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Huge Bust in Los Angeles Targets Anti-Black Street Gang

By Sonia Scherr on September 23, 2009 - 4:43 pm, Posted in Anti-Black

Police mounted a large-scale raid this week aimed at weakening a violent Los Angeles street gang that regularly targets blacks.

Some 1,300 local, state and federal law enforcement officials were involved in the pre-dawn sweep on Tuesday that followed a year-long investigation and led to the arrest of more than 45 people connected to the Avenues gang. A far-reaching federal indictment named 88 members or associates of the Avenues who were wanted on charges that included murder, attempted murder, drug dealing, witness intimidation and money laundering.

The Avenues is a largely Hispanic gang controlled by the Mexican Mafia from within the California state prison system. The 222-page indictment unsealed Tuesday describes how the group tries to terrorize blacks who venture into its territory in Northeast Los Angeles. “Neighborhoods controlled by the Avenues gang are frequently ‘tagged’ with racist threats directed against African-Americans that are intended to intimidate African-Americans and prevent African-Americans from living in the neighborhood,” it said. “Avenues gang members also confront African-Americans with threats of violence and murder in order to intimidate and prevent African-Americans from residing in or entering the neighborhoods controlled by the Avenues gang.”

The indictment also noted several specific incidents of violence and intimidation directed at blacks. In a Sept. 5, 2000, incident, gang members including Sam Vega (also known as “Fox”) pulled a gun on a black man and said, “This is Avenues gang, what’s up nigger?” On March 8, 2005, gang members including Freddy Bailon (also known as “Thief”) attacked one victim and stabbed another in their home, “while shouting racial epithets and ordering them to move out of the neighborhood controlled by the Avenues gang,” according to the indictment. And on Feb. 21, 2009, while using a hidden telephone from his prison cell, gang member Richie Aguirre (also known as “Lil Pee Wee”) ordered his daughter not to associate with blacks.

An article published in 2006 in the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Report documented how the Avenues and other Hispanic street gangs in Los Angeles were waging campaigns of terror against blacks. After the racially-motivated murders of two black men, for instance, four Avenues gang members were convicted in 2005 of violating federal hate crime laws and sentenced to life in prison. This spring, 147 members and associates of another racist street gang in the Los Angeles suburbs, Varrio Hawaiian Gardens, were indicted on racketeering charges, including murder, attempted murder and kidnapping. The indictment alleged that gang members “have expressed a desire to rid the city of Hawaiian Gardens of all African-Americans and have engaged in a systematic effort to achieve that result by perpetrating crimes against African-Americans.”

  • GrannyofWhites

    I thought Spanish settlers were from Spain, not Mexico.

  • GrannyofWhites

    So having NA blood proves that a race is egalitarian?
    If you only knew how many whites have NA blood.
    They are getting DNA tests and finding it. So are blacks, because some Eastern tribes somehow had children with blacks. Study your history.
    Allen, you are ignorant. I love seeing that word, it always tells me that somehow LA RAZA or MECHA students are around. They fill the net with their opinions and try to rewrite history. They typically use the word (a slam) “ignorant” to help bring about peace. Right. They love to criticize and slam others who defend their country.
    Califprnia never belonged to Mexico and it would only increase the holdings of a horrible country to give it back to Mexicans. They can’t handle a country as it is. The murdering down there in the last year is finantical – and those murders are of their judges, journalists, police and other peaceful people – not counting the gang/mafia members.

  • durf

    hispanic landlords: see mayor of bell CA

  • Allen

    Granny, stop being ignorant. Hispanics in California (by blood) ARE Native Americans. Spanish settlers during colonial times had no qualms about marrying and having “relations” with the native population, unlike the other European colonials who just tried to wipe them out. Need proof? Tell me, does a modern day Mexican look more like a European Spaniard or an American Indian? IMHO – Hispanic Americans becoming a majority in the US is just the Native Americans taking our (they’re in my blood, too) land back. That’s divine justice. And I’m sure that the new Hispanic landlords will do a much nicer and more just job of it than the Anglos did.

  • GrannyofWhites

    It isn’t just THAT Hispanic gang that is down on blacks.

  • GrannyofWhites

    And how did California get a large Hispanic population – did the Native Americans say they could stay? Did they ask permission of the Native Americans to stay?
    Actually, the Mexican Army was cruel to Native Americans at San Diego in early times. Which just proves that Mexicans can’t talk about how anyone should be treated (with respect) since they are no better at having good relationships than anyone else.

  • waldo

    1300 cops? That’s some bust. The whole town must have been seething.

  • Allen

    Carter – That is what happens when you have prisons being owned and run by private corporations. Keeping the gangs from running the prison system would eat into their profits. Gawd forbid!

    Look what happened when Gov. Bush privatized the prison system in Texas; they had prisoners and guards fraternizing and (ugh!) screwing around together as well as multiple escapes. Remember the one where the escape where the refugees killed that one off duty officer in front of the gun store? It’s all about keeping the security of the prisons low to keep costs down and the profits high. What better way to profit than to just let the prisoners have free run of the place??

    And the more inmates that they can warehouse, the better their profits. “Three-strikes-your-out” laws were not about crime prevention, they were lobbied (read “bribed”) for by the corporations that own and run the prisons. The CEOs should be in prison themselves.

  • Jean

    Hispanic people fight black people and white supremicists rejoice and win. Strength and change comes from unity not division.

  • Andrew

    Marisa said it all. Period.

  • beholder

    Glad to see some attention paid to this issue — LA has been the scene of some of the worst hate crimes in America in recent years because of gang activity. Mainstream white America doesn’t seem to care since it hasn’t spilled over to their neighborhoods.

    Also glad some commentators already spanked Jeronimus for making silly comments.

  • Carter

    A VERY large point is missed:

    For a few years the SPLC has known that the street gangs in Calif. were being controlled by the Mexican Mafia.
    It is outrageous that a State should have so little control over it’s prisons that an inmate gang should be able to calls shots from inside a prison. An inmate had possession of a phone while in prison? The Mexican Mafia can issue orders such as the above with impunity?
    The inmates are truly running things in the CDoC! Calif. had better take a lesson from the Federal government in it’s handling of the Aryan Brotherhood.
    Not perfect by far but a Hell of a lot better than what Calif has now!

  • bob

    ell phone jammers allready exist,theyare not very expensive at all

  • Marisa

    The arrest of these assh**es is great. It doesn’t matter if they are hispanic (legal or illegal), “white,” black, Asian, or whatever – NO ONE should get away with committing hate crimes that target another race.

  • Robin White

    I think this makes a case for setting up a radio-emmissions method such as jamming, to prevent anyone in a prison from using a cell phone.

  • L and M


    Just for the record, not all Hispanics in the U.S. are immigrants. California, among other states, had a significant Hispanic population when it was militarily annexed (i.e., taken by force) from Mexico.

    I agree wholeheartedly that “America imprisons far too many people,” but I’d be more inclined to suppose that the private “corrections” industry supports strong anti-immigration laws – the more things we criminalize, the more criminals we get.

  • Phil

    So you assume that all the members of the Hispanic gangs are illegal immigrants? Says a great deal about you Jero…. Or maybe the “these people” you were referring to were blacks.

    Just because someone has a different skin color than you, or they speak a different language, or have an accent doesn’t mean they aren’t citizens.

  • Jeronimus

    It would have been a lot cheaper to simply keep these people out of the US in the first place, than put them in prison. The Treason Lobby is picking America’s pocket while destroying the country.

    I think America imprisons far too many people, and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if the prison industry was in favor of open borders.