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Columnist Ann Coulter Defends White Supremacist Group

By Mark Potok on February 13, 2009 - 5:48 pm, Posted in Extremist Propaganda

Rabid far-right commentator Ann Coulter is known across America for sliming everyone and everything she disagrees with. Al Gore is a “total fag” and another one-time presidential candidate, John Edwards, is the same. Democrats are “gutless traitors” and their convention a “Spawn of Satan” gathering. Muslims are “ragheads” and America should “kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity.” Jews are people who need to be “perfected.” The New York Times building and its editorial staff should be bombed. Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens should have “rat poisoning” mixed into his food. Princess Diana “ostentatiously [had] sex in front of [her] children.” The Rev. Al Sharpton is “a fat, race-baiting black man.” President Bill Clinton was “a very good rapist,” and North Korea should be “nuked.”

But despite denouncing school desegregation as a “spectacular” failure, Coulter has generally avoided bolstering white supremacist hate groups. Until now, that is.

In her latest foaming-mouth tome — Guilty: Liberal “Victims” and Their Assault on America, released on Jan. 6 — Coulter spends the better part of three pages defending a group called the Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC), which The New York Times had described as a “thinly veiled white supremacist organization.” Coulter begs to differ. The CCC, Coulter opines, is “a conservative group” that has unfairly been branded as racist “because some of the directors of the CCC had, decades earlier, been leaders of a segregationist group.” “There is no evidence on its Web page that the modern incarnation of the CCC supports segregation,” she says. “Apart from some aggressive reporting on black-on-white crimes — the very crimes that are aggressively hidden by the establishment media — there is little on the CCC website suggesting” that the group is racist. Indeed, its main failing is “containing members who had belonged to a segregationist group thirty years earlier.”

Coulter could hardly be more wrong. And even if she can’t find time to read beyond a page of the CCC’s website, she really ought to know — after all, the organization where she frequently speaks, the Conservative Political Action Committee, has publicly banned the CCC from its annual gathering because it is racist. Also in the late 1990s, Jim Nicholson, then-chairman of the Republican National Committee, asked GOP members to stay away from the CCC because of its “racist and nationalist views.”

How could conservative Republicans be inspired to say such ugly things? Let us count the ways.

The CCC’s columnists have written that black people are “a retrograde species of humanity,” and that non-white immigration is turning the U.S. population into a “slimy brown mass of glop.” Its website has run photographic comparisons of pop singer Michael Jackson and a chimpanzee. It opposes “forced integration” and decries racial intermarriage. It has lambasted black people as “genetically inferior,” complained about “Jewish power brokers,” called gay people “perverted sodomites,” and even named the late Lester Maddox, the baseball bat-wielding, arch-segregationist former governor of Georgia, “Patriot of the Century.”

One day, the CCC ran photos on its home page of accused Beltway snipers John Muhammad and John Malvo, 9/11 conspirator Zacharias Moussaoui and accused shoe-bomber Richard Reed. “Notice a Pattern Here?” asked a caption underneath the four photos. “Is the face of death black after all?” On another occasion, its website featured a photo of Daniel Pearl, the “Jewish Wall Street Journal reporter” who had just been decapitated by Islamic terrorists. In the photo, Pearl was shown with his “mixed-race wife, Marianne.” The headline above the couple’s picture was stunning even for the CCC: “Death by Multiculturalism?” The CCC Arkansas chapter ran an essay waxing nostalgic for the days “when racial separation was the norm.”

But to Ann Coulter, there is “no evidence” on its website that the CCC “supports segregation.” Mostly, she says, the group — which was formed from the debris of the White Citizens Councils that Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall once called “the uptown Klan” — is about “a strong national defense, the right to keep and bear arms, the traditional family, and an ‘America First’ trade policy.” Indeed, she says, The New York Times and other critics of the CCC are simply liberals “who have no principles.”

  • notamongollawl

    LOL Only 3 races? Get with the times. Human divisions have since multiplied and have become much more fluid. Amerindians are our own race. Or would you deny that a substantial part of European ancestry comes from a common ancestor shared by Europeans and Asians 15,000 years ago? Europeans are Central Asian in origin and Western Asian if one considers Europe and Asia as one single continent (which it is: Eurasia).

