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Neo-Nazi Hal Turner Arrested Again

By Sonia Scherr on June 25, 2009 - 11:09 am, Posted in Neo-Nazi

Hal TurnerHal Turner, a neo-Nazi talk radio host known for his threats against public
figures, was denied bail during an appearance in federal court Thursday
afternoon on charges of threatening to assault and murder three federal
judges. Also at the hearing, FBI officials revealed that they’d found 200
rounds of ammunition and 150 illegal hollow point bullets in Turner’s home during a search on Wednesday, according to the Jersey Journal.

Turner’s arrest comes three weeks after he was taken into custody in New Jersey on charges that he incited violence against two Connecticut legislators. He had been freed on $25,000 bond and wasn’t scheduled to return to court until July.

But the FBI — an agency for which he once may have worked as a paid informant — arrested Turner on Wednesday after going to his home in North Bergen, N.J., to execute a search warrant. The charges stem from Internet postings earlier this month in which he blasted a June 2 decision by the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago that essentially upheld local handgun bans.

The blog posts named Chief Judge Frank Easterbrook, who wrote the unanimous decision, along with Judges Richard Posner and William Bauer. “Let me be the first to say this plainly: These Judges deserve to be killed,” Turner allegedly wrote on June 2. He later posted the photographs, phone numbers, work address and room numbers of the three judges, as well as a modified photo of the Dirksen Federal Courthouse where they work that reveals the locations of “anti-truck bomb barriers.” He also posted a map showing how to get to the building, according to the FBI.

In the June 2 blog post titled in part “OUTRAGE: Chicago Gun Ban UPHELD,” Turner states that the same federal appeals court that made the handgun decision also upheld the 2004 conviction of Matt Hale, a white supremacist now serving a 40-year sentence for soliciting the murder of U.S. District Judge Joan Lefkow. Turner also noted that a gunman killed Lefkow’s mother and husband in her home. “Apparently, the 7th U.S. Circuit Court didn’t get the hint after those killings,” he allegedly wrote. “It appears another lesson is needed.”

Turner, 47, isn’t the only neo-Nazi whose cyberspace comments on the Hale case have helped lead to criminal charges in Chicago. Bill White of Roanoke, Va., the leader of the American National Socialist Workers Party, is scheduled for trial next month in federal court in Chicago on obstructing justice charges related to his alleged encouragement of violence against the foreman of the Chicago jury that convicted Hale. White posted the name, home address, phone numbers and other personal information of the “Gay, Jewish, anti-racist” juror last September. White wrote that the juror “played a key role in convicting Hale.”

If Turner is convicted, he faces up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. “We take threats to federal judges very seriously. Period,” said Patrick J. Fitzgerald, U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois.

Turner has made numerous racist and violent threats. In 2007, he railed against President George W. Bush, saying that “a well-placed bullet can solve a lot of problems.” He has written that “we need to start SHOOTING AND KILLING Mexicans as they cross the border.” In 2006, he published an attack on New Jersey Supreme Court justices that included several of their home addresses. Just before President Obama’s inauguration, he suggested that the mass murder of those attending the event “would be a public service.” Most recently, he was charged on June 3 with inciting injury to persons or property after he posted a blog entry that encouraged readers to “take up arms” against two Connecticut lawmakers, Sen. Andrew McDonald and Rep. Michael Lawlor. Turner was upset about state legislation that would give more power to the laity in the Roman Catholic Church.

In January 2008, unidentified hackers posted E-mail correspondence between Turner and an FBI agent who appeared to be his handler in the forum of Turner’s website for his radio program, “The Hal Turner Show.” The FBI last year declined to comment about Turner’s relationship with the agency.

Larry Keller contributed to this report.

  • Vispetti


    First I’d like to you thank for responding to my post. The very fact that you took the time to read it shows that you have an inquiring mind and willingness to learn from others.

