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New SPLC Report Details 75 Radical Plots, Rampages

By Mark Potok on July 1, 2009 - 2:47 pm, Posted in Anti-Immigrant, White Supremacist

It’s been a remarkable few months in the world of domestic terrorism and the radical right. Since the election of Barack Obama last November, six law enforcement officers — three Pittsburgh police officers, two Okaloosa County, Fla., sheriff’s deputies, and a security guard at the U.S. Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. — have been murdered, allegedly by right-wing extremists. There has been a spate of Obama assassination plots, and a physician who provided abortions was shot to death in his own Kansas church. And a number of recent reports from federal and other law enforcement agencies have pointed out that the radical right seems to be growing increasingly dangerous, findings that jibe with a February analysis by the Southern Poverty Law Center that documents the rise of hate groups since 2000.

In light of these incidents, the Southern Poverty Law Center today releases a sweeping review of terrorism and other serious violence that has emanated from the domestic radical right since the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. The special report — “Terror From the Right: 75 Plots, Conspiracies and Racist Rampages Since Oklahoma City” —shows that domestic right-wing terrorism is far more prevalent than most Americans realize. The report begins with a short introduction that is followed by summary descriptions of each of the 75 cases.

  • Enlightened

    Just some notes…

    The National “Socialist” German Workers’ Party (Nazi Party) ruled Germany from 1933 until 1945

    Following the Italians’ example, the Nazis attempted a “March on Berlin” to topple the Weimar Republic, which they characterized as “Marxist”


    QUOTE: “Fascists believe that nations and/or races are in perpetual conflict whereby only the strong can survive by being healthy, vital, and by asserting themselves in conflict against the weak” …

    QUOTE: “Following World War II, the word fascist has become a slur throughout the political spectrum. In contemporary political discourse, some adherents of political ideologies on both the left and right wings of the political spectrum associate fascism with their political enemies, or define it as the opposite of their own views” …

    QUOTE: “Fascist movements commonly follow the social Darwinist view that in order for nations and races to survive in a world defined by perpetual national and racial conflict, nations and races must purge themselves of socially and biologically weak or degenerate people while simultaneously promoting the creation of strong people”

    QUOTE: “The Fascist government in Italy banned literature on birth control and increased penalties on abortion in 1926, declaring them both crimes against the state”

    QUOTE: “almost any English person would accept ‘bully’ as a synonym for ‘Fascist’”. – George Orwell …

    And the list goes on…

    Which best describes the “Neo-Nazi” movement?

    I’ve heard Obama called “socialist”, “communist”, “Marxist” “Facist” and being compared to Hitler. By the same so-called educated radio talk show hosts. Which is it? Or do they even know? Some of their listeners obviously don’t

  • beholder

    Actually awhippingflame, the things that George W Bush did for the past eight years are the things that are our responsibility to pay. Like the $3 trillion he spent on watching Saddam Hussein do the Spandau ballet. Kind of inspiring what the Republicans managed to do for society, such a lasting mark on the country and the world. Hopefully your retirement will not be cut short by any of it, and if it does, well, gosh darn it, them Iraqis hated freedom and something needed to be done.

  • awhippingflame

    Thanx, beholder. That’s rather magnanimous of you. And yes, I am somewhat proud of my meager contribution to society, however I’m a bit concerned about the way I see it spent so frivilously in Washington, DC. And not just now, but as far back as I can remember.

    However, I would, at this time, like to thank all those young people who are so active in supporting this administration in it’s efforts to grow the Government in order to improve our lives The things we do today are now your responsibility to pay. I just want you young folks to know….America Appreciates It.

  • awhippingflame

    Ahhh. She called me ‘Whippy’. I think I found a tender spot, which I knew was there all along. So glad to make you laugh.

  • beholder

    awhipping flame

    Glad to hear of your success.

    Since your business is so prosperous you can be especially proud of your tax contributions to your fellow Americans.

  • Kate De Braose

    Why, Whippy, you have a sense of humor. That post was actually funny! Thanks for the laugh, the first of this morning.

  • awhippingflame

    Kate…I gooooogled ‘whipping’ ‘flame’ and ‘jello’ and I got a number of recipes for gelatin desserts. Does this make me some kind of a Jello Maniac, too?

  • awhippingflame

    beholder…I invested in a small business a number of years ago and now my money is working for me. I’m off seven days a week. Now go thank a venture-capitalist.

