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White Supremacist Running Odinist Network From Maximum-Security Prison

By Larry Keller on March 20, 2009 - 3:37 pm, Posted in Racist Neo-Paganism

Casper CrowellCasper Crowell is a busy man. He’s the spiritual leader of a religious non-profit organization, the Holy Nation of Odin, Inc. Crowell designs some of its greeting cards, which he sells along with a host of other merchandise on his group’s website. He also recruits followers through several MySpace pages, a blog and his own YouTube channel. He’s been interviewed for a National Geographic Channel documentary. And in 2007 he endorsed the presidential candidacy of Republican Ron Paul.

Crowell, 46, has done all of this and more while serving a life sentence for murder in a California maximum-security prison that also is home to the likes of Charles Manson and Sirhan Sirhan. He proclaims himself “the honorable allsherjargothi in the Holy Nation of Odin, Inc.” That’s from Old Norse meaning “the People’s (Folk’s) Priest/servant,” Crowell says. Membership is $40 a year, unless like Crowell, you’re incarcerated.

Racist versions of Odinism and its Icelandic version, Asatru, have become increasingly popular theologies among imprisoned racists and others on the radical right in recent years. Odinism features Norse gods such as Odin, the warlike father of all gods and men. The racist version advocates the ultimate triumph of a pure, white race.

So does Crowell, who calls himself “Dr. Casper Odinson Crowell” and sports a large swastika tattoo on his chest. He is a former leader in the violent and racist Aryan Brotherhood prison gang. He left that organization because it wasn’t pure enough for him.

After quitting the Aryan Brotherhood, Crowell busied himself with the Odinism organization, which lists his wife, Linda, as executive administrative director. Linda Crowell works for the Social Security Administration in Fresno.

Crowell also began another organization with a website called Vinland Folk Resistance that extols the virtues of Odinism and racism. On that website, he urged fellow white nationalists to resolve their differences and work toward one goal: “WHITE PRIDE!” His wife contributed an essay, “On Aryan Beauty.”

On the Vinland website, Crowell praised the “late and beloved Folk Patriot and Odinist, David Lane” and urged visitors to “fight for the mission of the 14 words.” Lane was the getaway driver when fellow members of the domestic terrorist group The Order murdered Alan Berg, a Denver radio show host, in 1984. He died in prison in May 2007 while serving a 190-year sentence for his role in the slaying. It was Lane who coined the “14 words” held dear by many white nationalists: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children.”

Crowell’s Odinism website shows names and photographs of other Holy Nation of Odin officials. Several appear to be prison inmates, like Crowell. One of them is Richard Kemp, a “recognized gothi” or priest. He appears to be the same Richard Kemp who was the youngest member of The Order, the neo-Nazi domestic terrorist group that in the early 1980s robbed armored cars and assassinated Denver Jewish talk show host Alan Berg, among other crimes. Kemp, 46, has served 24 years of a 60-year federal prison sentence imposed after he was convicted of armed robbery, conspiracy and racketeering. He’s scheduled to be released in January 2010.

Kemp’s criminal history isn’t mentioned on the website, and neither is Crowell’s. Instead, Odinism, the holy nation’s website informs you, is an ancient religion practiced in northern Europe before the advent of Christianity. “Self-realization and empowerment are at the heart of modern Odinism” which the website says consists of ancient and indigenous beliefs “comparable … to Native American-Indian spirituality.”

To help Odinists in their worship, the Holy Nation of Odin website offers lots of merchandise for sale. A Viking sword costs $350; a Viking tunic a mere $45. Viking drinking horns range from $25 to $85.

According to the Crowells’ MySpace page, “Dr. C” is “working on a book of his thoughts, articles and prose” intended to raise money for their two organizations. But for all his entrepreneurial activities, Crowell’s confinement places limitations on just how fast he can proceed. No publication date for his tome, therefore, is mentioned.

“Everything takes time … behind the wall,” his wife explained.