  • JohnnyBgood

    Ann is 100% correct, this article cuts and splices quotes here, and quotes there, to try to form a negative narrative about Ann, they failed. Who in God’s name would believe the NY Times, this is the same supposedly NEWS paper who refused to report that the President of the US was having a sexual affair with an intern IN the oval office! You believe them! LOL….

  • tiger tim

    STOP being soooo taken in by the ‘daring, outspoken
    right-wing’ —Coulter brand.

    FACT IS —she’s maintained unbroken, STONE COLD
    silence on the looming, indeed, gargantuan issue of our
    4 decades of enabling, sellout and suck-up to history’s
    –MOST– awesomely genocidal regime —ACROSS the

    In this she’s reading from the same playbook as the most
    corrupt of PC Hollywood franchise slummers.

    ESP. galling as millions continue to suffer and die
    FOR REAL on this —the once again ‘mysteriously
    overlooked’ 60th Anniversary of the staggeringly relevant
    –indeed, STILL unfolding —-KOREAN WAR…

    -‘OUTSPOKEN, DARING’ Coulter —-rrrright!


  • Al

    Thar’s money in them thar politics! Just ask Ann and Rush. They are fleecing millions everyday with their hate and spin. Far more money to be made commenting on politics than actually being in the game as a candidate.

  • GrannyofWhites

    There are no lunatics – Sharpton is just “passionate”. Right.



  • GrannyofWhites

    We have today an industry – the diversity industry – with many people making money and careers by “remembering” the worst. So, it is up to us citizens to volunteer to keep reminding people all was not so bad.
    There are many of us who would not be here today, if whites were racist.
    And approx. 38,000 Chinese babies would not have been adopted by Americans, if they were racist.

  • GrannyofWhites

    Many thousands if not hundreds of thousands of white males married Indian women throughout our country’s history. The descendants of those marriages know that the relationships were not all bad.

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  • GrannyofWhites

    How often did the poisoning of blankets occur? Yes, I know about it. It hardly ever happened and you know it.
    Indians also had wars and fought amongst themselves.
    We ALL know that. There were fights between tribes, and when one tribe won – what was that called? Was it called the same things when whites won a war between natives and Indians? No, then other terms were used.
    It is not true that all whites wanted to snuff out the Indians. I know that because I have read old stories regarding my own family and the Indians. I also know that there were white men who did respect some of the traditions.
    You aren’t answering any of the concerns about women’s rights. Not important enough subject. Yes, we know. Let’s not talk about the rights of women – too touchy.
    If the natives killed each other it was okay, but don’t let a white person kill a person of color.
    The Japanese issue? I don’t hear anyone complaining about them killing whales. And I know Indians are complaining about other Indians killing whales.
    But, oh, it is a tradition for Indians to kill whales – therefore, let them do it?

  • yDNA Haplogroup B

    Oh my, my, my! The lifeless hate monger has spoken again! Well, as we know Coulter, fortunately, will never go away. As the international community becomes more educated and “Cultured” about the ways of other peoples around the world (not just Europeans and their dishonest histories), eventually, but not soon enough, people will become less tolerant of blabber mouths like Ann Coulter. She is unfortunately, doing the majority of us a favor by even existing and opening her mouth. Personally, I think she needs a night at The Comedy Club here in Los Angeles (Ann, you’d probably make more money at making us all laugh if you could just concentrate…lol), because when you pick apart her very existence it’s kind of sad, but oh boy, I find her hilarious. I am mixed with everything under the sun and am very proud of it all, especially my father belonging to the most ancient existing royal lineage on earth Haplogroup B, the first peoples that left Africa and made it possible for you to exist. Oh, I’m sure you don’t believe in true science obviously, and would rather rank yourself supreme, but it’s just not true Ann.

    I will say however, for someone such as Coulter, to be so very loud mouthed, she doesn’t seem to proud of herself…constantly being on the defense. But I guess a paychecks a paycheck and that’s how I view her so called occupation, whatever that may be except a loud mouthed fool!