    I understand your point and I don’t deny that most of the major news media are owned by “Zionist” Jews. But let me play the devil’s advocate. During the slave and reconstruction period in the United States, blacks could very well say that most banks and media outlets were owned by white citizens (Jews and Christians). Does that mean that all whites should be thrown into a box together as being culprits of one of this inhumane period of history? Albeit for economics, but can’t the same thing be said? For that matter, can other groups make a similar statement?

    The answer is Yes. Everyone can state that fact but it means absolutely nothing in the big picture. We certainly can’t blame all Jews for the government propaganda being spewed on major news media. We can’t blame our Jewish baker down the street, who sells delicious pastries and hot sandwiches for the sins of establishment “Zionist” Jews who allowed dark propaganda to be spread on their news media networks. Isn’t the innocent Jewish baker just as much a pawn in this globalist system as every other group? I believe the answer is Yes.

    I just think we have to be careful about stereotyping people on the basis of race, religion and now gender.

    If we stereotype Jews, then it is fair game for white southerners, blacks, Latinos, gays, rich, poor, Democrat, Republican, left, right, Birthers, Truthers, Tea Partiers and other groups to be stereotyped. This, in my honest opinion, is the mental illness that consumes the American people. And let’s be clear, it is strengthened and magnified every day via the television tube. Before the major news media networks were mostly controlled by the Zionist Jews, this government military tactic of “divide and conquer” was in place. Actually, many governments around the world participated in this tactic. You would think more people would not fall for the trap any longer.

    Remember also that there are Jews who are on the side of the American people who seek to protect freedom and liberty. Some of them are advocates for the Second Amendment and don’t support the unconstitutional wars in the Middle East. Some find that shocking but it is true.

    Regarding the term “Jew”, like Christianity, there are many sects, cultures and races that fall under this title. Some Jews are Ethiopian and obviously have no power at all in this globalist system, and are discriminated against by other sects of Jews. When you break down the intricate details of religion, culture and race, many “Jews” are not Wall street banker or news media network tycoons.

    It seems to me that once you understand the distinction between the State and the people, you really can’t point to a specific race or religion. It seems to me that today there are many like-minded globalist leaning citizens in government, banking, media and law-enforcement. It isn’t even a conspiracy because many of the those who share to global government view willingly submit to its policies and agendas–everything from UN compliance, unconstitutional bills being passed in Congress to the surveillance of citizens under the Patriot Act. Even the phony “War on Terror” and its twin “War on Drugs” are all advantageous to the globalist agenda.

    We have to see those in charge of this system as willing participants from various walks of life. I’m learning that even some who consider themselves of proud Southern stock and descendants of those who came to our shores via the Mayflower have conformed to this system out of lack of knowledge. It is almost like a cult following. Imagine a George Bush, Henry Kissinger, Collin Powell and a Barrack Obama all singing from the same sheet of music? A white Texan, Israeli Jew, black Jamaican and what ever Obama claims to be all having a meeting of the minds on how to implement global government and encourage less sovereignty?

    The Hal Turner story simply shows us that the CIA and FBI are in the business of pitting citizens against each other. The media is one of the critical tools used in this division of the people. We the People have to begin talking to one another and stop taking the three shekels of gold from intelligence agencies who engage in provoking civil unrest. We can no longer continue to blame a certain group based on race and religion, but instead on their thinking and actions. This immediately dismisses the issue of race, religion and gender. If anyone in a position of political power supports unconstitutional policies, it doesn’t matter what their race or religion is but only that they did not uphold the Constitution of this country.

    The plundering of U.S. citizens by the IRS/Federal Reserve to send foreign aid to ANY country is unconstitutional! What ever country receives these illegal funds should no longer receive it–let the chips fall where they may. If Israel, Mexico or some countries in Africa receive these funds, it should stop. Having said that, hardworking U.S. citizens should not be plundered of their earnings to pay for other citizens (legal or illegal) food, health and shelter.