  • vinlander

    thumb up odinson !
    It is exactly what is going on.
    The white race is the only race showing decline in its unmixed form…soon there won’t be much unmixed Caucasian in America. In Africa there are Africans, in China …you guessed it Chinese, in Mexico Mexicans…and in America AND North Europe well pretty much everything now. White people suffer more from racism than any other race because of stupid political correctness and representation in art and culture. A white man can’t be proud to be white without being labelled a damn racist. To be proud to be white has nothing to do with hate and bringing down other races. That is the agenda of minorities to impose on majority that view point. Hate is a destroying feeling that destroy faster the hater than the target…Be proud to be who you are whatever race you are and keep within your race if you wanna keep what is left of your culture…unless you want to play the Universalist leftist way of single thought BIG Brother want to feed you with…

  • odinson

    Here is the facts! Native american religions are practiced by native americans. Northern european religions “ASATRU” ODINISM! Are practiced by you guessed it northern europeans! This is the beauty of our world! You should be proud to be Jewish, Black, Hispanic, or even WHITE !!!! OMG! Watch out for the proud white guys! Ever see a guy with a fist on his shirt that was black? or a mexican with a brown pride sticker across the window of his car???? Yes you have were you worried???? Ever see a white guy with a white pride shirt on???? Were you worried??? The street goes both ways people!

    I am a separtist ! I believe all cultures of this world are beautiful and should maintain there beautiful differences!

    This sight seems to say we are all the same !!!! But we are not!!! And guess what that is ok! We are all beautiful in our own rights and beliefs and backgrounds!!

    Time we all get a freakin grip!!! Free country my ass!!!!

  • jay

    okay first off most people on this site are just way outta control this man is doing nothing wrong he’s just trying to better himself. and learning and spreading his ancestrial religion so ask yourself what does that make him a Badman a racist what. when black
    people take pride in themselves or Mexicans take pride in themselves it’s okay. however once again a white man is learning about his ancestral religion which were all white people so now that makes him a racist in your eyes. and I can bet 100 percent most people on here bad mouthing this man are white themselves. meaning European whites not Jews. because many white people in America have become ashamed of there own race. because they are sell outs and they are afraid of minorities
    unlike this man who is proud of his heritage and studying it in learning it I say more power to him. and I know all about odinism and asatru. it is basically an ancient religion of Scandinavians also Germanic tribes and the anglo-saxons also worshiped odin but called him woden. and the ancient people that worshiped these gods were violent people and warriors. but to my knowledge not racist laugh out loud. so therefore in my opinion this man is doing nothing wrong it’s all you white people who are embarrassed of your own back ground and heritage. who are committing a crime worse than this man ever did. so there for you need to shut up and if you’re a man start being a real man. and take pride and where your people come from and stop supporting the minorities who could care less about you. infact all you sell outs the minorities aren’t your friends they’re laughing behind your back or worse and you got no self pride. shut up and grow a backbone and quit worrying about what is man is doing at least he’s not afraid to say where’s his ancestors are from and what they believed in long long ago.

  • Elliot Rosenthal

    Well said, Mr. Rushing. I am an American of Jewish ancestry, yet I must agree almost entirely. I am well aware of those fellow Americans (who share my ancestry) that have seized control of the media over the course of 50 or so years. This particular media source is highly discriminatory in who they persecute. It’s not something new; however, they do effectively profile the ones who are dangerous. The SPLC does not target other hate organizations simply because: 1.) The hierarchy is dominated by Jewish officials. 2.) Those “other” hate-mongering organizations do not have the leadership intelligence to pose any real threat. Most of their followers are far more ignorant than the WN groups. .