  • beholder

    Hey whipping flame if you like having a 2 day weekend, go thank a socialist.

    That was the unions, buddy.

  • awhippingflame

    Kate…I’m so glad we found common ground

  • awhippingflame

    I’m not sure, mwoman, how much more descrptive I can be in defining what a whipping flame means to me. Sorry. But as far as traveling…it would be easier for me to list the places I have not been as I travel extensively. And you?

    Now to answer your question: “Are we really free today?” And I answer No. At least not on this network where one is lumped in with the KKK with NO just cause whatsoever. Free? Not Here. Not among the Hateful.

  • Kate De Braose

    I suggest that a whipping flame stop using the terms right wing and left wing in letters here about the many prejudices that Americans seem to need in their political discussions. Especially since that writer has already said they are beside the point.

    I believe they are useless terms that are currently popular only so that the critical issues of government get buried under flim flam.

    If Americans really are of two separate philosophies, they are these: 1. Every man for himself, or, 2. Let’s all help those who sometimes need a helping hand.

  • mwoman


    What does that mean anyway? What’s a whipping flame, beside the definition you quote, from your own poem?

    Maybe I have been too sheltered?

    So why don’t you just anwer my question? I asked you if you had ever traveled outside of the town you were born in. A simple yes or no would have sufficed.

    Instead, you attack Socialism, without any evidence of really having any knowledge of how the system works when it does work, which is very well.

    Also, when you say you prefer Individual Freedom to Socialism, I’m just curious…

    Do you really think we are free today?

    Our rights are being tampered with constantly.
    If you don’t defend them or speak out against the growing appetite of government to infringe on our personal life, like the now famous Patriot Act, you lose them.


  • awhippingflame

    Oh…I’m sorry mwoman. I keep forgetting that some people think Socialism is a good ism. Personally, I’ll take the side of Individual Freedom ism.

  • awhippingflame

    But, for your information, Kate…Nazis, Black Seperatists and White Supremaists are all self-avowed Socialists. So what is there to debate? This is what they claim about themselves.

    Listen…this is a hot-potatoe issue. Neither side, not left nor right, wants to claim these racist factions in America. And why should we? To label them Right-wing and Left-wing only widens the margins of hate…playing right into their hands.

  • awhippingflame

    Kate…my reference to ‘a whippingflame’ is taken from a poem of mine:
    “I am Love, unrefined…raw as a whipping flame”
    It is a phrase I often use to describe my passion and how I love the world. However, in your rush to judgment, you falsely tried to tie me to a hateful, racist organization like the KKK. Shame, shame, shame. I was crushed by your cheap attempt to degrade me.

  • Kate De Braose

    This whipping flame idea was from the civil rights era and even before that. It was an expression used by the KKK to refer to their burning out of property and homes of black persons. It was another violent way, besides the use of whips, to attack and punish blacks.

    Mississippi Burning – The ‘Mississippi Burning’ Case
    A civil rights movement in 1964, named Freedom Summer, was a campaign launched to get African … Crime / Punishment Guide. Sign up for my Newsletter …

  • Kate De Braose


    So far you are still only tossing labels around in regard to what you feel is a wrong-headed world view.

    Kindly tell us what you consider similar about the philosophies of Nazis as compared to what you are calling “socialists.” Also, I would like to discover what you believe a whipping flame is.

  • mwoman

    Yikes. awhippinglame.
    What ARE you talking about?

    “…racist agenda…accomplished…far-left framework like Socialism…”

    Where did you snatch that bit of information from?

    Have you ever traveled?
    Around the US?

    Been to any of those countries lately?

    4 out of 5 run Socialized medicine programs.
    Now you may say Socialized medicine programs stink, and point to Canada, and the complaints from the North of us?

    Let me tell you something>

    I’ve been to ALL of those countries that have Socialized medicine, Socialist Democracies, they’re called, if you want to get picky. And maybe Canada’s isn’t the best. Neither is Greece’s.

    But you must remember something.

    These countries have a system that takes care of ALL people, regardless of status or wealth, and so their services are heavily used, and sometimes, or sometimes even too often, it’s a fast paced system, because so many patients are being seen.

    Still, what impressed me the most about these systems is that people were treated equally. In other words, ALL people are entitled to good health care. It is something these countries believe in. Not like here.

