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With Scant Evidence, Website Lists 5,000 ‘Illegal Employers’

By Hatewatch Staff on December 9, 2008 - 7:51 am, Posted in Uncategorized

Jason Mrochek, director of the Federation for Immigration Reform and Enforcement, or FIRE, brushed off defamation complaints from companies targeted by, a website Mrochek co-founded.
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  • ccollins

    The employers listed probably employ illegal immigrants. Of course, they will deny the allegations. Since there is at least 12 million illegal immigrants in this country, one would assume they are working. Isn’t that the reason why they are here? The web site is just pointing it out. To me, the site owners seem to be just fellow citizens frustrated with the lawlessness. The listed businesses won’t sue, because there may be proof that they do hire illegal immigrants or have in the past.

  • Babette

    I had long been contemplating the same thing for my city corrupt employers. Think I will now that someone else started. If enough people will start the same kind of website, we will make short work of punishing these crooked employers. How DARE they break our laws and make war against American workers!!!!