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Sizeable NSM Rally May Reflect Renewed Vigor

By David Holthouse on April 23, 2009 - 11:04 am, Posted in Neo-Nazi

Sporting their spiffy new black BDU (Battle Dress Uniform) duds, which have replaced their brown shirts of old, about 100 members of the National Socialist Movement, the largest neo-Nazi organization in the country, marched in St. Louis before holding a rally beneath the city’s landmark Gateway Arch last Saturday.

It was a strong outing for the NSM, which in recent years has suffered from dueling egos and Satan-worshipping scandals that threatened the organization’s top-dog status on the neo-Nazi scene following the implosion of three other neo-Nazi groups — the National Alliance, Aryan Nations and the World Church of the Creator. A few years ago, NSM developed a reputation for its in-your-face style of confrontation, but it has been less active recently as internal disputes wracked the organization.

NSM commander Jeff Schoep even managed to string together a few coherent sound bites.

“If we were given control of the system we’d lock down the borders, we’d institute an America First policy, we’d cut off foreign aid and spending, we’d bring the troops home,” he told one television reporter. “We’d do all kinds of things that I think the American public is for, even some of the non-whites who may not necessarily like everything we stand for.”

You know, little things like mass deportation regardless of citizenship.

The rally at the arch was the highlight of a weekend of NSM festivities marking the 35th anniversary of the group’s founding. According to an “After Action Report” posted to the group’s website, other events included: “A class held for the NSM’s Viking Youth Division by it’s Director M. Sgt. Christina Drake,” the presentation of a documentary video that “featured what NSM California troops have been doing defending America’s Border, and several speeches by various members from the CA Division that were patrolling the California Border while the meeting was in progress in Missouri.”

Also, according to the report, the NSM Women’s division prepared a “feast.” And a multicultural feast at that: “An Italian style meal with Southern hospitality was enjoyed by all.”

The day after the rally, about 20 uniformed NSM members demonstrated outside the newly opened Holocaust Museum & Education Center in Skokie, Ill.

The next planned NSM public event is a book burning scheduled for May 20 in Oregon. “All who attend are asked to bring any jewish [sic] propaganda that they would like to see purified by flames,” the website notes.

  • Loving Life

    I know this is an old article but are you aware that the police were camped out at the hotel where the events were taking place because they knew that FBI fugitive Jon Snyder was expected to be there? Snyder, former NSM IN leader, was arrested for raping and torturing his exwife AND NSM members BACKED HIM UP (no surprise there – anyone see a pattern?). It is worth noting that he has since been arrested and the FBI was correct, he was in MO. Hopefully, he is in a deep dark cell with Mark Martin, Mike Schloer (Schloar or Schmidt whatever personality he’s using), Drew Bostwick (Christopher), and all of the other NSM wife/child abusers.

    @Caroline, I was in your shoes & share your ideals. @Carter, yes the NSM always gets permits. Permits cannot be withheld because of a group’s beliefs. I don’t think the Heckler’s Veto works. 100 members? I was dragged there and didn’t see 100 members. Maybe 100 people from the various WN groups, including members and their wives and kids they dragged along. There were also a lot of police, uniformed and plain clothed. @Max, the women and children of those freaks are the real victims, which brings me back to my original reason for posting – Snyder. These groups are too backwards in their administrative practices to come to power but their violence lands at the door of their own homes when they want to control the only people who love them. Many women would love to escape that life but very few succeed. They are very afraid, for good reason! Many do not have the skills and education to earn sufficient income. I remember being terrified when around them, staying behind a locked door whenever possible. It would be nice if there were someplace or someone women could go to for help. It’s like a cult, you are made to fear the outside world and important parts of it like the police, doctors, courts, your own family, etc. Some women think it’s safer to stay. I encourage them to join those of us who have reached across that deep chasm filled fear. It’s better on this side. Please come.

  • Max

    In Germany the youth comes to national socialism in masses….

  • Carter

    I was reading the above and was taken aback by what I felt was “between the lines”.
    Approximately one hundred people in a public demonstration from a hate group is not a light-weight number in this day & age. The writer, David Holthouse is saying that 100 individuals in uniform turned out for this rally, a significant potion of women were ACTIVE in participation & that other groups (which have been floundering in recent times) may have been absorbed by NSM.
    If the members of the NA, AN, & WCoC jumped ship, that may account for the level of participation. And those also had methods of fund raising which NSM does not (TTBoMK).
    The level of women & employed, non-masked individuals participating means (superficially) that the members feel comfortable in open air demonstrations.
    I read no mention of counter-demonstrations either. A rally beneath the city’s landmark would also dictate (no pun intended) a permit from the city.

  • Carolyn Wagner

    Sad that so much of this remains in our nation. As the daughter of a klansmen in AR and as the “gopher” I heard and saw so much that was ugly as did others my age. For the past forty years I have dedicated my time as a civil rights activist while having and raising a family and working. Progress has been made but the ones I see that now are in the most pain with so few to speak for them are lgbt children, especially if poor, of color or mixed cultures. I even hear the bible being used to justify such hate and bias, even from those who were once the target of the same hate and biblical chapters.

    None of us can afford the luxury of sitting on the side lines anymore. I found the time to get involved, so where is the outrage from those who know this is wrong?

    I am a Christian but cannot abide with how every organized Christian religion practices pick and choose religion. I also know how some churches provided protection for their local klan hatemongers as many were members. All the mega churches I now see and wonder how many meals, clothing and smaller roofs these would provide for those without. The jobs such would generate by putting the money into local coffers and to once and for all tax them. I cannot fathom how these Christian Identity types can thrive, only way is for the “good people” to remain silent and allow religion to insert itself into the civil rights of all citizens.

    What of doing a better job of teaching history, American history and who were once the original citizens of the land, including hispanics and native Americans. The USA literally stole this land from the people who once owned the land these groups claim and feel the need to eradicate those who were here first.

    Economic times worsen and for some, they are compelled to find groups to join and groups to blame. No accountability as well by those elected to police the true culprits allow this sort of hate groups to thrive. Sad to say the least.