  • Mark Rushing

    Some of the comments that I have read on this topic are precise, concise and to the point while many are nothing but liberal ramblings. Black pride, Latino pride, Gay pride, Indian pride etc.. etc… is fully endorsed by the government and the public as a whole because the ideology has been that these folks should have something to be proud of, i.e. Black and Proud, while on the other side of the coin whites are taught today that they should be ashamed of being white and that our race has caused all the evils in the world. Whites are labeled as racist if they mention white pride and placed on a domestic terrorist watchlist. White people have many reasons to be proud, in this country and around the world but just like in every other racial group, there are members of the race that prove to be less than desireable members of any society. The media as a whole concentrates on reporting on white supremacists while completely ignoring or covering up all of the hate groups sponsored by non-whites. There was no mention of the college professor speaking at Harvard that flatly stated the only way to solve social issues was to exterminate the white race. Not a peep from the media or anyone else. Corwel did not TELL on his aryan brothers, he told on himself and dropped out. Having been incarcerated myself, I have no misgivings about who and what the AB are. The AB does not war against other races in prison, they target the weak, extort money from other whites and as a whole recruit muscle that have the appearance of being white (it doesn’t matter if they are part jew, part black, part indian or something in between) The prison system is a pathetic example of corrections in the US, it is so corrupt (from the officials on down) that there is absolutely no rehabilitation for anything and is saturated with gangs of every color that outnumber the whites so that the whites have to form alliances to prevent constant victimization by the blacks getting even for “their suffering” at the hands of white slave masters. Personally, I am proud to be white, that does not mean that I am a white supremacist, I am proud to be an American so that makes me a nationalist… In this country, anything a white man does puts him on an “ist” list while all other races are given a get out of jail free card. There were a number of recent hate crimes in Tulsa, OK where blacks savagely beat a 90 year old white male and raped his 88 year old wife to death, then there was the murder of a young white couple walking through the park that were forced to kneel and shot in the back of the head because they were white. No Hate-Crime charges were filed in either case. A short time later, because of the lack of media coverage and the failure to file hate crimes charges, a couple of uneducated white boys went out and shot some blacks hanging out on the street after hours and then the media storm hit with a vengeance. It is okay to call the white boys because all blacks call US white boys but we shouldn’t call them black boys, or negro, black or nigger. We are told to refer to them as African-Americans… I do not believe in hyphenated Americans. I do not refer to myself as a German-American, I am simply an American. I believe it is time for this country and its people to begin taking a look at how pussified and politically correct they have become on all fronts and to stop trying to blame them white race for the worlds problems. The white race has done more good than it has harm, in addition, there would not be a developed world were it not for the white race. The blacks are constantly writing revisionist history trying to state that the Romans and Greeks that created their respective civilizations were all black and that whites ganged up, killed them and stole their history. The black have their own black supremacist movements wherein they are taught that the spiral (refering to their hair) is proof they are superior since everything in the universe is based on a spiral (galaxies, orbits etc..) Stop deluding yourselves, if you are white, you are the most hated group on this planet and all other peoples of color would like to take what you have including your women…. No matter the color, everyone loves a white girl (aka freak, snowflake etc…) Obviously you all need to take off your blinders and walk out into the world for at least a day. You liberals should go to a black neighborhood some night) but of course you would try to make some excuse to defend the behavior you witness. Nevertheless, be proud of what you are. no matter the color. If your race has nothing to be proud of then do something productive to distinguish yourself so that you can be proud of your own accomplishments rather than those of Sir Isaac Newton or Malcolm X.

  • Odin’s Son

    You have to be kidding! Put this Guy on 24 hour lockdown cuz he thinks different from us! OMG he’s selling shit online! I personally feel threatened! Leave the Guy alone, lets put some of you benevolent fuckers behind bars to fight for your life, a place where being white is one strike against you, let’s see how long you survive with your pussy liberalism :-) he’s doing his time, taking his punishment, he doesn’t need you people defaming his wife because she has pride in her heritage. Go hate on some other people who don’t assimilated to your beliefs!

  • Deven

    Being an odinist has nothng to do with raicism. Asatru and odinism teaching do not affiliate with these dishonorable, hateful people

  • Geoffrey

    This makes me sick, I am a true practicing Odinist and I do not now or have I ever hated anyone for the color of there skin.If he is trying to make all followers of the old ways look bad with his ways he is doing a good job. Only a mindless child that dose not understand the ways of the Allfather would fallow this man.

  • Anna

    At this point in time there are international, and networking using the usual resources. The issue is they are way past paganism or pride in their own cultural heritage, they espose survival to the death of all others, and if it exists, it belongs to them. Their network is deeply linked with the Ku Klux Klan, and have openly admired horrific crimes against minorities. As of October 2011. They are a morally confused lot, against Christianity (the diehards), yet many in the Deep South (esp. Mobike AL) profess deep Christianity.

    I think a new article is to be written about the nexus between these and the groups inthe US, and the terrorist groups they link with.

