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Another Adorable White-Power Sister Act

By Sonia Scherr on August 6, 2009 - 10:35 am, Posted in Klan, Racist Music

Do you miss Prussian Blue, the pop-singing twin sisters who entertained neo-Nazi crowds with their off-key odes to white power a few years back? Then you might want to check out another sister act: Eighteen-year-old Charity and 16-year-old Shelby Pendergraft, who form a group called Heritage Connection.

Prussian Blue, you may recall, consisted of Lynx and Lamb Gaede, who (with a little help from stage mom April Gaede) sieg-heiled their way to international stardom in white power circles. They haven’t been heard from in awhile and have apparently moved on to other things.

The Pendergraft sisters have not yet received the media attention that the Gaede bunch drew in their heyday, but they claim to have performed at white nationalist events nationwide since they started performing as Heritage Connection in 2003. They’ve also released two CDs, “Aryan Awakening” and “Standing Our Ground,” and have shared the stage with a guitar-playing Derek Black, best known for the brouhaha that followed his election to the Palm Beach County Republican Executive Committee.

Singing in thin, quavering voices, the sisters cover the standard range of perils facing whites, including race-mixing, ZOG [the Zionist-Occupied Government] and “the great illegal flood.” In a song titled “Living Nightmare,” for instance, the teenagers lament the destruction of their race: “You’re living in a fog/you’re siding with the ZOG.” A livelier track called “Propagandized America” includes the lyrics “When I say white pride worldwide/coming up from deep inside/they say I hate you/what am I to do?”

Fans will be glad to know that the Pendergrafts compose most of their own music and lyrics. They also provide their own accompaniment on guitar, violin, piano and drums. The result is “their own unique sound that the Pendergrafts jokingly refer to as Celtic/Country/Aryan/Folk/Rock,” according to their website.

The blond, fair-skinned Pendergrafts come from a long line of Aryan activists. Their grandfather is veteran Klansman Thomas Robb, leader of the Arkansas-based Knights Party, and their mother, Rachel Pendergraft, serves as spokeswoman for the Klan group. But not everyone is enamored of the sisters’ oeuvre; reaction to a youtube posting of their song “Dying Fire” included some disparaging comments.

“This is hilarious!” wrote “Flankoa.” “It sounds like it was recorded in an underwater bathroom onto a broken miniature cassette recorder.”

Added “ivyshoots,” “If anything is going to make me NOT feel proud to be white, it’s two nasal, talentless chicks representing our race by droning off-key musical warnings about an imagined apocalyptic race war.”

The sisters, who are home-schooled in Harrison, Ark., maintain a blog that offers a glimpse of their daily lives. Amid music lessons, schoolwork, church, chores and camping trips, the siblings find time to volunteer at their grandfather’s Klan headquarters and to work on a display about illegal immigration for the White Christian Heritage Festival. They write about looking forward to using their Christmas gift cards (“Too bad the JCPenney’s where we go is starting to look like a Mexican recruiting station!”), attend a music show in Eureka Springs, Ark., (“Sadly, this town has been overrun by queers.”), and watch the movie “Stardust” (“It was a good movie except for the propaganda — that’s in almost all movies — and the gay character in it.”). And Charity, who blasts immigrants in “Alien Flood,” reveals her fondness for Mexican cuisine. “We had enchiladas for dinner,” she writes. “Yum! I love Spanish food.”

Despite their questionable talent, the Pendergrafts have been performing for a dozen years and envision a bright future for their music. They will soon welcome their 9-year-old brother, Andrew, into the group. They are scheduled to appear live at the 2009 Knights Party National Leadership Conference in Harrison on Labor Day Weekend. And while they plan to pursue degrees in business and law, they intend to continue their “ministry of music” with the hope that it will “serve as a wakeup call to those who have forgotten their heritage. Our people deserve the best. Its [sic] time for an Aryan Awakening!”

Don’t forget the enchiladas.