  • Terri

    I read your long mostly truthful article.But when you said :
    “Who do you think owns and controls what is reported on Fox, CNN and MSNBC for the citizens’ consumption? (Please don’t say Jews because Christians own some networks as well.)”This is a very misleading statement.
    Yes ,Non Jews own some news outlets, but none of the major networks and most of the major newspapaers and where most people get their information read.I can only think of one major newspaper off hand not owned by a Zionist-jew .The Toledo Blade. My 1942 Jewish Encyclopedia I bought many years ago,written for jewish people not read by many non jews even admits some 60 years ago they owned most of the major news media. That percenatge of ownership after some 60 years has gone up not down.

  • Vispetti

    Hello Everyone!

    I apologize for my prefacing my previous posting. I meant to state that it was a letter I attempted to post on the Hal Turner family website but could not get it approved. wonder why. I thought I might be able to reach some of the Hal’s lost followers. God knows their is some serious brainwashing going on.

    “You People are Blind Sided” makes a very important point! Everyone should be calling their congressmen about this. The FBI has been exposed provoking division between millions of citizens through the likes of a Hal Turner. In fact, now everyone should question whether Fox, CNN and MSNBC are on the take. I have always suspected this to be the case. With the Hal Turner revelations, I better understand why this country is so divided. You have the Feds infiltrating news media outlets, spying on local communities and group organizations. The have Mid-Eastern informants just as insane as Turner and they’re causing all kinds of problems for this country. Do we even need a FBI or CIA?

    And it doesn’t which political point of view you have, they are are spying on liberals and conservatives. That is one thing we all have in common, we will be taxed and spied upon.

  • Vispetti

    Wait a Minute.

    To all of you who feel that you connect with Hal Turner and he is a hero because he worked as an FBI informant to “get the bad guys”, think about that a bit and let that marinate in your minds.

    Now, I have never been a listener of his show. However, I recently heard clips of his rants and read about some of his comments. Skeptical, I immediately went out to YouTube to listen to some of his recorded rants. All I can say is — What is his angle? Such an articulate man spewing hate and demonizing groups of people and mixing it with enough truth to attract listeners. Although, I must admit that most of the calls coming into his show appeared to be pretenders exposing Turner’s thoughts and comments. It was interesting to see all of the folks pretending to be bigots. But this is neither here or there.

    What gives me pause, and should give his loyal listeners pause, is that no one really knows who this man is and to whom he really pledges his allegiance. Yet, he appears to have an immense following and has been interviewed all over mainstream media to share his despicable views. He obviously isn’t a Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh in ratings but he connects with a good number of people who share his views. Or do they really share his views?

    According to the AP, Hal Turner has exposed through his attorney that he worked for the FBI from 2002 to 2007 as an “agent provocateur” and “his job was basically to publish information which would cause other parties to act in a manner which would lead to their arrest”.

    To anyone unfamiliar with Turner’s comments, here are just a few links (if still available) from YouTube:
    So, I have a few questions for you loyal listeners. Let’s just suppose you really believe that blacks and Jews are the scourge of the earth, and are the cause of everything wrong with this country–Not the immorality and incompetence of “all groups” but ONLY blacks and Jews. Now, you have a radio talk show host who is tapping into your concerns and connecting with you. He has your ear and he feels your pain. Don’t you wonder why he is working for the FBI to entrap you? Was Turner pretending the whole time to be like you and to expose you? Or was Turner like you all the time and truly believes what he says? And if he truly believes what he says, the serious question to pose here is why is the FBI in the business of entrapping citizens for “hate talk”? Why are they provoking “hate talk”? Doesn’t enough “hate talk” already exist? And please know that, although I don’t agree with Turner’s comments about Jews and blacks, the 1st Ammendment of the Constitution protects his right to say what he says.

    These are questions all of you loyal listeners MUST ask. Challenge yourselves to really think about who in fact is the real enemy of this country. Is it really Jews and blacks, in those mere general terms? Or is it those who would divide all groups to conquer this great country? Isn’t the major problem that there are too many systems in place to wreak havoc on freedom, liberty, the economy, morality, and other essential institutions that make this country significant?

