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Website Read by Accused Racial Killer Encouraged ‘Lone Wolf’ Murders

By David Holthouse on January 23, 2009 - 5:29 pm, Posted in Extremist Crime

The 22-year-old man who allegedly carried out a racially motivated rape and murder spree in Brockton, Mass., on the day after Barack Obama was inaugurated as America’s first black president told investigators that he drew his inspiration from the white nationalist website Podblanc, according to a police report.

Keith Luke, the man arrested Wednesday after a shootout with police in the Boston suburb, allegedly told police he wanted to kill blacks, Latinos and Jews because he had learned on racist Internet sites “about the demise of the white race.”

American neo-Nazi Craig Cobb runs Podblanc from Estonia, where Cobb moved in 2007 after decades of neo-Nazi activism in America with groups such as World Church of the Creator, White Revolution and the National Alliance. Podblanc features videos detailing combat handgun tactics, offers instructions in how to make Molotov cocktails and other improvised explosive devices, and explicitly celebrates and encourages “lone wolf” terrorism, up to and including hate crime murders of non-whites and Jews.

One Podblanc video entitled “Sniper Bags Negress,” for example, heralds the January 2008 random killing of a black woman in Omaha, Neb., by 19-year-old Kyle Bormann, who told police he targeted the victim because he was “pissed off” at black people. The website also glorifies the actions of Asa Coon, a troubled high school student who opened fire in a multicultural studies classroom in Cleveland in October 2007, wounding two teachers and two students before committing suicide.

“We need a martyr’s section for guys like Bormann and Asa Coon,” Cobb wrote in the “Sniper Bags Negress” comments section. “I’ll work on getting that installed.”

The alleged Brockton killer told police that he shot to death two immigrants from Cape Verde (an archipelago 375 miles off the coast of West Africa) and attempted to kill a third after forcing his way into her apartment, handcuffing her and raping her because he was “fighting for a dying race” and “fighting extinction” of the white race, the police report states.

According to the report, Luke told investigators he’d planned to continue his killing spree from just before 1 p.m., when it began, until 8:30 p.m., when he planned to shoot up the weekly bingo night at a synagogue near his house before turning his 9mm pistol on himself.

His goal, he allegedly told investigators, was to kill as many non-whites and Jews as possible. He was carrying 200 rounds of ammunition.

During a videotaped interview with detectives, Luke said he spent most of his free time on racist websites, especially Podblanc, which he said “spoke the truth about the demise of the white race.” Podblanc has more than 800 registered users. It’s unknown at this point if Luke is one of them.

“Luke told us he educated himself about the ‘nonwhites’ on the internet and based on what he saw in public,” the detectives stated in their report. “Luke told us he would watch other people’s messages about ‘nonwhites’ and he would reply to their messages online.”

According to the arresting officers, Luke “muttered unintelligibly about the ‘Zionist Occupation’” when he was first taken into custody. Radical-right extremists often refer to the federal government they despise as the “Zionist Occupied Government,” or ZOG.

“Yesterday this defendant methodically began an evil plan of mass murder and rape in the City of Brockton, targeting victims he identified as non-white,” First District Attorney Frank Middleton said at Luke’s arraignment Thursday.

Luke pleaded not guilty to two counts of first-degree murder, one count of aggravated rape, and two counts of armed assault with intent to kill. He’s being held without bail.

  • Francesca

    What’s with this anti-individualism? Yes “lone wolves” are the violent ones. That would explain the violence of gangs. It’s people who think for themselves that resist the worst of society.

  • bob cooper

    Why is it that the US military and homeland security go on these witch hunts for terrorists that live on the other side of the world, yet we won’t even pay attention to the white power bonehead terrorism that grows in our own back yard? These assclowns have bomb making ingredients and assembly instructions on thier websites. thats evidence enough.

  • beverly

    I like that observation, “you can’t keep someone down unless you stay down with them to hold them down.”

    Although I have to remember what someone else said, “you have to keep on top of your enemies”. I think what that means is, you need to keep yourself educated on everything, read it all but learn to decipher the truth. We have our own inner intelligence, if not thru formal education, but through life… many ways that is more important in todays’ world, to know your own surroundings, many of us don’t want to go outside of our comfort zones, yet we need to be fully aware!.