  • norse

    I have to agree with some of what Agnar said.I participated in this farce down in texas for awhile,now i just work hard and try to do what my parole officer says.Odinisim isnt about the color of your skin although i am proud to be white.i think Casper has a good since of direction,theres worse things he could be doing with his prison time.Tthis is an angry world we live in today,i just hope to find my place in Vahalla,dont care who believes in what I do,my beliefs make me proud to be who i am,and if your not proud of who you are then or an empty shell.I didnt become an odinist i learned of it and discovered that was what I am.

  • Joe

    To see Crowell and the Aryan Brotherhood search for the following videos on Youtube:

    Lockdown – The Aryan Brotherhood (Parts 1-5)

  • Jacob

    As a practicing heathen Id just like to dissociate myself and the majority of heathens from this busine business. Look up the troth its far more representative of us. Ps. Very few heathens actually dress as vikings.

  • Agnar Harsson

    This guy is no member of the A.B. to be correct he is a “drop-out” , meaning he did in FACT quit. You see he is not paying dues like one fool said this is because he got in front of a camera and told on all his A.B. partners so they put a hit on him therefore he aint anywhere close to any “active” members of the Aryan Brotherhood he is in a protective housing unit of some sort.
    Now for the morons really beliving what this post implies about Asatru being a big pirson front for white power/pride.
    First power and pride are very differnt words with very differnt meanings I am not going to touch alot on this point but just know there is nothing wrong with being proud as in Native Pride Brown Pride Asian Pride African Pride White Pride it is all the same, they do not push hate only pride of origin of ones blood not skin. It is all in the blood not skin so for the native american fellow on here running his jib look for what tribe you hail from i feel sorry for cause they will surely vanish from this earth as a unique peoples cause the blood will no longer exist and I know that is never the wish of a tribe in any race. Asatru is alot like the natives pratices such as smudge, Sweats, teachings on virtues, history, warrior culture, nature, earth and her seasons,etc… So do go and study your people then come back and make better attack on this guy.
    For the guy making a few bucks on some good alter items hey we got to get this stuff somewhere and he donates more than you think to people and people in prison are all there for a reason as I was when I did my time however it is what you do with your time that matters. As you can see this man went to prison ,and as many do, joined a crew. Sure he did lots of bad things for the gang as would 99% of any one else if told to by the people that was telling Mr. Crowell what to do. Then while doing some time in a seg. unit he did some soul searching found to be connected to his ancestrial religion and then did the whole drop out thing went to a protective custody housing unit and so on. However while searching his soul he began to realize that what his crew was saying and doing where not adding up. And as a man he took a stand against his own friends for what he belives in. You must understand he is at risk daily for what he belives in.
    And for those that would like to see a man that is way greater than Mr.Crowell ( no disrespect) that has never been to jail or deemed a skinhead or even racist go search the Asatru Free Assembly and/or Stephen McNallen. Only prison he went to was on over seas when he was taken as a prisoner of war while he served the Unitedd States Army.
    Onlt thing you could bag on this man for is for breaking his oath of loyality to his crew for his beliefs. He should have been more cautious when swearing an oath of such loyalty but look at the circumstances under that aswell.
    And leave Linda alone you cowards what has she done to you she is a good wife and tax paying American citizen who sacrifaces way toooooo much for the out-reach to locked up Asa-folk and Odinists communities. She is doing nothing more than supporting her husband as any one would support the ones they love. So back off and move on to your next petty crack at another person that is minding there own business.

  • RKA


    Have you tried searching for “New Black Panther” here:

    or here

  • Ragnar

    I thought I would add something here.

    It doesn’t matter if someone is in prison or not. They still exist and can still have a religion to follow. If you don’t like it that’s just too bad. No one complains because Protestants are in prison – nor is it pointed out that half the Protestants are hideouts for sexual crimes and people who help the goverment incarcerate people.

    The Aryan Brotherhood/Brand are no longer walking around in the BOP. They are all locked in the hole somewhere, all of them taken down on the rico act. Where people say they are still active is just people talking about things they don’t know about.

    The mention of Linda is a low blow. Attacking people for standing up for their husband, their religion, and their culture is drawing a line in the sand. She works for a federal organizaiton…so what? Does this mean she is talking to the Feds? Who cares? Last I checked the Holy Nation of Odin wasn’t and has never espoused criminality.

    This is about building small groups up so that the SPLC can compel concern in others so they can get their tax-free donations. Odinism/Wotanism is a target for them, and all groups that will fall within that catagory. I find this pathetic, a way to make money for writing a research paper and adding twists in it. Seriously how many members does HNO have? 20?