    I would challenge all of you Turner listeners, who truly want to rebuild this country, not to look to Jews and blacks but get informed on how the government uses patsies to provoke riots, phony revolutions and even false flag terrorist attacks for the mere purpose of creating fear to rob the citizens of freedom and liberty.

    Turner is right that the dollar is being devalued, morality has declined, it isn’t safe for white or black families to walk down dark streets and the future looks uncertain. But wake up and get informed. The damage being done to this country comes from uniformed and weak minded citizens, a zealous group seeking to implement global government and a mainstream media totally controlled by corporations and the very same global government proponents. These people aren’t of a specific race or religion when you look at the big picture. They are white, black, European, Asian, Christians, Jews, Muslims and many more. They are just those in this great country who will sell out for any price. They are those who will become an informant for the FBI to instigate hatred and violence amongst the people of this country, as if it could stand any more turmoil. They are those who use the bully pulpit to stir up animosity and hatred where there ought not be and they hate freedom and liberty. For if they genuinely believed in freedom and liberty, they would be working through many good patriotic organizations to turn the current system around in a positive manner.

    You might be stunned to know this but all races of people in the United States are now falling in the same pitfalls blacks fell into centuries ago. White, Latinos, blacks, Jews, Christians and other groups are falling into the bondage of global slavery as they are all overtaxed, constantly being manipulated by multi-million dollar marketers and swindled out of their land and money. To add fire to the flames, many citizens are totally conditioned and mind-controlled by a sophisticated mainstream media filled with propaganda of fear, confusion and division, none of which supports freedom and liberty. Yes, there are lazy citizens totally dependent on welfare and government handouts but almost the rest of the people are just as dependent on government and they don’t even know it.

    And now, I have a few questions for those of you who are avid viewers of mainstream media and suddenly see the light regarding the demise of this great country through the eyes of Glenn Beck, Chris Mathews, Wolf Blitzer, Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly. Fox New has come closer than any other network in touching the surface of the birth of global government and reports beautifully on every unconstitutional policy being implemented by Barrack Obama and the Democratic Congress. Take a bow. However, Fox, like CNN and MSNBC distorts the truth. They only focus on how Democrats are associated with Communist practices but never expose the Fascist practices of the Republicans. Fox News reports news from a “right” globalist agenda and the liberal and independent news networks report from a “left” globalist agenda. What’s my point? Viewers are still conditioned to be divided on the basis of political ideological associations as opposed to uniting under the banner of freedom and liberty. Let’s try it this again; millions are divided by terms such as “Communists”, “Socialists”, “Fascists”, “racists”, “tea baggers”, “liberal nuts”, “right-wing nuts”, “fringe”. The strongest term used is “Communists” denoting that those who are not Communists are automatically red-blooded American loving patriots but is that the case? The mainstream conservative media claims to be the champions of the Constitution, freedom and liberty by default, by mere statements but have the vast majority of Republicans claiming to be conservatives actually led the country in a conservative and constitutional manner? Haven’t Republicans supported socialist programs such as Faith Based Initiatives, government medicine for seniors, corporate and foreign welfare? So the words spoken via the political talking heads never match the behavior and conduct of the elected politicians, whether they be Republicans or Democrats. They blatantly play good cop/bad cop, passing the baton of power to each other to keep somewhat of a controlled balance –Yes, viewers and listeners of mainstream television and radio receive a mixture of accurate information tainted with soft hate propaganda that has citizens disliking or hating others who they perceive to be a “liberal” or “conservative”, “Republican” or “Democrat”, “black” or “white”, “Jew” or “Gentile”, “middle class” or “poor” and I could go on. Yes, mainstream media basically controls most of the thinking of millions of citizens in this country. There are many Hal Turners influencing the thoughts of naïve citizens.

