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Key Nativist Leader Quits Group to Run for Senate

By Sonia Scherr on May 18, 2009 - 11:58 am, Posted in Anti-Immigrant

Chris Simcox, a leading figure in the nativist extremist movement, has resigned as leader of the vigilante group Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (MCDC) to run for U.S. Senate.

The 48-year-old Simcox, who once insisted that his future plans did not involve a bid for public office, announced his departure from MCDC in a newsletter sent to supporters late last month. “I now leave the MCDC, technically speaking,” he wrote. “I have resigned from the board of directors; I am no longer a partner in the non-profit corporation; I am no longer president or official spokesperson for MCDC.

“I am, however, a strong and vocal advocate for your efforts and will always continue to bring attention to the valiant and honorable efforts of all MCDC patriot volunteers across the country.”

Simcox founded MCDC, which conducts armed patrols of the border, in April 2005. As president of that organization, the former kindergarten teacher became a prominent spokesman for anti-immigration activists, appearing on major TV networks and testifying before Congress. For the past three years, however, Simcox has been widely denounced by former followers within the movement for alleged financial mismanagement, including failing to account for $600,000 the MCDC reportedly raised in 2006 for an “Israeli-style” border fence that has yet to be built. Simcox declined to comment for this story.

Despite criticism from the right and waning concern about immigration among the general population, Simcox managed to more than double the number of MCDC chapters, from 34 in early 2007 to 78 in December 2008. He also succeeded in bringing in some big money: Minuteman PAC, the political action arm of MCDC, raised more than $1.7 million during the 2007-08 election cycle, according to filings with the Federal Election Commission.

In his message to supporters, Simcox said Carmen Mercer, a German immigrant and naturalized U.S. citizen who has been involved with MCDC since its inception, would succeed him as the group’s president and CEO. Current MCDC board members Mercer and John Acer were looking for someone to replace Simcox on the three-member board.

Meanwhile, Simcox’s critics were describing his tenure with MCDC in less-than-glowing terms. “Simcox is a con man and a pathological liar,” wrote Glenn Spencer of the hate group American Border Patrol on his website late last month. “He and his partners-in-crime have fleeced the American People out of hundreds of thousands of dollars to build a border fence that could never have been built.”

  • Fraud Hunter

    What ever has become of the Minuteman CDC fearless ‘leaders’? Seems things have really went wrong for the three stooge leaders over the past 3 years. Ever since a band of volunteers put the heat on Simcox and his crooks to come clean on their finances; and he terminated them…….its been a wild ride!

    1) Simcox shut down operations for a weekend, ran like the dickens screaming he was being overrun. He then told everyone MCDC was being taken-over by the terminated volunteers. He still refuses to show the MCDC By Laws, Fence Financials for every year, and even the MCDC Financials……and could care less what you think about his rotting fence in the desert. And oh by the way, MCDC is still taking donations for. Then he quit MCDC to run for Senate…….and was shut down faster than you can say ‘fraud alert”……Alan Keyes was not very happy to see his money squandered so badly. Today, Simcox….broke, a known fraud in the AZ GOP, with no more Minuteman volunteers following him around, he sits at home. Complete LOSER all the way around.

    2) Carmen Mercer. Who would have thought that this old German immigrant would fall for the likes of Simcox. Once lovers, Carmen loves to protest her complete undying love for Simcox. After being named MCDC President, she was quickly named by the AZ Attorney Generals office for a mass mailer property-tax scheme. Although she claimed to be innocent and didn’t know what the PO BOX she opened was for, her relationships with the MCDC vendor in Texas was now exposed. Whatever was left of her wine guzzling reputation was now squandered. Today, she remains President of whats left of MCDC……a rag-tag group of border groupies that send emails back and forth to each other. She also had a book about the border fence come out, I mean the real government fence….not the one she and Simcox milked millions of dollars of donations for and lied to everyone about (her 5 strand barbed wire fence). The book was a flop, turns out it was full of lies and self indulgent. If youre ever in Tombstone AZ, stop by the OK Cafe and say hello……shes the one serving tables.

