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Minuteman Rally Fizzles

By Hatewatch Staff on September 2, 2008 - 8:47 am, Posted in Uncategorized

A Minuteman Civil Defense Corps rally held in Denver to coincide with the Democratic National Convention drew only a dozen people.
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  • GENO-cydal 88

    And the number of “minorities” (Blacks & Hispanics) in these minutemen groups are like 1%. They are hardly noticed and do not receive any maximum support for vast majority of minorites.

    Mecha and “La Raza” are merely paper organizations and do not pose signifanct influence on soceity. As far as the National Council for La Raza is not a “racist” org as you put it. Nothing on their website pertains to the idealogies of hate. They are mainly a support base for the unfortunate Hispanics who need legal help and I see nothing wrong with that. That is just loony from the false beliefs of the far far right.

  • laspulgasgunners

    So, since the Minuteman Cival Defense Corps and Minuteman Project have Latino, Asian and Afro Americans members, the Minutemen aren’t racist ?

    Sounds about right.

    Wait a minute, how about groups like the National Council of LaRaza and MEChA, they seem to have a no whites policy ?

    I always see Hispanic, and Afro American Minutemen but have never seen a white, Asian or a Afro American member of LaRaza or MEChA.

    Double standards or just racist’s

  • GENO-cydal 88

    “It drew only a dozen people”???

    Sorry but that was really hilarious considering the amount of folks who attended the nonsensical event hosted by minutemen. It only goes to show everybody that their idealogy of immigrant contortion in the vain of Lou Dobbs is unpopular at best.


    Many Americans know better than to believe exaggerated hyperbole referring to their mythologies and fantasies about illegal aliens. I can see why their numbers are fewer than previous.
    Perhaps we Americans are–
    1.) Fed up with their trite reiterated blathers without solid non-partisan evidence.
    2.) These folks are White Extremists–Supremacists in the guise of an American Patriot. Sorry you don’t have our support.
    3.) Many mineutemen have some sort of White Supremacsts ties and allies.

    I trust the U.S. Border Patrol to guard the borders, not the minutemen. But because I am for the securing of our borders, I am not labeled as “racists”. To many of these little anti-immigrant groups are “racists” with White only members. The same with Neo-Nazis and the KKK and I see no difference. To see true unity is to see real groups that are united with every American citizen involved. Which is why these folks are Pro-White Propagandists and not the true Patriots they so boldly claimed to be.


    Why does the SPLC refer to the Minuteman organizations as being anti-immigration ?

    The SPLC loses its credibility when they don’t tell the truth and label any one who’s for securing our borders or want the laws that are already are on the books enforced as being anti immigrant and racist..

    The Minutemen are pro immigration, they are anti-illegal immigration.