    So if Canada is at the bottom, the country at the top of the list is Denmark. I can talk and talk and talk about the wonders of their medical system and facilities and top notch specialist, entire departments devoted to angioplasty, for example.

    Denmark is the Cadillac of Medicine.

    No country, especially in Europe and the America, comes anywhere near to producing the services available in Denmark.

    Check it out.

    Gotta go,
    Mister or Missus.

  • awhippingflame

    It’s too easy to determine an organization’s or an individual’s political leanings, in America, by determining their stand on the Constitution. It’s as simple as that. For example, a black supremaist group is considered ‘far-left’ only because, the ability to implement a racist governmental structure, which would be required to implement their racist agenda, can only be accomplished under a far-left framework like Socialism, which is the opposite of American constitutional dictates. Hitler was a Socialist and a tyranical dictator. White supremaists are Socialist and suffer the same dilemma as the black supremaists. They are of the same ilk.

  • mwoman

    Leftwing extremists.

    I finally googled it and the first link to pop up was a report by DHS, which, has in fact, established criteria for what constitutes a leftwing extremist.

    I was extremely surprised by their report. Only 2 of 9 pages is available for viewing, and the document is a PDF.

    I think the designations and conclusions, however, are tenuous, at best. And, somewhat undemocratic.

    See for yourself.

  • Kate De Braose

    Perhaps people are confused by the use of terms such as left-wing and right-wing. It might help if we declined to use such words and described the actions of those activists instead.

    I believe there is a common outlaw element in all kinds of political extremism, namely, the use of force and violent destruction to get attention and to promote in an entire population the reaction that former president Bush called “shock and awe.”

    That technique was the means by which Hitler’s Nazi supremacists decided to take over all of Europe during World War 2. It came close to working for them except that fear and hatred always spreads throughout radical societies to the point that the people are robbed of everything that is good in their lives. Too much wealth gets spent on military weapons and none on anything else that supports, educates or nourishes the inhabitants themselves.

    I believe that broadcasters like we have seen on Fox news have used and are using similar techniques of speech to set American citizens against each other by using suspicion and fear to promote disrespect for the calmer and more reasonable voices in political speech.

    It is so much easier to destroy a community that is divided.

  • Kate De Braose

    Yes, that might be good for everyone, but then what do we do with the ordinary whiners who would become jealous and believe that they are being neglected when all the college money is getting handed out?

    You know those types will always be with us and they include those who actually believe they have prospered without any help from anyone else in the world.

    I believe that we need to keep the comments going about every kind of discrimination and to come down hard on people who think they can get away with it in the 21st century.

    Our entire system has been divided into haves and have-nots, and that is a disgrace that will take everyone’s efforts to erase.

  • mwoman


    Do you links to the precise exchange between the scholar and police? Because I sure would like to read them. I still don’t have any idea what the whole story is. Too many things seem to be missing.

    For example, I think I saw one quote by the officer that was later found to be untrue. And even though it’s significant, I can’t remember it now!!! Damn. But the slight alteration was significant to the overall story.

    Next, the officer quoted from his report, and claimed that the scholar said the following…

    “I’ll speak with your mama outside.”

    My initial reaction to this was laughter. Not light laughter. But the kind that comes from the belly. The kind that hurts.

    I thought it was a beautiful response on the part of the scholar, but it also revealed something of his cultural heritage, which I found amusing, because it was such an apt statement to make, but it’s more like something a kid would say, instead of a scholar. And therein lay the humor in that part of the story.

    Plus, I seriously doubt the officer would fabricate that kind of statement. It’s just too out there.

    The Police Department decided to release all relevant tapes, and claimed that the scholar could be heard yelling in the background, while the officer tried to communicate to Central.

    But when I listened to tape, I didn’t hear ANYBODY yelling in the background.

    The woman who made the 911 call never identified the men through their racial identity, and it doesn’t seem like the officer who arrived approached it as a racial incident.


    What happened when the officer arrived?
    What happened that provoked this outburst?

    I can’t imagine a man of such stature and knowledge and experience being a racist. Or to even use that in a situation which probably could have been peaceably settled, without ANY publicity.

    Like I said, too many questions about this story, make it a story that hasn’t been told yet, completely and fully.

    Something that would make it soundproof.


    For the rest of the story.

