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Minuteman Author Detained By Kenyan Immigration Authorities

By Sonia Scherr on October 7, 2008 - 4:47 pm, Posted in Anti-Immigrant, Extremist Propaganda

Two years after glorifying the border vigilante movement in Minutemen: Battle to Secure America’s Borders, a book he co-authored with Minuteman Project leader Jim Gilchrist, right-wing propagandist and conspiracy hound Jerome Corsi found himself being deported—from Kenya.

Immigration agents in Nairobi detained Corsi earlier today because, as one official told the New York Times, “His immigration forms were not in order.”

Corsi was on his way to a press conference when he was taken into custody and forced to surrender his passport.

It wasn’t the first time in recent months that Corsi’s attempts to generate publicity have gone awry. In mid-August, just as Corsi was in the midst of a blitz of media appearances to promote his latest bestseller, The Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality, Hatewatch revealed that Corsi had recently been a guest on the Political Cesspool, an overtly anti-Semitic and white supremacist radio show, and that he was scheduled to appear on the show again. (Corsi subsequently backed out of the second Cesspool appearance).

According to WorldNetDaily, a far-right website to which he’s a prolific contributor, Corsi had been invited to Kenya by Christian missionaries who are concerned about the spread of Islam in the East African country. One of the principal, and thoroughly discredited, tenets of Corsi’s newest book is that Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama, whose father is Kenyan, is secretly a Muslim. (Corsi is hardly a Republican operative; earlier this year he just as spuriously attacked GOP presidential candidate John McCain for supposedly accepting funding from a group with ties to Al Qaeda).

Corsi was in Kenya to investigate and “expose details of secret deep ties” between Obama and certain Muslim politicians in Kenya, according to WorldNetDaily. No doubt Corsi’s failure to obtain a work permit in Kenya, which led to his detention, according to the Associated Press, is the result of dark forces at work.

Also according to the AP, Kenyan officials transported Corsi to the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, where he was awaiting an evening flight to London.

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  • Carter

    Frankly I don’t think that Jerome Corsi is all that bright.
    He really “stepped in it” this time. Whether people agree with some of his views previously published or not, playing around with Geo-Political affairs is the big leagues & he ought to have known that, prior to going over to Kenya.
    Obama’s Kenyan background was a joyous occasion for that country.
    Attempting to smear a President-elect within a country that may be looking forward to increased inter-action with the USA is playing with fire.
    Realistically, if he didn’t see that coming, he’s an idiot. I doubt it would have mattered if his papers were in order or not…..Kenyan officials would not have looked too favorably upon some private citizen playing around in potential diplomatic relations.
    Some say that good chess players think several moves ahead. The better the player, the more moves ahead he thinks…..I don’t think Jerome Corsi plays chess.

  • Ethnocydal Stylez

    There was a story in Bill White`s the website was taken down) regarding his version of this topic. Based only on my recollective memory. The title stated something like this:

    “Jerome Corsi detained by Kenyan Immigration Authorities. Threaten by spears and boiling water.”

    The frivolously written article purported to the belief that Corsi was threaten by the Kenyan governemt immigration officials. That if he did not seek a valid work permit in order to gain entry into the country legally. He was threaten with spears and boiling water. Corsi refused, hence resulted in his arrest. Although, I tried on two occasions to post the link to the story while the website was still operational. But somehow, my comments were never posted. Now that its too late. The lame dubious article written and authored by Bill White can no longer be accessible.

  • Gunslinger

    Man for enforcing the boarder detained by boarder guards. I am overcome by the irony.

  • freedom 4all

    It appears that you socialists at the poverty law center like helping to get the illegals into the US so that these evil corporations can exploit them and underpay them as well as undercut all of us blue collar workers pay. Why don’t you help them fix the corruption in their own country? instead of helping bush ruin ours? You seem to want them to risk their lives getting here via the smugglers that also exploit them and don’t care if they survive the trip just as long as they con them out of their life savings. Why do you want to betray us the working people of this country which are every race under the sun? What is wrong with making sure that the people that come here arent criminals (rapists, murderers etc.)? Why do so many of your group call people who are against illegal immigration racists? I know US citizens who are against illegal immigration that are black, white, and hispanic. In my opinion it dosen’t matter wether Obama or McCain gets elected they are both just puppets and the only “change” will be the name of the president otherwise it will be business as usual as it has at least since at least the days of Woodrow Wilson..

  • Mr. GENO”88″the warrior

    Regarding the recent rallies of both candidates. I have to say that I’ve been more impressed with how peaceful and calm Obama`s crowds has maintained itself. But loathed at how Sen. John McCain/Gov. Sarah Palin`s rallies has turned into hatemongering wack fest. According to MSNBC reported last Friday stated that the Secret Service was investigating death threats coming from the crowds of thuggery primarily in Palin`s woodpile. Where someone yelled “Off with his head!” and “Kill him!”. Death threats that needed to be taken very seriously. There also should be extra surveilliance and security measures adequately installed to ensure better monitoring, mostly in McCain/Palin rowdy hypefest. Because that’s where all the vitriol negativity is originated from. It causing divisiveness and segregationism like atmosphere and McCain/especially Palin are largely held culpable for. I say these 2 are the dangerous ones to be put in the White House just from the looks of how they are raising hell across the Nation. We can’t afford that. It is time for Obama the uniter and not the devider.

    May God Speed Obama`s presidential nomination.

  • George

    Will SPLC be looking into how the McCain campaign uses race baiting tatics against Sen. Obama? I found it sickening how Gov. Palin did not confront someone in her audience who yelled “KILL HIM” [Obama]. Palin whips the crowd into a rage with code words and then stands by when someone threatens to kill Sen. Obama. The McCain campaign as crossed the line of decency.

  • Kuster Killer49

    I assume many White Extremist-Supremacists will be experiencing this type of reverse discrimination and immirgation enforcement, frequently in countries heavily populated by Non-Whites. Such as in South America, China, Brazil, Africa, India, and other vaction hotspots et cetera. As long as SPLC and other hatewatch groups conjoined by the A.P`s keeps informing the public and world community. These White Extremists will surely have fewer and fewer places to travel for their own mischievous ends.

  • kaythegardener

    Now when Corsi rants about “illegal foreign workers”, he can speak from his own experience of being one.

  • Danny

    It is without a doubt that the Political Cesspool is extremely overtly racist and anti-semitic, despite they themselves refusing to admit it.

  • Mr.GENO”88″(cyde)

    Isn’t that hilarious? Its also ironic though. But despite Corsi`s odious intentions of political impugnity. The latest gallup polls reveals that Barak Obama is still in the lead as he is gaining momentum. I don’t think Corsi`s frivolous efforts to smear Obama works one bit. Several factors could be pointed out as to why the vast majoirity of Americans don’t take Corsi seriously.
    1.) He’s anti-semitic. Since Jews seemed to be in control a lot of things to influence America. And that includes mainstream media. This could be a set back for Corsi.
    2.) He’s attacked both parties left and right. So basically that could exemplify his lack of sympathy for both “liberals” and “wing-nuts”.
    3.) He is seen as a “racist” once appearing on White Supremacist radio shows and settings.
    4.) Lastly, he’s probably crazy.

    Heretofore, regardless of the contrary. We all know that Obama grew up with his mother and grandparents and was already on the path to sucess. That’s a fact that cannot be disputed. So its fair to say that none of these Corsi antics seem to work. But in the end, I’m glad he’s deported from a country whose immigration laws were rightfully enforced. And I just hope he stays in London and most certainly out of the spotlight.