    Oh and by the way Ann, about the Native Americans being racist at the first sight of Whites coming to THEIR LAND, you are simply crazy lady! How could they have been racist when they had never seen people with such skin color you idiot? They were curious and at first shared with the whites, until they realized their true agenda which was ultimately genocide. As far as whites bringing farming to this land….where in hell did you go to school? The Natives were already farming and as a matter of fact taught your ancestors more than they knew at the time about agriculture to say the least. Had it not been for the Native Americans, Europeans would have perished in this land long ago. Doctors, which you claimed they needed? Well, some kind of doctors those Europeans were…lol, they couldn’t even cure themselves of filth let alone teach the Native Americans about medicine (they were already doctors…ya big dummy) or cures that they did not need until the arrival of the Europeans and their disgusting cancers and viruses. I’ll tell you what the Europeans did introduce…alcohol, dishonesty, corruption and mayhem! Not all of them, but definitely the ancestors of those who have been running this nation previously which is the reason for the mess we’re in now. It didn’t start with Bush or Obama…Bush, whom I seriously despise. It started with the arrival of your ancestors and unfortunately continues today. Remember tricking the natives into giving their land away with promises of grandeur? The US Government still owes them today. Greed is an absolute negative part of society. Also, the Chinese were basically slaves. Read about them being transported around the world and left in places like South America and the Caribbean. They at first, did not come here of their own free will. Of course you know they built the railway system we use today. Why weren’t your ancestors by the masses out there busting their ass picking cotton, growing sugar cane, tobacco and the likes? Through fear not peace have White Americans of the past gained power. It will not last long…this I promise you and I think you know this, reason being for your rhetoric. What goes up must come down. This planet is best run by all who inhabit it…not a select few greedy whites, blacks, jews, asians or any other race of people! And until this happens this world will continue to be run into the ground as it is today. Lady, you need to wake you and stop napping on life.

    The discoveries in medicine, science, philosophy, astronomy and just about any other field of science you can think of were not introduced by Europeans, anywhere in the world FIRST, but in fact by ALL OTHER, more ancient cultures such as…well, let’s just say to begin with Africans. What history books have you been reading? Oh yes, that’s right, you don’t read you just repeat the words of other very ignorant people ike yourself. Whites however, have made very incredible discoveries, but don’t you dare take away the accomplishments of other people. You disgust me and millions of other people.

    You really need to ask for a refund from whatever school of knowledge you attended…they have failed you miserably along with a host of other people in your life. Mainly your parents for starters. But hey, keep speaking your racist, untrue non-sense…you’re only helping to promote more tolerance and understanding! And your writing skills are worse than my eleven year old son….but then again, he comes from generations of people who take pride in understanding, learning and most of all realizing that we all bleed red, therefore it would only benefit himself/us to take notes from all cultures and learn a thing or two.

    While people like you will eventually just wilt away and find a cave to hide in, a more true meaning of what it is like to be human is being born as we speak and the light will shine on mankind once again.

    Thanks for your ignorance though from the bottom of my heart, I learn something about the country I live in every time you open your mouth. Please, feel free to respond to any discrepancies you feel are in my response, I would love to give you a lesson in world history. You make it so easy!

    I could go on and on for years about history past, present and what will become of the future, but to the likes of you why waste my time on such ingrained and stubborn ignorance? Now…that is beneath me.

    : )

  • Liesl

    Thanks, Scott! Hey, with all of that royalty/prominence, you should have some white pride! Ow, that hurt to type.

  • Scott

    Granny – You ramble on an awful lot, so it’s a bit difficult to follow your train of thought, except when it goes off the tracks, however…
    You end your last post with, “You can’t go back and select only the facts that make you feel good while conveniently forgetting major contributions.”
    Exactly, which is why the fact that Europeans brought writing and “education” with them is completely irrelevant to the fact that prior to that, they brought blankets & clothing purposely infected with smallpox and other diseases and traded with the natives for the express purpose of committing genocide….seems like you conveniently forgot a major “contribution” of the europeans there. The doctors weren’t really brought to help the indigenous people, and the effort to educate them was NOT done with their interests in mind, but rather to turn ‘savages’ into ‘civilized’ people that the europeans would feel more comfortable in their presence. It was an effort to recreate them in the europeans own image, without any attempt to understand the cultures they were bent on destroying. How else do you explain the endless broken promises of the european-americans to the indigenous peoples? In most cases, there wasn’t even any effort to disguise it as anything else.
    As far as education goes, you’re talking about YOUR euro-centric idea of education…i.e.sitting in a classroom learning english, writing or european history while being forced to deny one’s own heritage. A lack of writing does not necessarily translate into ignorance. Personally, I think the ability to track game and hunt, knowledge of the natural world, the knowledge of the stars and natural cycles, and the traditions and history passed down verbally from generation to generation (completely lost forever now in some cases), among other things, are just as, if not more valuable than any euro-centric idea of “education.” Just because some europeans didn’t think it was valuable knowledge doesn’t mean it wasn’t.
    Did you ever stop to think that perhaps the problem is not the immigrants themselves, but the governmental system & structure, established by “whites,” that allow them to do the things you are complaining about?
    You also seem to have a problem with people demanding their rights…regardless of color, I don’t see the problem. I DEMAND my rights too…precisely because they are RIGHTS, NOT PRIVELEGES.
    And BTW, you STILL really haven’t defined “White Culture” or the threats to it….