  • mwoman

    awhippingflame said,

    on July 28th, 2009 at 3:09 am

    Hate groups…it becomes ultra-clear that left-sided ideologies have inspired more hate and violence resulting in the most deaths, as compared to the right.

    This is indisputable.

    Can you just back-up a bit? And tells us about your sources for these claims?

    Actually, as someone who grew up in Hyde Park, Chicago, which is a racially diverse community, and has been for years and years and years…

    The only response I can come up with to your claim, is that it has been an incredible eye opener, to see the emergence of racial feelings, since the election of our President.

    Now, that’s something that’s out there.

    Proof is Holocaust Museum.

    Proof is death of law enforcement officials by people who are obsessed with racial hatred and fear.

    Proof is Hispanics who are targeted as the objects of people’s hatred.

    But oddly enough, unless you think this is also a conspiracy, there is no news of left-wing extremists.


  • mwoman

    I am really curious to find out more information about the conspiratorial left-wing extremists.

    I mean who are these people?
    Do they have any presence on the web, as do White Supremacists, for example?

    I don’t know…
    This a mystery to me.

    And I need to solve it!

    It’s odd how arguments posed by second poster, I think, almost sound cogent. In one respect these people are right. They should not be targeted exclusively. All miscreants should be targeted. So, in that respect, their point is valid.

    The difficulty comes when someone fails to cite a specific source for their information. For example, where are these left-wing extremists?

    And I’m sure, if there was such a thing, then SPLC would be on it.

  • beholder

    I think it is more a question of the continued agony of racial and ethnic repression in our country, than about who is responsible on an individual level.

    When our Congress finally apologized a little while back about slavery, we lost an important opportunity to make reparations to the descendents of slaves.

    I believe America is ready to address its past, even as racism and bigotry evolve into anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant hate. One way we could do this on more than a symbolic level is to sponsor scholarships to help mend the long term, multigenerational consequences of four hundred years of slavery. The civil rights movement may have managed to curtail outright discrimination in many ways, but it did not give back what was taken.

    The same is true for Native Americans, Chinese persecuted in the 1800s, Japanese interned during WWII and South Asians persecuted today.

  • Kate De Braose

    I do believe that people who defend racism or any other form of prejudice are confused. Perhaps they believe that they are justified in being suspicious of certain “types” of people. In that case, they require their victim to prove s/he is not guilty of a crime.

    They should know that attitude is the most prominent feature of prejudice and also the proof of it.

    Some people will extend that idea (that their victims are criminals) to even the persons who are teaching against prejudice itself. Perhaps that is why whippingflame is so convinced that there is something wrong with people who fight against the wrong-headedness of prejudice.

    We must remember that our personal suspicion is not proof of any crime.

  • beholder

    awhippingflame can you provide some examples to justify your claims? Also as a question of methodology, do you consider the violent response to oppression an act of aggression or defense?

  • awhippingflame

    Hate groups are driven by ideologies, whether left or right. However, if you do a side-by-side comparison, it becomes ultra-clear that left-sided ideologies have inspired more hate and violence resulting in the most deaths, as compared to the right.

    This is indisputable.

  • beholder

    As a footnote on the Bobby Tolan incident in Houston, I would like to point out that the recent arrest of an African American scholar at Harvard for entering his own home is a perfect example of the kind of policing I take issue with. Overt or covert, racism and profiling by those sworn to defend us must stop.

    I only wonder why the major national media has ignored the Tolan case when the simple arrest of this professor has been headline news –as far as I know only CNN picked this up as a sports story because Tolan’s father was a ball player and Tolan had a professional sports career ahead of him before he was gunned down. Maybe it is because the professor has all the weight of Harvard behind him while Tolan lives in racist Houston.

    In this case the Cambridge mayor apologized, while the city management of Bellaire continues in its recalcitrant and adamant refusal to do so.

  • TY


    I totaly agree with you. It’s real obvious.

  • Kate De Braose

    From New York Times Quote of the Day:

    “No business wants to invest in a place where the government skims 20 percent off the top, or the head of the port authority is corrupt. No person wants to live in a society where the rule of law gives way to the rule of brutality and bribery. That is not democracy, that is tyranny, and now is the time for it to end.”
    PRESIDENT OBAMA, on the need for reform in Africa.

    At first I thought he was talking about our own country. It must be true that we see other people’s sins, but never our own.