    Who do you think owns and controls what is reported on Fox, CNN and MSNBC for the citizens’ consumption? (Please don’t say Jews because Christians own some networks as well.) If the Federal government can hire a man like Hal Turner to provoke his listeners, why do you think mainstream media is exempt from being used as operatives for the FBI or CIA? Why do the “left” and “right” mainstream media networks only tell the truth about the crimes of government officials when their political competitor is in office and remain silent when their political allies are in office committing the same crimes? Do you think the owners of the these networks know that the viewers are already conditioned to cheer for their favorite political party? While many of you are beginning to understand that there is something wrong with the “government”, do you see that there is something amiss regarding the way information is disseminated to millions of people? And doesn’t misinformation result in a misguided people?

    Glenn Beck two years ago went into full attack mode against supporters of Ron Paul. It was no different than the demonization of blacks and Jews by Hal Turner. Beck suggested that these supporters of freedom, liberty and the Constitution were something less than patriotic and posed a threat to the country for speaking out against the very same things that Glenn Beck (after many years) now deems as “truth”. Here are just a few rants from Beck and some other commentators to give you an idea of how all the networks engage in smear and provocative talk that causes people to become divided and impotent in solving major constitutional crises in this country:
    Beck attacks Ron Paul and his supporters as being dangerous and extremists –
    Beck associates white supremacists and militia with Muslim Extremists –
    Beck condemns the 9-11 and Katrina victims –
    Beck says that the 9-11 Truth Movement looks up to James Von Brunn as a hero –
    This Olbermann clip shows that Beck is no different than the so-called left mainstream media –
    Sheppard clip shows that Fox News is spews venom as a network –
    CNN participates in the same demonization of dissenters –
    I can endure more examples of Hal Turners through out the mainstream media but I’ll end with this: To focus on blacks and Jews as the cause of the decay of this country is ignorant. Comments like these only show how small minded people are and uniformed about significant issues that effect the country. To also discuss important issues such the devaluation of the dollar and then back peddle, and engage in dividing people on the basis of race, religion, political ideology and financial status is a travesty of infinite proportions. The revelation of Hal Turner’s FBI informant practices should be a shock to millions of law abiding citizens. It should seriously cause everyone to rethink how propaganda is used to destroy any possibility of preserving this Republic. Whether you are a conservative thinker or liberal thinker, it doesn’t matter. Everyone should at least recognize the crime in the Federal government provoking violent incidents in this country. The Turner case should confirm for all that the Federal government is in the business of provoking turmoil and must have some primary objective to which citizens are not privy.

    Beware of the messages you take into your mind by mainstream media. Go back to your neighborhood to begin a dialogue about what is happening. When researching information, beware of the agenda of the person disseminating the information. Verify your facts. Much of what is said on mainstream media is the truth but a large percentage is government propaganda to provoke anger towards a specific group or person when in reality some issues are more complex than that. Begin viewing some of the smaller alternative media outlets who focus on facts and aren’t looking for worship or control. Be your own fisherman of information and facts and question anyone who engages in demonization or comments that paint a large stroke over an entire group of people because of the behavior or a few. When you begin to look at the black community for instance, you’ll find that there still exists in many communities a slave mentality that today’s whites may find appalling. However, when you research how this came to be you’ll find that many blacks put their trust in the heavy hand of government and have been a product of social engineering for centuries, the same social engineering being practiced on whites, Latinos and Asians in the United States. Yes, unless citizens ban together and agree at least to go back to following the Constitution and begin to support their neighbors and communities under the banner of freedom and liberty, the United States is looking at becoming a part of a high tech global form of slavery–one that would make the chattel slavery of blacks and the Holocaust look like a picnic . Think and act like a free nation. Free people don’t allow their government to use them to snitch on other citizens or to cause turmoil and confusion amongst the people. Any of you who think Hal Turner is a patriot, I submit to you that you are extremely misguided and badly confused. It is time for everyone, even those in mainstream media working for negative forces, to wake up and to question the foreign and economic policies of this country and the purpose of the FBI and CIA. When researching, you won’t find perfection but it may be a far cry from the deception of the mainstream media.

