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Secretive Committee Promotes Ordinances Targeting Immigrants

By Hatewatch Staff on March 24, 2009 - 7:41 am, Posted in Uncategorized

The San Juan Capistrano city council’s Community Issues Committee, which claims exemption from open meetings laws, is made up entirely of members of the SJC Americans, a group akin to the Minuteman Project.
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  • StopUSAGiveaway

    Will those who aid and abett take responsiblity for the next NUKE and the buildup of Communist Chinese Military?
    Blood is on those who defy USA laws: other nations would shoot anyone doing so on sight or like Mexico let them becomes whores in prison until they die.
    Try that.
    Chiapas has had their victims of the Mexican government but those safe in the USA ignore their plight.
    Anyone who breakes GOD and mans laws become their own victim in Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto Youo
    Especially when the aiders and abetters INVITE and encourage law breakers who kill, rape and rob the innocent.
    There is no religion or belief that does not accept what someone does or should have done: gets its back.
    Helping ILLEGALS is breaking the law against
    One Nation Under GOD
    Anyone support THE RACE is a very sick EVIL individual and is self consuming….

  • John Lloyd Scharf

    As it is, the defacto result of our bickering is that our borders remain open to anyone with a stick, rock, or nuclear weapon.

    Were any of you to go into an Arab or former Soviet nation without a passport, you would spend years behind bars just for the attempt.

  • Herbert E. Larson

    I think they got it right all immigrants should be sent home, heck everybody but Native Americans should be sent back to the land of their forefathers. Why don’t we just give it all back to the Aztecs, and as we go back to our forefathers land our cry should be, let’s go make problems in the old lands.