienced reverse discrimination from a militant “black power” sergeant – where you have people – you have a few that will have some excuse for abuse. I don’t believe it is condoned. Humans are capable of doing good but often do very bad things…it has been that way through history and I don’t see change in the foreseeable future. People doing evil must be held accountable – no matter where they are. Frankly – I was impressed by Palin and her modest background – it seems people are against her for her religious views. Who is being intolerant now?

  • James D. Chamberlain

    I would hope that USA would have the acumen to ferret out the loose canons before they get entrenched in the military.

    It seems that USA has knowledge and ability to test for liklihood of melt-down and incident pre to post-war action.

    What we don’t want it the US Military becoming a breeding ground for neo-nazis – but there is always the threat that, if left unchecked the opposition might take hold of the military for their and not OUR (USA Citizenry) intentions.

    Has that happened before – a take over from within the military?

  • the Great Southern Trend Kill

    If Timothy McVeigh can set off a large scale bomb without IED bomb difusing training in the military. Then so can other White Extremists. Its juwt as simple as that. Which is why this is a cause for alarm. To say this is an isolated incident is an act of denial, and denial is what trriggered the 9/11 attacks.

  • IludiumPhosdex

    As for the videos Sandy referenced, they are available for your viewing pleasure en bloc, in case anybody is interested.

  • Carter

    I happen to agree with the above statement. I think this is the exception & not the rule. I do NOT think the military is a large draw for political elements on any level. They may exist but they will not exist for long. It simply doesn’t stand the test of time or social conditioning.
    Aside from that, Sarah Palin does not make policy as VP; she takes orders from a CiC….let’s calm down….! She was put on the ticket to grab votes from the “abortion is my litmus test” crowd…..Obviously that really is a button pusher for some people.
    The reality of the SUBJECT MATTER is that defusing IDE’s is substantially different than learning about clandestine methods of manufacture. Most IED in the mid-East are developed from sources of military hardware that lay as after-battle rubble. Those sources don’t exist in other areas of the world. Making an IED from a 105 artillery shell is not an easy thing to do in mid-town USA as the sourcing is not there. What’s more the methods of “ground-up manufacture” of explosive material demands both chemistry, engineering, and production skill that is not taught to the enlisted personnel who would risk their lives to defuse a roadside IED. They would blow it in place, the majority of time.
    If you think this through, it’s a bit of an over-reaction to a serious but isolated problem – that most likely is being addressed as we type. The few idiots who think they are going to be secret agents for the WN elements are either in for a very big surprise or are playing Walter Mitty again.

  • Sandy

    I lived in Montana for at least half of my adult life. I know separatists when I see them. The right can spin it any way they want. This is the group the commander of the Michigan Militia went to Alaska to join. I know what they are. I don’t care when she was a member of this group, she needs to be questioned about it. The people need to know if they’re considering a quasi-militia woman for VP.

  • ccollina

    I think there is exaggeration here. I have a lot of family in the military and have not heard about this issue. In fact, the military is probably more diverse than civilian life. Also, My husband is a Vietnam vet and told me that he never saw bigotry, during his days in the Marines. Although, there was some sexism back in the mid 80s, when my sister was a Coast Guard Academy Cadet.

  • Anchorage Activist

    Sandy’s lying about the AIP. It does not specifically promote secession; instead, it merely advocates that the question of secession should be placed before the voters. They pledge to abide by the outcome of such a vote, regardless of the nature of the outcome.

    Sarah Palin has been a Republican since 1996, at the least. Disregard Sandy’s moonbattery.

  • the Great Southern Trend Kill

    Regarding Sarah Palin. She is currently under investigation by the feds in the state of Alaska, for her role in the abrupt firing of Walt Monegan, the first ever Alaskan Native Public Safety Commissioner.

    I really hope Juan McCain will think 2wice and hard about his choice for V.P.
    If Sarah Palin were to hear about the Extremists in the military, surely she will brush it off as usual. Even if the FBI provided evidence as they already have, I still wondered how she would handle it.

  • the Great Southern Trend Kill

    Sandy great post!!

    I was wondering about the same thing. And once her name was mentioned in Republican V.P. Ticket annoucement by Juan McCain. I was appalled.
    Now with Sarah Palin in the folds, we could be witnessing more(Disgraced) Alberto Gonzales type of firings. And I am referring to her recent firings of “Top” Law Enforcements in Alaska. Her most notorious move was the firing of a highly respected Native American “Top Cop” for no real explanation. She did not give a concrete solid explanation for those firings. And I think that’s a bad sign sure enough to raise red flags. Here is a link of the UNNECCESARY firing of a Cop

    She definately needs to be “exposed”. So far the blinded masses only see her as a “mother with kids” but not the darker/corrupted/power hungry side of her. I assume, she will be McCain`s “Dick Cheney”??? She’s really scary.

