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Sheriff Apologies For ‘Inappropriate’ Remarks About Mexican Immigrants

By Hatewatch Staff on September 16, 2008 - 8:37 am, Posted in Uncategorized

Johnston County Sheriff Steve Bizzell issued a public apology for saying “Mexicans are trashy” and criticizing Mexican immigrants in his jurisdiction for “breeding like rabbits.”
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  • Sharon

    “Incitatus” is 100 percent correct. Thank goodness for a few “thinking” people still left in the USA.

  • peggy sikes

    He should be dismissed immediately…power of words he used his as a weapon! …as the Chief “Citizen of Peace” (cop)anywhere… Makes you wonder how he feels about others…scary

  • Incitatus

    Instead of a public apology. The Sheriff should turn in his resignation. The people of the United States can’t afford to have a Sheriff who is biased and bigoted in terms of race. This type of logic will only ignore the real crimes being perputrated by White Americans than illegals. To cite my example of this, look at how Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona has conducted himself. He ignores 40,000 felony warrants only to go after “corn vendors” and “lawn mowers”. His approach caused domestic crimes to increased 2 folds, allowing Phoenix PD to work harder in joints ops with other law enforcement agencies(not the Sheriff Office) to crack down on domestic criminals, many of whom are Americans, not illegals. And many of these criminals are White, largely responsible for such crimes relating to but not limited to the following–
    1.) Meth
    2.) Child Pedophilia
    3.) Robberies
    4.) Domestic Violence
    5.) Copper Thefts
    6.) Burgularies
    7.) Murder
    8.) Rapes/Sexual Assualts

    Largely went ignored by the Sheriff. Because he was too worried about Juan the chef, Jose the construction worker, Jesus the tree trimmer, and Maria the hotel maid et al.
    When in fact, he should be going after Mike the rapists, Jim the meth user, Joe the murderer, and John the mischievous thief.

    That’s why this Sheriff should resign.