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Yakama Nation Activist Spearheads Anti-Immigration Campaign

By Hatewatch Staff on May 26, 2009 - 11:37 am, Posted in Uncategorized

Wendell Hannigan argues that Latinos are bringing gang violence and “overtaking” the members of the Yakama Nation, a Native American tribe whose reservation is located 160 miles southeast of Seattle.
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    I grew up here on the Rez and can say from my own experence, the clash of cultures here can make life misrable. There is a influence from big money and media; as well as years of racial segrigation in public schools- Thow its never openly talked about- most people including myself never had the opritunity live; without that feeling that are backs are against the wall, people of all race keep encroaching on are lands. The things I was taught as a child have no sense of hate towerd any race in perticular. The laws that govern us as a ,I dont mean -Writtin Laws- have no basis on race only the actions of the indivigual. So the fact that most of the people that are negitivly impacting the lifes of those living on the Rez; you have to address the issue By mans law. All of the comments stated are true to some parts, but I dont think anyone can say they understand ,are know what my tribe want’s, untill you’ve picked up your little sister/are family member walking down the road beat up and or raped by an “illegal alien”. Alot of these and worse events have caused most trible members to say they’ve had enuff of this and its time to start doing something about it.There are matters not being addressed that are directly stated in are Treaty with the u.s. gov. -protection from harm-

  • GENO

    Blue Berry Picker,

    You’re sadly mistaken. I don’t think you fully understand what this was all about. Maybe you’re on a different planet?(how I wish you were)
    However, this doesn’t have anything to do with “Power” or the “Media” as asininely put by you. If anyone is feeding off of media garbage, its probably you. You got it all wrong from the start. Every once in awhile you should pull your head out of your ass and see the truth for what it is, not what the “Power” hungry media monsters feed you. That would make you a zombie to begin with.

    The problem with illegal immigration taking place on Sovereign Nations that are affected by it is a cultural and personal issue. But because you are brain dead to figure out that Natives what to preserve their culture and heritage, for that I can’t blame them. Its not about who’s “screwing who”, that lame notion is retarded. Its about preservation and independence. That’s something you inbreeds will never comprehend beyond your 2nd grade levels. what Natives are vying for, unlike Blacks who what to be equal as the white man as they want “Civil Rights”, Natives on the other hand just want to be independent and soveriegn, self-reliance and self-governed. Sure the white man has a habit of breaking treaties and that just shows that they are incapable of getting things done, that’s their problem. After all, its the whiteys thing to make treaties and wimp out, not the Native way.

    And I think illegal aliens regardless of where they come from should pack up and go back to whence they came. And don’t forget the bag of “Blue Berries”.

    Adios Amigo.

  • BlueBerry Pick’n

    I guess its just more socially acceptable to pitch a fit about browner people than to say, ‘damn, those white folks have been screwing us BOTH over’.

    that would take too much homework.

    hate is always easy.

    Maybe someone should be asking, ‘gee, why are First Nations & Latin Americans fucked over on so many continents?’

    Power doesn’t respect the whingers, it respects the proud & responsible dissent.
    Power seeks to pit one group against another & tell you the other weak force is ‘out to get what little you’ve got’.

    You’re getting screwed & it’s simply because nobody is taking the time to point out how.

    American media spends waaay too much time telling people that ‘America’ is *number one!*

    Surprise, being a First Nations citizen doesn’t make you American… because when media & power talk about ‘Americans’ they refer to *only themselves*…

    they’re just hoping that the Poor Majority both domestic & foreign *believes* that crap.

    First Nations OVER ALL BORDERS are getting screwed.

    Somebody might want to remind the Yakama Nation that pitching fits about ‘brown people’ just makes ReichWingers & NeoCon/Lib’s laugh themselves sick at your gullibly ‘nationalistic’ naïveté.

    When Money & Power want to screw you blind, they tie a flag over your eyes & tell you its somebody ELSE doing the rape.

  • GENO: the Valkyrie Warlord

    Hail Yakama!

    It is indeed, a growing problem now affecting Nativez in tribal Homelands and Soveriegn Nations. Usually those that had granted previous work permits to illegal aliens/immigrants looking for farm/agricultural work as what we are seeing in Yakama’s country. But that plan backfired and went out of control. The influx of illegal invaders, came at a surprsing pace, and in just a few years, the “Rez” was invaded by Mexican immigrants who did not share American or Native cultures, much less, they did not speak English as the Yakamas. But the open borders activists are saying that the Nativez are no different from the White Man’s perception on illegal/immigrants. Well, sorry but that “Checkered Rez” was granted to the Yakama Native people, not the Mexicans. Mexicans have their own country in Mexico!

    Leave our Homelands alone!

    I fully support Wendell Hannigan!