    The New Black Panther Party claims to have 10,000 members and has called for the extermination of the White race. Where’s my article on that?

  • fulla14

    Dr. Casper Odinson Crowell is incarcerated because he stopped a man from beating a woman and her boyfriend to death. The guy did not die and returned at a later date to harm them further. He is a political prisoner under California’s 3 Strikes debacle.

    He gave up his freedom to protect a stranger. He is a champion for women and a hero. Had that been your sister, daughter, aunt, mother, grandmother you would have hoped he would do the same thing; because those of you who speak out against him would have been the first to run away and “wait for the police” to show up and collect the dead bodies…

    Dr. Crowell preaches WHITE PRIDE – he is a true American, a true Vinland Folk Patriot.

    The Crowell’s should file a lawsuit against the SPLC on the slander written here about them, and the attack on their character…

    The Holy Nation of Odin is a fundamental Odinist organization (his religious views) and the Vinland Folk Resistance is his political views. Remember this is America – Free speech and Freedom of religion, whether incarcerated or not!

    No where in any of his writings is hate preached… SPLC is the racist organization here, and the comments on this blog concerning Mrs. Crowell and her employment were only published to harm her – if any investigation is ever done on her at work, she will sue you all for your defamatory comments and the SPLC for its inaccurate and slanderous blog…

    A proud member of the Vinland Folk Resistance…

  • Dr. Ven Duesse

    I have read all the post and I think it is rather funny when people, Crowell’s lackies, that have probably never spent a day in a County jail! defend this worthless disgrace to all European people. HE IS A CRIMINAL–A LIFER AND IF ANYONE WANTS TO SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT LET’S SEE EXACTLY WHAT HE IS INCARCERATED FOR! He might be a child molester or rapist for all you know??? Regarding his wife, certainly she is in the radar of the feds and working side by side with them! Get a life, this guy is no hard working individual, he is a prison thug, making money off his own people! I feel for people who get themselves in a bad situation but this guy is a lifer and is not contrite at all. I am surprized that the SPLC has not filed suit to challenge the “non-profit” status of this organization. The fact that they have been granted this unchallenged should tell people something! I am white and very proud of the accomplishments of my ancestors, but that is no reason to blindly hate another racial or ethnic group. I have looked at the website and admittingly whoever did the work is a very clever person but again this only affirms the idea that they (the crowell clan) are getting some outside help. Wake up and smell the coffee! Oh just one more thing before I head off to work, friends of a different race? Erik wake up…If Crowell is half what he says he is than he is at best a liar and practices deception to rally support from youngsters such as yourself. Maybe the crowells will have a BBQ and invite all his non-white friends over for dinner???hahaha!

  • Thorsson

    Recently I had the distinct displeasure of reading a posting by Larry Keller on the SPLC website. This posting title “White Supremacist Running Odinist Network From Maximum Security Prison” was full of lies,misleading info, and the obvious eternal hate exuded by a jew when commenting on something stronger than they.If any of you who were misled bile you may read the truth in Dr.Crowelll’s answer at under “Southern Poverty Law Center Response”, however if you are one of the many “humble” sheep who will believe such dribble from a biggest hate site on the net, well then I guess the truth does not matter to you. I am not sanctioned to speak for HNO.however as an Odinist and strong believer of my Ancest heritage ,and a prisoner the corrupt system called corrections,I will comment on a few things I found disturbing when reading this posting. The first being the attack ,albeit a weak passive aggresive one ,on Mrs. Linda Crowell is ,I can guarantee she will remain unbowed by such attacks. Next I would like to address many of the comments made on the posting. Why speak on something that one has no clue about? Have many people who persue such trash as SPLC studied what Odinism,Asatru,or Wotanism consists of? I highly doubt it, and I make this stsement by the ignorance exuded within many of the comments. I ,however have read and studied the Christian Bible,the Tal-mud,the Torah,and the Kor-an (Quaran) and could comment on many holier than thou religious verses and tenets in all four… however why fight hate with hate. SPLC could learn a lesson there. You preach out against hate,yet by your own actions and words live through hate. Tsk,Tsk. For your “hatewatch” you should look in the mirror,for there lies the epitomy of hate. Mr.Keller,are you to spout your nefarious vomit filled diatribe? Sure,this is america after all a country designed to provide such freedom. Yet you attack others who also seek freedom,I guess its no fun if the rabbit has the gun,huh? (had to throw in a redneck comment to satisfy those who may think I am one). Finally I will say as you live your obvious dichotomy of hate,we will continue to live as our Ancestors did… PROUD,STRONG,HONEST,and UNAFRAID. As my esteemed Allsherjargothi said… I am a white seperatist… And Im damn proud of it Mr.Keller. White Power!