    Liesl – to answer your question…I did it with the help of dedicated family members through a great deal of research at small-town (& big-city) libraries, and perhaps more critically, the good-fortune of having many very, very prominent families (euro-royalty, a founding father & prominent American-revolutionary figures, industry giants, etc.) in my family tree, which made it much easier to trace than if I did not.

  • GrannyofWhites

    During World War II, blacks, whites, Native Americans and even Japanese Americans fought the Japanese.
    Now, why didn’t blacks, Native Americans and Japanese Americans refuse to fight the invaders – who were bombing the coast of Oregon, Los Angeles and Pearl Harbor?
    Isn’t it because they didn’t want to speak Japanese, work for the Japanese or eat Japanese food? In other words, they didn’t want people of another CULTURE to take over.
    The Japanese were not necessarily “nice” having murdered many in China and other places.
    And yet – they are people of color.
    The Japanese are cool TODAY, but not yesterday. Not in the past.
    The Native Americans and other ethnic groups were not always so cool, either, often murdering women and children on sight. Not cool.
    Many Europeans were bringing education – reading, writing – to natives who had no education. The Spanish priests brought education to California and Mexico. Where would those indigents be today had they not been forced to go to school? They would be woefully naive and childlike in a world filled with educated people.
    And the native like to point out any disease the Europeans brought without admitting that the Europeans also brought doctors and many good inventions. The Europeans brought farming traditions and methods that greatly increased food supplies for the whole world.
    You can’t go back and select only the facts that make you feel good while conveniently forgetting major contributions.

  • Liesl

    Scott: How did you trace your ancestry back that far? And what did you find? I know it’s off topic, but I am so curious!

  • GrannyofWhites

    Also, immigrants come here and try to convince us that whites are bad, etc. And yet they come from countries that are evil in many ways. The males in other countries allow fewer rights for women. I know a whole passle of Asian women who dislike the males of their ethnic group who go drinking and treat them like they are inferior – they have all married American men.
    And in Mexico they have the practice of “raptos” in which young girls are fair game for the advances and even rape by males – and the country can’t get new laws passed because the men won’t agree.
    And in Liberia, when American blacks went there to live – the local Africans accused them of acting superior and arrogant.
    But, people of color in America DEMAND their rights and live in a fairytale world (knowing all the while that they have it much better here.)

    And do all these new immigrants ask the Native Americans for permission to live here. Ha! No, they act like white people and move right in.
    Weren’t Native Americans racist to make a distinction between white newcomers and other newcomers along the border who looked like them? Yes, the Native Americans were racist.

  • GrannyofWhites

    Also, I found an old article – not sure of the date – in which the media at that time had discovered that the Chinese workers in the US were planning a huge union. They were all sending a dollar to a central organization so that they would have more rights, strike, etc. This was when the US was flooded with them. In order to fight back the media began informing the public of their plans.
    Later, the Chinese exclusion act was passed – but as you can see, it was to protect against these workers who were organizing and going to try to pump up their power, not because Americans were hateful or disliked their skin color. If they had dislked their race, why had they been hiring them to cook their food? This doesn’t make sense. If you hate someone’s race, you don’t want them to do anything for you or be in close quarters with them.
    No, it is just like now. The influx of workers from other countries who are trying to make a show of power are increasing tensions among citizens because citizens have a sense of fairness and do not want to compete with people who have no history here.
    And just as is discussed on “You Don’t Speak for Me” – it is true that our new “illegals” are self-declaring income levels while Americans have their income verified on screens that only caseworkers have access to.
    Do you trust an illegal when they say they are poor? Not even Hispanic Americans trust them.

