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Where Swine Flu Lurks, Propagandists Rush In

By David Holthouse on April 28, 2009 - 4:55 pm, Posted in Extremist Propaganda

The swine flu outbreak in Mexico and the frightening possibility of it becoming a global pandemic have provided a little something for just about everyone on the U.S. radical right.

Most predictable are the panic-stricken calls for the military to shut down the U.S.-Mexico border entirely. They’re coming from nativist extremist groups including the San Diego Minutemen and the California Coalition for Immigration Reform (CCIR). CCIR head Barbara Coe, however, kicked the insanity up a notch by openly suggesting that God infect Barack Obama, members of his staff and their families with the deadly virus in retribution for Obama’s support of immigration reform.

“As many Christians have often spoken, ‘The Lord Works in Mysterious Ways,’” Coe began a mass E-mail to CCIR members. “Wouldn’t it be even MORE interesting if some of the anti-American-pro-illegal alien AMNESTY traitors (posing as U.S. elected officials) who just visited Mexico, also contracted this disease and shared it with THEIR loved ones? We wonder if they would still vote for ‘Open Borders’?”

William Gheen, head of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, a nativist group commonly known as ALI-PAC, slammed President Obama, too. “The Obama administration’s failure to secure our borders against a possible pandemic is putting American lives at risk at a time when days and hours matter,” he said. (On the ALI-PAC website, Gheen is less subtle about linking Mexican immigrants with infectious disease. “Call me old fashioned, but people should be able to shop at Wal-Mart without worrying about catching tuberculosis,” he wrote.)

As Media Matters reports, nationally syndicated right-wing talk radio blowhard Michael Savage floated the theory that Al Qaeda is using Mexican immigrants as carrier “mules” to bring the virus into the U.S.: “[C]ould this be a terrorist attack through Mexico? Could our dear friends in the radical Islamic countries have concocted this virus and planted it in Mexico knowing that you, [Homeland Security Secretary] Janet Napolitano, would do nothing to stop the flow of human traffic from Mexico?”

Conservative columnist Michelle Malkin got in on the action with a column last Saturday, announcing at the outset that she’d “blogged for years about the spread of contagious diseases from around the world into the U.S. as a result of uncontrolled immigration.” “We’ve heard for years from reckless open-borders ideologues who continue to insist there’s nothing to worry about,” Malkin wrote. “And we’ve heard for years that calling any attention to the dangers of allowing untold numbers of people to pass across our borders and through our other ports of entry without proper medical screening … is RAAAACIST.”

Speaking of raaaacist, the worst — and weirdest — of this week’s bigoted swine flu commentary comes courtesy of garrulous anti-immigration extremist Frosty Wooldridge. Writing for, he uses a few swift, bold strokes to link Mexicans carrying a flu virus to “Voodoo tribal people in Florida” hosing themselves down with chicken blood. Check it out:

“Such outbreaks of diseases stem from cultures that lack personal hygiene, personal health habits and standards for disease prevention. … Hmongs, tribal people from Laos and Cambodia, immigrated to Minnesota to build chicken wire in their dish cabinets in their kitchens to house hens laying eggs, and goats and pigs in their cellars. Voodoo tribal people in Florida behead chickens and goats to spray the blood over themselves for cleansing. I saw it once in a park in South Florida.”

Wooldridge continues: “In other words, as the USA imports another 70 million third world people into this country by 2035, they bring their customs, their cultures, their diseases. We cannot educate them or change their habits fast enough to maintain our own health standards.”

Later on Wooldridge goes off about how Mexicans are bringing cases of leprosy into the U.S. in record numbers as well as swine flu. Regular Hatewatch readers will easily guess the source for that dubious assertion. That’s right: Madeleine Cosman, the anti-immigration fabulist whose fabricated claims about Latino immigrants and leprosy were presented as fact on CNN’s “Lou Dobbs Tonight” in May 2007.

But it’s not just immigrant-bashers who are seeking to capitalize on swine flu hysteria. The antigovernment conspiracy theorists at note ominously that “[o]n Monday, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon stoked the fear of a global flu pandemic. He said the Mexican flu outbreak is the ‘first test’ of the “pandemic preparedness work undertaken by the international community over the past three years.”

