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Skinheads Arrested In Plot to Kill Obama

By Heidi Beirich on October 27, 2008 - 5:19 pm, Posted in Neo-Nazi

Paul SchlesselmanOn Friday, the ATF busted up an alleged plot to assassinate Barack Obama and go on a multi-state “killing spree.” Agents arrested two men, Daniel Cowart, 20, of Bells, Tenn. (pictured twice below), and Paul Schlesselman, 18, of West Helena, Ark. (right), and charged them with possessing an unregistered firearm, conspiring to steal firearms, and threatening a candidate for president.

Daniel Cowart

Daniel Cowart

According to an affidavit filed by an ATF special agent, the men met through the internet and planned to engage in a “killing spree” that included shooting 88 African Americans and beheading another 14. Targets included a predominantly African-American school. At the end of the alleged spree, the men intended to try to kill Obama.

“88,” an important number in skinhead numerology, means “Heil Hitler” – as “H” is the eighth letter of the alphabet. “14” likely refers to the “14 Words,” a white supremacist slogan that originated with the late David Lane. Lane died last year in prison while serving a sentence for his role in an assassination plot carried out by The Order, a white supremacist terrorist group that was destroyed in 1984.

One of the suspects, Cowart, is a known member of a new skinhead hate group, the Supreme White Alliance (SWA), formed at the beginning of 2008, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. He attended a Hitler’s Birthday party held last April by the group.

SWA Hitler\'s Birthday

SWA is headed by Steven Edwards, son of Ron Edwards, who leads the Imperial Klans of America. The Southern Poverty Law Center is currently involved in civil litigation with Ron Edwards and the IKA over the beating of a minority youth in July 2006.

Since 1995, there have been more than 60 major domestic terrorist plots that have emerged from the radical right. These have included everything from plans to bomb government buildings to amassing missiles, explosives, and even biological and chemical weapons. Most contemplated the deaths of large numbers of people — in one case, as many as 30,000.

Since 2000, the number of hate groups has risen by almost 50 percent — from 602 in 2000 to 888 in 2007. White supremacists have been stunned by Obama’s rise. That, considering the economic tough times, makes this a dangerous period.

According to ATF officials, the investigation is continuing, and more charges are possible.

  • larry

    Im caucasin and i am proud to say, that there has never been more mixed raced couples in America then now.

    If your a bigot then you deserve to be beat no have your life taken bit, defi itley beat.

  • DCC

    People should not assume to know all about these two OR their families!! This internet that everyone is using can do a lot of harm! I know for a FACT that one of these boys was NOT raised by racist parents, nor did he have ANY racist relatives! He was raised in a good home, went to a good school, had great family,did not have the racist views always; just got mixed up with the wrong people over the INTERNET. Don’t be too quick to judge; bad stuff can happen to ANYONE

  • Heinrich

    First of all, don’t pose in front of a Japanese import sedan if you’re White Power.

    Second, where the hell do you get the coin for an HK rifle with such a sweet scope?


  • Faceplant

    Why is the guy with the glasses wearing lipstick and eye shadow? Does he not realize that defeats his “tough guy” image? Even sporting an assault rifle can’t counteract a dude wearing makeup…

  • dj

    Hate which is brought to light cannot stand up against those of us who counter act it with understanding, acceptance and tolerance. The warrior and sword will not win if we stand together, shoulder to shoulder against all hate crimes.

  • bill

    main one j-rod lives in kennett mo.

  • Ezorial976

    Just goes to show what kind of ignorant people are being bred in the country. Two words “Chemical Castration”. They should never be allowed to breed.

  • Nyome C.

    I am planning to visit the area in TN near Bells and after reading what I just read I am horrified by what these ignorant, uneducated people are doing….I want to pray for them and hope that they get the psychatric/mental help that they need. Me being a young afro american and raised in CA my whole life I find it hard to believe that when you go to these rual areas there are people who still are following those very ignorant practices. I will be carefull when I visit there and never forget all who have died or been affected by these crimes.

  • courtney

    i think this is so evil and mean what did obama ever do to you to deserve that in any way and the people that they were going to kil how did they deserev that they are innocent people and just because you guys hate your lives dosent mean that you have to go and ruin others

  • Chris

    Folks, the barrier is broke. Even if Obama has a mediocre presidency, it will HUGE step in the right direction for our country. This will open the door for other ethnic groups to rise in politics.

    Fresh ideas… More balanced power… The “Checks and balance” system this country was founded on will strengthen and we’ll be better for it.

    I only pray that Obama will back up what he’s promised. He can’t blame congress or senate. They’re all dominated by Dems now.

    Quote: John Wayne, “Well, I didn’t vote for him. But, he’s my president and I hope he does a good job.”

