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Neo-Nazi Leader Bill White Indicted Again

By Mark Potok on December 11, 2008 - 4:37 pm, Posted in Neo-Nazi

Federal prosecutors announced today that Bill White, arguably the most important neo-Nazi leader in America, has been indicted on seven counts related to making Internet and other threats that could bring him 55 years in prison and $1.75 million in fines.

White was already being held in a federal holding facility in Chicago, where he faces an earlier charge of obstructing justice for publishing personal information about a jury foreman on his website. White suggested in that posting that the juror had committed a crime by voting in 2004 to convict another neo-Nazi leader, Matt Hale, for soliciting the murder of a federal judge. (The judge was not harmed.) Trial on that charge has been set for March 3 in Chicago federal court.

Bond was denied to White in two earlier hearings. In the most recent, on Dec. 5, a judge said White would be held “to ensure the safety of the community.”

Bill White

In recent years, White has developed a reputation as a blustery threatmaker, posting personal information such as home addresses and phone numbers of many individuals — including the author of this blog posting — and, in some cases, suggesting that it would be good to kill them. He was known for pushing First Amendment protections to their absolute limit, although the indictments suggest that he was not careful enough to prevent the lodging of extremely serious charges.

Prosecutors in Roanoke, Va., where White lives and where the new indictments were brought, suggested that the additional charges would help stem the tide of Internet threats. “The Internet has proven to be a powerful force in our daily lives. It has made information from across the globe available at the click of a mouse,” Acting U.S. Attorney Julia Dudley said today. “The law enforcement community cannot allow individuals to unlawfully threaten anyone, in any manner. When violent threats are made, legal action must be taken and justice must be served.”

Specifically, the new indictment charges White with:

• Threatening a Citibank employee he was having a dispute with.
• Attempting to extort that Citibank employee by demanding she send him a certain legal document related to the dispute.
• Attempting to prevent court testimony through threatening letters sent to black tenants in a housing dispute in Virginia Beach, near his hometown of Roanoke.
• Threatening Leonard Pitts, a black Miami Herald columnist. (The indictment does not identify victims, but several have been known for months.)
• Threatening a professor who administered a diversity training program at the University of Delaware in Newark.
• Threatening Richard Warman, a Canadian civil rights lawyer who has brought actions against numerous white supremacists in that country.
• Threatening the South Harrison Township, N.J., mayor, a black man who has been subjected to other threats in the past. White apparently read about a Town Council resolution offering a reward for information about those people who earlier threatened the mayor and was enraged.

“I’m very relieved,” Warman said after being informed by Hatewatch of the new indictments. “Having someone repeatedly counsel people to murder you is a grave cause for concern, especially when it’s connected to your home address. It’s been a long two-plus years. I’m very much looking forward to the legal process running its course.”

White founded his group, the American National Socialist Workers Party (ANSWP), in 2006, after quitting another neo-Nazi organization, the National Socialist Movement (NSM). Today, the NSM is the only other major neo-Nazi group in America besides ANSWP, which is believed to have fewer than 150 members. Just a few years ago, there were three additional major neo-Nazi groups — the Aryan Nations, the World Church of the Creator (renamed the Creativity Movement after a non-racist church of the same name sued), and the National Alliance — but all three have virtually disappeared in recent years as their leaders have died or been sent to prison.

  • Jesus

    I was white. I was a Jew. If you want salvation, I can help you. Love,


  • Rae

    OK so i just want to make something clear. Anyone who claims faith in God would not write racist things. Jesus was born in the middle east….. Meaning he was probably NOT white. God loves all of his children, not just the whie ones. Its nobodys fault what kind of parents they were born too. BLACK WHITEW BROWN GREEN PURPLE the color does not matter. A person is a person. There are good and bad in every race. We all bleed the same color, cry, feel pain, joy, love, pain, and thats regardless of the color. Experience has taught me that anyone who is racist is narrow minded. They have far too much hate in their hearts. I was born into a family who was moderatly racist. I have learned that racism is in excusable. Remember the person you consider lower is literally the same genetic make up as you. If you dont believe that look up DR. Templetons study on Genetic differences between races. You will find there is no such thing as race. We are truley the same regardless of what your beliefs. The people you ridicule for being different just might be the greatest people you ever had the chance to know. But rather than trying to get to know them you turned them away the first chance you got. WHY? Because your under the impression your better than them? Well your not better than anyone. If you dont pay for your cruelties in this life you will for sure in the next. Remember that next time you think your racism is warrented.