The obvious conclusion to be drawn?

Take it away, InfoWars: “Ki-moon, the United Nations, and the globalists, with the participation of the globalist-dominated corporate media and the ruling elite in Mexico, are hyping the flu outbreak as a possible pandemic in order to sell us their
scheme for world government.”

Aha. It’s all so clear now.

  • John Lloyd Scharf

    Some seem to think that these diseases flew in rather than coming in with humans. The Spanish or Swine flu of 1918 came back with the army. It came at a time when there were many in the US that had low immunity resources and had previously contracted other diseases they had fought off. When they died it was because they were physically weak and their immune systems triggered a storm of activity that killed them.

    The ones most likely to be KILLED by this are those with AIDS. As usual, those who are most “liberal” are most likely to kill the most people. The only reason we do not have rampant TB in the US from the influx from the Latin American countries is we are not weak from malnurishment and other diseases. We have had the benefit of a health system that attacked the causes and innoculated where we could.

    That stopped the “childhood” disease, all of which I had before innoculation started. Whooping cough (pertusis), mumps, measles, polio, et cetera. I happened to just miss the polio season before they provided innoculations. My father did not. It is always a matter of immunity and exposure.

    Benefit one and limit the other to prevent plagues. We have no way to limit exposure because we do not have control of our borders. We could not stop a nuclear weapon entering from Mexico at this point, much less a virus. Grow UP. This is NOT about racism.

  • Susan

    I also think Ranea is right in saying that those coming to this country due to desperation and wanting to give their children a better life should not be punished for that, (and for those of you who want to point out that the criminals came across the border, too; I might remind you that this country is made up of people who were placed on ships and headed this direction across the Big Pond due to their undesirability in their own countries). The human condition is such that if we can find a way to a better life, we will reach for that. Many people came here and were treated as scum, including those who are caucasian. Consider the Germans, the Japanese, the Chinese, the Scots and Irish; they all were treated like scum, (and that probably includes some ancestors of people with the most hatred for Hispanics here), even though they were here legally. I know some will say that, well, MY ancestors didn’t enter this country illegally, and for those people I would have to say that it may be true, but there were a lot of people that did come here illegally, (is everyone forgetting Canada?), and honestly, if a lot of those people who went through Ellis Island and other ports of entry could have walked here without having to pay, don’t you think they would have? It is my experience that part of the human condition is that if we can get something for a much reduced price – or better yet, free – we are much less likely to go for the same thing that costs many times more.

  • Susan

    It wouldn’t be the first time that biological warfare has taken place…

  • Susan

    You know, Ranea had a point – ALL immigrants have brought diseases to this country; and in the process, destroyed entire populations of First Peoples and others throughout. That’s beside the point, though. As someone else said, the flu that has been known as the H1N1 virus was actually started in other places, not Mexico. On a more paranoid note, isn’t it interesting that this strain – made up of swine, bird AND human viruses started there, leading to yet more hatred of Hispanics, especially during this time of “stay in your own country” sentiment. One might almost think that it was a virus that didn’t start there on it’s own…

  • StopUSAGiveaway

    Ironically, a neighbor was invited to use a timeshare in Puero Vallarta beginning May 2, 2009–she returned and was placed in the Methodist ER and is very bad…
    I do not have the details other than her family is frightened for her. She had never been to Mexico and came to Houston from Missouri. After paying her air fare she thought she should go and couldn’t get a refund.
    She is older but has been in excellent health, rides a bike, does daily exercise, and cares for her great granddaughter, dances and attends events as a retiree.

  • John Lloyd Scharf

    The extremism of hate and bigotry seems to be the real aim of this SLPC. They seem to be attempting to demonize anyone who believes in the rule of law rather than dealing with racism. Did they run out of worlds to conquer?

  • Exposed Heads

    The statue of Liberty represents law and order, and that is how my grandparents came into America – through Ellis Island and the legal immigration process.

    It represents Liberty, not anarchy.

    Just what is it with the hatemongers that hate the law of the land? You hate those that wish to keep and enforce our laws and you support the criminals that make the choice not to follow the laws.

