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Nativist Extremist Appointed To Virginia County Task Force

By Sonia Scherr on October 11, 2008 - 1:33 pm, Posted in Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Muslim, Nativist Extremist

Robert L. Duecaster helps lead a nativist extremist group and regularly makes defamatory comments about Catholics, Muslims and undocumented immigrants, calling the latter in an October 2007 blog post “an invasion of parasites set on reducing this country to the levels of their own.”

But all that didn’t stop the Prince William (Va.) Board of County Supervisors from appointing him to a committee that will influence county decision making on human services policy and budget priorities. After a closed-door discussion, the board voted 5-3 on Sept. 16 to approve Duecaster’s nomination to the Human Services Strategic Goals Task Force, which will develop a roadmap for the next four years of human services planning.

Duecaster is secretary of Help Save Manassas, an anti-immigration group that has spawned other “Help Save” chapters in Virginia and Maryland. In 2007, he helped author a local ordinance aimed at denying county services to undocumented immigrants and empowering local police to enforce federal immigration law. County officials later softened the ordinance because of concerns that it could lead to racial profiling.

Duecaster is known for his inflammatory remarks. “This country is being invaded no less than if hordes of armed people came across its borders,” he said during an October 2007 county supervisors meeting. “This invasion is not armed, but they’ve got weapons. The weapons that they use are their anchor babies. … This invasion is being funded by foreign governments.” He offered another dire warning to the supervisors in April 2008: “You’re at an historic crossroad today. You can fund and continue to enforce the rule of law resolution or you can let it go by the wayside and watch this county and the rest of this region degenerate into a third world slum.”

Duecaster, a 57-year-old lawyer, was nominated to the human services task force by County Supervisor John T. Stirrup Jr., who said criticisms of Duecaster’s appointment amounted to “character assassination.” In a recent interview with The Washington Post, Duecaster didn’t retract any of his controversial past statements. “At the time the comments were made, we were living in a threatening and inflammatory environment,” he said, adding that he hoped to serve “the interest of legal residents of this county.”

Duecaster has been even more flagrant in his remarks under cover of a pseudonym, according to the Post, which reported that on Black Velvet Bruce Li, the blog of Help Save Manassas founder Greg Letiecq, Duecaster has posted blatantly bigoted comments using the screen name “Advocator.”

In January 2008, Advocator called for an investigation into “whether or not illegal aliens have a preferred breeding season.” In April, he responded to a comment someone had posted using the pseudonym “Truth” with this gem: “An’ thass right, Trufe, I am bitching about ESOL [English for Speakers of Other Languages] as classes. Those anchor babies be costing me money.”

Undocumented immigrants aren’t his only targets. “What’s even more ironic is the fact that el Pape [the Pope] will be here bemoaning how some jurisdictions have ‘treated’ the illegals,” he wrote in April. “He’ll be pandering to them to gather members to replace those who left the Church due to the institutionalized approval of his priests’ penchant for little boys’ behinds.” (In a subsequent post, Duecaster insisted that despite his words he wasn’t smearing Catholics, just criticizing the Catholic Church as an institution for its cover-up of sexual abuse by priests.)

In a 2005 post on the Muslim-bashing website, he claimed that having many children was a strategy of “Islamists. … They have always emphasized overpopulation and irresponsible procreation as a weapon in the Culture War.”

Duecaster’s appointment prompted an outcry from some residents. An online petition now signed by some 80 people asked the five board members who supported his appointment to explain their vote. Only one board member did. Supervisor Wally Covington said Duecaster has a right to free speech.

But Alanna Almeda, a local pro-immigrant activist in Haymarket, Va., sees it differently. “I’m disappointed in the supervisors,” she told Hatewatch. “I don’t think it’s an issue of free speech. I think it’s holding people accountable for their speech. That’s what it boils down to: There’s no accountability.”

  • alannahasanaxtogrind

    Ms. Almeda,

    Mr. Duecaster has every right to voice his opinion on any subject. Freedom of Speech works both ways. His appointment has nothing to do with county policy.

    You may not share his views, but he has a right to be heard.

  • Joe

    Good for him!

    Need to appoint more like him!