    3) Al Garza, oh man……this guy wont stop! A Hard Charging jarhead with a heart of gold… lining anyhow. After finally realizing that the mission of MCDC was to raise money for MCDC vendors……..and that Simcox and Mercer WERE REALLY LIARS, he quite MCDC in Aug 2009. Since then he started his own border watch group, whos totals now include 5 people. Al can be found at his home in Cochise Co Arizona in his living room while the wife is out working…….he likes to play his marching band music and dance in circles in his underwear in the living room……remembering the good-ol days of MCDC border watches, talking to the media and getting right up close to the camera. As he waves his American flag, bouncing joyfully in his briefs…..he practices his next speech.

    God Bless the US Marines, we just dont give up now do we? Simcox, all you had to do was attend a meeting requested by you of your leading volunteers. You ran from that, and you ran from your race against McCain. Check your ball-sack for missing items.

  • Marine1

    Simcox is not the candidate Arizona Republicans need to reaffirm the GOPs commitment to the State. Gun crime conviction…lied to the police officers during investigating that crime, sentenced to probation. Simcox has lost hundreds of Minutemen volunteers nationally becuase he refuses to show the MCDC financials (990s) from 07 and 08. He also refusesd to release to the public the MCDC By Laws written in 2006, and will not release any updated versions as well. He also refuses to show the public the Minuteman Fence financials for 2006, 07, 08….a fence he claimed to build in the Isrieli barrier styled with electronic sensors, razor wires, etc. He built 10 miles of 5 strand barbed wire fence on a buddies property in an effort to raise even more money! He then built .9 miles of steel-mesh fence that 25% complete, and hasnt been touched by volunteers since early 2007!

    Any volunteer who demands to see the Minuteman Fence financials is lied to and or terminated! To date, Simcox is still taking donations for that Minuteman Fence….see it at Donations come in, how much and when will he ever get back to uilding what he said he would?

    Then there is the matter of the PACS he created. Minuteman CDC PAC, and Minuteman PAC. Millions in donations every year for the past 3 years…..less than 3% actually get put in candidates hands. Think hes been saving it up for his run against McCain? Not hardly. The money raised in the PACs have all been spent on the same companys that run MCDCs public relations and marketing efforts….ever hear of Alan Keyes?

    Alan Keyes runs and owns Declaration Alliance. MCDC and its sister efforts are a project of Declaration Alliance…..which means Keyes has his hands all around Minuteman donations. Keyes ran for President at least twice and Seante once…..not becuase he thought he could win, but because he knew he could raise a ton of money by losing those races!

    Now Simcox is following Alan Keyes lead and raising money to lose a race against John McCain….who gets re-elected everytime in Arizona by big margins. Not a chance in hell Simcox can win, and he knows it…but it sure is a great way to raise money for the Declaration Allaince, the Minuteman, and the PACS. Whos going to be sitting pretty when Simcox fails to win the Primary? Simcox, Keyes, and all those pretty little companies that do their marketing campaigns.

    I know, I was Simcoxs MCDC AZ State Director.

  • Carter

    Speaking as a Arizona voter, I know that there is a pendulum swing in voting activity through the years. At this juncture it’s leaning to the Left.
    Arizona is unique in that there are a great many Left leaning voters from the university community.
    In the rural areas most are libertarian (small “L”) & mostly conservative. Many will vote Democrat if the Republican is allied with the Development Industry as many past Republicans have gotten in bed with those Developers who ruin the Agra-Ranching community. I have seen this even my own small community quite often.

    I really don’t think Simcox has legs. The appeal is toward a small segment of folks who actually live on the Boarder & have problems due to a variety of issues with trespassing & environmental difficulties that ruin their land. That’s a pretty small segment.
    The majority of people who play Boarder Patrol Policeman come from California for a weekend of “Pretend” & “Dress-up”. They don’t vote out here.

