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Details Emerge On Accused Louisiana Klan Killer’s History

By David Holthouse on November 12, 2008 - 3:11 pm, Posted in Klan

Chuck FosterRaymond “Chuck” Foster (right), the Ku Klux Klan leader who was arrested yesterday for killing a woman following a backwoods Klan initiation ritual, has a history of Klan activity dating back at least to January 2001.

Foster, 44, was the founding Imperial Wizard, or national leader, of the Southern White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, a Klan faction that formed on January 1, 2001, in Watson, La.

During the next three years, the group developed chapters in three other states while maintaining a low profile with the exception of a single incident in 2003 when a White Knights official in Ohio, Jeremy Parker, drew attention by posting instructions for making a pipe bomb on the Internet in response to a Martin Luther King, Jr. Day celebration. “Sure would hate to see anything happen,” he wrote.

In 2004, the Southern White Knights had active chapters in Savannah, Ga., Homosassa Springs, Fla., and Marion, Ohio, as well as the founding chapter, which by that time had relocated to Denham Springs, La.

The Southern White Knights disbanded in early 2005. Most of its members–not including Foster—resurfaced later that year as the Empire Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, a relatively large Klan group that currently has nine active chapters in eight states, none of them in Louisiana.

The woman Foster allegedly murdered, identifed by police as 43-year-old Cynthia C. Lynch, was apparently recruited over the Internet to join Foster’s latest Klan group. Today’s media accounts of this rapidly developing story have variously identified that group as the Dixie Brotherhood and/or the Sons of Dixie.

Hatewatch is unaware of any Klan group by either of those names operating anywhere in the country.

However, last year a new Klan group calling itself the Dixie Rangers Knights of the Ku Klux Klan formed in Walker, La., about 80 miles from the rural scene of the alleged murder.

It’s unclear at this point if the Dixie Rangers and the Dixie Brotherhood/Sons of Dixie are one and the same.

Law enforcement officials said that Lynch took a bus from her home near Tulsa. Okla., to Slidell, La., where two members of the “Dixie” Klan group picked her up last Friday and transported her to a campground near the Pearl River. At least eight members of the Klan group were present, including Foster.

After a series of rites including the shaving of her head, the Klan members took Lynch to a camp on a sandbar that was accessible only by boat. There the initiation continued. St. Tammany Sheriff Jack Strain told the Times-Picayune the rituals on the sandbar consisted of lighting torches and “running around in the woods.”

By Sunday night, Lynch had reportedly changed her mind about joining the Klan and wanted to leave the camp. This sparked an argument with Foster, who allegedly pushed her down and killed her with a single shot from a .40 caliber handgun.

According to Strain, Foster tried to dig the bullet out of Lynch’s body with a knife before ordering his followers to set fire to her belongings and get rid of her body.

The next morning, Foster’s son, Shane Foster, 20, and another member of the Klan group, Frank Stafford, 21, asked a convenience store clerk in nearby Bogalusa if he knew how to remove bloodstains from clothes. The clerk, who recognized the men, alerted to local sheriff’s office.

Following a rapid investigation, St. Tammany Parish deputies raided the campsite, arresting five Klan members who had fled into the woods. The elder Foster, who initially escaped, turned himself in later that day.

At the campsite, investigators found weapons, Confederate battle flags, KKK banners, five rank-and-file white Klan robes, and one black Imperial Wizard robe. They found Lynch’s corpse in a weedy ditch about a half-mile from the sandbar.

Chuck Foster has been charged with second-degree murder. His son, along with Stafford and five other Klan members—Random Hines, 27; Danielle Jones, 23; Alicia Watkins, 23; Timothy Michael Watkins, 30; and Andrew Yates, 20—were charged with obstruction of justice.

Although the alleged murder of the Oklahoma woman is the first reported murder of a prospective Klan member during an initiation ceremony, it’s not the first reported shooting or other serious injury. Klansmen, flames, guns and alcohol is a volatile mixture.

For example, on Nov. 23, 2004, a member of America’s Invisible Knights of the Ku Klux Klan was accidentally shot in the head during an initiation ritual that involved a prospective member being strung from a tree with a noose around his neck, standing on his tiptoes, while Klansmen shot him with paintball guns. The accidental shooting occurred when one of them decided to scare the initiate (who survived) by firing a real gun in his direction, and a wayward paintball altered the shooter’s aim.