  • Marcus

    I appreciate that SPLC wants all views to be heard, but whoever is admistrator of this mssg board, could excercise a little more editorial authority. I am a Democrat. I WILL vote for Barrak Obama, proudly, enthusiatically. Some of the sentiments expressed (poorly) on this page are the kind of over the top fear and hate mongering the the Mcain campaign is now engaged in. HOWEVER, Does the SPLC have a postion on illeagal immigration? Is any amount of illeagal immigration acceptable? should all illeagals be allowed to remain as resident aliens, and benefit from a scociety they do not belong to? Or should they all be deported ? Imigration laws are not being rigorously enforced and I have to wonder why. Is there NO truth to the argument that illeagals are being used by the corporate class to break the working class? Costs are rising revenues are falling , the labor movement has been effective destroyed, and the richest 5% of American saw a 600 billion dollar increase in personl wealth over the last 8 years. Please respond SPLC. (and yes THIS IS class warfare. and no, im not ashamed to raise the issue, I didnt start the war).

  • GENO[syde]: the_warrior

    Appointing an “extremist” to such position relating to law enforcements and political seats is unethical and unorthodox. It contradicts the fundamentals of their merit and principles. That balances between the equalibruim of our Rights as citizens. Which can be broken by favoritism based on Race. And I think the Board of Suporvisors has make a poor decision to support a radical white extremists who will surely cross the thin lines of all fairness for the sake of his own personal agendas. I don’t think Duecaster will make any positive changes within that community, but rather we`ll see a community divided by mistrust, biases, and racism as did with other communities whose politcal demogogues where also white extremists. Its a complete sham.

  • Michelle

    This reminded me of what Senator Mc Cain said in reply to one of the folks that came to see him. This lady refered to Senator Obama as an Arab. Mc Cain implied he is not an Arab…as Senator Obama is a “decent family man”.

    Good grief! Doesn’t he realzie that we have many Arab Americans…and many Muslims. The state I live (Michigan) has a LARGE population of Arab Americans and Muslims. These are hard working folks with the same dreams, goals and aspirations as anyone else.

    It angers me when people forget that we are a nation of immigrants. We are ALL from someplace else…with the exception of the Native Americans.

    I want to point out that it was a Native American teacher that helped shape my world view. His influence changed the course of my life when I was a child.

    I wrote about this in a post titled…”An Awakening to A World of Injustice”. He was the most amazing man I’ve ever known. I’m in my 50’s and this is as true now, as it was then. He taught me that “every life touches every other life”. He was 100% correct!


  • Kuster_Killer49

    “Sin Fransicko[sic]”–cowpuke rebuttal

    Your lack of spelling signifys your lack of education. You couldn’t even spell a U.S. city as a U.S. citizen.

    “some of the gays were being assaulted by the angry blacks.”


    “This is indicative of the hypocrisy of the minions of the left.”–cowpuke rebuttal

    KK49: huh? Who are the “left”??? If you think you meant the Democratic Party which has nothing to do with isolated incidents by individuals with no political affliations. Nor do they condone such violence on persons regardless of their sexual orientations, race, gender, and faith. Then you really must be that dumb to begin with. Your ranting on about irrelevant subjects is indecipherable. You make no sense in a lot of your posts. To be frank, I can’t even figure out what you’re talking about. So i`ll just dismiss you as a nut-case. Your better off rounding up herds of cattle for the fast food chain.

    “We’ve had 50 years of change. It resulted in almost complete reveral of fortune of our country.”

    KK49: Do you have an example?
    During the last 50 years, the Republicans were in control of the Senate and occupied the White House 80% of that time. There hasn’t been any change in terms of fortune. The banking deregulation sponsored by the McCain-Gram reform act of 2000 is what help offset the Banking/Mortgage crisis. Obama warned the Senate about this 2 years ago. Your Party(GOP) is largely to blame for this current economic turmoil. So your arguement is flawed.

  • Kuster_Killer49

    Do all of you backwooded inbreeds think alike?

    “the self serving symbiotic coalition (SPLC) formed by the homosexuals, minorities, communists, feminists, and asssorted liberal nuts”–cowpuke rebuttal

    KK49: If you had brain in that thick numbskull of yours, you would already knew how the SPLC came into formation by Morris Dees who is nothing what you described above. Like I said before, your little mind is too narrowed that even a flea could fall off.

