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Two Lawmakers Seek to Bar Undocumented Immigrants from Community Colleges

By Hatewatch Staff on October 6, 2009 - 9:42 am, Posted in Uncategorized

Lawmakers said they would sponsor legislation to override the board’s policy and bar illegal immigrants from attending college.
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  • Snorlax

    “Sounds good to me! after all shouldn’t American citizens and LEGAL immigrants fill all those seats instead?” – by joe

    These are like Chick tracts, little nuggets of deranged propaganda.

    What’s scary is he BELIEVES himself.

  • Hollis L. Hatten

    What is the purpose for a higher education? What is one of the major problems with third world countries? and what do you get when you get someone who has a higher level of education? If an illegal alien can afford to attend college I believe that that is a good thing. Most of our colleges are not overflowing with students. Infact they need more students in order to stay in operation. A better educated person no matter their status, tends to be law abiding, productive members of society. If they get educated here and then return to there home country, they take with them the positive learning that they received from our country. The more educated people that we have in the world may help to bring about a more stable world. The sad thing is that we have had foreign nationals educated in this country who later returned to their home country and used their education against us by design. I guess there are just no garantees. keeping people out of college does not solve our problems with illegal aliens. It just keeps them ignorant and a potential problem for any society. These two lawmakers are small minded people. If these two lawmakers want to stop illegal aliens from attending college, then come up with a plan that will fill our colleges with American citizens and then there would be no room for illegal aliens. What a novel idea that would be. I would like to say to these two lawmakers is that if a person is in college getting an education, then they are not on the streets committing crimes against society. What a novel way of making our streets safe for our citizens. We are not a free society by convenience, but rather by design. They and others seem to forget what America means to the world and has met to the people of the world for the last two hundred years. HOPE! As a native american would say, “PUT THAT IN YOUR PIPE AND SMOKE IT!”

  • joe

    Sounds good to me! after all shouldn’t American citizens and LEGAL immigrants fill all those seats instead?