  • Lenny

    How sad that so many people require someone else to guide their actions. Your belief system should be built by growing up with good moral values and by getting a good education. Why haven’t these people learned that you can’t keep someone down unless you stay down there with them and hoold them down. Your time will be better spect standing tall, living tall, thinking for yourselves and making your own life productive. Don’t worry about others, most of us have enough going on in our own lives to keep us busy 25 hours a day.

  • Jon

    Whites will do just fine if they continue to live in peace and harmony with their neighbors.
    Nothing is wrong with intermarriage–it is on the rise in the US and elsewhere in one of the few positive trends of the modern era. It is a beautiful, beautiful thing to see an interracial couple. My family and I were just discussing that last night.
    I did not support President Obama, but he is my President and we’re just going to have to deal with him and his party until we can abolish Socialism once and for all (fat chance, but we will try).

    Until then, those of us who are comfortable in our own skin will continue to love our neighbors–whatever color they may be. And we will almost certainly continue to marry them in greater numbers!

    I don’t always agree with the SPLC’s suspicion of the right (especially on immigration), but I do agree with their message of brotherhood of all citizens.

  • Carter

    Aslan: My point re: free speech & the Left is not to pick on Soviet free speech issues in specifics & identify them with the far Left but to illustrate that as civil liberties, the curbing of free speech may come from any quarter.
    To extrapolate on that theme: yes, you can yell “fire” in a crowded theater IF there is a fire & if someone were to pass a law that prohibited such a thing because it “may” be abused; that would harm the civil liberties of those with positive motivation (I know I’m reaching here: I just hope I’m being clear).
    We know that we live in a world where those who fear change or are a bit immature see things in black & white (pun intended). But demanded conformity can be damaging from any group.
    The Russian demand for conformity hurt the individuality of the Muslims within the USSR for decades…but here I’m preaching to the choir.
    My point is that free thinking individuals have a need to be wary of challenges to freedom from ANY quarter.

    It’s been a serious mistake for this country to vote for a man or woman just because they are from a certain political party or accept, rationalize, or intellectualize limitations because it’s perceived to come from a particular political venue.
    My belief is that if you go far enough on either Right or Left, you come full circle to oppression. Although I agree that nowhere will you find complete freedom of expression, it’s one of the many goals to yearn for in a free society. That’s something the WN will miss, should they ever get their utopia.

  • beverly

    Touche’ Ronin,

    I don’t want to give the wrong impression. I have friends and in-laws that are White. I love my White Daughter in-law she had my two beautiful grandaughters. This young lady is a school teacher and is from Idaho, she doesn’t have a prejudice bone in her soul nor does her Family, they love and are proud of their two 1/2 Indian Grandaughters just as much as do.

    Its these crazy Hate groups that make it bad for others who do not even know about these Hate Groups.

    Indians know because we have felt the Hate and prejudice maybe not to the lengths as the Blacks,
    but its been our life,(I am not crying about it, just stating facts) the past Elders of Tribes just learned to live with it. But its true, time to be rid of the color, and look into the Soul.

    Speaking of Soul, have you all heard Seals, rendention of “A Change is gonna come”. Gotta love it, no matter what color you are. He is like Fred Astaire, some would say, not much to look at but because of what he does, and his personality, he is sooooo attractive, I myself thinks he is attractive!

    I loved Fred Astair too and he was White…, I love Seal and he is Black, there is Hope!


  • Ronin

    Race? The young have seen the “Illusion of Race” and have read the supporting documentation by Biologists, geneticsts, anthropologists…they understand as the older generations may never…there is only one race “human”. All the discussions about “white” race and “black” race…it’s really like discussing which end of the flat earth is nearer so we can jump off. Tribalism may always be important to the in primitive cultures and it’s good that those unable to grasp the notiion that humans are one species and race is a made up division continue to use color as the dividing line. Color coding is probably the simplist way to divide things up and for those who want to keep the notion of color coded “races” alive; simple is best.
    What race is Barack? I know culturally he identifies himself as an American…which of his parents would he deny? Has Michael Jackson changed his race now that he is lighter than many of my “white” friends? Vince Lombardi was refused service at a whites only resturant in the early 60’s…he got too tanned and lost his white card. One day I pray we understand that we are one race…one people…and that hair, skin pigmentation, epcanthic folds, a nose like Brock Peters or Jimmy Durante, none of that stuff matters…what matters is the content of the heart, soul and mind. Peace,