    Hal, if you’re reading this, you should be ashamed to be so ignorant as to take money from the Feds to turn on the very same people you claim to connect with. But you are not the only one who engages in this behavior and the media outlets are filled with the same venom you spew. You bring a bad name to good alternative news networks like GCN Live and Alex Jones of but I suppose that is the whole point. You took three shekels of gold to betray the many good liberty minded activists’ groups, so that now they are listed on the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) report as being potential terrorists. Thanks! By mixing a message of truth with racists comments about Jews and blacks, you ignited the liberal media and its followers, causing a great divide in uncertain times! But the message of freedom and liberty are so great that even you and your FBI slave master cannot destroy it. And didn’t you think the FBI would chew you up and spit you out? The FBI and CIA have hired many fools to do their bidding just to leave them hanging in the dust while they continue assisting the larger government to abuse citizens’ freedom of speech, privacy, right to bear arms and right to own property. You could have been used to provoke a serious false flag incident that could have put this country into martial law. You’re no patriot but a lost and misguided man. You are no different than the many Mid-Eastern informants who do the devil’s bidding and end up murdered and in torture camps. It is public record that Bin Laden was a CIA asset and so was Suddam Hussein. How do you think 9-11 took place? You think a bunch of unsophisticated Mid-Eastern men training at bases in the United States just walked on airplanes and did their dirty deed without any knowledge of the FBI and CIA? Who are you anyway? You can still be saved but your creditability is worthless now. You weren’t going after the bad guys; you were bringing a bad light on many good patriotic activists’ groups trying to effect change through the political process–You and countless mainstream media outlets are guilty of dividing this country. Was it worth it?

  • Guy Zewadski

    Apparently none of this crazy stuff is new; just saw a wonderfully sane youtube of years past:

  • you people are blinded

    Are all of you people missing the main point of this article? He was taught by the FBI what hate to spew. He was paid by the FBI to spew racist hate and incite violence. His handler taught him how far he could push the line. Government sponsored hate directed at it’s own citizens and elected officials. Are you all missing the main point of this or something? Stop being blinded by the left-right divide.

  • William

    People like Mr. Turner are one step away – an assaination – from being on the same low moral level as those who organize suicide bombers in the middle-east and elsewhere.

  • Jill Giraffe

    I read about this neo-nazi & his recent arrest on the ‘Think Progress’ site, which says: “…the Nation (magazine) has pointed out (that) Turner has ties to Fox News’ Sean Hannity. In fact, Hannity has “offered his top-rated radio show as a regular forum for Turner’s occasionally racist, always over-the-top rants.” Hannity would also reportedly offer Turner “encouragement” to overcome his cocaine habit and “homosexual leanings.” ”

    …and rightly points out:

    “Turner’s arrest comes after two major tragedies put the spotlight on the dangers of right-wing extremism: the Holocaust Museum shooting by white supremacist James von Brunn and the assassination of Dr. George Tiller.”

    They link to a article ( : “Prosecutors quoted a Turner Internet posting as saying: “Let me be the first to say this plainly: These judges deserve to be killed.”

    The posting included a map showing the Everett Dirksen Federal Courthouse, where the three judges are based. It said a map showing the judges’ homes would later be added.

    The posting also referred to the murder of the mother and husband of Chicago-based federal Judge Joan Humphrey Lefkow in February 2005 — a crime that sent shock waves across the nation.

    “Apparently, the 7th U.S. Circuit Court didn’t get the hint after those killings,” the posting said. “It appears another lesson is needed.””

    This man is ghastly!

    There is a very dangerous situation that has been allowed to develop in the States that goes far beyond this individual case — these right-wing extremists who rabble-rouse on radio, and even TV, seem to have moved into the mainstream with networks like Fox giving their friends a national soapbox.