    “These groups will ban[sic] together of what they percieved to be a common enemy, namely the hetersexual Caucasian male.”–cowpuke rebuttal

    KK49: Nope. You’re wrong again howdy. As a matter of fact you share a common trait with an unskilled, uneducated, steretypical neanderthal. Whose logical fallacies are almost always the same. With their trite reiterated catch phrases such as “socialist”, “communists”, “homosexua” innuedos among other idiotic assumptions that has nothing to do with 99% of the posters who place a rationale comment on here(excluding WNs, Neo-Cons, Natavists et cetera). This is the kind scum you inbreeds were born with, is that you can’t tell chalk from cheese. As far as sharing a common foe is concerned has nothing to do with a retarded notion of claiming a “hetersexual Cacaucasian male” as a common enemy. But because of your low I.Q.ed education(many inbreeds are known to drop out before graduating H.S.). So I will dumbed this down for you plain and simple.
    The common enemy you are referring to are called:
    1.)Natavists(whose average age is said to be around 55 to 65 and older) who promote racism by denegrating a specific group of people. They usually like to shroud themselves as patriotic under our American flag when in fact, they’re nothing more than protruding White Supremacists.
    2.) Neo-Nazi turd reichers are the most acknowledged common foe in every American neighborhood. Nearly every rejects their purpose(whatever that may be).
    3.) The old archenemy of many. The KKK today is a lame, pointless, and somewhat a hackeyed tedious party that never seems to cater to anyone`s interests. Its like a teenage version of Dungeons & Dragons where one could call himself the Mighty Wizard of the Tea Party Table.

    Just to name 3 “common enemies” for your lame asasine implies. It has nothing to do with someone being White. In fact, most average Whites strongly detest the vitriol rhetorics of those I mentioned above. So basically, you and your ilk are really a small band of a lesser insignificant few. I have many comrades who are White anymore than I have non-White comrades.

  • Cowtown Rebel


    Badass? I seriously doubt it. I could clonk out Marked Bottoks and Morris Sleaze simultaneously with one mighty blow. You see, I grew up physically combating the kind of wretched, refuse that you clowns insist are more honest, decent and hardworking than any hideous White Man could ever even aspire to be. I never sought confrontation, nor did I do anything to provoke it, I even tried to avoid it. But, inevitably I would have to fight for a seat on the bus or just to retain my dignity. I am certain that you don’t have a clue as to where I am coming from. But, as I stated, I long for the day when the pendulum comes full swing and the very people that you seek so avidly to defend, come swooping down on you to administer a fitting justice to you for your betrayal to the descendants of the founders of the nation that you revel in deriding. May you be caught in the middle next time there is a drive by shooting, a riot in a major city or, maybe, just in the wrong place at the wrong time, when your beloved hoodlums commence to run amok. Better yet, as I mentioned before, I hope that your female family members are the victims of the most vile and heinous acts, like the ones committed against Michael Carter, Dustin Kaiser and a poor, unfortunate 14 year old girl, identified only as Nicole in Flint, Michigan. Or, the victims of murderous, fiends like the Carr brothers in Wichita, Ks . Maybe they will suffer the same fate as that of 10yr old Tiffany Long in Burlington, N.C. or the similar circumstances leading to the demise of 14yr old Brandy Duval in Denver, Co. Anyway, If that is the only thing that is going to make an impression on you and convince you that the least of your worries is a white, working man, then so be it.

  • Robert L. Duecaster

    The proponents of unfettered invasion of our country are only able to cry “hate” and “racism” instead of engaging in rational discussion when faced with the truth. The public is not buying your slander.

  • Andrew Dobbs

    Dude… a fascist put me in league with Mark Potok and Morris Dees. I’m such a badass!

  • Cowtown Rebel

    We’ve had 50 years of change. It has resulted in an almost complete reversal of fortune for the country. For 175 years, we were ascending, to eventually rise to be the most productive, influential and powerful nation in the world. Now, we don’t manufacture anything, our children’s math and science test scores are the lowest of industrialized nations and our military might is diminishing. We are now merely coasting on the tremendous momentum generated by the “grandfathers and grampas of the policies of yesterdays”.

    Once the economic and social breakdown nears completion, the self serving, symbiotic coalitions (S.P.L.C.) formed by the homosexuals, minorities, communists, feminists and other assorted liberal nuts will dissolve. These groups merely ban together to combat what they perceive to be a common enemy, namely, the hetereosexual, Caucasian male. Other than that, they generally have very little in common. I read recently where some of the Negroes in California were upset with the homosexuals in Sin Fransicko, because the felt like they were unwanted in the city and that some of the gays were being assaulted by angry blacks. This is indicative of the hypocrisy of the minions of the left. The gays claim to be non-judgmental and the Negroes cry “can’t we all just get along”. But, as with the case in S. F., these folks inevitably show their true character.

