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Utah Minutemen Dispute Immigrant Crime Data

By Hatewatch Staff on June 30, 2009 - 10:01 am, Posted in Uncategorized

Utah Minutemen president Eli Cawley sought to discredit a study finding that undocumented immigrants in Utah do not commit more crimes than other Utah residents by labeling the think tank that produced it a “liberal-biased organization.”
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  • Peter Coyotl

    Eli Cawley does not even know his own state. He calls the report liberal bias, but it was produced from one of the most far-right wing think tanks in America. Just a few months ago the Sutherland Institute successfully fought against a proposed Utah bill that would have made it illegal to fire an employee for their sexual orientation to make it illegal to discriminate against a renter for the same.

    Cawley also calls Obama an illegal alien on his web site. Yep, he is one of those who cannot let go of the fake birth certificate rumor.

    He also wanted to have the Salt Lake police arrest a group of Latino construction workers because they “looked “illegal.”

    This guy is a real fruit cake.

    For some strange reasons the Utah media searches him out for quotes simply because he is a minuteman.