    The lies and innuendo that ‘commentators’ spread about President Obama during the campaign, for example, – alleging that he was a Muslim terrorist, without an iota of evidence, have gone a long way to feeding and fueling future and past hate crime perpetrators. We saw how this fanned the flames of wild emotion during the McCain campaign when his crazed supporters’ cries of “Treason!” and “Terrorist!” and “Kill him!,” as well as the uninhibited slinging of racial epithets, suddenly shocked observers, as though this couldn’t have been predicted, and McCain had to intervene – a bit late in the game, a bit weakly, too – call off the dogs, pit bulls and otherwise. (

  • beholder


    I like your idea for the radio show. Just as an aside I was banned from posting comments to the Houston Chronicle for using the term “white devil”, but meanwhile thousands of people can freely say “immigrant scum” and so on. Also for some reason you can’t criticize Texas A&M on the Chron blogs! LOL More recently there was a cop killed by an undocumented migrant, and the nativists hive burst open with hate speech against migrants. I replied that Jeffrey Dahmer was a nice white boy, and nobody seemed to worry about white people. Surely I will be banned again for daring to suggest that native born white people are cannibals.

  • kate

    I agree Donna and I am constantly troubled by the fact that the corporate media seems to have no problem in aiding and abetting hate speech and incitements to violence. Bill O’Reilly was implicitly involved through his hate-filled broadcasts in inciting violence against the doc that got gunned down in a church. Fox News is allowed to broadcast rampant lunacy 24-7 while the other major news channels barely whisper a peep in rebuttal.

    It all starts from the top. The low-lifes and the semi-illiterates will always be the soldiers on the field — acting as the tools for the powerful and the elite.

    There are millions like this moron, the difference between him and so many others is that he had a public mike in front of him. Most who have that kind of access know how to temper their speech in socially acceptable euphemisms and well known socially scripted language.

    Those of us who find this type of “belief” system abhorrent need to speak out against it at all fronts and encourage the mainstream media to step up to the plate and make their “objective journalistic” position known, instead of allowing one-sided lies and falsehoods stand.

  • carrisima

    Why do “they” all have that stupid, clueless look on their faces?

  • Donna

    I am also tired of the hate talk and racism coming form these cancerous mouths. maybe now that one man was killed in his church and another in a museum, we can finally stop the revolving door of our prisons from freeing these men who if they were brown they would have never come out of jail in the first place!
    How about a radio show called ” Why is whitey having such a hard time with the new face of America!” Probably not but we have plenty of Oreillys and hannitys and the filthy list goes on! Air time for White supremacy only it seems

  • Carter

    I would imagine that Federal informant contracts are similar to State informant contracts & this idiot violated his; so he got an ass-whoopin’. Contracts of this nature generally state that the employee must not engage in actions that are relative to the first-person breaking of the law in respect to actions designed to enhance their financial, personal-political gain, etc. They are to deliver materiel information related to their employment by the agency respective of their assignment.
    SO MANY WN are informants that this clown should know what’s expected of him. But he’s obviously thinking he’s got a “get out of jail free” card.
    I anyone reading this blog IS involved in WN activities, you should know that almost 40-50% of your “brothers” ARE informants. WN are the most powerfully compromised political group in the nation’s history.

  • beholder

    Sterling you bring up some very valid points and I share your frustration. I differ however in doctrine in regards to free speech and hate speech. If we begin, however well intended, to regulate questions of conscience, I think we run the peril of going too far. You are very astute in your observation that weak minded people are drawn to the dynamism and fury of hate speech, but I also believe that allowing expression in non-violent ways can at least provide a designated place to address these issues through reason. Surely sometimes hate groups will cross the line toward inciting violence, but this to me seems to be a necessary evil that we must cope with as a free and ordered society. Hopefully, the majority will come to view these outbursts as undesirable and the expression of hate will seal its own tomb. Of course this is only one point of view, and I have my misgivings about it.

