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Olson, Michigan Militia Leader in ’90s, Back in Action in Alaska

By David Holthouse on September 16, 2009 - 3:42 pm, Posted in Militias

A key figure of the 1990s antigovernment “Patriot” movement who largely dropped from public view in 2002 has resurfaced in Alaska, where he’s recruiting for his newly formed Alaska Militia.

Norm Olson, who founded the Michigan Militia in 1994, held an organizational meeting last Thursday at a community center in Nikiski, a small town in the Kenai Peninsula region about 170 road miles from Anchorage.

Olson’s message: “Something very evil this way comes.”

“We’re looking at catastrophe just a couple months away — economic collapse, food shortages around the world, prices in stores are gonna go skyrocketing with this inflation,” Olson told the roughly 20 attendees, according to The Redoubt Reporter, a Kenai Peninsula newspaper.

“I’m convinced that times are coming when we are going to have to repel federal aggression, tyrannical oppressive federal aggression. They’re going to want to quell any kind of uprising, because it’s bad for politics,” Olson was quoted as saying.

Presiding over the meeting alongside Olson was Michigan Militia co-founder Ray Southwell. In the 1990s Olson and Southwell together made the Michigan Militia one of the first major antigovernment Patriot groups in the country and helped transform their former home state into a hotbed of Patriot activity.

Olson drew widespread attention to his group when he revealed that Oklahoma City bombing conspirator Terry Nichols had attended a Michigan Militia meeting not long before the terrorist attack.

At the Nikiski meeting, Olson and Southwell were photographed dressed in full camouflage uniforms with “Don’t Tread on Me” coiled-snake patches and Alaska Militia insignia.

Olson told a reporter that he and Southwell moved to the Kenai Peninsula about five years ago, and that he purchased a 20-acre parcel of land that now serves as the base of operations for the Alaska Militia.

A Baptist preacher who previously owned a gun store in Alanson, Mich., Olson was booted from his Michigan Militia leadership post after he alienated his comrades by floating an incredible theory about the Oklahoma City bombing: The Japanese government had bombed the federal building in revenge for the Tokyo sarin gas subway attack that, Olson said, had been carried out by the U.S. government, not a Japanese doomsday cult as the governments of both nations had reported.

Olson’s attempt to fire up the militia movement on the Kenai Peninsula is one of many signs of a resurgence of the Patriot movement, as The Southern Poverty Law Center reported last month.

“It is doubtful that the militia will ever be socially acceptable,” Olson told The Redoubt Reporter. “The central government and the controlled media will paint you as criminals, terrorists, extremists, radicals, anti-government, wing nuts. Are you willing to pay the price?”

  • bradd williams

    hi norm.. I met you at the throwing of the brass at the michigan state capitol. I also met you at your home once in your store.. bought a book i believe.
    Sorry you had to leave the general area.. lots of pressure is being put on people who question the governments’ involvement in the many things!!
    i count myself as a sleeper right now because i can’t afford the problems that come from trying to educate people about our loss of constitutional rights and even god-given-rights.
    Wish you well.. I also met ray once in Lansing on the street briefly.. had a nice talk and wished him well.
    gods’ speed SIR!

  • Larry Fink

    Look at what has happened to America since 2008. 4 million jobs have disappeared, 4 million homes have been taken away, Unelected Czars have been put in charge of most aspects of our existence, and executive orders rule the day. Oil well operations are all but totally shutdown, groceries prices are doubled, home and car fuels are doubled….. and the only Americans paying this horrible price are the ones that own an alarm clock and earn a living. Believe it will just go on forever? Remember people, your government is only able to give you what it has taken from someone else. Running out of that, they have been borrowing from our children and grand childrens working future. And you frolic and laugh as all this comes down because thanks to your government food stamps…your bellies are full. (Remember the story of “The Little Red Hen?”) At a point very nearby, as all this quickly evaporates and “they come for you,” you will be thanklful for our ex-miltaty veterans csuch as Norm Olson, Organizing resistance in the form of a militia, invloves an inordinate amount of work and planning… and setting the wheels in motion for logistical support. Norm Olson will Ultimately be recorded in history as a national hero for taking the arrows. While at this point in my life, I am just an old mostly usless vet, I see the writing on the wall, and… is not pretty. Laugh and frolic .for soon you will be very hungry.

  • Cody R

    Uhhh excuse me Norm? Just wanna ask wheres the ex- marine in the photo? As a currently serving Marine, who also happens to be from michigan, i feel no shame in sayin that that man was in army cammy’s not MARPAT. Yes i understand its not ok for us to wear them off base…. But isnt there somethin about us wearing another branches uniforms? And patches for that matter? If he really is a prior marine thats cool and all i just wanna get that cleared up… I take offense when someone claims somethin that isnt theres… Like the title of marine for starters..

  • carol tissot

    We’re glad 2 hear that Norm is not quitting!
    lt’s the 1st time l looked him up on FB.
    l’d be blessed 2 get Ur newsletter!