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Patriots Coalition Begins First Border Watch Operation

By Hatewatch Staff on September 29, 2009 - 8:57 am, Posted in Uncategorized

The Patriots Coalition, a newly formed group led by former Minuteman Civil Defense Corps officers, launched “Operation Spike,” a month-long border watch operation in Cochise County, Ariz., that’s bringing in dozens of volunteers.
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  • beholder

    Don Quixote

    I’m with you on every point.

    One thing though: the “open borders” slur is a right wing label to make people scared of anyone who proposes reforms that do not involve policies borrowed from 1953. I don’t think anyone is talking about “open borders” in terms of immigration reform.

    Amnesty maybe, but doing away with the border control?


  • Eugene Williams

    These issue could have something to do with resources. Think about this for a moment. Sometimes we human are very narrow in our own thinking because we see maybe a threat from one or a general direction coming our way but sometimes even if that is or could be true, a threat to something we want and or have… There are other things going on such as…

  • Don Quixote

    Well this is ironic! I have Mexican descent, and I just returned from a family reunion during which I learned that my great-grandparents, both born in Mexico, actually met and were married in the exact same area that nearly two centuries later, the Minutemen and the so-called “Patriots” are headquartered and will be conducting operations. Later, my great-grandparents returned back to Mexico to raise their kids, many of whom later went back and forth across the border to live and work as miners, teachers, professors, farmworkers, etc., etc.

    My family has for generations lived in the borderlands and has gone back and forth freely, until recently that is. To this day my extended family is divided in half by the border. The recent efforts to seal the border are making it increasingly difficult for “transborder” families and people to live the way they have for generations, some dating back before the first anglo-American settlers even arrived.

    Look, I’m no “liberal open borders wingnut” – I certainly understand the need and right to enhance national security – but I have to question the concept of completely “sealing the borders” from immigrants and visitors as a presumed right of national sovereignty. Do people really understand what that means and its implications? If all nations did what we’re trying to do, all citizens of the world would be literally sealed in the territory in which they were lucky, or, in most cases unlucky, to be born. Even lower order animals have more freedom of movement than humans. It makes you wonder who the most intelligent species truly is. Isn’t the freedom to move about the earth with relative freedom a fundamental human right?

    To my mind, this is not a vision of utopia. To the contrary, it seems like we’re building a dystopia to me.