  • Sterling Voth

    These racists are proving themselves to be weak-minded, but just as important, low self-esteem and cowardly as well. The cowardly part is that folks like this guy purposely use speech that they know is going to lead to “others” doing the evil they espouse and also taking the risks of death or jail that these “leaders” of hate groups have not the guts to do themselves. It is a weak minded person that can be led into killing or injuring another simply by the words of some other person. Hate speech is not part of “freedom of speech” and the sooner we start reining these folks in through prosecution, the better. I find it incredible that in Germany you cannot promote Nazi beliefs or even display such symbols of hatred anywhere except in museums of history and historical books. Here however after having hundreds of thousands of our soldiers having been killed fighting this very same scourge of hate we allow these folks to roam freely amongst us and for all intensive purposes attempt to restart the very same beliefs. How can we wave the flag in patriotic manner on fourth of July and Memorial day honoring our veterans who died and yet allow folks pushing the very same beliefs that led to the death of those same veterans to walk freely among us preaching their hate? We talk of such things as Muslim terrorists and such, but we are far more at danger here at home from domestic crime, violence, and “good ole boy” homegrown domestic terror. Does a Black mother in Chicago, for example, worry each day that her son or daughter is going to be killed by foreign terrorists when they leave home each day, or by ordinary criminals in the streets or drugs and gangs? Same with these sort of folks as they are far more of a threat to our society than folks in foreign countries. The odds of being killed by a foreign terrorists is worse than winning the powerball lottery, yet we have a large group of domestic terrorists, “homegrown” just itching to serve their cause. Long past time we started treating this as the true threat that it is. Racism is not only evil, but also based on non-existing values as genetics tells us that race as we know it truly does not exist. We are only slightly different versions of the same species. Some of us though do appear to be a bit less “evolved” as evidenced by stories like these.

  • John Judge

    This same person put out a threat in 2006 against then Representative Cynthia McKinney (D-GA) announcing that his online radio topic for the week would be “Should someone lynch Cynthia McKinney on the way to the [primary] polls? How would she look hanging at the end of a rope? What message would it send to other uppity blacks?”
    This was reported to both New Jersey FBI, who said they “knew all about Mr. Turner” and to NJ Homeland Security, but no charges were brought against him then. Has he stopped being an informant perhaps?

  • mariquita

    Ten years and $250,000 is not long enough. Two hundred fifty consecutive ten year sentences “WITH NO POSSIBILITY of PAROLE” is more like it.

  • beholder

    I agree with truthseeker. Free speech is one thing, but making threats is another. He sounds like one weird bird.

  • Pam

    We must start drawing a line with our congressional reps.. With the republicans being known as racists, and then the failed duo of mcpalin proving it further by inciting racist behaviors at their campaign speeches, enough is enough.

    They incited racism at their campaign speeches, while being on the government payroll. This crap has to stop immediately.

    “He’s not like us”. “He pals around with terrorists”. They played to an evil group of existing racism already out there, and KNEw they did.

    That is unforgiveable, and it should never be forgotten.

  • tyrone mixon

    How long are we to put up with clown? until one of lower clowns goes out and starts killing people? I say we have to draw a line somewhere.

  • Fredric L. Rice

    Amusing. The lovely Christian man was solicited by the FBI to provide insights and information about the Jewish Negro conspiracy about which Turner was so well informed — at least that’s what the FBI told him.

    In reality the FBI domestic terrorism unit was pumping up the insane man’s ego, pretending to be working with him to fight the pretend corruption and treason against white America, all while keeping a close eye on what the insane Christian was up to.

    Or maybe not but that’s what it looks like. Republican’t aren’t very smart, after all.

    My opinions only and only my opinions, as always.

  • Truthseeker

    I think we need to send Hal Turner away for a long time. It will send a strong message if we start incarcerating these individuals who spew hateful terroristic threats. All right wing talk show hosts should take note that they are not immured from prosecution for their threatening hate speech either.