  • Ranea

    Incidentally … the statue was a gift from France, the inscription was put there by us … if we’ve changed our minds, we better tear the old girl down.

  • Ranea

    I thought this group was a place to watch out for the extremism of hate, prejudice, and bgotry. I thought wrong, apparently.

    Just because someone has a different view that you do does not make them an idiot … it just means they happen to disagree with you. By one world, I mean that we get past the political bs that is constantly being thrown around amd deal with the issues we face as a WORLD – hunger, disease, war, poverty … but apparently that is too narrow for such minds as I see here. It doesn’t matter where this flue started … we need to pull together and STOP it by addressing the fact that it is the flu that is our enemy, not each other.

  • Don Quixote

    Ranea writes: “According to the NOVA information I cited, ALL flu virus originates in the intestines of BIRDS, which, according to the facts, fly all over the world and pay no mind to borders.”

    Right on the money there Ranea. I hear about ill eagles not minding our borders all the time. They should be deported because they steal the jobs from American eagles.

    And I’m all for closed boarders especially if they’re not paying their rent on time. I had an open boarder once and he was annoying and tiresome at times, opening up all the time… never shut up.

    And I really don’t get SPLC’s attacks on Nativist Americans. We did after all steal their land, and I do like their casinos.

  • Exposed Heads

    Rogolio burruel: I feel your hate – relax and take a breath. Also, the current Mexican Flu originated in Mexico, not in Europe or Asia. This is the fact. Think any “scientist” you are refering too are probably from the UN or Mexico – to take the heat off of Mexico and share the blame. Once again – the current strain started in MEXICO.

    Ranea: I guess your logic means someone that is hungry has every right to break into someone’s home to steal food – to circumvent the law based on a “need”.

    What is it now? 15-20 MILLION illegals – all here by breaking the law and with support from socialist organizations that don’t believe in boarders. Those coming into the country legally have to take a medical exam. 15-20 MILLION and more are here along with their diseases and infections – ones that the USA thought we were finished with.

    I don’t want “one world” – how selfish to wish that all of the countries around the world loose their sovereignty and their self identity just so a group of non-conformists demand everyone be alike. We are not all alike, we are not endowed with the same abilities, we are not all intelligent (like me), we do not all speak the same language, etc.

    I’ve traveled to other countries and I love the diverse cultures, but this is something socialist IDIOTS want to wipe away and force everyone to “be the same”.

  • John Lloyd Scharf

    If you think illegal immigrants are being shot AT by anyone, particularly the Minute Men, you are being grossly misinformed.

    We are far from the days over a century ago when over 100 Irish, of which a few had cholera, were slaughtered and buried in a mass grave. There were no immigration laws until the 1920s, really.

    Regarding the epigram on the Statue of Liberty, remember that it was a present from a Frenchman.

  • Ranea

    I do want to clarify something, though. I do not agree with uncontrolled borders … people wishing to immigrate to this country should follow the procedure our government has set down for them.

    On the other hand, I don’t think they should be shot because desperation has forced them to choose a quicker and more risky path into America. We created our own problem by offering a haven for the world’s ‘… poor, tired, huddled masses …” (Statue of Liberty). I feel for them and the desperationt that eats at their world. I’ve been so poor we lived in our car for days when I was little, went without eating … and I’ve been well off enough to have a home of my own and a car and a good job I love. I am thankful that my maternal grandparents and great grandparents came through Ellis Island, had their names changed, and built a life here legally. I am thankful for the Native ancestors from my father’s side who contributed to my world.

    I can look at my family history and geneology and see George Washington … Earl Warren … Black Elk … and wonder if we are ever going to make the transition from embattled tribal mentality to one world.

  • Rogolio burruel

    To Exposed Heads, and everyone else here: It seems that the NEW facts of the flu is that it was brought to/into Mexico; scientists have established the FACT(S) that it has European/Asian flu strands! NOT native to Mexico!!! So Exposed Heads, stop taking the ACID, get your Heads out of your butts, and deal with the facts!

  • Ranea

    Flu viruses are named H/N for the number of genes contained in the flu virus. According to the NOVA information I cited, ALL flu virus origniates in the intestines of BIRDS, which, according to the facts, fly all over the world and pay no mind to borders.

