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Racial Extremists Discover Twitter

By Sonia Scherr on July 8, 2009 - 7:26 am, Posted in Hate Groups

Racial extremists aren’t known for their brevity, but hate in 140 characters or less is starting to flourish thanks to Twitter, the social messaging service that allows users to provide constant updates for friends, family and just about everyone else.

Hatewatch has counted more than a dozen Twitter accounts associated with hate groups ranging from the League of the South to the Jewish Defense League to the Federation for American Immigration Reform. For those unfamiliar with the Twitter fad, it allows users to send very brief messages (known as “tweets”) that others can opt to receive by cell phone, instant message or the Twitter website. According to its rules, Twitter does not censor users’ posts except in limited cases, such as when they include threats of violence or confidential information.

Here’s a sampling of tweets and partial tweets that Hatewatch found during a recent tour of Twitter:

•    From Stormfront: “Breaking News: Whites are really getting screwed these days.” (The tweet, which refers to affirmative action, also includes a link to a post on Stormfront, the world’s leading white supremacist Web forum.)

•    From the anti-immigrant group American Patrol: “William Gheen (ALIPAC) is an idiot.” (Glenn Spencer, the leader of American Patrol, is feuding with Gheen, head of another nativist group called Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, over accused double murderer Shawna Forde’s alleged links to Spencer’s group, which Spencer denies.)

•    From the anti-Arab and anti-Muslim Jewish Defense League: “We’ve decided not to take any vacations to Islam-loving Hawaii. There are 49 other states to visit. And we love to travel in Israel too!”

•    From the Traditional Values Coalition, a  virulently anti-gay group federation of churches based in Washington, D.C.: “Gay Agenda on Fast-Track in Congress.”

•     From “Life_of_a_Nazi,” also known as Kris Johnson, Wisconsin state leader for the neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement: “Dinner time…Family time…important time for a National Socialist.”

Although white supremacists and other racial extremists haven’t yet rushed wholesale to use Twitter, they have been among the first to adopt all kinds of new technologies in recent years. They began using early computer bulletin boards long before the general population, and also were among the first to set up Web pages and interactive fora including dating pages. They also were early builders of video games, typically with a racist slant, that users can play via their computers.

  • GENO(syde)

    Furthermore, if one decides to become a demagoguery thug(a politician), then one must possess some “Hollywood” acting abilities, this includes–lying through one’s own teeth. Native Americans have seen this copiously centuries ago long before it became a mainstream trend of today.

  • Carter

    Most of the narcissistic, demagogic, self obsessed hedonists that populate “Hollywood” (the entertainment industry) would be an easy place to start finding Limousine Liberals. There are shits on any side of a political spectrum. Most folks find that out after a bit. There are very few angels anywhere.
    I stopped believing in “good guys” & “bad guys” a long time ago.
    It’s easy to call for the masses to make sacrifices when insulated from reality by millions of dollars…. It’s all BS when the call for change comes from those who will never have to sacrifice.

  • beholder

    I know more limousine conservatives, not too many limousine liberals…

  • BF

    perri: They just sort of pound their hands and heads on the keyboard and see what sticks.

  • Carter

    Would one feel the same passion for those wealthy individuals who cheat on the taxes in comparison to Illegal Aliens? Both break the law, both put financial stress on the working class & what few middle class individuals we have.
    Illegals are a cheap, fast target. They break the law, certainly. But some pay taxes, some are productive. Like all people, not all are the depraved that is the easily described target of the mob.
    When some Country Club living high roller cheats on their taxes; the rest of the country has to pay more, etc. That’s either Conservative or Limousine Liberal…..There’s plenty of blame to go around.

  • Joe

    “…I estimate conservatively, that you would need about 1 minute each to consider their individual situation and circumstances, visualize their faces and their families, understand what kind of job they lead and how they fit into their communities.”

    Your reasoning is laughable.
    We do not need to consider any of that.
    All we need to know is “Are they illegal aliens.”

  • perri

    How do you tweet neanthropic grunts?

  • L and M

    Now we know who put the “twit” in Twitter.

  • beholder

    Hate is no easy feat. For one person to hate all undocumented immigrants for example, here is a hypothetical calculation. There are an estimated 12 million undocumented immigrants in the US, and to be able to hate each one, I estimate conservatively, that you would need about 1 minute each to consider their individual situation and circumstances, visualize their faces and their families, understand what kind of job they lead and how they fit into their communities. So that is 12 million minutes of hate, or 200,000 hours. Now given that nativists need time to get their beauty rest, let’s say one person can only be expected to hate for 8 hours a day. Actually that’s a union rule, but let’s not get into that just yet. So, we reach 25,000 days, no vacation for haters, it’s just too much of a priority, or approximately 70 years of non-stop hatred (no weekends either, that’s a union thing, and unions support immigrants). Assuming you start early enough in life, you could probably manage to get through so much hate if you postpone retirement and do nothing else with your life. So, you can see the use of Twitter is a matter of necessary expediency.

  • GENO Valkyrie

    Twitter that many folks are probably familiar with by now, gives an insight into one’s daily life. It can be use as a helpful tool in monitoring vile WN activity. This way, those who watch their movements can be better informed. Hence, leading up to more possible arrests when threats or plots are unearthed.

  • Carter

    According to Gallop, the USA is moving to the Right and that is actually a normal (meaning familiar) political phenomenon during the tenure of a President & Congress that is from the Left.

    So naturally you would see this expressed in Twitter. Although why some marketing milieu for Phone Texting, as transparent as it is, would attract the intelligent consumer, is beyond me….