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A Slick DVD Defends Racism

By Sonia Scherr on October 8, 2009 - 9:28 am, Posted in White Nationalism

A new DVD is a hit among white supremacists looking for a smart-sounding defense of their beliefs.

Contrary to its title, A Conversation about Race isn’t really a conversation about race at all, but a slick 58-minute documentary devoted to proving the thesis that racism is a bogus concept invented to oppress whites. Debut filmmaker Craig Bodeker — who appears in his documentary with a surfer-style blond ’do, collared shirt and jeans — is upfront about his project:

“I … can’t think of another issue that is more artificial, manufactured and manipulated than this whole construct called racism,” he says in a voice-over as the documentary begins.

Later, on camera, he continues: “This construct of racism is not an objective term. It has no concise definition. In fact, it’s used too often as a tool of intimidation, like a hammer, against Caucasian whites.”

Although we don’t believe that only whites can be racist, Bodeker’s efforts to refute the entire concept of racism are far from scientific. He interviews people he finds through a Craigslist ad (ambiguously titled “Ending Racism Now”) and on a street corner in Denver, Colo., where he lives. The interviewees, who represent a variety of races and ethnicities, earnestly answer Bodeker’s questions, clearly ignorant (at least initially) of his slant. When they say they see racism in their daily lives but fail to cite strong examples, the filmmaker feels justified in sticking a knife in racism. “All of these examples of this so-called racism that permeates our nation — none of them really amount to anything,” he says to the camera. Bodeker never says whether he believes that discrimination found by courts and government commissions also doesn’t “really amount to anything.”

As the documentary progresses, Bodeker asks his subjects whether black men are more skilled than white men at basketball. When some answer yes, but then refuse to say that whites score higher on standardized tests because they’re smarter, Bodeker has more ammunition. “I guess it’s OK to say that one race is better at something than another, as long as the one race is never white people,” he complains. He makes no effort to examine the scientific findings on intelligence and race, which have yet to produce convincing evidence that IQ differences are caused by genetics.

After trying to get interviewees to admit that blacks are more criminal than whites, he cites rape statistics in which black men were perpetrators and white women were victims. “If selecting people for discrimination based on their skin color is racism, and it’s a bad thing,” he says, “well, isn’t selecting people for rape because of their skin color also a bad thing? In fact, isn’t it a much worse thing?” What he neglects to mention is that it’s unclear how many, if any, of the black-on-white rapes were hate crimes — that is, motivated at least in part by racial bias. An offense isn’t a hate crime simply because the victim and perpetrator are of different races.

Moreover, Bodeker asserts that Latinos are deliberately taking away whites’ majority status. “If we object to the stated agenda of replacing whites as the racial majority in America with Hispanics, it’s us who get called the racists,” he says, “not the people who are openly and actively working to change the racial makeup of our country.”

Bodeker’s documentary has received most of its praise from hate publications and groups, including, The Occidental Quarterly, the National Policy Institute, American Renaissance and the Council of Conservative Citizens’ Citizens Informer. (One so-called mainstream fan of the film is the controversial black scholar Carol Swain, a professor of political science and law at Vanderbilt University and a member of the National Council for the Humanities. In a blurb posted on the documentary’s website, Swain calls the film “outstanding” and “meticulously done.” “[I]t offers people of all races a rare opportunity to engage in cross-racial dialogue,” she writes. “I highly recommend this film for social science courses dealing with race, class, and ethnicity.”)

The South Carolina Council of Conservative Citizens — a white supremacist group whose national conference Bodeker attended in June in Mississippi — recently hosted a big-screen showing of the movie in three locations. Since the documentary’s release last year, Bodeker has given interviews to the Romanian National Vanguard News Agency (motto: “International News for People of European Descent”), Mark Dankof (a radio broadcaster who also contributes to the anti-Semitic American Free Press), and The Political Cesspool, an overtly anti-Semitic, racist show whose guests have included former Klan boss David Duke, neo-Nazi April Gaede and Holocaust denier Mark Weber.

During these interviews, Bodeker manages to undermine his own argument, providing plenty of evidence that racism — the belief that one race is superior to another — really does exist.

On The Political Cesspool’s Jan. 31 show, for instance, one of the hosts asserts that “everything that is good about civilization — just about everything that is good, from literature to works of art to law is something that came from our [white people’s] minds.”

Bodeker’s response? “I have to agree.”

