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‘Speak English’ Parade Skit Draws Fire

By Hatewatch Staff on January 6, 2009 - 10:55 am, Posted in Uncategorized

A Mummer’s Day parade skit titled “Aliens of an Illegal Kind” featured “Border Patrol agents” wearing gigantic cowboy hats and brandishing wooden rifles while trying to hold back a horde of rioting “immigrants.”
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  • GENO

    “I’m offended by what I see and hear in a day and nobody seems to give a &amp: ^$%#!’

    You should be if you are a Mexican or Hispanic for that very matter, since their little retrograde parade is designed to insult you.
    But talk about being extremely sensitive, you know? The kind whose personal feelings hurt very easily. Did your parents not teach you about the old adage?–

    “Sticks and stones may break my bones?”

    But nevertheless, we as non-Whites must need to remain vigilant, no matter how offensive the White Supremacists usually are. Its simply a matter of the “Golden Rule” they can’t seem to live by. And yet they claimed to be “Christians”. Whenever a White Extremists attacks, belittle, and instigates behaviors that result in problematic circumstances surrounding racial issues with individuals, they always seem to be the ones to first initiate the problem. Which is why the vast majority of offenders in *HATECRIMES* tend to be uh….how did you put it?–
    “A white, Christian(or non-Christians), heteosexual man (men).”

    This is according to the FBI and DOJ`s hatecrime statistics.

    “You know the ones who built this country and run the civilized world.”

    Yes indeed they are the ones running the “civilized world” into mass corruption and malfeasance. And need I remind you that the country was built on the backs of immigrants? And more than half of them were non-Whites. Which is why the White man brought slaves over here from Ireland and Africa because they were too lazy and greedy.

    “What this country needs is MORE illegals as long as they refuse to speak English or pay taxes….”

    Wow. So now you’re sayin that you are “pro-open borders” and “pro-illegal alien supporter” as to what the Natavists likes to refer those as such?

    “Wake up Americans!”

    I’m not even sure which “Americans” you are referring to but I assumed its gotta be the “Liberals” if you are an “open border type”, as stated in your incoherent rants. And then you go on to tell your folks to “grow up” just doesn’t seem to add up on your inconsistencies.

  • Mike Menkes

    Hey grow up people!… I’m offended by 90% of what I see and hear in a day, but nobody seems to give a &^%$#! about me… Oh yeah, thats right, I’m the enemy – a white, Christian, heterosexual man… You know, the ones who built this country and run the civilized world… What this country needs is MORE illegals – as long as they refuse to speak English or pay taxes… Wake up Americans!….

  • GENO

    “B. Love Strutters”???

    How idiotic does that sound? Pure and simply retarded. Although, I’m not offended by this parade of retrogrades. But I am not amused by it either.
    I can’t figure out what’s wrong with saying a few slangs in Spanish since pretty much everyone does it(excluding all retro-nuts in natavist circles and the WN).

    So if I blow the head off a Yosmite Sam(a caricatured natavist in loony land), the words I will utter along with it goes–

    “Hasta la vista, baby!”

    And Bugs Bunny will say–

    “Que pasa homes?’

    Sorry I’m not “Messaycan” as Yosmite Sam would put it.
    Also, my name is not to be mistaken for that dango nutbar Vento`s eatery. Since his restruant is non-existent in the Southwest. (Thank gawd). My name is a short abbrev. for “GENO”cide, as in the referrence to the “geno”cide of the indigneous peoples since 1492(the True Nativez and not the “indian” which was a White Man given name because they thought they were in India) formerly known on here as “Genocydal 88″ and “88`s Jeno-side”.
    Also, I am not to be mistaken for a fellow Native, a comrade who is an emcee by the name of G.E.N.O. which is an acronym for “Get Every Native Organized”.
    Just so that the “Johnnies come lately” will not assumed I’m an Italian(as in the case with “Sancho” a while back).

  • Babette

    I have to wonder why you guys don’t do anything when these mexicons bash white people and call us names and curse us. If you support the overthrow of this country maybe you need to be deported with the rest of the illegals who hate us and intend to take it over.

  • Fred

    What language do they use in all the their documents and everthing else they do in Mexico?Get a clue people! No other country on earth bends over back words for immigrents the way the U.S. is doing right now! The very least they can do is learn our Language!