    How is Simcox going to handle the distressingly bad school systems? How is he going to deal with the water resources “tug-of-war”? How is he going to stop the continued Development of land for houses for people with whom we don’t have the proper infrastructure?
    We don’t have “Freeways” – we have highways & too damn few to absorb many more people. We don’t have jobs here for more people. We are a “Right to Work” state, which is a Union busting misnamed agenda for paying people minimum wage.
    When people from California come here the second thing they notice is that jobs pay very low wages.

    The first thing many people notice is that people here like to live without “Big Brother”. Marrying all these agendas is damn tough.
    Simcox MAY get a nomination if McCain runs his typical campaign, & Simcox promises all Earthy things, but he won’t get elected. Simcox is a one trick pony.
    Far more people here vote the person, not the Party.

  • StopUSAGiveaway

    Ted Hayes would ditto the prior comment as he has been threatened in LA even had his Tent City closed by the Latino community aka which was helping predominantly homeless blacks and other groups.
    The generational Spaniards have moved out of LA due to the influx of latino gangs.

  • Marisa

    Chris Simcox needs to save his money, stay home, and SHUT UP. Let’s hope McCain ANNIHILATES him. However, neither of them will get MY vote. The GOP needs to be stopped in Arizona, as well as everywhere else. In fact, they’re doing a pretty good job of stopping themselves.

  • Todd

    If making sure that any minority is treated fairly and NOT retaliated against for the color of their skin or their legal status is making any one community’s situation worse it would be the community of people that can’t and wont except any one that is different than them. Do I think that we should throw open our boarders? no. But I also don’t think that we should have a bunch of vigilantes patrolling them. The MCDC is not like your average neighborhood watch. They carry guns and don’t have any one looking over their shoulders.
    I have seen nothing that would indicate that the SPLC was pro anything other than to protect the poor, ALL the poor. They are not fighting for PRO-IMMIGRATION. Please check out what they are pro for

  • Truth Monger

    i wonder at what point the SPLC will just admit that we are now a third world nation, and they are fighting as hard as they can to make sure we become as much a third world nation as possible.

    they used to be about helping our own african american citizens, which was a noble effort. but now they have all but thrown them under the bus. we have millions of poor black people which need help, and what does the SPLC want? tens of millions of hispanic latinos thrown into the mix…..



  • Todd

    I would hope that the people of the Great State of Arizona have better sence than to elect some one like that.

  • Steven Terrell

    I’d love to see John McCain, the RINO, lose to Simcox. Great for Arizona, and great for the USA! Finally, someone from Arizona who would stand up for Americans!

    Schadenfreude, yup that about sums up the way the liberals treat Americans!

  • Gregory

    Oh, the irony of McCain losing a primary race to the wingnut wing of his party. Bad for Arizona, worse for the US but when schadenfreude is all you have then make lemonade.

  • Carter

    The Boarder will not be addressed by a fence. Through diplomacy with Mexican officials we may be able to understand why they believe that political stability NEEDS that pressure valve of immigration (legal or illegal). Because that’s what this is all about. Mexico has virtually no middle class; one is either wealthy or poor for the most part. In theory NAFTA was developed to control the issue [of no decent jobs for a large population percentage.] But NAFTA simply used the lower wage scale standard to Mexico from times past.

    They have all but lost their tourism trade; that is the unspoken family secret. Jobs have dried up in the USA in a manner that is scaring the Hell out of many Mexican Government people. The migrant population is once again coming home.

    The biggest problem is that Narco-Terror has so much ready cash, it can do what it wants – & it may want to control that country overtly. Should that happen, the USA would have a great many more problems than what Illegals bring with them! I am not talking about drugs per se’ – I am talking about a type of corruption that cannot be controlled for the good of the many as has been the case in the past.
    If one has never lived in Mexico after living in the US than that level of corruption cannot be conceived: it’s results, cannot be understood.

  • Billingham

    Don’t leave out the lead here:

    Simcox is running as a Republican in Arizona. The state that has a REpublican senator up for re-election in 2010.

    John McCain. He’s primarying John McCain.