    I don’t have a problem with controled borders – I have a problem with hype and propoganda specifically designed to shoot first and ask questions later. I have a problem with policy based on fear rather than facts.

    And myt family is Native American … if I were to push for controls, I suppose I could start with asking anyone of EUROPEAN descent to leave North America because of the epidemic influenza disease they (and their animals) brought over, decimating the Native population with 10 years to almost nothing.

    I don’t care what name you give the viruses … they don’t care who you are or where you’re from. They originate with animal species which humans use for food. Next time you pass a farm, think about it.

  • John Lloyd Scharf

    It is highly likely my father and his brothers were orphaned and his sister killed by the 1918 Spanish Flu/Swine Flu epidemic. I only know for sure that his brothers survived because they came from the same orphanage and my second cousin has the same results on his Y chromosome testing.

    My grandfather had TB, my mother typhoid, and my father polio. Do you really think illegal aliens should enter without any controls?

  • Exposed Heads

    Hong Kong flu was named so because of the origin.

    This should rightly be called “Mexican flu”. If you have a problem with facts – too bad.

  • Ranea

    In 1918 H1N1 killed up to 50 million people worldwide .. more than were killed in total during WWI (NOVA, 2009). The truth is, biologically pandemic disease circulates the globe every so often and eliminates a good portion of the population without regard to borders or immigration policies.

    While the human tendency is to blame everyone else, the fact is that humans are part of the animal kingdom and all the rules that apply to all other animal species also apply to us. The laws of physics, biology, ecology, gravity, and so on … they all apply. We are not above any other species in our capacity to survive cyclical events such as pandemic disease, environmental disasters, or weather onslaughts such as Hurricane Katrina (which was not the first massive hurricane to take life, nor will it be the last).

    Arguments such as those cited by hate groups and anti-immigration xenophobes only add to the problems faced by the CDC and other organizations whose job it is to deal with disease control. Closing a border doesn’t stop a virus – it merely gives it the opportunity to find another way in.

  • Fritz

    Apparently anybody who favors enforcement of existing laws and loves the Constitution is a Nazi. Okay, I can live with being called a Nazi. So long as you don’t interfere with my Bill of Rights, I won’t interfere with your right to call me whatever you like.

    That said, a state of war does exist between Latin America (most notably Mexico) and the United States of America. This is not an armed conflict (although groups like Los Zetas) might beg to differ. This is cultural warfare. Just as the flu spreads northward, so does the insistence upon bilingualism, corruption, lawlessness, and legal double standards.

    Latino birthrates are skyrocketing. They can’t outright defeat us(yet), so they use a longer-term strategy of outbreeding us. As the minority population grows, so does their political power. lIt’s no secret that Obama came into office because of the minority vote. This election, more than any other, the white voters stayed home.

    And shame on them. For their failure to take part in the electoral process, they are every bit as much an enemy as those who swim across the Rio Grande and then clamor for amnesty.

    Change is coming. It won’t be kind, and it won’t be subtle. There are a growing number of men and women who remember what it means to uphold and defend the Constitution against all threats, foreign and domestic.

  • BF

    Didn’t take long for the hate-spewers to come in.

    Grandpa was right: Kill the Nazis and don’t shed any tears.

  • katryd

    To Kate,

    Your words reflect a thoughtful, educated mind and genuine heart. What a refreshing piece in that regard.

    May wisdom prevail through these trying times.

  • Mdollas


    re:your last comment
    truer words have never been spoken
    Big ups to you!

  • Britneii

    Why do they even care about what Biden has to say to his family?! everyone else is thinking it anyways, he is honest and gets smashed! Start caring for the people of America and stop caring about what some people THINK about the vice-president!!

  • Dom

    Hey Kate stay off the dope…you fried to many brain cell already.

    Read a book? Oh, I read. The things I read about deal with God, duty, honor and country. Maybe you should read “Liberty and Tyranny” by Mark Levin. It may force some sense into that void between your ears, or better yet, try reading OUR Constitution or the Declaration of Independence. The writings and arguments of OUR Founding Fathers will also facilitate the healing of your tendency to goose step! Sorry, no pop-ups or coloring areas in these writings.