  • Lindsey

    you girls make m e almost embarrassed to be white. I saw ur ridiculous documentary and the way u idiots think and its sick. I do not believe in mixing races for the purpose of u lose ur heritage but that does not make me racist. U ppl say up believe in god and all that well god does not promote hate and violence im sure hes saddened by ppl like u. And wat has all this foolish hate done for u or the world. Has ur cause done for the white ppl ppl absolutely nothing.u preach but no result so ur cause is stupid and pointless

  • Idi ‘Big Daddy; Amin

    I speak as a white guy who’s ashamed of all the atrocities the white man has carried out through the millennium and a half he’s been in charge of most of the world. The British Empire, for example, was a reprehensible organisation. The Holocaust is beyond contempt, and as for the attempted (and nearly successful) genocide of the Native American people, I’d say that’s even worse than the Holocaust: in fact, I’d say it’s the worst event in human history.

    The very idea that you can feel pride over something as meaningless as your skin colour is just laughable and sad. If you’re that desperate to be proud of something that your skin colour matters to you, then you must have a pretty pathetic life.

  • GENA

    sounds like lindsay is skating on thin ice!!!
    Is she talking about white dogs chasing after black cars instead of white cars???? i get it. to each his own…
    lindsay move to another state or country where you will
    be happy!

  • Nona

    Did this lindsay person post on the wrong message board? I would ask her to take her anti-white hate somewhere else…or, better yet, get help for that problem.

    One thing that all hate groups have in common is a need to perpetuate and spread their ideas- like malaria. Otherwise, such ideas die with the infected generation. The ones who suffer the most are the children, who follow along because they don’t know any better.

  • lindsay

    if white people are so superior, why are they ALWAYS trying to be something else? white women chase black men waaaaaaaaay more than they chase their own men! and thats not an opinion, thats a fact! and there are so many white boys who try to be black! its pathetic! somebody please answer me this! why do whites think theyre better but then try to be black? i dont get it!


    you win Robb somebody would have to be crazy to mess with you!






    Immigrant Robb or Robb the Immigrant,
    White mans’ “Heyday is Over!”
    get over it! We missed it! we are obsolete!


    what happens when you find out your not white, you have a
    Native American great-grandmother or your Jewish? then
    children born not of natural descent, nor of human decision
    or a husbands will, but born of God.
    JOHN 1:13
    lets check out your family history and see what we can find!

  • GENA


  • ME

    these girls need to stop making music seriously. They are not talented.

  • GENA


  • GENA

    a mind is a terrible thing to waste!

  • Tom Shelley


    If you’re into SHARPs and it sounds like you are, I’ve done a lot of songs/poems about them. They’re at http://devlin-mcaliskey.blogsp.....ARP%2FRASH

    Also, I’ve typed up a series of arguements in favor of SHARPs but am reluctant to put them on my blog because of possible legal issues. People can email me at and I’ll email them to you.

    Also, for OtherView, about that kid with the “gun.” It’s very common for young boys to do what you described. They get it from TV shows and movies, often Westerns or other movies that involve white people using guns. To connect his behavior with rap is ridiculous.


  • OtherView

    BMM –
    I’ll give you an example, without naming any names. I went to get groceries after work awhile back, and sat in the car afterwards to fill out some checks to put in the mail before I went home (I’m not comfortable with putting checks in my mailbox anymore). A woman parked next to me and left the car running with her child inside. I didn’t think this was appropriate, but it wasn’t problematic at the time, so I kept an eye on the situation while I finished writing out my checks. I could tell that their radio was booming rap music. Then I noticed the child, a little boy, took his forefinger and thumb and made a motion as if he was shooting everyone walking into the store. Then he turned his ‘gun’ on me. I looked that little boy in the eyes and just shook my head. I didn’t scowl at him or anything, I just shook my head. Then I saw his mother returning from the store, and decided it was a good time to leave.

  • Jared

    “reveals her fondness for Mexican cuisine. “We had enchiladas for dinner,” she writes. “Yum! I love Spanish food.”

    Mexican is not Spanish. Spanish is European.

  • GENO

    As the white power “HATECORE” music movement is being waged across the nation. So too, is the anti-facist/anti-racist “Streetpunk” scene. The Resistance Records label may cater to the neo-Nazi skinhead bands. But the Insurgence Records is the place to be. There are some good “streetpunk” bands that are emerging. Such as Fight Chance which debuted its first neo-Nazi bonehead attack song titled “Coward’s Pride” in a compilation Class Pride Worldwide. The Oppressed is another good one to check out. Folks who are into the neo-Nazi bonehead bashing music scene should go to T.T’s label–the Insurgence Records. There are many anti-Nazi punk bands out there. The first time I ever heard of songs detesting white supremacy was from the hardcore punk rock band Total Chaos its album–“Patriotic Shock” with songs like–“Kill the Nazi” and “the End of White Supremacy!” plus many other cool songs. These are recommended for the diehard Insurgent, who hates the neo-Nazis as much as I do. And we must resist white power.

