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Minutemen Target Day Laborers

By Hatewatch Staff on September 30, 2008 - 8:53 am, Posted in Uncategorized

About a dozen Minutemen held a “Save America” protest outside a Home Depot where immigrant laborers were gathered to wait for work.
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  • borderraven

    How does the author know the immigration status of the day labors? She calls them immigrants, as though it matters, else they should be refered to as dal laborers. She calls them immigrants, because she knows from talking with them, in Spanish, they are not US citizens, and they are illegal aliens. But, it would be politically incorrect in her Socialist-run newspaper to tell the truth.

  • Albert Lee Garibay

    NO what I am saying is this the Minute Men are doing what is right plain and simple I am adding my two cents in my own way if you can not understand it to bad.


    Your incoherent asasine statements is contradictory to what you’re saying in the forum titled: “Judge Rules Against Immigrant Rental Ban.”
    Are you a hypocrite?
    First, you say you’re against the laws that your founding fathers have created.(that includes immigration laws) And now in this forum, you claimed to what people to get out. Face it, like John Kerry, you too are a flip flopper. Obviously, you have no idea what you’re talking about.

  • Albert Lee Garibay

    If you did not come to the US the right way in the last 80 years any color of person or family ( get out ) you have no rights at all.

  • Xenophobic Terrorizer

    I’m not too surprised since we get a lot of protest of this nature in Maricopa County, Az. But ironically the anti-immigration crowd is small and petty which comprised of Redneck, Hill Billies, KKKlan types and other forms of White Extremists. Compared to the legions of Americans of every background and walks of life, who fight for Freedom, Equality, Justice, and their Constitutional Rights. None of them are fighting for illegal aliens but immigration reform and human rights.