  • John D. Fiat

    I’m not surprised that the SPLC calls this great documentary and the man who made it, racist. For without (perceived) racism, they’d be out of business. And what a profitable business it is! Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton make millions of dollars every year from it, as does the SPLC (and that’s just a few of the thousands of professional race pimps). Someday, the word racism will carry less weight than “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.” I can’t wait, because it is a complete joke. Move on and get a real job, you race-baiting cowards!

  • justin

    Rac-ism is a word created by cultural Marxist to subvert society. It’s a FACT, thanks to those that have exposed the Frankfurt School and their shenanigans..

  • Danny


    The point is that Craig Bodeker is against “reverse racism” and double standards, yet displays himself as an extreme racist.

    That’s a conflict of interest and an untenable position that he continues to try to pretend and intellectualize despite his failures.

  • Kitty

    Interesting reply, if one is ignorant to the fact that the SPLC is involved in exposing racist groups of ALL races.
    SPLC has sent notification about black racist groups as well as white, Dearies.
    But don’t let the facts stop your loud chest thumping.

  • Sheridan

    This is the sort of drivel we have come to expect from the SPLC. I have viewed Craigs video and have (as well as virtually ALL others who viewed it with me) found it to hit the proverbial nail on the head. Why is it you – sonia and splc have relentlessly defended this so called “overwhelming evidence of racism” argument? You are nothing more than pea brained morons whose sole purpose in life is to drive a wedge between the races and create the illusion that the evil white devil is out there and waiting to pounce. That the evil white man is trying to opress all others. If you can’t back it up with facts, you fall back to call the evil white man a racist. That word has lost its meaning – we have heard it too many times. You and your media play up alleged white on black crimes (Duke LaCrosse), yet do not cover black on white such as the rape and murder of Channon Christaian and Christopher Newsome. You are a joke. One day YOUR chickens will come home to roost and your glass house will shatter around you.

  • Don Quixote

    Mike writes: “… every scientific findings I’ve seen about the two show that race and intelligence is highly linked, and only fall slightly short of being conclusive.”

    Really? In science, if you “fall short of being conclusive,” that means you’re hypothesis has to be rejected out of hand, even if you only slightly fell short. So you admit there is no proof of your white supremacy hypothesis. Thank you! Finally, an honest racist!

    Then Mike contradicts himself and writes: “Intelligence is determined by genetics, and races vary genetically. Logically we can thus assume that races will have different intelligence levels.”

    Really? Decades ago, geneticists, biologists and anthropologists dispelled the myth of biological race. Know what the final nail in it coffin was? As it turns out, much to the disappointment of unscientific people like you and white supremacists who practice pseudo science, THERE IS MORE GENETIC VARIATION WITHIN SO-CALLED “RACES” THEN THERE IS BETWEEN SO-CALLED “RACES”.

    So Mike, this irrefutably means that people like you are clinging to an anachronist myth. If there is no such thing as a discernible biological race, yet all your arguments about white supremacy are based on this singular false premise. False premises mean false arguments. False arguments implode.

    Your entire worldview collapsed and you are crawling around in the wreckage desparately trying to find something that validates your false identity and delusions of supremacy. I can only imagine you didn’t accomplish what you wanted in life and need to find someone to vent your anger upon. You and the other pseudo-scientific racists who post here are pathetic sorry individuals.

  • Danny

    And by the way Craig:

    I read your own press release:

    It’s funny that you say that statements are “…even made up!” yet cannot point to a single specific statement that is made up!!

    So tell us – what was the specific, alleged “misquote?” We’ll be glad to listen. The reason why you point to none is because no misquotes exist!!

  • Mike

    I don’t really take anything the SPLC says seriously these days (your paycheck depends on finding racism in anything, so your claims of it anywhere are suspect), but after watching the video, reading your review and then Bodeker’s reply, I must say… shame on the SPLC.

    This is about the most pathetic excuse of a journalistic critique I’ve ever seen in my life.

    “He makes no effort to examine the scientific findings on intelligence and race, which have yet to produce convincing evidence that IQ differences are caused by genetics.”

    Really? Because every scientific findings I’ve seen about the two show that race and intelligence is highly linked, and only fall slightly short of being conclusive. Intelligence is determined by genetics, and races vary genetically. Logically we can thus assume that races will have different intelligence levels. Modern testing and the general state of affairs throughout history prove this.

  • Danny


    Read the update to this post:

    Look familiar?