  • Aslan Maskhadov

    Hallman, have you been accused of genocide because you are white? I’m just asking because I went through the whole 12 years of public education, and went to many different schools since I moved around a lot. Never did anyone try to tell me that I, because I happen to be white, am responsible for genocide, the Holocaust, slavery, or anything like that.

    As usual, racialists are scared stiff of things that aren’t actually happening.

  • Ed Weston

    Mr.H has found his enemies. The real threats to him and his increasingly exclusive race, will always be invisible to him. Even as they do damage to both daily.

  • beverly

    You really have nothing to grip no worry about….

    Unless these Eurasian offspring are independant of their White relative and can make decisions for themselves.

    Its my opinion being from a Military town, Asian women love anyone than can take care of them financially, no matter the Color….now is that really Love, I guess it can turn into Love! But what about the Asian men? They seem to be more loyal to their culture. Can you call that racists when they make it a habit of pro-create with no-one but their own? I would not cal that racist, I call that respect and loyalty.

    Why do White People have to be so racists, and hateful about it? Just stick to your own, leave the others alone.

    So I ask again why the HATE on anyone other than White? Is that your Culture? If the White Protestant Religion really was the foundation of this Country…..and they are your relations, What does that tell

  • trevor

    whites will live on through our Eurasian children. the rate of asian and white marriage and offspring will help us to maintain our numbers.

  • James Hallman

    Beverly don’t give me this crap about lack of self -esteem . Whites have been beat over the head with charges of genocide, being evil, and being the root of the entire worlds problems in the name of anti-white racism. If there’s any people suffering from a lack of esteem it’s young whites, especially young white males. Blacks are having it continuelly drilled into their brains how they hold the moral high ground over whites and even lies about how their people invented things they didn’t, so I don’t buy in to this B.S. about their being a lack of self-esteem on the part of blacks. If there is such a thing it’s only because each and every black realizes their people’s flaws, especially compared to whites, and yet they still can’t admit the positive contribution that whites have had on civilization.

  • beverly

    My statement has nothing to do against the majority of White people in the U.S., after all if not for this majority, Obama would not be my President.

    I think of all the people who do not have access to the net and even the daily news on T.V., innocent people who are still being treated as less than human.

    I think of all the people who vote just straight Republican or Democrat because of their family.

    I think of the people who are comparing my President to an “APE” because of the Color of his skin.

    I think of my 12 yr. old Grandson who is told to wear his shirt inside out because of a skull, the white teachers said that was a “Gang” emblem, he was issued a pink slip and told NOT to wear skulls agian! Then I read that a young white boy wore a shirt to school with “Obama with a slash across his name is a TERRORIST”(in red blood like colors), he was told Not to wear it to school a gain, but as young as he was he said he would wear it again on “Election” day. His Father stood beside him and in fact helped him make the home made sign on the shirt and said that it was against his constitional rights and they were taking the issue to court!

    Thats why I hate the word “Savage” used against the american Indian. We have assimulated and accepted the World closing in around us, but they have not totally accepted us. Actions like these educated teachers, who embarrased my Grandson, trying to break his self esteem, these are educated mind you!!!!!. They are non-other than red-neck home boy and girls who go off to college, return home and maintain that same cycle of their redneck racist parents…..Where is the buck going to stop, except with this Non-White elected President voted on by the Majority of Americans….White Euros, Black, Mexican… Native .Americans…….

  • beverly

    Interesting about the correlation between sexual frustration and racial hatred! One who lusts after Annie Get Your Guns Coulter, will forever be frustrated, and racist against his own! He would not even know what to do with a female anyway.

    I would like to aks James Haileman about what kind of change do you expect for the White People? They have always ruled since they landed in the 1600’s on the East Coast, you are so bothered because you don’t know how to share.