  • GrannyofWhites

    Well, our southern line is thought to be part Native American by a tribal genealogist and we, like many Americans are getting DNA tests and doing genealogy in order to make our claims to sovereignty. Lots of whites are part NA. I had a friend on a reservation who looked completely white but was 1/4 NA.
    What is black culture? What is NA culture? The foods we eat, the songs we sing, the gods we praise, the values and customs we hold dear and pass down – many/most are white European – not NA, black or Asian.
    Why I will continue speaking is because many people of color and other immigrants come here and want rights but forget about their responsibilities and that includes white Russians who are showing up on state welfare screens with 8 to 15 children. I know.
    When you wonder why whites are “always” down on some ethnic group, maybe the first person you should call to ask why – is the manager of the local welfare office.
    There are too many of us who have worked for the state or federal government and we see what many don’t. The lack of responsibility by people of color – the dependency which goes on for generation after generation.
    Celebrate diversity – but celebrate it by thinking of ways to make your ethnic group independent, not more dependent on others.
    California is going bankrupt. And it’s so diverse.

  • Scott

    Ann Coulter is a huge part of what is wrong with this country…offensive to anybody with more than one brain cell or tooth, but I’m writing because I have one question for Granny…
    If you’re not rascist Granny, then why, instead of “GrannyofWhites,” aren’t you “Grannyof4″ or “Grannyof6″ or however many poor, little minds you are polluting with your tiny bit of knowledge? A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, and you Granny, are a loaded gun waiting to go off! On that count, I agree with Don Q.

    I have traced my family tree back to the 900’s, and my “white” ancestors were in this country exactly twelve years after the Mayflower arrived…my ancestors also include Native Americans…so am I “white” or not? (PLEASE say no!!!) Since my ancestors were here centuries (or even millenia!) before yours, does that somehow mean that you are less legitimate than I?
    I think not…(even though I think bigots like you should be forcibly deported – but who’d have you,? – and perhaps even sterilized so you cannot continue to pollute the gene pool)…

    PLEASE try to gain a little more knowledge so you aren’t such a danger to your grandchildren’s world view. There are enough diseases out there already…don’t doom them with an infection of your bigotry. Bigotry is dangerous & offensive no matter who is exhibiting it….although I admit, I’m clearly bigoted about bigots…

    ALSO, you never did make any attempt to answer Don Q’s extremely relevant question…
    PLEASE, We’re all patiently awaiting your answer.

  • nikki

    Go Ann Coulter… at least she is brave enough to speak her mind without fear of a backlash… I appreciate her fearlessness.

  • Howard Cohen

    Fox Tabloid News Network have collected the most insane white supremaciste-hate mongers in the United States and parade them on TV every evening. However, the masculine looking Coulter appears to be suffering from a bad thyroid problem. Some times I feel her eyes want to jump out of their socket.

  • Troy Kirkendoll

    The first time I saw Coulter she was on Geraldo’s show commenting 2 1/2 times on ‘Clinton masturbating in the kitchen sink’. I really could not believe what I was hearing. Whatever happened to standards in this country? Someone like her should be related to a dark corner somewhere. She’s filthy. As for the Americas, there have been a number of migrations, not all from asia. China in the 1420’s left at least 2 colonies. The language & DNA of the Navaho have been directly linked to the Chinese. And, yes, the Chinese & the Native Americans are neither one red. The Chinese range from almost parchment white through gold to brown depending to a large extent on how much time they spend in the sun. Cheers!

  • Vive Liberte’

    Liberals are so predictable its frightening- When they are faced with issues that they disagree with and have no legitemate response that required any thought- your little pea brains short circuit and you start name calling and mudslinging- you never have any researched facts to back your arguments and act like little bully school children egging on a fight- jesus christ grow up!

  • RobStec

    Like my mother used to say, “why can’t we all just get along”
    First time to the website (and most likely the last). For an organization that prides itself on tolerance, I am shocked at this blog. Lastly, discrimination and prejudice do occur, regardless of race. People (ALL PEOPLE) inherently are more comfortable in what they are used to. Educate, TEACH TOLERANCE. Peace.

  • GrannyofWhites

    At this moment, “amber waves of grain” are coming to their most beautiful stage in many states.
    Go and take a look at them. Think about the history of wheat growing in this country. See the people whose dream was to grow wheat, corn, beans, strawberries, apples. And to raise cattle, sheep and pigs.

    What kind of DREAM is that?

    It is one that has enabled so many of us to be alive to complain.