  • Random Hines

    It was the Sons of Dixie not some “dixie Brotherhood” crap, the press has turned this into a Circus it was not a KKK involved incident. Sorry. Sherriff has been using this as a publicity stunt for his own personal game, while not realizing some people such as Danielle Jones are in Jail for no reason.

  • bob cooper

    with all these group now the TOP users of meth and as always very frequent drinkers plus with the addition of Obama winning and taking office- something tells me these groups will become desperate. and in their desparation they’ll do VERY dumb things and begin to crumble- its already happening as we speak.

    If this case didn’t involve the KKK- it would almost be hilarious- these stupid A$$holes asked a convience store clerk how to remove blood from clothing- why not just ask them how tov dispose a body while they’re at it.

  • mountaingirl08

    What in the world is wrong w. individuals who share a thoroughly twisted and depraved philosophy as the white supremacists and groups whom we read about in various articles on this site? From what I can tell the individuals who join such groups are, well, I just cannot say, in polite society, what I am thinking. These folks do not appear to be rocket scientists; nor do they seem to be successful in life. Maybe if they quit blaming others for their own deficits and failures and hating those who are “different” and channeled their energies into something positive, like getting an education and contributing to society instead of polluting the environment w. their vitriol they might be more successful in life.

  • Carter

    “Looking at that dude’s picture brings up Law #347 of White Nationalism, “The staunchest advocates of the “White Race” tend to be it’s worst representatives.”

    I also was taken aback by the powerful specimen of Aryan European genetics.
    The powerful intellect clearly identifiable in his majestic persona; an undeniable fact.
    If anyone would care to make comparisons of individuals to primates, they need look no further.

    People, we need to cut the crap! The issues are Class struggle-economically related agenda that are exploited throughout history. That is NOT some Marxist pap but applied from a much more generalist perspective. And if you really don’t understand that you will always be a “victim”, no matter your ethnicity.
    Damn-it! Some of you are so stupid that you continually call some one “a Jew” even though they make reference to Palestinian / Israeli political problems, referencing a typically non-Israeli perspective. You continue to reference this person “a Jew” because he does not swallow the WN blather & challenge the “party line”. (But I am wondering why no one is called a “Black” when he expresses an opinion……?)
    Some of you are SO stupid that you challenge the statistical anomalies that present the “black rapist preying on white women” as a construct of sexual performance fear. Good Lord, I can see why some people think we have made very small progress in the decades past.

    Actually, we HAVE made a lot of progress on the level of societal / ethnic interaction. It’s just that it’s under-represented in blogs like this because it attracts the low functioning. THAT’S the good news.
    The bad news is that some people are either too stupid to learn for themselves until they have been betrayed by their bigotry or find themselves wasting their lives in a “struggle” to intellectualize or rationalize their non-evolving view points. My point is VERY simple: keep an open mind. Do not let FEAR lead your thinking. Do not romanticize fear! And if you feel fear of something learn as much as you can about all aspects of the issue before you ACT upon your fears. Sometimes not making a decision is making a decision. Apply that toward social & world views.
    Thus, you can never be disillusioned if you don’t have illusions in the first place!

    Blacks, Jews, Muslims, Hispanics, Whites, & Inuits are NOT your enemy. They have NO reason to act as a group; nor CAN they!

    Have you ANY idea how stupid it sounds to hear the line about Jews having some “Star Chamber” type Secret Group or Lodge plotting to take over the world? Or Islamic “Sleeper Agents” waiting to “hear the secret hypnotic words” to strap on a bomb? Outside of this blog & related discussion groups it’s almost LAUGHABLE (if it weren’t so hurtful to some innocent kid). That’s correct: LAUGHABLE!

  • Alejandroe84

    Stupid white trash. too much hate. these KKK’s and other sub categories, are just another splinter in the side of your neck – and another problem for today’s mainstream society. All they do is harass. They say their belief is in Christianity. But if they actually read the testimonies they would truly understand the true meaning of Christianity. Only God has final judgment. I hope this guy rots in jail, and some big black guy gives him the biggest hug he can give.