    Folks, embrace it. If you don’t, the next 4 years will be very long and painful.

    to Alexis…. relax hon. You were safe before these two idiots. And you’re safe now.

    Conspiracy2riot has the right idea… Celebrate! The longest campaign EVER is finally over!!! lol

    No I didn’t vote for Obama… I’m a Mccain supporter. But, 65 million people can’t be ALL wrong.

  • http://None Maynards

    For my own personal reasons I decided to look at your website for the first time. I read most everything and it became clear very quickly how familier I already was with your work and I must say I have been loving it since grade school, keep it up.
    I have printed a couple of pages to defend myself against the un-informed I have encountered. I went to your site first and have been so impressed that I will need no further research.
    I am just another average White guy married to a minority for 21 great years.
    I notified some Law Enforcement about strange activity on the internet 24 hours before this story broke. Then this story broke and it scared me more than anything in my life because of racist’s connections in this Country. I highly doubt it had anything to do with my report but I don’t take chances when it comes to my Family or nuts like these crackpots.
    I now will refer some Doctors to your website to prove they need to pay attention before trying to write a prescription from their un-informed mind. I refused because I have read your stuff with respect all my life and yes, I understand what small town docs do not. So much of my refusal was based on reading your work for life.
    Keep up the great work. Please understand I am in my early 40s for any time perspectives and THANKS OH SO MUCH for making my morning, GOOD DAY.

  • Kross Bones-X

    With the transition process taking place at the White House, replacing a dying battery with a new, will surely run smoothly. Despite all the lesser forms of inhumanities indentifying themselves as White Supremacists and such.
    The trasition is taking place and Obama is wasting no time to getting started on bringing about restoration back to this Nation.
    I hope the few and outnumbered White Supremacists will live up to their word by moving out of this Great Nation. We as Americans benifit a lot better without them. Since none of them are productive and respective members of *civil* society.
    The strong arm of the law will prevail and enforce Justice and the Rule of Law. To ensure that Freedom and Democracy is not threatened by Domestic Terrorists of the Neo-Con.
    Crackdowns on White Supremacists will be vigorous as it will be copious. In the coming days, weeks and months, more and more White Extremists will nabbed, apprehended, slammed into the very gulags were criminals resides.
    No Terrorists can destroy Freedom!!

  • Alexis

    This Crazy nut cases better get a lot of years. this is not right….people need to grow up and get real. Why do you have to have so much hate in you for…seriously! i thought this stuff was over…cant we all just get along. I go to a all white school and im the only black one there….now i dont even feel safe being there anymore because we have some ignorate white hill billy jokes talking about killing blacks and the president. Cant you depressed, hateful, losers grow up and let us breathe. This is enough we are no different than the whites…and im not just talking about blacks but hispanics,latinos,chinese,mexicans…come on yall we all are people and we deserve to be able to feel safe and not put down because of our skin. Our president is black and we all have been wanting one for the longest but when we do get one everyone wanna go back to the old ways. Give Obama a chance to do what the world needs and stop trying to keep him from doing that….you dont know what this man can do for us unless we give him a chance. please thank you….and my name is Alexis and i am very glad we have Obama as our president and i dont care what you others who disagree with me think.

  • HumansReason

    The problem with most of us is we are not the kind of trash that feed off racist hate and because of this fact and our common kindness that we are blind, as it is said, ignorance is blind. And when one does not know something, it can be said that we are ignorant.
    Being ignorant is not bad, not doing anything about it is.
    In short, there will be more stupid useless scum that will do just what these useless scum tried to, why?
    Mr. King, Lennon, JFK, Lincoln, ….the list is long folks, we all need to STOP THE TERRORISTS HERE IN THE STATES, we need to pull together and protect our president because if we don’t, who will???

  • Conspiracy2Riot

    Well….I’m sporting a hangover from celebrating today and all I can really think to say is this:

    Two insane white punks are going to prison and an amazing Black guy is preparing to move into the Whitehouse.

    And the world feels right.

  • Mr. Ryan the non-Aryan

    Asian Maskahdov, poor choice of words there. It is not so much an “insidous” deed to feed the poor and education the unfortunate as it is to preach fear, hate and other ominous activities so common in the WN scene.

    As far as this “La Raza” hyperbole is so concerning for the WNs, is nothing short of a mere street gang in very limited cities. Almost non-existent in more than half of all 50 states. According street gangs websearches.

    The NCLR however, is a human rights organization served to correct the exaggerated bullshits the WNs aim at the Hispanic American/Latino community. It is something the retarded WNs can’t seem to distingished the two as if they can’t tell a chalk from cheese.

  • Aslan Maskhadov

    Well Whitehawk, nobody talks about the Black Panthers because the New Black Panther Party is a very small group, that was denounced by original Panthers. The original Panthers dedicated most of their time to the indisious activity of feeding poor people, running educational programs and generally doing things the government should have been doing. As for La Raza, what specific group are you referring to?