  • erik odinson

    Casper Crowell is the most inspiring patriot I have ever heard of. If anyone knows anything about him, they know white “supremecy” is not what is preached but white nationalism, and that each race has the right to pursue it’s own destiny-And that those in power who deny their Odin given right to do so are the true racists because they attempt to control what people do and believe. Crowell apparently has many non-white friends who are grateful to him for helping them realise their spirtual and racial heritage. True racism comes from the zionest media(including this site) trying to rob people of their pride and heritage and implementing foreign ideals and ideas that are against Nature’s divine laws.
    To all the true sons of Odin, keep up the good work, for valhall awaits all true warriors!

  • mike kostecki

    Whoever wants to talk bad about the crowell’s are very ignorant. You just wish you were as intelligent and hard working as they are. The holy nation of odin is a non-profit organization you fools. They are trying to do our folk some good. So close your mouth when you don’t know what you are talking about. The crowell’s are heroes and warriors. Hail odin!!!!

  • Mel

    To the average reader who is not familiar with Odinism, this article can cause a lot of religious hatred. Only some Odinists believe that it has anything to do with your race as this article contends. Many Odinists, however, are “universal” Odinists believing that a person of any race can worship the Norse gods. While others choose to not confront the issue all together, believing that they are Odinists for spiritual–and not political–reasons.

    Furthermore, listing viking swords and viking tunics as the foremost items on his site may stir up religious prejudice in those not framiliar with Odinism. Odinists don’t go around playing viking dress up, and I’m sure there are many other items on this website that they could have used as an example.

    Lastly, saying that “Odinism features Norse gods such as Odin, the warlike father of all gods and men.” Suggests that ALL gods in the Odinist or Heathen faith are warlike and are men. First this is incorrect because Odin is more a god of wisdom than of war. Secondly, the goddesses are equally as important so it is a blatant lie to contend that all the gods worshiped in the Heathen faith are male gods of war. Yes, Odin is an important “father figure” in the Norse pantheon but only because Christians who came to convert heathens wrote down these myths and put their own interpretations on the myths–creating an Odin that fits the Judeo-Christian understanding of God: one powerful and above all else.

    It is incorrect to present Odinism as ONLY this when there are equally hateful groups in other religions.

    I am shocked to see such outrageous and incorrect writing that can cause religious hatred amongst the uninformed towards one of the oldest and most rich religious faiths that still exists today.

  • bob cooper

    you know when i was a kid i learned that if you went to jail, you didn’t have the right to do anything. why do prisoners of any kind get allowed to run a business, or website? on OUR TAX DOLLARS? just curious.

  • Dr. Jacques Reinhard Heydrich Pluss

    There is only one legitimate Odinist Group in America: it is revised, postmodern National Socialist, it is not connected to “White Supremacy,” it asks for no money or dues, it is not connected to terrorism in any way or of any fashion, and it does not admit convicted felons. It is The New American National Socialist Party, ANNP. Dr. Jacques Reinhard Heydrich Pluss, Leader, The New American National Socialist Party, ANNP. More information can be found simply by doing a “google search” on “ANNP Pluss” or “Jacques Reinhard Heydrich Pluss.” Check us out, and thank you!

  • jim

    Well, it appears to me all of you and this whole sight is just one brainwashed cess pool. Also if black people can say “black pride” and be called heroes, then if a white guy says “white pride” and he’s automaticaly some bigot? Whats with the damn double standards? Everyone is racist to a certain extent, i can guarentee you atleast half of you white or black has gotten mad at another race, and thought to yourself ” that Nigger/Honky” so please.

