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Sheriff Arpaio Refuses To Cooperate With DOJ Investigation

By Hatewatch Staff on July 14, 2009 - 9:09 am, Posted in Uncategorized

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio announced that his office will not cooperate with a Department of Justice investigation into allegations that his controversial immigration sweeps employ racial profiling.
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  • SbME

    The Democrats in Washington don’t agree with section 287(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, which allows local law enforcement agencies to assist with illegal immigration enforcement efforts.

    A Rising Share: Hispanics and Federal Crime:

  • Randy Clark

    What it is really beyond comprehension is that a state with such a high percentage of Hispanic voters and White/Black/Native American Democrats keep this clown in office.
    He brags about making his own law and abusing “hard core criminals” such as lawyer who was one month behind in child support because he lost his job. That “hard core criminical” was confined to a tend in the middle of the desert and force to wear pink underwears.
    The clown’s abuses on Hispanics it is his tool to gain the vote of right-wind fanatics but does not explain how “normal” people could support such a shameful character…It should be a federal crime to alllow individuals of such a low class to call themselve Americans.

  • GENO(syde)

    Wanna see how sick this (Sheriff) is??? One can read his comments which btw, was capture by a reporter with the New Yorker Zine, regarding how his puny feelings were hurt, when the wife of Mesa mayor implied that the rogue constable was not her “hero”:

    This loony (Sheriff) is truly mentally ill. It can’t get any worse than that.

  • Ryan the non-Aryan

    Here’s a serious flaw discovered by the Libertarian think-tank research group regarding Joe’s lazy enforcement–the Goldwater Institute, which has found alarming rates of criminal cases dismissed by exception. Is Sheriff Joe enforcing the law? Tsk tsk tsk, not according to the research team:

    “The MSCO arrests rate is startlingly low.”

    As reported by Sarah Fenske on July 16,2009. Arpaio office is dismissing cases that is not consistent with the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting System. According to Clint Bolick, an attorney for the think-tank says:

    “It appears to be in violation with state law.”

    Looks like Joe is in trouble again. A real lawbreaker, isn’t he?

  • Truth Monger

    good, he should not cooperate. this is a witch hunt by people who dont like him enforcing the law and doing the job he was hired to do.

  • Ryan the non-Aryan

    Usually, when an elected official refuses to cooporate with the federal government authorities. There’s always a valid reason for it. In most cases, it involves the elected official accused of breaking or violating federal laws. Especially if there is a host of evidence to point it out. In this case, arpaio has violated federal and Constitutional laws. This isn’t his first time either.
    Way back in 1995, the KKKorrupt KKKonstable was under investigation by the same agency(DoJ). This one regarding several unexplained deaths in his jail, hence the grave impoverished conditions in his jails that resembles that of a 3rd world cesspool. Joe bucked and agreed to follow the DOJ’s conditions of change. How is this one any different? Well for one, this one is very serious. Especially if there’s 9 DOJ suits working on this(as opposed to 1 on the previous investigation). And because of the way he flip-flops—from earlier this year, he was quoted as saying he–“welcomes the investigation.” So bring em on, eh? Now the septuagenarian [out]lawman is running scared like a fraidy-cat. It tells you that JoKKKers’ got something up his sleeve, something evil, hence KKKriminal that he is witholding from the investigators. Whatever it is, surely he won’t get away with it,

  • Joanne Johnson

    Racial profiling is illegal and unconstitutional, period. Government officials, ie. police, cannot stop and do a warrentless search without probable cause. You cannot target all hispanics and order them to provide proof of citizenship. This is considered unreasonable search based soley on race.

  • Steve

    Joe’s refusal to cooperate with DOJ was the correct move. He will not be treated or investigated fairly. Napolitano and Obama will make sure of that.

  • Dale Morgan

    How can you generalize and say ALL WHITEs, do anything. That’s ridiculous. There are some of us ‘whites’ who are fighting for the civil rights of all Americans regardless of skin color. “Race” has no biological credibilitiy, we are all HUMAN BEINGS.

  • Marty Hisington

    This is just one more example of how “King Joe” operates. In a state where any person can walk around packing a gun and all whites there consider themselves deputized in some way to prevent illegal immigration, Joe’s latest is no surprise. Joe views Latino people as automatic criminals just by their very existance.
    By the way, I am white, and Joe and his ilk disgust me.