    As for skinheads not being WNs, let me say from experience that not all WNs are skinheads, but the WN movement has never fully severed ties with skinheads, and anyone involved in a WN organization will inevitably interact with skinheads. This is primarily because of the constant demand for numbers.



  • Obie

    I swear to God, if any of these coked-out motherfuckers do anything to Obama, they’d better never leave their house again, because I will track them down and pull a Jack Ruby on their ass…or worse. You think I’m kidding, but if you want to see a REAL angry white person, screw around with this country’s one last chance at being a successful and trusted member of the world community. I’m not afraid of any of you.

  • Chris


    See your point. Use spell check.

    Media doesn’t generate income by writing about La Raza or Black Panthers. If they did write about those two groups it would back fire and some liberal group would scream RACISM! OPRESSION! And a messy legal battle would ensue.

    Whatever. Also, after all the racist crap white racist have pulled, we deserve the attention. White racist have done much more damage in the past and we’re still paying for it.

    I’m not justifying any of it. Just trying to shed some light on WHY “any color” on white hate crimes will be ignored by media.

  • Whitehawk

    White nationalist and skinheads are not same thing, people get yourself educated and stop being ignorant. Why no one talks about black panthers or la raza? They are at least as worse.

  • Whitehawk

    Why post this stuff when it is on mainstream media? Everyone knows about this, how about black on white terribly unreported crimes?? Double standarts? Man, people are you sheeples…I am not trying to defend these skinheads I am just saying, this is bullshit.

  • ken mier

    How many of the old time Klansmen would put up with the adolescent stupidity of these methed out skinheads.?

  • Sandie Dodson

    I DO NOT support racism or racist militant groups. However, all sides need to be looked at. There are racial militant groups all over this Country! To me it’s like an ostrich sticking his head in the sand and leaving his ass in the air to be kicked!
    Whites are NOT the only ones looking to exterminate or control another race! Personally, I could care less what color our President is as long as he does his job! It does however concern me that Obama’s church has been linked with Black Militant groups. I went to some of their websites. What is the difference between what these boys did and the comments being made by the black militants? They are talking about race wars, killing Jews & whites. Folks need to remember racism covers ALL races! Why is it that when someone had a mock hanging of Obama it was a hate crime, but when it was done to Palin it was a joke? Hate is Hate…..Racism is racism, it knows no color. I’m by no means a fan of Palin, but right is right! As for the militants that think they have the right to dictate who has the right to live and what religion they should be…….they are standing on AMERICAN soil enjoying the freedom of religion, freedom of speech, etc!

  • Chris

    @ Zoker

    Yup, average Joe forgets his heritage. All it takes is one generation or so. A while back, I thought I was being witty and slick, I baited a couple of black folks and american indians to responding to a blog I wrote. I dleiberately made it borderline “ignorant redneckish” to get them flamed up enough to blast me.

    I didn’t know just HOW ignorant I sounded. This VERY humbling experience forced me to look at modern racism and oppression. (spell check) After all that, I later spent many hours reserching NAACP and other organizations and what they do. I talked to people that would let me and I did an “about face” on my views.

    Keep in mind, I’m a corn fed white boy married to Korean woman. Not racist…Just rather ignorant. Color never mattered to me. Only how I was treated.

    So, I came to realize, just because my neighborhood, work place and church are very open and, on the surface, non judgemental to race…. That it still exist in a big way and I needed to re-evaluate my thoughts and feelings.

    I no longer think blacks are whiney and lazy, indians get too many hand outs or ALL illegal hispanics/immigrants are sponges on society and the econnomy.

    My friend, from Costa Rica, has been in the US since she was 1.5 yrs old. She is now 26. She had to get married to become a citizen as her paper work was bogged down in govt. red tape. She works, pays taxes and is an educated, productive member of society.

    My old baseball coach, a 60ish yr old black man who used to play for the Cardinals in the 70’s. This man is can’t find a job and lives on a tiny Social Security pension. He’s old. He’s black. And Unemployed. AMAZING person. So much to offer.

    The list goes on. We all have stories. My point here is this. I thought I had it figured out. I was bitter, out spoken and always pissed off. I was an idiot savant. Like many posters here. I was wrong and only hope that any people I hurt can forgive me.

    Do more homework. Keep your mouth shut and your eyes open. Listen to other peoples stories. You’ll learn something.

  • Chris

    “Johhny Rebel said,

    on October 29th, 2008 at 6:58 pm

    Theese men should not be punished, they should be given a MEDAL. Fuck Obama and his stupid anti gun laws.”

    Back in your trailer! The meth is burning! Hurry Johnny!