  • SS

    Bill White’s group NEVER had as many as 150 members……..15 at the most! He’sa fraud and a traitor.

  • Jack C

    What does the ACLU think about the Southern Poverty Law Center’s attacks against our freedom of speech?

  • Ken Mier


    I have fallen prey to your moderation, and in my case I understood that the term I used was inappropriate.

    However, I tend to agree with the lady Lisa from above. If hatewatch is an open line of communication that we from each exaggerated side can come together and voice our opinion then so be it more power to this effort.

    This weekend the ACK will be attending the inaugural at the Birmingham Boutwell auditorium. We have also notified the 16th street baptist church by mail as to the sincerity of acceptance of the changes we have all begun to realize and appreciate as freedom from the bondage of mistakes of the past..

    There must be a legitimate group of representatives for all beliefs and inherited cultures.

    When the idea of such a profound forum is accepted then maybe we can have meetings at your Montgomery headquarters.

    I advise all Klans People should re-evaluate their lives and promote racial acceptance as we have much larger internal American issues to address as the Israel/Iran conflict dumps the next wave of middle east immigrant/refugees on our shores.

    We, all have one bond during the old civil rights era, that’s old time christian religion, we all pray thru the same Savior, he is who we should defend, color of skin has nothing to do with in God We Trust.

    I miss those old one room sundy school churches that were anxiously filled with believers and witnesses of all God People.

  • Mark Potok

    Just so everyone’s clear on why we sometimes delete posts: We don’t want the comment section to descend into simple name-calling vitriol. I’ve generally left in the less egregious name-calling, but when the posts are simply nasty personal attacks or include real racial slurs and the like, I tend to delete them. We are not trying to censor political arguments, including white nationalist arguments, at all. In fact, we’ve tried hard to err on the side of free and unrestrained speech.

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    I’m glad this little pissant’s getting what he deserves!

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    “My rebuttal made you look foolish for the responses you gave.”

    Actually its names like “Hooch” that makes one “look foolish” already….
    It reminds of that nasty foamin rabid chow in that Tom Hanks hit movie “Turner & Hooch”.

    If you think you are the only one who believes his posts are deleted or not posted at all, then you really must be foolish to begin with. Its the Jews that run this forum and they are known to censor everyone`s posts regardless of your stance, it is not limited to the White Supremacists like yourself. But since you may be new here, I won’t hold that against you.

    “This is strange as you are an adult and I think you would be able to take criticisms of your post.”

    Dude are you blind? Or did you just come up with that lame concept? Just wondering. Why didn’t you read the entire posts before saying something to the contrary? I and Aslan probably take in the most “criticisms” than any other poster on here. But since you are new and haven’t a clue, i`ll just dismiss this nonsense coming from another “Johnny Come Lately.”

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    After reading the comments here I can only say, Here’s to the Leftist Marxist Assault…hip hip hooray!!! And to the Aryan race..Booo!!!

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    Yeah Hooch, I’m sure you made us all look foolish. For the record, some of my posts have been deleted as well. Also, in case you haven’t lurked enough, you might note that open Neo-Nazis are allowed to post- far from featherweight republicans.

    It is probably best for your ego that they censored your post- lest it be turned around on you.

  • GENO

    “The indians were at war amongst each other long before we came here.”

    True. But you’re speaking about something that happened like over 3 centuries ago. But at least the White European continued to fight amongst each other through the “7 Years War”, “The Revolutionary War” and “The Civil War” and many other wars in Euorpe before that.
    And here we are today, centuries later the entire WN/White Supremacist Movement is still imploding and fighting with one another……