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New Study: Anti-Immigration Vitriol Puts All Hispanics ‘In the Crosshairs’

By Hatewatch Staff on October 21, 2008 - 8:15 am, Posted in Uncategorized

A recent poll found that citizen and non-citizen Hispanics alike are suffering as anti-immigrant rhetoric continues to spread from hard-core white supremacists and border vigilante groups to supposedly mainstream pundits and activists.
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  • xenophobesnightmare

    Demonizing and denigrating a specific group of people should not be tolerated. All immigants should be the target for deportation and not a single race is singled out. Its a sad notion for some folks who call themselves Latinos, yet, who believe racial profilings is non-existent. That belief is a puny misconception. Denying that racism and racial profiling doesn’t exist, is the same as denying that “La Raza” doesn’t exists. Some of these self-described Latinos should pull their heads out of the sand and have a look around. And i can cite one good example of a racially profiled environment;

    Take Maricopa County, AZ for example. Sheriff Joe Arpayaso is no exception. In fact, he is nationally known for his controversial sweeps which targets Brown skinned folks. Regardless of their citizen status quo, they are specifically targetted simply because they’re Hispanic Americans. The vast majority of Latinos arrested by the Sheriff were American citizens.
    I can’t understand why another Latino says racial profiling doesn’t exist, only to go on to claim that La Raza is racist. Doesn’t make sense. Racism isn’t a one sided stretch. And one oughta questioned his sanity. Not only should his mentality be of question but he simply should have a good long look in the mirror and see to it, that he is not White, but rather just another Latino like the one being racially profiled next to him.

  • Fred

    I’m not buying your very false statements you made about me or my views! Because I was not talking about any minority or legal immigrant what so ever! I was talking about people that have no respect for our laws or our country either! Because mylife long friend of fifty years is a mexican US citizen and my sons god father also! yet it is funny how he doesnt like theses law breakers either!

  • GENO: the_warrior

    And the sad irony of all this is with the small section of Latino folks with whom I vehemently decribed as self-hating, pride lacking, traitorous anti-Hispanic Hispanics such as in the case of Al Rodriquez of “You Don’t Speak For Me.” Who by the way, believes in an illusory myth that “racial profiling” doesn’t exist. That`s B.S. and I will tell you why:

    Asked any Hispanic American if she/he has ever been “racially profiled” by anti-immigrationists(activists and law enforcements). And chances are high that he/she will certainly say yes(about 90% of the time). Many of my comrades are Mestizos Hispanic Americans and my GF(yes, she is a Latino American just like Al Rodriguez and CNN`s Lou Dobbs wifey) is living proof that “racial profiling” is rife in this country.
    Sorry Al, that you’re brainwashed and distorted, you’re basically blind. But regardless, neither do you speak for me or the vast majority who opposes your hogwashed views.