  • Sandy

    Sarah Palin is a former Alaskan Independence Party member. Here is a clip of her speaking to that group and their recognition of her former membership. As I’m sure you are aware, the Alaskan Independence Party is a secessionist group and really Alaska’s version of the Michigan Militia. This woman must be exposed and stopped.

    “Our current governor who I mentioned at the last conference, the one we were hoping would get elected, Sarah Palin, did get elected . . . .and there was a lot of talk about her moving up. She was an AIP member before she got the job as mayor . . .”

  • Adam

    As a former Army soldier, I will say that, while reduced enlistment standards are surely enlarge the problem, this is certainly nothing new. During my enlistment, I personally watched at least five people get waivers for having overtly racict tattoos, ranging from one showing a skull and crossbones over a confederate flag with the word “KILL” underneath, all the way to large (at least six inches across) swaztikas. The only people who actually get refused for these things are people who have them in visible places (forearm, neck). The others only have to sign a piece of paper that says they don’t belong to a racist organization. That’s it. No investigation, no interview, literally just, “Sign this and move on.” And this was in 1997. While in Germany, I would say almost 50% of combat arms soldiers (infantry, cavalry, etc.) were in the Army for one of the following reasons –
    1. They were given a choice of prison or the Army. The crimes they committed that earned them an enlistment ranged from cumulative smaller misdeeds, assault (a lot of these), domestic abuse, weapons charges, all the way up to manslaughter and murder. I met ten different soldiers who were in the Army as “punishment” for killing somebody, or attempting to, all of which were either gang or racially motivated.
    2. They joined with the hope that they will be placed in combat. By this I mean, and I’m quoting one actual soldier, “I joined because in the civilian world, you get jailed for killing. In the military you get awarded for it. I want to kill people, and I just hope they aren’t white.” All of them were extremely mad that at that time (1999), we were only in Kosovo. They wanted to kill people in the Middle East or Asia. They constantly lamented how the Bosnian situation wasn’t presenting enough opportunities for killing.
    3. This is mostly the infantry, but people who scored so low in testing they barely qualified for the Army in the first place, and the infantry was the only place they could go.

    These are the people “rebuilding” Iraq, supposedly “winning their hearts and minds.”

  • the Great Southern Trend Kill

    As disturbing as this article`s points out. The White Extremists in the military is a serious National Security issue, serious enough to raise red flags regarding potential terrorsts from the WN.
    I just don’t seem to understand why the “40 members of Congress” who addressed this concerned to the Secretary of Defense and the Pentagon officials went largely unheard? So I assumed the 40 members of Congress`s opinions who are worried about the White Extremists elements in the military are taken seriously from the Pemtagon because of an “unpopular war in Iraq”?

    The Republican Senator from Alabama said it best–(quote)

    “We witness from Timothy McVeigh that today`s racists extremists may become tomorrow`s domestic terrorsts.”–(unquote)

    I’m pretty sure the FBI domestic terrorism unit is working tirelessly on this and a possible arressts for those who may be a potential domestic terrorists as in the case of that “Sobibor`s SS” fellow. With the recent arrests of 3 “skinheads” in Denver, CO in a failed plot to assisinate Obama, I said it before and i`ll say it again–

    The WN Movement is a grave and gathering threat to Americans in general and to our Homeland National Security. The elevated threat level MUST be raised.

  • 88`s Jeno-side

    This is sickening!

    The FBI has ought to take action and make an apparent arrest immediately. This article is more deviled than the orginal one printed last month or so ago.
    What’s more troubling is why haven’t Gates taken any steps to address this dire issue?
    Why not reinstate the Gays and Lesbians back into the military and weed out the skins??? Not that I’m Gay or anything but these folks are as qualified as their Neo-Nazi comrades(as referring to their fellow soldiermen).
    Something must be done to prevent more White Supremacists from signing up for the U.S. Armed Forces.

  • Jonathan

    Fiddling while Rome is burning! We’d be far better off worrying about the meddling in foreign affairs and pissing away of American lives and treasure! Didn’t George Washington warn of getting involved in foreign entanglements? So, who are the ones that are truly anti-American?

  • Al Champagne

    These people are admiting on forums that they are plotting terrorist activities against the United States. Can’t the Army track these nimrods down and discharge them? They could be hooking up with al-Queda for all we know.

    Write your congressman and tell them to get on the ball. We cannot allow the U.S. Military to be infiltrated by anti-American terrorists,

  • http://n/a John

    This is just appalling news

  • Brian Cook

    And when will pro-family activists raise the alarm about this?

  • Aslan Maskhadov

    Just another reason NOT to support the troops, along with all the drug dealers, screw-ups, rapists, murderers, gangbangers, and whoremongerers that make up the US imperial military.

  • ccollina

    Geez, I don’t like white supremacist groups, but there are other groups to worry about too. Any racial group is a worry. Equal opportunity in the military means equal opportunity— no matter what racial group one belongs to . . .
    Groups mean division—no matter what race or nationality!