  • BMM

    Please Fenria, name one of these black rappers who are remotely comparable to white power music, in terms of denigrating another race.

    Examples please. A single line from a Brand Nubian or Lench Mob song from 15+ years ago, perhaps, since those are the sources often cited by supremacist sites to demonstrate that rap is exactly the same as white power music.

  • Tom Shelley

    When society tells you your culture is inferior and you are inferior, there’s usually nothing wrong with responding with pride- it rarely takes a negative form comparable to white pride. And white pride is hateful. I know, I listen to their music, they’re quite proud of being hateful, and then you toss in their actions. FBI figures, with some reasonable assumptions, indicate that people of color are less likely to engage in anti-white hate crimes than white people are to engage in white supremacist hate crimes. And I’m sure that a lot of people into black or chicano pride are not anti-white. For example, I know for a fact that, in the late 1990s and around 2000, the Chicano student group MEChA was not anti-white and they were definitely into chicano pride.

    So, ethnic/racial pride among people of color is usually not comparable to white pride.

    And the SPLC DOES monitor groups that are anti-white. The SPLC and it’s supporters are not hypocrites. I’ve even done 1.5 posts on my blog about anti-white racism.


  • Fenria

    So I guess you guys will also be unleashing this same amount of vitriol at all the black rappers who use racial slurs and invoke their own racial pride in their music, right? I mean, it’s not like you guys are a bunch of total hypocrites or anything………

  • A Chick

    If the SPLC has the time to blog about two sisters who write “politically incorrect” music, then you could at least address the disturbing reality of interracial rape in both America and Europe; i.e., non-white males are targeting white females for rape much more frequently than the reverse. In fact, several European countries that used to have very low rates of sexual assault are now seeing a dramatic increase in these crimes. Apparently, it’s just me, but I find rape to be much more disturbing and newsworthy than any so-called “offensive” music.

    Don’t worry, I don’t actually expect any of you to care, nor do I even expect this comment to be published. After all, I do realize the SPLC and its supporters have an agenda of anti-white racism to push.

  • BMM

    Re: Public Enemy

    I have seen them perform live five times between 1990 and last year. I would say that the white people in the audience outnumbered the black people. There was zero racial animosity in the crowd, and zero animosity coming from anybody in the group (yes, even the controversial Professor Griff).

    And no, Bill Taxes, Flavor Flav’s clock does not mean the time when blacks will rule — it simply means to know what time it is (to be aware of how things are)

    As for other rap, I’ve been a rap fan since the late 80s, and I can count the number of blatantly anti-white acts on one hand, if that. Anti-establishment, sure, and I guess since the establishment tends to be white you can make that leap. But absolutely nothing that compares to most White Power music.

    Rap’s negative images? Those are unquestionable, and unfortunately serve to bring down blacks and provide more ammo to racist whites. The best illustration of this? Go back to Public Enemy, whose fourth album featured an interlude of a Klansman thanking the black community for embracing these negative traits: “we’d like to thank you all, for saving us the time, trouble and legality, for the final chapter of riddin’ y’all off the face of the earth! Your solution to our problem is greatly appreciated!”

  • GENO

    While its true that deathmetal was generally associated with (predominately)white males. But the music itself, was cherished globally. From Latin America, New Zealand to Japan. The late 90’s even saw the emergence of small time deathmetal bands coming from Muslim countries like Turkey, Armenia and others(if memory serves me correctly).
    So it was probably far more racially diverse than what most people typically thought. Many American DM band lineups were also racially diverse such as in the case of early Suffocation and Sepultura among others. I use to have a mass collection of DM labels(as I once worked at a CD exchange shop). Rarely did I ever come across lyrics that were somewhat racist/neo-Nazi in nature. Since DM lyrics primarily focuses on death, murder, killings, rapes, sexual perversities, anti-feminity/mysogynisms cannibalism, human butchery etc…yet, you have a bunch of right-wing conservative “Christians” crying “rap is offensive” is totally absurd. Since rap is commonly linked to black culture and black people in general, there is a double-standard at play here in terms of obscenity.

