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Minuteman Project Endorses Urban Racial Profiling By U.S. Border Patrol

By Hatewatch Staff on March 10, 2009 - 8:20 am, Posted in Uncategorized

Minuteman Project spokesman Raymond Herrera voiced the organization’s support for U.S. Border Patrol agents engaged in racial profiling in cities well north from the border.
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  • Mark

    Maybe you should check the definition of RACIAL profiling John. You were not profiled because of the color of your skin or your accent. You were stopped because you looked like a person who had committed a criminal act. Get a Webster’s John. You just reinforce the notion that most anti-immigrant nativists are nothing more than a bunch of uneducated rednecks. Good job buddy!

  • http://none John R Clark

    Hey, Mark: get off it. I am a caucasian very pale and white-haired elderly man who has been stopped numerous times because police were seeking a man who could have been my double. Was I inconvenienced? Most certainly. Was I angry? nope! John Law was doing his duty, and I respected his methods. I have spent numerous weeks supporting the Minutemen at the border and intend to continue doing so. We are able to augment the eyes and presence of the USBP and, by the way, come to the aid of illegals who are dying because their coyotes have abandoned them. Hopefully the USBP–many of whom are Latino themselves–continue their profiling. The crimes some of the illegals commit (best guesstimates are that at least 10% are so inclined) just might be perpetrated on myopic men such as yourself were it not for the USBP and their methods.

  • Mark

    I just pray that one day one of these guys interrogates my legal Latina wife. I would love nothing more than to file a Federal lawsuit over this. It has to stop. This is still America and when we no longer have probable cause or due process America is no longer free. When a person is harrassed for no more than the color of their skin or their accent we have turned away from everything America once stood for. Every person in this country has the right to go about their business unimpeded by the authorities unless their is probable cause to justify the impediment. And skin color is not probable cause no matter how desperatly some of you wish it were. To all of you nativist scumbags I say bring it on. I would love nothing more than to send all of you bigots surrying and slithering back into the holes and under the rocks from which you came.

  • Federale

    Excellent work by the USBP. Carry on.

  • Gina

    If suspects fit a description, it’s not racial profiling. The vast majority of those in the US illegally are from south of the border, and the vast majority of them are from Mexico. It’s not racial profiling. I used to respect the SPLC, now I see that there was substance to the criticisms it, and Morris Dees used to receive. It is working to subvert and erode the civil rights of American citizens, and those they hurt the most, are working poor American citizens, who happen to be black and white. What’s the matter, Dees have his millions invested in the same corporations that have historically been working to destroy the minimum wage, wage standards, workplace protections?

    And to George Sidoti, sorry, but the border patrol doesn’t need to be overseen by a civilian panel, no doubt hand picked by wannabe slave masters like you. The supreme court of the US stated that what the border patrol was doing is absolutely legal and constitutional. I’d suggest you spend less time naval gazing, George, because you have no idea of what you’re talking about.

  • mother teresa

    well thats ok but ,I think they all have thier rights to their opinion ,but it will never stop ,just live more safer and have peace within yourself.

  • George Sidoti

    Racial profiling is wrong and nobody should ever be subjected to any form of discrimination and that is what racial profiling is: racial discrimination. There needs to be oversight by a civilian board appointed by a federal judge to scrutinize the arrests made by the Border Patrol Agents involved in this type of arrest.

    Who’s out watching the watchman, when the watchman is out watching!

  • jerome

    Damned right they need to racial profile. If they A Speaka No Englise, have no ID’s and no address, it is very likely that they are criminal invaders. To hell with profiling, just pick them up and ship them out of our country. We have enough home grown welfare deadbeats without inviting millions of others from other nations who have respect for the rule of law. And, you folks at SPLC promote this insanity. Why don’t you guys stand up for what is right for a change, instead of defending child rapists on death row and the illegal invasion of this country. If you guy like the illegal invasion so much, why don’t you all pack up and move to Mexico or some place else south of the border.