    Deport the invaders, imprison anyone who hires them along with every open borders politician, militarize our borders and repeal the misinterpreted 14th Amendment. Now that is CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN!

  • Roglioe Burrell

    Me thinks Dom is mad because the immigrants are getting all the contract jobs up here; too darn bad Dom~go eat your heart out. Once upon a time YOU were an immigrant! Go check your Bible, Jesus and his Holy Family were so-called “illegals” in Egypt! And so was the whole nation of Israel….for 400 years!

  • kate

    “Illegal invaders”! You people are absolute maroons. Go study your history. Illegality is an arbitrary determinant originated within only recent history.

    Countries have flourished and some have grown, sprouted or vanished based on the movement of people’s across borders. America is no different. The demise of this country has to do with the policies and priorities of the people within the country, not those who come from the outside to exploit its weaknesses.

    I am a contractor as well but I don’t live in a state that has an influx of illegal immigrants, I just have to compete with morons who are too stupid to understand how organizing and working together would benefit all of us.

    Those who benefit by cheap, unorganized and undocumented work are not the workers, you nitwit, its those who hire them. Go to them with your greivances and organize the workers.

    The war on drugs is an excuse for this country to brutalize, control and keep weak, the countries to the south of us. As long as we can maintain a presence in these countries, then we can work to terrorize and control local governments, support corruption and assist in suppressing the development of real democracy and human rights in these countries.

    The corruption and oppression in south America and Mexico are the drivers behind the immigration to this country. But who benefits on both sides of the border by this oppression? Large US corporations, the wealthy elite in Mexico and the US that’s who. Go see them before you tell a poor man to starve, because it may be you who will be looking for a way to feed his family next.

    Low wages for one group only serve to drive down wages for all groups. Most people can get that, but unfortunately they can’t seem to look above them instead of below, to see the ones truly responsible for keeping the people from getting the wages and rights they truly deserve.

    It won’t be long before we are much like Mexico and it will not be the fault of the Mexican worker struggling to make ends meet within the confines of an oppressive state system.

    Idiots, go read a book.

  • David

    Dom, people like you are whats wrong with America. During the last eight years, Bush could do whatever he wanted with the county, and everything was hunky dory for you. But now that we have a (gasp!) Democrat in the White House, right-wing Fascists like you are talking about “revolution” and “kill the President” and things you would’ve never said during Bush. People like you don’t deserve democracy. And I think you understand that too, since you’re ideal America is The Third Reich.

  • Dom

    Frederick and Phyllis are absolutely right on point.

    Illegal invaders have brought in all sorts of diseases that have previously been eradicated. Along with the diseases comes the drugs, gangs, murder, rape and robbery. There are illegal encampments everywhere in the dry canyons where they “live” and burn open fires. Some of these campfires caused the wild fires that ripped through the So Cal area killing people and destroying thousands of homes. As a Southern California native I see it first hand.
    As a contractor I have to compete with these illegal third world scumbags that bid on jobs, with no license and no insurance, for a third of the price.

    As a combat Army Veteran I have been to dozens of other countries and NONE OF THEM have open borders like we do. I worked with Joint Task Force Six for the “War On Drugs” doing counter-narcotics operations in the El Paso Sector and I can tell you that people and drugs flow uninhibited on a scale that would blow your mind.

    This is OUR country… not theirs. I took an oath to protect and defend our Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic. That oath never dies.

    There is a Second Revolution coming and it wont be at the ballot box. So Roglioe you had better keep your vile and perverse Marxist butt down because if this virus doesn’t get you the Revolution will.

  • Roglioe Burrell

    Phyllis: The only hero is you, and your fellow hate radio show hosts; ya know Rush, Luara, Gallenger, Ann Cutler, and so on! So relax and enjoy the flowers, life is VERY short, sweetie!

  • Jonathan

    With or without the swine flu, illegal aliens from Mexico are a burden on the USA. I say boot them out of the country and keep them out!

  • Phyllis

    Ha Ha Ha,

    SPLC aren’t you calling the kettle black. I looked up the word propaganda and I saw a picture of SPLC.