  • TlalocW

    Well, the good thing about the Pendergraft sisters being part of the White Supremacist movement is that in a few years we won’t be hearing their music because whatever dreams they have now – traveling and singing, becoming lawyers, etc. – will be put on the back burner so they can become full time breeders for the Aryan Race. Unfortunately, that means they’re going to be popping out a few more little Adolphs and Evas, but chances are somewhere along the way, one of them will bring home a non-Aryan girlfriend/boyfriend sometime.

  • Tom Shelley

    First, in my last comment my response to GENO, I once again ignored rap fans who are neither white nor black. That was lazy/stupid. I didn’t mean to.

    Also, in response to a couple of earlier posts by people defending WP music- very few people are calling for censorship. The SPLC isn’t and I’m not (although in some cases I will support censorship- for example, the banning or blocking of Colombus Day marches, but I wouldn’t support censorship of publications- in general, with VERY few exceptions, I’m totally against censorship)

    That doesn’t mean we can’t speak out against the politics of those songs. That’s not censorship.


  • Tom Shelley

    A response to GENO:

    1) You make a good point about Death and Black metal being MUCH MUCH more offensive than than rap. And of course these people are not complaining about how the SPLC and anti-racists are ignoring that music, which is associated much more with white people than with people of color.

    2) If you were referring to my statement about how around 1990 most PE fans at most PE shows were probably black, I could be wrong but I would be surprised. Everything I’ve read indicates that back then some majority of black youth were rap fans. Maybe I was off a bit and it was just on the other side of 50%. In any case, that tour brought together a lot of white kids and a lot of Black kids to enjoy both metal and rap at the same concert. It’s evidence that PE is not black supremacist as Bill Taxes suggested they were.


  • Tom Shelley

    First, going back to rap, the amount of offensive material in the average WP song is much, much greater than the amount of offensive material in the average rap song, especially considering what I wrote about sexism in rap compared to various kinds of bigotry in WP music and who the performers are- a lot of the “sexist” male rappers have either done tours or songs with women rappers. I don’t think a black guy ever worked with Skrewdriver. Also, there’s a lot of rap stuff that’s got good politics, whereas with WP something like 99% is either simply offensive hateful material or talking about imaginary oppression that whites and WSs experience. Also, there’s evidence of a serious problem of sexism in the WP movement, and that’s kind of reflected in the lyrics- the vast majority totally ignore women. There’s probably more sexism in the WP movement than there is among rappers.

    It’s been a while since I listened much to PE but I wouldn’t be surprised if Chuck is right, I can’t think of any such songs and I probably have half their albums and have spent an average of about five minutes a day listening to their music the last 18 years. On the other hand, there is some homophobia and at least one thing that I think could be called sexist but that’s a tiny, tiny, tiny % of their lyrics that I have listened to.

    I think that should bring my comments about rap to an end.

    As far as my song-writing ability, there are songs that are around 50% me that I’ve “written” that are awesome. Probably the best example of that would be “The Battle of Hayes Pond” the 3rd song at http://devlin-mcaliskey.blogsp.....-pond.html . Other songs among my lyrics that are similarily mine and similarly amazing include: Socialist Dream; People’s Dream; 32-County Republic; London; Orange Society; Solidarity; Boots and Blue Laces; Easter Lillies; Son Of Ireland; Volunteer; Belfast Republican; Orangeman; F–k Ian Stuart; and The Spirit of Che Guevara. There’s about 20 more I almost could have added to that list. I don’t know if this will happen, but those lyrics and a bunch of others, would be great if accompanied by music and recorded by some band.


  • OtherView

    Has anyone listened to the Pendergrafts’ music, or read all of their song lyrics? I can’t say that I have, and I probably won’t. But, unless they are slandering someone, specifically threatening individuals or a specific group of people, or advocating violence, they have a right to sing/bemoan whatever they want. They aren’t any different than the Dixie Chicks. Seriously, if it’s that bad or objectionable, save yourself the trouble and just don’t listen to it!

    I must say that I am not at all surprised at reading this. After the public marches of “undocumented” individuals in 2006, is anyone surprised? I’ve read where membership in the KKK has increased dramatically ever since. I think this is more a case of citizens feeling that they and their families are being threatened rather than their total acceptance of that mindset. At least, I hope so.