    The only reason young whites are not procreating is because they are as selfish as you are, they don’t want to share so offspring is out of the equation, their choice!

    I love what you say about whites in the Zoos. I am poor, but I would pay a months wage (even a years) to see a bunch of white people behind the cages confined and displaced on a little piece of land they did not choose themselves, made to live in a foreign place near starvation and away from the lands they Love! This won’t ever happen, but since you brought it up, thats what came to mind.

  • Lexias pardalis

    Why so many apologists, anyway?

  • jake

    I find it interesting that the man in question in this incident, Keith Luke, so despised “non-whites” to the point of killing 2 innocent people, but didn’t think it was a problem to forcebly have sex (rape) with a “non-white” woman.

    The message I get here is “I don’t like you, your skin color, and what you are doing to ‘my people’, but before I kill you, let me have sex with you first. You are inferior to me, but not enough so to prevent me from raping you.”

    I wonder what the correlation between sexual frustration and racial hatred is with psycho-idiots like this?

  • daemonesslisa

    Aslan, you could certainly get the impression of mental defectives from reading things posted HERE!

    Basically, whenever “james hallman” posts, look for things about the ‘liberal jew’ and their ‘genocide’ of whites. If that isn’t schizophrenia (which is NO excuse, by the way), then the Earth is flat.

  • mountaingirl08

    Why do some people think they have the right to claim they speak for “the white race?” I beg to disagree; they aren’t speaking for me. A bunch of ignorant pissed off hicks do not speak for me.

  • Aslan Maskhadov

    Actually Carter, the main reason why this stuff happens is because the movement attracts mental defectives. I’m not making a joke when I say this: I am talking about people who are certifiably mentally ill with problems such as schizophrenia. You can tell by reading some of the rambling posts of various forum members throughout the movement. Why do they attract the mentally ill? Two reasons:

    -Mentally ill people will often find themselves in various fringe movements, be they cults, sub-cultures, or in this case, the WN movement.

    -They find a social support network in the movement because the movement is one which says if you are “white”, you are with us. You are just as good as Plato, Aristotle, John Locke, etc. The movement tends to reward those who can parrot dogma. On the Jewish question for example, it is VERY difficult on most WN forums to say something anti-Jewish that is so bizarre, so wacky, that it will provoke a negative response from a majority of readers. It is no accident that the idiotic sites or Jewwatch are very popular on many movement forums. The claims may be ridiculous inaccurate and based on the most bizarre logic(or lack thereof), but the point is that they are “anti-Jew”, and that means “pro-white”.

    I will also say that the comment about Stalin as proof of censorship from the left is irrelevant though. Nowhere will you find the concept of absolute free speech in practice. I do not support laws that say, criminalize Holocaust revisionism, but I believe that the government need only enforce existing laws on the books about making threats against people. Remember how long Bill White went on posting peoples’ addresses, passively suggesting that someone should take action? Hal Turner’s latest idiotic rant is more than deserving of an arrest. Could you imagine what would happen if a group in Muslims posted something akin to what he recently put out, about his UAV?

    Back around 2000, a girl got a visit from the secret service because of a poster. The poster depicted G.W. Bush holding a hangman’s noose, in reference to Texas’ death penalty record. Someone who had glanced at the poster reported her to authorities, claiming she had a poster that depicted a dead George Bush IN a hangman’s noose. Another man got a visit from the Secret Service because someone in a library overheard a conversation of his, wherein he said “Bush is really out of control.”

    It is not censorship for the government to enforce its existing laws against making such threats; in fact it should better choose who it enforces the law against.

    Also I might add, that groups who preach open sedition against the US government should expect to face consequences of this, regardless of their ideology. This is a key factor of the true dissident- someone who accepts the consequences of their dissent, regardless of whether they feel it is just.

  • Carter


    If some are not familiar with the Feinstein Bills in the Senate & their affect on civil liberties: I suppose I wrote too fast to include notation to that issue.
    There you’d get a rather quick encapsulation of the reaction from the California Senator to perceived problems via restrictions on access to the written word. Interesting stuff, as Stalin proved; censorship does not always come from the Right

  • Carter

    You hit the nail on the head Ruslan ; they are cowardly idiots. However that does not mean their planing albeit at the expense of the American people would not be effective for their ends.
    The WN agenda is to destroy the Constitution & America as a nation: this is from their own mouths! They would destroy ANY nation (the UK, etc) wherein they function.