  • Al Champagne


    I am from Louisiana, too and it is obvious that we haven’t completely exorcised the ghost of Jim Crowe. You should know that David Duke’s old state congressional district has far more mansions than trailer parks.

    Hell, I stopped reading the news on because of the comments consist mainly of posters making racist attacks on each other. I’m definately sticking to the paper itself for my local news.

  • Dave

    The overt intolerance present in Louisiana, even in New Orleans, is frankly shocking. And while groups such as this occasionally manifest the most extreme expressions of that, I have seen the seeds of it growing in the speech of those whom you would least expect to hear it from; university professors at prestigious schools during the course of their lectures, young college students from educated families, and even from members of the communities that are they themselves targets of intolerance. I wonder if the Deep South will ever overcome this strange legacy, or if it is instead forever bound to the past.

    I find it equally odd that so many would promote artifacts from the Confederacy as part of their heritage in which they would feel pride; Japan and Germany are not so anxious to whip out flags from comparable periods or to romanticize what they should instead feel shame for. Why does the South cling so ardently to this tradition?

  • Jim

    Some of those who express their opposition to the klan display equal or greater ignorance than the klan members themselves. Are their beliefs ignorant? CERTAINLY!!!! But the hatred spewed by those who are speaking against the haters baffles me.

    As for the “educated class” in Louisiana being as racist as the klansmen, that is perhaps the most ignorant and unfounded statement in this entire thread.

    Spend some time with intelligent, lucid people in Louisiana before you spew your poison against an entire state.

  • Karen

    It’s terrible what heppened to the girl, however, anyone who would consider, even for a moment, joining such a group is a scary person and kind of asking for trouble. Obviously those kooks that took her life had the capability to harm others. Had it not been this girl then sooner or later it would have been someone completely innocent during a ‘hate crime’. Now they are in jail and off the streets. Thank God for that.

  • Glenda

    I applaud the long term efforts of the SPLC. This is an amazing organization that has helped many. This is a great place to make a contribution!

    I have lived in the Mid-West, West, South, and New England and racism exists in every state, not just in Southern states like La. I really thought in the early 1970’s that by this time, we would not see race when we looked at someone but would just see others as God’s creations like ourselves but there is a certain segment of our population that is hate filled. So sad for them and so incomprehensible for those of us who are not.

  • B. Joe

    This is a real horror story. However, what did the lady from OK expect ? She took a bus to LA to met with people she met over the internet with her same views. She wanted to join a hate group and she met hate first hand !

  • GENO

    I don’t blame the poor White woman for wanting to leave. This is after she realized how pathetic the preposterous “rituals” were being performed. How lame and pointless it was. Her realization that she was being surrounded by few bogus psychological losers, led up to her demise. It kind of reminds me of a scene from a modern B-rated horror flick. At least her death should serve as a pretext/a warning for other gullible, lonely White women who wishes to join such White Supremacist Hategroups. Where the end may be as gory as this one.

  • joe

    These people are delusional. So are many other hate groups. Who’s right is it to pick and choose which groups we go after? Hang the ones who commit crime, but don’t the others have free speech rights? Or is that only for those who you choose?

  • jerilyn kay [jeri] miller

    i am hoping that maybe some stem-cell, gene studies could PLEASE breed this ignorance from the human species. i am real fed up with these fools causing violence and actually costing millions from taxpayers. not only do they physically harm other citizens, they legally steal as well, round about way maybe but think about THIS DOLLAR FACTOR for a minute or two. dollars we need for education, medicine, housing, etc. how selfish are these HATERS? i can’t grasp their thinking, reasoning, where does this stupidity come from.? please pray that this foolishness will end someday, thanx, jeri

  • Teresa O’Brien

    What a tragedy of errors. First, a woman misdirected enough to attend a klan function. The killed by them.
    What a comment on the basis of this group – hatred in all directions.

  • Joseph V. Bednarsky Jr.

    I feel for the woman that was killed, and her family and friends are in our prayers. I hope this would be a warning to anyone who is thinking of joining this violent hate group!

    Where there is grace, there is NO race…

    For God’s Glory, Joe

  • Ken Dawson

    Growing up in a small, Arkansas town during the last days of Jim Crow, the Civil Rights Movement, and then serving during the Vietnam War made me a left wing radical and nothing since has changed my mind. I applaude the swarming north of Mexican immigrants and hope all the raciest rednecks have strokes and die.