  • GENO

    I don’t why some of you tend to believe that rap music is the most offensive music on the market. It hardly can be compared to the underground scene. As a teenager during my high school years in the mid-late 90’s, I was heavily into the Deathmetal and Blackmetal scene. And wow, you can’t get any more offensive, derogatory, sick and brutal than the Deathmetal music, which comprises a wide range of styles and genres(i.e. Gore, Thrash, Doom, Speed, Pagan metal etc). And if you were to read some of the notorious lyrics by some of the most popular DM bands(like Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Deicide, Suffocation etc) you can’t find anything more sick and twisted than this form of music. It would make rap lyrics sound so subtle in the general sense of basic description. And I have written my own DM songs inspired by horror movies and other DM bands at that time.
    Blackmetal is no different or worst than DM, as it is primarily centered around Satanism, anti-Christian, black magic, witchery, sacrafices etc. Many of their lyrics are as evil as reading the dairy of a deranged serial killer. And the most average Christian conservative would take offense to this form of music, than say–rap.

    Personally, I dig rap music. Especially the political artists such as Dead Prez, Immortal Technique, Krazy Race and (mix-tape) Rebel Diaz(this one can be found at Radical Jacks). And you don’t need to be Black to listen to rap music. Its definately retarded to say that rap is strictly for Black people. As a matter of fact, the ethnic background in the rap music industry is far more diverse, than what it was when Public Enemy was a hit.

  • beholder

    Guys I hate to say it but I don’t think you should count on a career in songwriting.

  • Chuck

    It is obvious that Mr. Taxes is rather ignorant of rap music, especially Public Enemy. Find me one Public Enemy song that glorifies gang banging, whores, money, or guns. You won’t be able to, because there isn’t one.

  • Tom Shelley

    In general, they’re not comparable.

    I didn’t go into this because there’s debate about it, but yes, there is some-a lot of sexism in rap. But it’s a lot more complicated than you would guess just listening to the lyrics and it’s still not as bad as WP stuff. There are female rappers (how many Jewish people were members of Skrewdriver?). And in hind-sight it seems that calling Ice-T sexist is some kind of stretch- the creators of Law and Order SVU wouldn’t put a sexist on the show, and I got the impression from Jello Biafra that Ice-T is not a sexist. Sexism and all the other problems with rap add up to a lot less than the total for WP music (which is drenched in various forms of bigotry and calls for hate crimes).

    Aside from a homophobic comment, there’s no bigotry in F—- The Police. Blacks being critical of the police isn’t racist.

    I didn’t word some of my earlier comment very well, I was a little lazy. There’s probably some rap songs almost as offensive as the vast majority of WP songs (there are some that are actually not that offensive) but that would be a minority.

    As far as PE and Flavor flav being black supremacists, I don’t think so. They not only did a song with Anthrax, they did a video and a national tour together. They brought mostly white metal fans and black rap fans together (I imagine at most shows blacks were some kind of majority of the PE fans)


  • Bill Taxes

    Are you kidding me, ahhh, how bout NWA?, and their F_ the Police song and every other song they wrote, Public Enemy
    you know why Flavor Flav wears a clock?(Time when Blacks will rule). Watch MTV and listen to the songs that berate women? about 99& of the rap songs are about, GANG BANGING< WHORES<MONEY<GUNS……..Personally I enjoy Country/Rock the real WN music.!!
    Why cant the SPLC be fair in its criticism of white folks; there is absolutely no comparison. In fact”turns on T.V”(rapper singing about slapping them ho’s……………..

  • Tom Shelley

    Ruslan- I have to admit, partly because “writing” my own lyrics has taught me that sometimes it works very well and other times not at all, that I think “The Snow Fell” is well-written, and I enjoy listening to it. Some of my songs are really good, much better than “The Hate Froze” and to one degree or another that’s partly because of the original’s quality (I’m currently redoing the math, but on average about 45% of each of “my” songs is me, 55% is the original).

    If you want to hear a WP song that’s is ridicuously bad in every way, go to

    I honestly do like your version, it’s very good.

    As for Glory-

    So, being anti-racist automatically makes you a rap fan? In my case there actually IS a connection, but in general that’s a stupid theory- there are tons of people who are anti-racist and hate rap (and some people who listen to rap and are racist).

    The average rap song isn’t nearly as offensive as ANY white power song. You’ve got an exaggerated sense of how offensive that stuff is (that’s mostly based on my knowledge of 80s and 90s rap, I don’t know much about rap since 1997).