    It amazes me how you can demonize AMERICAN’S for having legitimate concerns about the health,safety and welfare of this country. You act like American’s are monsters. How dare you SPLC.

    This is our country and we owe Mexico and any other country NOTHING. Although we do lend a helping hand to those in need , but anti-American groups like your NEVER give credit.

    Look at Mexico’s immigration laws, before you demonize that American’s that pay the taxes in this country. It has gotten to the point where American’s are going to stop paying anything until they are put FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!

    We are tired of being treated like second class citizens, when illegals, criminal and terrorist are treated like hero’s.


  • kate

    Oh yeah Frederick, our country is doomed because of modern-day support for human smuggling why, us liberals are standing right at the culverts pulling poor, infected Mexicans out every night to enter and attack North America.

    In all honesty if we had that much power, don’t you think we’d at least direct our infected herds to the door of every wingnut in America? That our aim has been so horribly off that innocents and possible future recuits (children) have been infected might get some thinking folks to think that theory weak.

    But then again, Frederick, you seem to have your theories standing on shaky ground, so I guess you and your compatriots are comfortable there.

    Just want to remind you though, Frederick, that Ellis Island’s habit of 3 second scans with the naked eye makes a poor example of “back then” when speaking comparatively about screening immigrants for sickness. And anyway, I thought your focus was illegals, who no will argue, aren’t screened by anyone.

    I’m assuming you have the generosity to not point the finger at legal aliens, whose right to live in the country you are willing to recognize was screened and approved.

    In addition Frederick, note how I didn’t start my letter to you calling you an ignorant, narrow minded, half-witted, corn-fed, basement bred idiot. Nope, because I don’t know that for sure about you. I wouldn’t state what I don’t know for sure.

    I also know for sure Frederick, that Joe McCarthy is dead and so is the threat of communism, if there ever was such a threat, so I’d suggest you update yourself and drop the “commie” thing. It sounds so old fashioned and out of touch.

  • Roglioe Burrell

    No Frederick, we don’t ignore the obvious, however, it’s people like you who uses an emergency to slander the immigrants, this is YOUR evil and people like ya. BTW, this flu stuff is overblown anyways Frederic; we should be worrying all the diseases that are spread among Americans, ya know like AIDS and VD. Fred, have you spread these types of diseases here in good ole USA at anytime in your neo-con life? Come now, tell the truth, it’ll make ya feel better!

  • Frederick

    Funny how you liberals, communists and America-haters just love to ignore the obvious. Immigrants really do bring diseases into the country when they are not properly screened through valid immigration checkpoints. This is why when you LEGALLY immigrate to most countries you get a medical seal of approval, stating you are not infected with some type of contagion. Its a FACT that massive migration of a people from one place to another brings with it inherit risk of epidemic. Feel free to check with the CDC on that. But I imagine, just like with every other piece of liberal nonsense you spew here you’d rather not be confused with the facts because blaming “right-wing extremists”, “nativists” and “racists” is much easier than having to use common sense, which most of you have little of. If you actually want facts (and I doubt this) go and read up on how diseases conquered in the US decades ago have been re-introduced thanks to illegal aliens who bypass medical checks while sneaking into the country (something you support). If there is any justice in any of this “swine” flu (its not being spread by pigs but by humans, primarily in Mexico – a FACT) then you idiot Marxists will come down with it and you can then talk about how great it feels to be sharing the burden of your “immigrant” brothers and sisters.


    we have immigrants in this nation since 1776, maybe those
    KUKUSKLOWNS are infected in the brain.

  • Loretta

    I cannot believe some of these comments. The place where I did work had a speaker come in about 3 years ago to talk about a pandemic happening in then next few years. I know this has not been declared pandemic yet, it may be in the next few days. He said he did not know where it would start but that we would definitely have one within the next 15 to 20 years. My grandfather lost four members of his family in the pandemic of 1918. These things just happen from time to time. We all need to be smart and use common sense with this and not place blame on any one group of people.

  • Dwight


    You say: “2) Only use antibiotics as a last resort to avoid the viruses developing resistance to them.”