  • GrannyofWhites

    Blacks and Hispanics are no longer “minorities” since they number in the millions. They can be just as self-promoting and bullying as whites – who they accuse of the same negative traits. They see themselves mirrored in their faces.
    They know it is truly the groups with the small numbers who don’t see themselves on basketball teams, in movies, in advertising: Asians and Native Americans, for instance – who are the true minorities in America, today.
    That said, I don’t think every group coming to our shores should push so hard to replace the culture here with their own. It sickens me.
    It is okay in Japan, for example, to protect one’s own culture – or in Mexico, but not here? That is wrong.
    America does have it’s own culture and the whites who have been here for hundred of years were primarily farmers and business owners who built this country to where it is now. Yes, there were negatives – but ALL countries have those negative – some much worse.
    The truth shall set you free. Until you have driven through hundreds of miles with hundreds of farms and seen hundreds of farmers doing the work they have done since the 1600’s – YOU will be lying to yourself about America – and what made it great – if you can’t admit that whites with very good INTENTIONS made this country what it is today.

  • GrannyofWhites

    There are closet bigots in all communities. I remember going to a black church as a teen and how the young teen girls treated me when their parents asked them to let me sing.
    What was the problem – the color of my skin? They hadn’t even heard me sing – (primarily it was one girl – the ringleader, who was very negative and hateful).
    I had been singing in church for many years before that – just not their church. It’s not like I wasn’t qualified.
    Oh, I’ve got a hundred stories about race.

  • GrannyofWhites

    So, there are many on all sides who never allow anything to be forgotten and who also fail to mention the positives.
    She could be seen as only fighting back against the paid advocates – the professional diversity employees or contractors with the state and federal government. What, exactly is the difference?
    Many of us have had to sit through diversity training propaganda in our employment. While the truth is, Putnam at Harvard concluded that diversity is not good for communities. The government should be sued for spending tax dollars on based on false ideas which are probably just pushed by employers who want to forget about people and human emotion.

  • RomOno

    Coulter is deliberately controversial for monetary gain. She rides the razors edge brilliantly. Every racist, nationalist comment leaves the door open for additional clarification requiring endless debate. Conservatives embrace her and applaud each comment, giving her air-time to bask in the glory of her incendiary ignorance and further entrenching her racist beliefs deeper into the fabric of their flawed morality. Moderates attempt to debate and trap her, ultimately enlarging the coffers of Coulter. Liberals tend to curtly dismiss her, irritating the hell out of her and driving her to make increasingly ignorant comments. I hope she keeps it up. Her comments often drive the like-minded to stand up and agree with her, bringing them out of the shadows where they can be seen for what they are.

  • joseph

    first of all everything that was stated in the article is completely false. who ever wrote this article should be fired. then you have few liberal idiots following the false information and commenting on it before they see the facts. thats why liberals are so stupid, they dont know any facts they think and talk right off reaction. you idiots should be deported with all the other ILLEGAL immigrants. now i guess im racist because i said ILLEGAL immigrants should be sent back to the country and come the right way. you guys need to jump off a bridge. white power! no im not a racist im just proud to be white, no one says a black guys racist when he says black power. morons you all should be sent to an island.

  • Ervine Joseph

    If Ann Coulter is a moron, she is certainly a smart, rich moron. You sound like most liberals I know–they can’t handle the truth, nor someone with a different point of view.


    E. Joseph in Eastern Ky

  • Tracey Johnson

    I really do not like spending my precious time commenting on such “characters” as this, but what would the world be without the likes of me and one yet ignorant, unique AssH#$! like Ann Coulter.

    With that stated, my personal opinion of this “unbelievable woman” (and please believe me, I’m stretching my words by recognizing Ann Coulter, as a human being let alone a woman of pure power),…Crazy, Deranged and completely out of this or any world for that matter. Not to mention the ignorant rhetoric that continuously spews and spills from her lips!. I love it, because she can educate the masses, unfortunately however, through her own ignorance. What a keen and witty, yet illogical and ignorant mind she posses!

    Thank you for your “underlined, radically racial” opinions (no wonder it didn’t work with Bill Maher) Anne! I feed, and progressively educate the real US majority (who you obviously know none, except for Chaney and Bush), without party prejudice, US citizens via people like you. So, in essence, you have served your country well! I Salute You…Queen Bitch, a title that suits you well!

    If Aliens invaded our planet tomorrow, you would be one of the first to be exterminated if ignorant comments and antics were a factor. Thank the universe for wishful thinking. Thank the universe for ignorant people like you who spread discontent and anarchy.