  • Tammra

    To all who are supporters of the
    I wish you special thanks for your efforts in attempting to help create a world that does not tolerate hate or discrimination against race, religion, gender, economic background, sexual preference, etc. Unfortunately, I accepted a job to raise my family and moved into a place where these types of people have organizations. It is not a pretty place and the government here seems to be a part of it. Bryan, OHIO. I rather be anywhere but here.

  • Dakotahgeo

    Sad as it may be, we will need to, in the future, re-institute the re-education camps that the Nazis so famously used. That seems to be the only recourse we have against these Confederate KKK vermin that we cannot seem to eradicate.

    I visited/attended a Methodist Church in Nashville in the fall of 1979 and was asked on my first AND second visit if I was interested in joining the KKK…and THIS is at a church!? I never went back after the second time,

    I think there is a hillbilly mentality in these people that simply cannot be eradicated without a frontal lobotomy.

    So sad, so unfortunate. This may be the reason for a national intelligence agency to keep a strong eye on these jokes!
    GMMelby, Pastor

  • Aslan Maskhadov

    Looking at that dude’s picture brings up Law #347 of White Nationalism, “The staunchest advocates of the “White Race” tend to be it’s worst representatives.”

  • GENO

    “Really, its a pathetic collection of losers and thugs.”–as quoted by Mark Potok in referrenced to the many disorganized klan factions throughout the nation.

    “Muder in La. Brings back bad memories.”

  • ken mier

    Any group of ignorant rednecks can call themselves the Klan.
    Just take a look at the example that the so called National groups set at their rallies.
    Initiation rituals are not a part of a real ceremony.
    I believe these guys were probably gonna rape her also.

    Turn them over to us so we can hang them for fraudulence and treason.

  • GENO

    Lets see if the White family of the murdered victim will also sue the Klan. Just like in the IKA/Edwards case….

  • Brian

    I hope they keep killing each other.

  • John

    The Klan will see soaring membership now that Obama is the president. We can expect the you-know-what to hit the fan when Obama grants amnesty to the millions of illegal immigrants currently residing and raping this country. Red State independence will be a reality very soon, and there is nothing these bullshit organizations like the SPLC can do about it!

  • Justin

    RIP Cynthia Lynch. Let this be a lesson to all the lemmings who are easily spurred on on the internet by hate speech and so called ‘nationalistic’ views.

  • GENO

    “Running around in the woods”. (with torches)?

    WTF!? What kind of an initiation is that?
    Seriously, this whole ‘Klan” thing is getting dumber by the day. I don’t know how many times they’ve changed their names but I lost count. Yesterday it was “White Knights”, then today its “Dixie Boyz” and then tomorrow, I assumed it will be something like “the Wizards” or “the Dragons”. I don’t know how SPLC will keep tabs on all their lame and childish names but I do know for sure that this is just pure stupidity at its best. Plain and simple. No other words can described the current retardation of such “Klan” hooey, with their torches and “running around in the woods”. I would call this odd news.

  • Colleen

    So, when the sheriff of the parish says they seem to be “wannabees” and that there is no Klan activity in the area is he covering up or just clueless? My sister lives in New Orleans (is white) and says it is scary even to go out to Slidell much less a little further out like this place.

    How much longer can people there be in denial? My family members who live there can’t believe the open racism that still exists at all levels of society, even in NOLA.

  • http://None Maynards

    I see this girl was recruited on the internet. Learn who to avoid on the internet by learning some things on this Wonderful Web site which brought you to this blog.
    The Southern Poverty Law Center has my full respect and I have already signed on to a few of their things. I only seen this web site for the first time last week and I must say I will be reading more often. I may even change my political registration because of my own concerns and who seems to really care in this Great Nation.
    Thanks again for the great work.

  • Mina

    I am not surprised. Having been in Louisiana the last few years I became aware of the deep racism ingrained even in the educated class. I think you should investigate not only the overt hate organization but also the “so called” historical ones, formed for the advancement of southern heritage.I know for a fact that David Duke has been guest speaker of such organizations more than once.