    It seems like you’re talking about real and alleged anti-white racism. You can’t compare that aspect of rap with the WS of WS groups. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s SOME anti-white racism among rap but it’s a MUCH, MUCH smaller part of rap than WS is of WS music. There’s evidence that anti-white racism among people of color is around half as common as WS racism is among white people.

    If you’re comparing the original BPP with the Klan, F you; if you’re talking about the New BPP, I get the impression that’s fairly accurate (except for the part where the KKK probably has more power than the New BPP).

    Overwhelmingly, almost 100% of the WS side of the story is BS. I know for a fact that when they talk about people of color being out of control criminals and/or when they say that they’re all anti-white, that that’s bullshit. (there is some anti-white racism, I even did 1.5 posts about that on my blog, but WS people and you have got a greatly exaggerated sense of how big a problem that is) (also, the SPLC DOES address anti-white racism and other problems with black seperatist groups).

    Your statement about black guys is very childish.


  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    You know Tom, the reason why it’s hard for us to write a really good parody of that song is because let’s face it, it kind of sucked from the beginning.

    And as for Glory- no, I don’t like rap music. And in case you hadn’t heard, the president’s name is Barack Obama, not Barack Hussein.

  • Glorybb

    I have not heard their music, but from the blogs on this website I would bet that most of you love Rap music which I don’t like at all. I don’t hear any blogs about the awful lyrics in those songs so I know you are hypocrites. There is room in this country for all kinds of views and while I would never join the KKK, I wouldn’t join the Black Panthers either! Get a grip people, there are two sides to every story. There are valid points and they have a right to them, this is America isn’t it? Or are you Barrack Hussein freaks who think everyone should get screwed by a black guy!

  • Snorlax

    “Prussian Blue, you may recall, consisted of Lynx and Lamb Gaede, who (with a little help from stage mom April Gaede) sieg-heiled their way to international stardom in white power circles”

    I always did think stage moms were Nazis.

  • Snorlax

    Rock ‘n’ Roll, dude!!!

    I always wanted to write a version of “Gotta Keep’em Separated”, with the lyrics about church and state.

  • Nazi_Truth

    Hitler was half jewish. These people suffer from an inheritary brain defects and their hate gangs should be locked up just as they would in other countries for hate speech. Our founding fathers did not intent for the constitution to protect those that would take away the rights of the constitition and the bill of rights, as they stole those rights when they took power in Germany.

    Please woman do not mate with these people they are the true defectives as well as criminals! They will abuse you and your children and will even KILL YOU!

    Run Away!

  • Tom Shelley

    That’s better than what I came up with when I did sort of the same thing. I’ve altered that song twice. The first is about N. Ireland, the second one I flipped the original like you did, but not as well (I was also a little lazy and made very few changes). I call it “The Hate Froze.”

    It’s below my signature. The notes are another reason I do this on my blog, I get a chance to explain stuff. “Writing” these songs is a lot of fun, and I’m hoping some of them might someday be recorded with music by someone (if I had talent as a vocalist, I would get a band together and do it myself).


    1. The original is about, from a pro-Nazi perspective, the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union which was dealt a fatal blow early on by the Russian Winter.
    2. I skipped the first verse, which was about Stalin. I don’t like him, which is why I couldn’t flip it and I wasn’t going to leave it, so I’m ignoring it.
    3. As the war went bad for the Nazis, there were more and more plots against Hitler.
    4. The red flag in Berlin warms my heart because it represents the defeat of Nazi Germany.
    *5. 20% of this version is me, 80% is the original.
    6. I give this song/poem three stars out of five.

    They took the old roads
    that Napoleon had taken before.
    They fought as a force of hate
    against the world in a fascist war.
    One day they were looking around
    and the sun was shining on the cold flowers.
    The next day they were freezing to death
    in the sleet and the ice cold showers.

    And the snow fell
    covering the hate of their ideals.
    And the snow fell
    freezing the blood and the wheels.
    And the snow fell
    it was the beginning of their defeat
    And the snow fell
    soon it would be complete

    Then came the deadly roads
    back from the steppes of their retreat.
    The cold racked their bodies
    but even better was the pain of defeat.
    Many people who had hailed them once
    now turned and looked away.
    These people now knew
    that Berlin’s defeat was on it’s way.


    they were finally pushed back
    to the borders of their fatherland.
    Now assassins came
    heroes everywhere at hand.
    Many Soviets had fought and died
    knowing that they had to win.
    It still warms my heart
    to see the picture of the red flag in Berlin.