    Secondly if we are so called all “equal” then there shouldn’t be a “HATE CRIME”. Anyways people kill people because they hate them 8 times out of 10. Noone should get more years in jail just because they killed someone of another race, that is just one of the many many problems this shithole country is facing today.

  • Carter

    Anyone who thinks this through begins to see that the likelihood of a government connection is strong. The wife is most likely on a watch list or is in full co-operation of the Fed. WN organizations are perhaps 50% informants & this collection of wonders is no exception. No other group has been so well penetrated as WN.
    One would need to be either ridiculously stupid or masochistic to have the slightest thing to do with any “White Power” group.
    Long before Timothy McVeigh put the capstone on it, WN groups have been the target for investigations due in great part for their easily (dual) recruited members, etc. The level of loyalty to the group & “cause” is so low as to amaze the newly interested.
    Many believe that Hoover went after the Klan in the South during the 1960’s in part because it was easy pickings!

  • GENO

    On a broader note, according the National Drug Threat Assessment, has acknowledged that the Aryan Brotherhood maintains a “business relationship” with Mexican DTOs(Drug Trafficking Organizations). With Crowell’s connections and dedication to the “Brotherhood”. That’s not gonna make him a very popular guy among diehard neo-Nazis who want nothing to do with Mexicans. So at least, that probably won’t matter since most neo-Nazis are boneheads(retards).

    Call him a hypocrite if you will.

  • joe

    Da! Nothing to see here! Bad people go to prison all the time whats new about that! They join a racist gang just to stay alive in prison! It keeps them safe from other racist gangs!

  • Linda Walsh

    Gee, this obviously racist group inspiring and spreading hate is a non profit with its guru operating from within prision is a non profit! What a revolting situation this is! This group sells items, but is exempt from taxation as it claims to be a spiritual or religious group. I guess these racists are jsut taking advantage of the First Amendment of the Constitution of the very government they hope to undermine. Historically speaking, this group resembles the
    Brown-Shirts, the groups of terrorist thugs that Hitler used to sabotage the Weimar republic1 I think its about time to reform the law governing the formation and mainence of non-profits!

  • GENO

    A wife who works for the U.S. Government(SSA is a Federal Agency) whose husband is a member of a violent, known prison gang is quite treacherous and traitorous to the guidelines of the United States Federal Employees. I think its fair to point out the comparison of having a spouse who is a member of a terrorist group. You question the loyalty of the spouse who works for the U.S. Government and the other who is confined and working for a criminal enterprise, using the Freedom of Religion Act to justify their insidious deeds.

  • Tommy Dewalsh

    This seems to be the most dangerous of the types of groups. There are some young people that may be misguided, but not necessarily criminals. Obviously this fellow has proven that he is a danger to society and certainly has links to the outside world. This sounds like what the Aryan Brotherhood was wanting to do for sometime now–check the many series on the Aryan Brotherhood, especially the federal investigations, their goal was to extend their trade to the outside world. This fellow is doing exactly what they have wanted the only plus is that his wife works for the social security administration. This is fearsomely dangerous!!! Imagine how this person could use information granted to her at work to commit all sorts of extortion, etc.
    A person with such radical beliefs should not have access to so much information–when a person is hurt either financially or physically then maybe you will see the importance to this point.
    I am surprised that this group is not on the hate map??? I live in Hanford and apparently this group is located in Kingsburg. Being that this group is radically opposed to Judaism, being a Jew this would be helpful information if I ever have to go that way. Thank you for all your work.

  • Carter

    Go to the “Hate-Group” map and check who is listed. You will find Nation of Islam, etc right along-side various Klan groups.
    I doubt that anyone from SPLC is waving a flag for a segregationist group, whatever their color. Perhaps you would care to give an example of “portrayed well”?
    The point has been made that “white pride” is a non-specific descriptor as “white” (when used as an ethnicity) that is simply a non-specific collection of European people. Often times (as it had been pointed out) those “white” peoples who do not get along in their European national identification.