    This chick (Ann Coulter) is completely intolerable by any “human” standards with the exception of being an extremist …never mind creed nor color.

    Anne, do us all a favor, grab a “Desert Eagle”, point and click…it’s that simple! Awww…I shouldn’t have said that? Really? Come on, you and I both know she’s a terrible representative of the USA. She’s does smell funny though…lol!

    Ann, I know you and you don’t know me lol (however, I would debate you in a heartbeat and make you look none the less “clumsy”)! LoL again @ U Ann! I love the USA…don’t you Ann? Anonymous entities is what created today’s (06/10/2009 D.C., Museum killing) tragedy with the Holocaust Museum killing…did you like that press Ann? Are you a proud American? I’m not, and furthermore, it was certainly a domestic act of terrorism! I could almost swear (if I believed in GOD) that you are throwing your “fists in a hoo-rah for WHITE JUSTICE”, right now in hopes of some unfounded, unfortunate and unbelievable wishes for Humanity as a “WHOLE” to end, with the WHITE RACE only left on the planet. Am I wrong?. How do you think you and your people will survive? You didn’t make it here alone Ann. Blacks, Africans, African Americans, first and foremost Ann, taught you and your ancestors and everyone on this planet, how to be, how to use, they taught you “CIVILIZATION BITCH” and how to be. But, along the way the majority of the population forgot to remember. Yes it’s an oxymoron, yet true! Everything you/whites and they/the rest,” know today is possible because of all ethnicities. Suck it up BITCH, it’s a fact, it’s called E+V+O+L+U+T+I+I+O+N! Your maternal grandmother was black, your paternal grandfather was black!

    I know there is this thing called “freedom of speech”, and I do respect that, but when you personally make it “seem okay” to discriminate, and exploit an entire race of people, based on completely altered and unfounded facts, then your words are no longer valued, they’re meaningless and unappreciated, not to mention, this is “Ignorance At It’s Peak! Simply put Ann, you do not speak to or for the masses. There’s an entire world lingering out there that you can in no way “shape, form or fashion”…comprehend…ever, due to your I presume, inherited ignorance!

    Where did you study Ann? That institution owes you a huge refund!!!!!!! LMAO@U again! I’m sure it wasn’t a prestigious institution.

    I’m sure you would take this insult as a compliment, but you are Rush Limbaugh in the “fat and obnoxious” female form. By the way Anne, no one really likes Rush, regardless of what the networks say, so, I guess that means…we don’t like you!

    And oh, did I misspell your name …pooh, too bad. It’s like one of those foreign identities, I just do not get, but aren’t they all…my bad Sis! Alas, by calling you Sis, am I recognizing you as an African American or a woman? Hell Fucking NO, it’s just my “slang” girl! Go fetch!

    By the way, with a name like that, are you American, or a French Spy…LMAO@U? Oh yea, that’s right, no one in the USA is American, only the Natives. Sorry, we are all derivatives of our ancestral lands. Mine happens to be everywhere including Africa, the Middle East, Russia, Iran, and like I said, everywhere else, so that makes me cultured and I represent everyone in a fair manner to this respect at least. Unfortunately, this does not apply to you.

    Sounds to me like you should move to France and take your Bu#@S*T with you!

    You are a moron!

    Tracey in Pasadena, CA

    This woman is a complete moron. Ignorant to any “true” meaning of sociology

  • jaco

    Ares, whatever you’re smoking, please stop b/c it’s killing your percepton of reality. Ann Coulter doesn’t represent all whites and no”revolution by minorities” will ever happen.
    You sound like an anti-white, there’s also no room for people like you either but we’ll put up with it and have a good laugh at your expense.

  • Ares

    Ann Coulter is a racist. She’s not afraid to admit it, and people who disagree with racism should not be afraid to force her to pay consequences for her actions. In the near future, there will be a second revolution by the minorities in this country, only they won’t be that anymore. Minorities will make up the majority, and the race currently known as ‘White’ will make up a very small percentage of the population. Let Ann Coulter run her mouth and get herself and the rest of her racist colleagues thrown out of government. It will happen.

  • mr glen


  • Linda Masterson

    As despicible as Ms. Coulter is, she has just as much right to voice her opinions as we do. Still, I find myself thinking – stop her before she reproduces.