    They get some jackass to wave a gun at the President & the reaction is some firearms restriction (see. Brady, etc) this unifies Right wing moderates & their “cause” appears larger than it ever is. Or they get some people to threaten (via internet posts,etc) & they get reactions (see Feinstein Senate bill, etc) & Civil Libertarians become revolted at the levels of restrictions to 1st & 4th And. rights. Again their “cause” appears bigger than it will ever be. That is the key.
    Arguably this is some of what Hitler did after the 1st World War, as both Black & Red extremism in Germany was neck & neck for awhile.
    The “planners” can’t act, they are too few as well cowardly & the actors can’t think; they are too imbued with hate to be rational. An old story, I suppose. But a story that is predictable for domestic intelligence agencies within the USA & elsewhere.
    Most are actually NOT surprised when arrests are made. They are attempting to feature them as “martyrs” but that crap didn’t do well with David Lane; it’s a tough sell, even to ninth graders.

  • James Hallman

    Whites are having fewer kids because they’re too
    busy working to pay for those the non-whites are
    having.The liberal/Jewish immigration policies in
    this country going back to 1965 has resulted in
    the white population going from around 85% to
    the present 69%, with a projection of minority
    status within the next 20 years according to Gen.
    Powell. There will always be a few whites left, but
    will they be on a reservation surrounded by a sea of
    non-whites fighting to get in because of better conditions
    or will they be put in a Zoo as punishment for the
    legacy of ‘slavery’, or worse yet, because they’re a
    dying breed of human that mankind finally decided
    is worth preserving. With the apparent attitude that
    people like you have, minority status for whites might as
    well be looked upon as a death sentence.
    There are whites still left in South Africa but look at
    them, their under siege by hostile natives, crime, and

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Hmmm…I must have missed the press release where they recommended whites should go on “lone wolf” terrorist attacks to “prevent their genocide”. First off, genocide is when one group of people decides to destroy in whole, or in part, another. “White” birth decline is something that is happening naturally(birthrates tend to drop with industrialization), and nobody is forcing “whites” to mate with non-whites or have fewer children. In fact, according to statistics, black Americans have been having fewer children as well.

    The fact that “white” people may still be found in large number throughout Latin America, Central Asia, and the Middle East ought to dispel myths that Europe would become “brown”.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    No doubt, the VNNers and other WNs associated with Chris Cobb(if not the loser himself) will be claiming that they are not responsible. I would not be surprised if some are already speculating that this man might have been some kind of patsy, possibly mind control of some sort(if you think that is too far fetched, you don’t know VNN).

    To understand why they will deny responsibility, one must understand the WN worldview. In that worldview, constantly urging violence, bombings, and targetted shootings as in the Turner Diaries or Hunter, or perhaps constantly recommending it online, is NOT the cause if someone should go out and do the same thing. Nevermind how similar the attacks are, if the criminals get the name of their gang from your book, or if they just plain admit that they were influenced by a specific WN source. WNs are NEVER responsible for anything.

    By contrast, in WN fantasy land, rap videos MAKE white kids adopt “black” styles, and are responsible for a large portion of street crime.

    Conclusion: WNs aren’t just idiots, they are cowardly idiots.

  • James Hallman

    Luke could have gotten his inspiration from
    the U.S. Census Bureau, they’ve reported
    the demise of the white race in America as
    There’s no doubt that this man is mentally
    unbalanced, but he also represents the
    thousands of frustrated and disillusioned
    white men who are sickoned by the on going
    genocide of their people. As time goes on, you’re
    going to see more acts of violence. Hopefully
    these young men will be able to channel their
    frustrations and energy towards an organization
    and worldview like that of the National Alliance
    and be able to work towards change for white

  • mountaingirl08

    Oftentimes, those type individuals (“lone wolves”) are the most dangerous and capable of going under the radar. Intelligence on potential assassins is concentrated on groups, bioth on domestic assassin types and on international political extremist groups.