  • Uncle sam

    It is very funny how black hate groups and latino hate groups are portrayed well on this site. Groups like Nation of Islam,Black Panthers, Black Brown movement and Mecha,Aztlan and Laraza???????????along with Naui

  • Justice for all

    And your point is?
    Your article is painted with buzz words and name dropping. The Crowell is in prison; he has something he is passionate about; tries to scratch some money (pretty entrepreneurial). Let’s be realistic, his followers are few and Crowell’s profits are minimal. Where is the harm?
    I truly believe organizations like SPL are searching for boogiemen to inflate as emanate threats to our American society. The goal, of course, is to increase/maintain tax-deductable donations to support highly compensation leadership.
    Regarding Asatru, read the Poetic Eddas and take notice of clear references to race mixing – not presented in negative light. Now, about so-called “white-pride” groups, in case you have been living under a rock, Caucasians (particularly in America), who represent by far the largest racial group in the US, have been deliberately marginalized in education, occupation, and in the media. It has come to the point where it is embarrassing/excuse to be white. It is a natural reaction to have people from this background try to seek the beauty in their culture(s).
    Maybe you don’t know (or intentionally ignore) other racial/religious groups, some of whom are clear and present danger to society. Perfect example would be Jewish “pride” groups (some are extreme right in views) – the things I’ve read in major non-US press (U.S. press never highlights issues…hmmm) show them to be manipulative, proponents of limiting free speech, and blatantly racist. Groups like these are well-funded and myopic. They truly endanger to the world as a whole given their ties to the Middle East powder keg. It would be interesting for SPL to do a piece about these organizations – I wouldn’t hold my breath. Yep, just like the US media.

  • Ryan the non-Aryan

    The Aryan Brotherhood in a lot of ways, is more of a typical street gang rather than a legitimate white supremacist hategroup. They aren’t true to their “aryan” idealogies as some would like to believe, despite having their grosteque bodies(in some cases entire head/faces) covered in jailhouse tats. They engaged in criminal enterprises in a same manner as that of Black/Mexican street/prison gangs. Their WN idealogy is technically meaningless in the prison system, just as long as the inmate is white, they would then recruit the inmate for their own insidious ends, thus not strictly for the inmate’s WN knowledge and dedication nor his group affliation.

  • Carter

    I think MOST folks don’t understand the white brother’s incarceration experience. If they do time in a facility where the inmates run the show*, most ALL inmates gang up to a varying extent & the whites who get involved with their stuff either are “true believers” or “businessmen”.
    It’s been said that “Aryan Brotherhood” is a misnomer and it’s more properly the “Make Money in Prison Brotherhood”. Only the True Believers are shocked when deals are continually made with other groups and whites are extorted & harmed continually BY the white gangs. In fact, the most common TARGET is the new inmate with a white racist background because they seek out the most exploitative elements for protection.

    The lousy thing is – this looser is screwing up some wonderfully interesting mythology & tainting it with his stench.
    If folks are new to the Icelandic sagas and related mythology – it’s NOT about how much melanin the hero has in his skin that counts….
    *I’m not amazed that California let’s inmates exploit the system however….ass-clowns & posers abound in many positions of decision making.

  • neoconsarecommies

    Linda Crowell works for the Social Security Administration in Fresno.

    The SPLC’s intent of this information is basically: here ya go, cause her trouble.

    While I am not bothered by the black supremacist ankh wearing egyptian mothership cultists who are desk clerks for the Fed and I doubt many Blacks or Mexicans care about some “Odinist” nutjob behind the counter either. What, is there a fear she going to be extra rude to minority folks waiting in the que unlike the regular Sean’di’esha rude?

  • GENO

    “Odinism which the website says consist of ancient and indigneous beliefs. “Comparable….to Native American-Indian spirituality.”

    I’m not sure about that. But I can say this as an American-Indian myself knowing Native American spirituality, Is that it does not involve “race” into its spiritual beliefs. In fact, your racial ethnicity is quite meaningless to begin with, because the spirit itself is colorless or color blind. So basically the color of one’s skin means nothing to the Creator. Its the spirit that’s important. Perhaps what he meant by the comparison of religions is only similiar/related in terms of nature and natural forces.

  • Carter

    This is actually not too unique. An incarcerated individual finds a scam to make some money from the limited freedoms permitted him (this one being religious worship). But if he really was AB, he didn’t leave. He is simply paying a little percentage of his canteen money to them so that he might continue his spiritual quest. What a gentle loving soul this man must be….to give of his deep spiritual commitment to his brothers.
    The poor shit was probably never anything in real life so that inside he can be a “doctor” or a “Reverend”, etc, etc.