  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Tom, you gave me a great idea! Have you heard “And the Snow Fell” by Skrewdriver(often covered)? Here’s a rewrite that reflects the reality of what the Germans did on the Eastern Front.

    He sat in a room, with some Prussian aristocrats.
    To conquer the East, was their latest plan of attack.
    He told his top men, that their enemy was most evil.
    The only way to win, was to exterminate all of the people.

    And the snow fell, freezing the beasts in their tracks.
    And the snow fell, as the Red Army struck back.
    And the snow fell, and the world discovered their evil.
    And the snow fell, and the would be judged by the people.

    They slaughtered at will, whenever they thought it would do.
    Millions were shot, not only the Gypsies or Jews.
    Later they’d claim, that they were only fighting for the German nation.
    In they end twas shown, they fought a war of extermination.


    They pillaged and raped, thanks to the Jurisdictional Order.
    They killed civilians, from the day they crossed the border.
    Now that the tables had turned, they didn’t like the result.
    They reaped no more than they’d sown, following the Hitler cult.


    Give me a break, it’s my first song.

  • Tom Shelley

    I haven’t listened to this new shite yet, but I probably will very soon. I decided shortly after I stumbled onto a Skrewdriver YouTube video that I like listening to the music of my enemy. I also do it for research, although I’ve learned very little from listening to that stuff that I couldn’t learn about WNs from the SPLC or the ADL. And on my blog I take the lyrics of songs I listen to and alter them as a way of expressing myself. With the stuff based on nazi stuff, I twist them into the opposite of what they’re intended as- “Oh no, here comes a commie” is now “oh no, here comes a fascist;” “Farewell Ian Stuart” is now “F–k Ian Stuart.” I also took “Skinhead Boy” by Prussian Blue and made it about ANTI-racist skinheads.

    (the first lyrics post which explains some stuff is at http://devlin-mcaliskey.blogsp.....bragg.html and all the lyrics are at http://devlin-mcaliskey.blogsp.....bel/lyrics (there’s 2-3 pages))

    It’d be great if the Gaede sisters are not WP anymore, but I could swear I saw a documentary where one of them, when she looked about 18, said she was dating a nazi skinhead.

    I also would hope they remove the Irish flag from their site, but in all fairness, I think something like 99% of the WN movement in America has moved on from anti-Catholicism. That’s the impression I get.


  • Phil

    Even Prussian Blue had more talent than these girls – and that’s not saying much. And who is writing these awful songs? We’re lucky that the white power gang is so completely inept. Here’s hoping these girls get to escape their environment quickly – and leave the stage.

  • Snorlax

    “Derek Black, best known for the brouhaha that followed his election to the Palm Beach County Republican Executive Committee.”

    These Klan Nazi rednecks sure do like the Republican Party!!!! Something about the GOP just attracts them in droves.

  • senzuri

    I saw the documentary that British filmmaker James Quinn made on Prussian Blue. If the movie’s an accurate portrayal of the Gaede twins, then it looks like they were pretty much forced into their white-power pop star lifestyle by their mom and aren’t quite as gung-ho about white supremacy ideology as April is. I did notice they’ve been off the radar now, and I’m hoping it’s because the girls are standing up to her.

  • Baltimoregal

    I wish they’d take the Irish flag off their site- since “white power” groups discriminate against Catholics. Or did they forget that Ireland is a Catholic country?

  • GENO

    One possible theory about the Lynx and Lamb going low profile as of late, could point out to a possibility that they’re getting sick and tired of the WN scene. Its all part of growing up, I guess.

  • Liesl

    If this is the best the “white power” movement has to offer for music I predict their rapid demise. But I feel so sorry for these children. It’s not their fault that they are without musical talent or that they were raised in willful ignorance.

  • The Exaggerator

    From the original:

    Added “ivyshoots,” “If anything is going to make me NOT feel proud to be white, it’s two nasal, talentless chicks representing our race by droning off-key musical warnings about an imagined apocalyptic race war.”

    In other words, we may be seeing the Cherry Sisters of the 21st century in development.