    This is a common misconception, antibiotics should be used with bacterial infections such as those caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae, not with viral infections. Often viral infections are followed by secondary bacterial infections, this is when antibiotics should be employed if at all.

    You are spot on with regard to sanitation and hygiene.

    Best regards,

  • Barb M.

    If this weren’t so sadly ignorant, it could be funny–like a ratcheted-up “All in The Family”. The National Enquirer-genre rabble rousers march on….

  • Joekewe

    Don’t worry. The neo-con zealots are just digging themselves a deeper hole. The US public has turned against this right-wing extremism (note Sen. Specter), and yet they haven’t even realized it yet. Let them keep spouting this crap. It’s a free country :-)

  • kaythegardener

    Some Points to Remember —
    1) Influenza affects the lungs & chest, not the head, nose or sinuses.
    2) Only use antibiotics as a last resort to avoid the viruses developing resistance to them.
    3) Cleanliness, especially covering the mouth when sneezing or coughing & frequent handwashing, helped bring down death rates substantially, even without using antibiotics. Florence Nightingale in the Crimean War & Clara Barton in the US Civil War proved this.
    4) Predators, such as lions & cheetahs, spook the herds to expose the weak & helpless, before striking.

    So are we behaving like thinking human beings or idiotic animals?

  • Nathan Head

    We should all be circumspect about this H1N1 virus; it does not discriminate and curently it is certified to be in at least eleven (11) other countries at present!

    I am led to recall the great words of Walter P. Reuther: “There is nothing more fearful than ignorance in action.” And the words of the Rev., Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. “”Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

    …Nathan Head

  • Roglioe Burrell

    Yes, I figured that the scum of our society would start to blame immigrants for this flu thing. However, they will use anything to slander these good people to death. The only flu we really have is coming from their sick brains, and the hatred they all spit out. So-called, “Doc” Michael Savage is a shame to his Jewish ethnic race. He has copied all the hate routines used by the Germans who burned his own people in the ovens during WW II. If one listens to him, he sounds just like the German Nazis! He has learned well. The only disease in America today is the big mouth haters on talk radio, which happens to be all “nice” republicans!

  • Dwight
  • Gustavo Arellano

    David, you forgot to mention that CCIR head Barbara Coe openly wishes that Obama contract the swine flu:

  • Redman Ax

    Sadly for the dumbfounded natavists, all of the mainstream media reported that those “Americans” who did catch the swine flu, had recently traveled to Mexico on their own accord(hey its a free country, right?). I can provide one good example coming from my state(AZ) which we didn’t have a single case until yesterday(4/28). A white woman who had just returned from a cruiseline vaction in Mexico. This according to several sources:
    1.) AZRepublic
    2.) AZfamily
    3.) Channel12
    4.) New Times
    5.) MyFoxPhoenix

    None of the purported illegal aliens have it, thus far. Looks like the joke is on the natavists on this one.
    Personally, I’m not worried as so much like those who are “priveledged”(but gullible) enough to travel to Mexico, as they usually do.

  • Amanda

    I’m just waiting for Mexico to start blaming the US and for Obama to apologize and blame Bush

  • Carter

    The BBC had some interesting things to say on the subject:

    The unfortunate truth is that Mexico itself has turned inward with the wealthy blaming those who live in hovels that the issue is their fault.
    One only has to live near the Boarder in AZ or NM to see the curtailment of travel & it’s effect on local retail & tourism. A few characters in California will always say something but a Hell of a lot of this is coming FROM the Mexican wealthy elite.

  • William Gheen

    Nobody is blaming the arrival of the Mexican Flu on illegal aliens. Rational people are pointing out the obvious which is the fact that thousands of illegal aliens crossing the borders each night will bring more cases in faster at a time we need to slow the spread of the disease.

  • Gregory

    Since the virus was most likely brought into the US through legal travel, blaming its arrival on “illegal immigrants” is akin to blaming the plague on wells poisoned by Jews. Blaming the origin of the virus on “poor personal hygiene” is not only racist but betrays an understanding of science that is also medieval.

    What will they say when the origin of the outbreak is traced to a pig farm owned by a US multinational? That the Mexicans are to blame for allowing it to be built in their country?