  • Charles Miller

    God, I love Ann. If I were twenty years younger and single I’d marry her. I love her thought process and the way she stands up to the politicians and media but I would have to gag her and just let her type her blogs, books, and opinions because she won’t shut up long enough for anyone to get their opinions across. She has good ideas and makes a lot of sense on the issues but please Ann, just write and keep your mouth shut.

  • Alz

    Carolyn Wagner,

    Read THE book. Coulter was not endorinsg this CCC. She used them as a comparison for the very racism that you people are complaining about.

    You are the one spewing hate about her and I doubt that you have read the book!

    Also, you are applying today’s standards to history. If you are going to talk about the Europeans claiming “this land”, then you need to include things like…

    – how it was the Progressives who started Planned Parenthood for the purpose of killing off “undesireables” ;

    – or how the “Liberals”/Progressives have kept the inner cities enslaved for over 40 years with policies that create and foster hopelessness, despair and death. (You can’t blame Bush, you can’t blame Republicans and you can’t blame Conservatives. But we all can blame Democrats and Liberals for the plight of the inner cities over the past FORTY YEARS!!!!!);

    – or how the “Liberals”/Progressives have done the same thing to American Indians by pushing programs on them that keep those people enslaved.

    You are directing your anger at the wrong place. It’s liberalism that must be destroyed. Read Coulter’s book – as a start.

    A good video is “How Modern Liberals Think” by Evan Sayet. Evan used to be a writer for Bill Maher:

    I guess the big thing to remember is that it is the liberals who have been the problem all along. They attack Coulter and they haven’t read her works.

    For the record, I don’t like how she presents herself on TV, but, as I said, her writing is good.

  • Carolyn Wagner

    Where is the outrage to this onslaught to deprive human beings of their equal rights? Where is the outrage at the abuse heaped upon lgbt children? Where is the outrage for the victims of ALL bias motivated violence? I read and see where so many are free to write and pose high ideals on issues of race, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation and poverty but where are they when ugly and bias legislation comes before city, state or national political bodies? Showing up for candle lit vigils are a day late, take action now. Who is willing to publicly address the hate spewed by Coulter and her ilk?

    As for the writer above who defined native americans as red, fails history when not addressing what is unique to the results of the American Holocaust. It is estimated that close to 100 million Native Americans lost their life when the Europeans claimed this land. We are a nation of very mixed blood and cultures. Facts and honesty of all of our history is the path to acceptance for everyone.

    When the question was posed to a Cherokee Elder, “What is the skin color of Native Americans?” The answer was. “They are the color of the soil.” I am a by product of the mix of former slaves, Cherokee, and English. What is my skin color, to whom do I align with? I choose to not hate, to accept all but let none, ever again, step upon my person nor those I love.

  • Alz

    I’m subsribed to the email list on the thread and many people are delusional here. She was not endorinsg this CCC. She used them as a comparison for the very racism that you people are complaining about.

    You really should read the book. It is very good.

  • death

    You guys at SPLC are anti white. You need to come out of the closet and just say it you hate whites.

  • Sharon Dupree

    It is clear that Coulter started her pimping herself when she joined the Federalists Society, whose bigoted mantra included their good-old-boy cowardly beliefs about women that went beyond being chauvinistic and whose judicial decisions are controlling the Supreme Court and other courts. She furthers her lack of veracity and conscience by her ability to profit off of hate. But, the real problem isn’t her. It’s the people who buy into her rhetoric. They are the ones we need to be concerned with, along with extremely unprofessional and profit driven media personalities ( some of whom agree with her), who attempt to legitimize her behavior. If she was other than an extreme conservative and was targeting conservatives, she probably would have been designated as one of their “terrorists” by now and locked away without effective legal representation.

  • VietnamEraVet

    Ann Coulter is perfect representative of the twisted, self pitying party the Republicans have become. I think she feels she can just say anything and get way with it. Even she must be amazed!!

    But the real disturbing thing is the eagerness of so many to welcome her statements regardless of truth and her basic tenet that large numbers of people in this country secretly hate America and want to destroy it and the willingness of the media to be a part of this for profit motives..

    Republicans, like Coulter, have created a divided country and have spread hate and ill will as never before in their scorched earth policy of dividing the country into us vs them . And anyone who thinks that anything on the left is in anyway remotely comparable to the hate she spreads and the amount of support Conservatives give her, is willfully blind.

    There is a lot of hate in this country and the really frightening thing is that so many embrace it. She is just the tip of the iceberg.