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Judge Rules Against Immigrant Rental Ban

By Hatewatch Staff on September 16, 2008 - 8:30 am, Posted in Uncategorized

A federal judge issued a temporary restraining order to stop the city of Farmers Branch, Tex. from implementing an ordinance designed to prevent illegal immigrants from renting apartments and houses.
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  • Albert Lee Garibay

    well good I see that you are a Intelligent person that understands it seems that you and others do not have the understanding that someone else has and that is fine with me that is what being a True Born American Citizen is about I speak the Truth I guess I say it in a way that you can not understand sorry about that.

  • White Eyes

    First, why do you capslock “LAWS’? It makes you sound like a screaming lunatic.(and you are, lay off the Budlight, please)

    Secondly, the “LAWS” enacted in this country doesn’t have anything to do with being wealthy or a specific racial group of people. That logic is really lame as it is inept.

    How old are you again? Did you ever bother finishing grade school?
    Just wondering since you sir, possess no ability of what “LAWS” are meant for, nor do you fully understand where “LAWS” come from and how they are enacted. And for what purposes. But because you are too ignorant and narrow minded about the very laws in this country. I find it quite useless to debate you on the matter.
    So I will just leave it at that.

  • Albert Lee Garibay

    Respecting the LAWS put forth by the White Trash Rich and Jewish Rich Trash.You are Funny really Funny another person that has been brainwashed by the White Jew education system

  • White Eye

    Albert your drunken incoherent rantings are turgid, indecipherable and frial.
    To dumbed this down for you in plain English–

    You’re either a law abiding citizen respecting the laws put forth by your founding fathers, to maintain order and balance or….

    You are a criminal law breaking lunatic who needs to be in jail.

    Its that simple. How hard is it to obey the law? Lawlessness should have no place in modern society. But you can always flee to 3rd world countries where law and order does not exist.

  • Albert Lee Garibay

    No you are wrong this Country has always been a evil dirty RACIST uncaring Toilet Bowl.LAWS you talk about LAWS well I do not know what history books you have been reading in your LIFE and you need to stop reading them NOW OK you have been told LIES.You are Wrong Bro about this country was founded on laws that applies to every human being.This Toilet Bowl United States was founded on the the Evil English Trash that came with the Money and Murdered Indians and then the Evil Jews came next with the Money every race of people that have came have been discriminated against by the race before them do not talk to me about LAWS I see only three LAWS I have to live by be the Greatest Man ever to walk this Toilet Bowl United States Love MY Family Do not ever Hurt Children the LAWS you told me are not the LAWS that this Toilet Bowl was Founded on.

  • Incitatus

    There is a difference between a legal Immigrant and an Illegal Alien.

    Immigrants do have rights nearly as much as their American Citizen counterparts.

    Illegal Aliens have basic rights as simply being human beings without documentation or merit, which the Human Rights Act was designed to protect them as human beings. Not citizens.

    This country was founded on laws that applies to every human being, regardless of their legal status. For without laws, there will be no “Morals and Principles” with relevance to the Constitution.

  • mike melucci

    and apparently you don’t either. immigrants have just as much right to be in this country as anyone else. everyone in this country, who is not native american or from the old northern regions of mexico, ARE DECENDENTS OF IMMIGRANTS! we’ve come a long way from “give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breath free…” we keep claiming to be the great light and moral leader of the world, maybe we should take a step back and see how well we are living up to the moral and principles on which we were founded

  • Albert Lee Garibay

    True Born Americans should come First but will this ever come True ( NEVER ) as long as The United States has Foreigners controlling it.This Dirty Filthy US has no Morals and Ethics.

  • Incitatus

    No pun intended, but I think its fair to point out that we as Americans shall not allow to rent apts/houses to illegal aliens. Even those from Europe. Americans are losing their homes in what it appears to be a second wave of Depression and the collapse of the mortgage and housing markets. The apts/houses should be rented out to the American people and not the illegal aliens. Plain and simple.
    Americans in America should come first. And it is Americans that need those rental contracts. So I must agree with the city of Farmers Branch. Even though I normally don’t side with Pro-White Extremists views but American lives are at stake here with the recent Hurricane Ike storms, Americans are looking for new places to live.
    So we must boot the illegals.