  • alannasupportsillegalaliens

    Ms. Almeda is on a ego trip from all of the attention she receives from the ultra-left newspapers and blog sites. Who in the hell made her the moral authority for our county. She married an illegal alien and now is out to get any citizen who doesn’t agree with her political views. Why not encourage illegal aliens to return home and enter the United States legally so that they won’t have to live in fear of deportation.

    Alanna Almeda is starving for attention on this issue!

  • Mr. GENO”88″the warrior

    A recall petition could oust this extremist from his position. But recall efforts merely work 50% of the time. Its highly unlikely the online petition set up with only “80 sigs’ will have any effect on Duecaster`s intent to further his sinister agenda. He is nothing more than a demogogury thug who relies on propaganda for his dubious weekly reports. Much like the nutbar CNN`s Lou Dobbs. I still believed he can be ousted if they can garner support from some moderated leaning Republicans as well as Independents.

    There is no doubt about it that the immigration reform must be resolved. But as Americans, we can’t allow such neo-con extremists protending white extremists to run this country and setting up legistlatures bent on deviding a struggling country which will ultimately drive this Nation into a weaken state of vulnerablity.

    Its time for a course of change and only Obama can help better this economically battered Nation. Restoring the confidence lost under Republican neo-con rule. He fights for middle class American working man who are the backbone of our economic function. For being a neo-con means retorting to ancient policies that are long outdated and dead. This current Depression signifys a time of change and a new direction is implemeneted just like last century. Retorting the same *old* policies will not solve a damn thing. Neo-con: the policies of our grandfathers and grampas is the policy of yesterdays. Just like
    Old Man McCain is a noble man of yesterdays.

    They don’t work.(at least not anymore)

  • Cowtown Rebel

    Back a couple of months ago, the F.W.P.D. arrested some teenage members of Varrio Central who were luring girls from the ages of 12 to 16 into prostitution. They were using a female member of the gang to entice the girls to parties with drugs and alcohol. Then the boys would insist that the girls have sex for money. If the girls refused, they were beaten, sexually assaulted and the lives of their families were threatened. An 56 year old Asian convenience store owner was also arrested for being one of the gangs frequent customers. This kind of activity is flourishing all across the country, even in places like Cowtown! Yet, you clowns refuse to acknowledge that these things are becoming everyday occurrences. I hope that the female members of Andrew Dobbs, Mark Potok and Morris Dees all become “merchandise” for these vile hoodlums to peddle.

    It amazes me when Libtards start talking about what the rest of the World thinks about us. Europe is fast being over run by Muslims. Exactly how far to the left of Fascism are they? They certainly aren’t very tolerant of other religions. When do you think The People’s Republic of China will have its first Black President? Did you know that India has a rigidly defined caste system and that the darker skinned individuals are at the bottom? Do you know anything about Mexico’s immigration policies? Do you know anything about the immigration quotas that were in place before the Voting Rights Act of 1965? The rest of the world is alternately scratching their heads in wonder and laughing uncontrollably at how the most advanced and powerful nation ever known could willfully self destruct through guilt induced paralysis, self indulgent debauchery and the intentional defaming of the men who built it by their descendants.

  • Andrew Dobbs

    I think that the short-sightedness of the political class of this country in terms of nativist extremism is a product of our isolation from much of the rest of the world. The same phenomenon that leads the average American (according to one poll I saw) to think that most people in other countries prefer John McCain (when in actuality Obama is preferred by about 4-1) in our elections leads people to ignore the danger of this movement. If people were versed in European politics they would know that the official successors to the Nazis, the British Union of Fascists, the Falangists, etc. focus on immigrant bashing now. They would see this Duecaster character’s rhetoric for what it is: the 21st century’s reincarnation of Gerald L. K. Smith, Father Coughlin (ahem… Lou Dobbs [no relation, by the grace of God]) and Henry Ford. As it is, only the nerdiest of we political nerds keep up with continental elections at all.

    The SPLC is the living shit, and I love what y’all do. More updates to Hatewatch please! I check it every day and when there is something new, it makes me happy.

    Oh, and if you noticed the birds singing a bit more pleasantly and the sky being a tad bluer, Joerg Haider shuffled off this mortal coil yesterday. Maybe not the sort of sentiment this organization endorses, but a dead fascist is the only good kind.