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Jury Delivers Mixed Verdict In Vigilante Rancher Case

By Hatewatch Staff on February 24, 2009 - 7:01 am, Posted in Uncategorized

A federal civil jury rejected claims that Roger Barnett violated the civil rights of immigrants he detained at gunpoint, but ordered him to pay $77,804 in damages after finding him liable for assault and infliction of emotional distress.
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  • Ryan the non-Aryan

    “Rich White Rich Jewish US Government.”


    That logic alone is quite retarded.
    Retarded to the point where you call Barack Obama a “Rich White Jewish” is lower than a 1st grader.

    Retarded to the point where you call John McCain a “Rich White Jewish” is moot. Sure the dude is “White” but he isn’t “Jewish”.

    Your comment is also a no brainer to call half of the Obama adminstration team which comprises of Women, non-Whites, Whites and Bi-racial individuals. His team is so diverse that its impossible to call the U.S. Government ” Rich White Jewish”. I can name both Republicans and Democrats politicians who are non-White. Both Parties are now racially diversified, that reiterating trite 1980’s nonsensical innuendos that the U.S. Government is somehow still a “Rich White Jewish” Government is in itself stupid.

    You say you’re “half White and half Mexican”? Well, you may look like a Mexican with a Mexican surrname, but you harbor the same moronic mentality of a despicable white supremacists, who BTW, hate mixed-raced individuals as much as a full fledge Mexican. This is true according to popular hate sites like Stormfront, in there you will see how much blather is spewed on “race mixers”, “Bi-racials” and “race traitors” aimed at folks just like you.

  • Marisa

    Gee, Albert, you’re really upset, aren’t you? Calling our government “Rich White Jewish” is a bit extreme and certainly shows your ignorance – and YOUR bigotry – SHAME ON YOU. I am white and consider Roger Barnett a racist and a bigot – your type of “American.” Barnett should have been convicted on ALL charges. Thank goodness he will have to pay a hefty fine – serves him right.

  • Albert Lee Garibay

    Roger Barnett is a Hero in my Eyes and always will be a Hero.I am Half White and Mexican he did what a Person would do if Millions and Millions of Foreigners kept entering the Land that had signs saying keep off Land or suffer the fate that I will Impose on you.I would have done the same thing.What makes me angry is this Rich White Rich Jewish US Government a bunch of Trash will never do what is right for the True Born US Good Citizens they will continue to let Trash enter and Destroy our Dreams.The US Government has Destroyed all my Dreams.Thanks US Government.