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Glad you could make it Mr. Bodeker. Now you can answer a couple questions:

    1. At what time in American history do you think racism was a problem, and how.

    2. What academic studies did you rely on to construct your theories about racism and its effects?

    3. If you do not hate people of other races, how do you reconcile that position with your comments on Youtube videos.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Craig Bodeker

    It’s interesting that the SPLC didn’t notify me of their “review,” of my film; “A Conversation about Race,” when it was done, even though I sent a personal note along with the DVD they ordered. I had to hear of this critique from a third-party. (Evidently the same way the SPLC collects it’s “evidence of hate.”) Maybe they figured I wouldn’t notice when a wealthy group of powerful, Governmedia-funded shakedown-artists call me a racist….?
    The readers can see the film for free on Google Video, and judge for themselves. Is it hate or debate?
    You can read the positive reviews from such hate-filled publications as American Thinker, Issues and Views, and The Mike Rosen Show. You can feel the racism, spewing from such reviewers as Human Events’ Warner Todd Huston and the Denver Post’s Ross Kaminski.
    People can ignore this documentary. That is what the SPLC hopes you’ll do. Just take their word for it. Craig Bodeker is a hater!
    But a lot of us are done taking the word of the “racism” industry.

    Craig Bodeker
    A Conversation About Race.

  • texasgomer

    Johnny Winters rocks and Kinky is God’s gift to Texas.

    A quarter inch beneath the skin we are all the same color.

  • Mike Magruder

    I agree. We’re like albino creatures in caves. Why did Johnny Winter sing so black? Long live Kinky!

  • texasgomer

    My favorite song by Kinky is “They don’t make Jews like Jesus anymore.” Totally funny.

    ok, sub-equatorial Africa, my contention of dark skin still holds.

  • Mike Magruder

    That’s Homo Erectus.

  • Mike Magruder

    Best song by Kinky Friedman, next governor of Texas, with the Texas Jewboys is titled Home Erectus.

  • harlem

    the first humans came form ethiopia, not equatorial africa.

  • harlem

    I know racial types are mostly culturally arbitrary distinctions.

    The first humans did not come from equatorial africa. the earliest fossils originate from the ethiopian zone, I think.- and not Ghana or the congo, et al

  • Nordmacht

    Amazing. You managed to squeeze four claims of racism and three claims of anti-Semitism into one chapter. Congratulations.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    But molly even the three distinct racial groups are pretty much arbitrary. Look at the Turks for example, Turkish ethicities vary in looks from east Asian to white European, and that includes Tatars and Chuvashes who for the most part still occupy their native lands.

  • Tezuka fan

    To expand on what molly is saying, race is a cultural constuct (physical scientist shouldn’t focus on it), which most modern anthropologists agree on (I majored in anthropology).
    So outside of social commentary and studies, race doesn’t exist. But, the KKK and the NSM follow Hitler’s/etc. idea of a physical/mental difference between the races, ignoring any kind of environmental pressures and adaptations.
    I’m too tired to come up with a closing/summary.

  • texasgomer

    I did not say they would not be exactly the same as today’s Africans. Our ancestors were from equatorial Africa. Since they were near the equator they were probably dark skinned, hence “black Africans.”

  • molly

    Uh, our ancestors from Africa were not “black”.in the modern sense of the word. …Anthropologists say that the “races” didn’t differentiate until about 40,000 years ago, after most (?) of the planet had been colonized by humans…humans from one million or 500,000 years ago were not really divided into three distinct “racial” groups….

  • texasgomer

    Horace, I agree, trace any human’s ancestry far enough back and you will find black Africans.

  • Tezuka fan

    BURNED!! You are the insult master!!

    Also, I think Bodeker would probably say that the Jews are responsible for everything bad in civilization. Even the things that predate Judaism and things that were negative to a lot of Jews.
    I bet $50 that that’s what he’d say, and I’m not even a gambling man. Any takers?

  • Mike Magruder

    Mary Ellen. You’ve got to admit I’m imaginative. And I DO like “nice long liedowns”. I actually enjoy a six pack beforehand. I’m going to vote Kinky Friedman for Governor of :Texas. ps I really get a kick out of astronomy for a hobby.

  • Danny

    Read the followup to this article:

  • Warren E. Boisselle

    One has only to pay attention to the Nobel prizes to learn the truth. Among the races of the world, there is one group disproportionately represented in these awards. And there is the proof of the pudding.

  • Tony

    If everything that’s good about civilization is to the credit of white people, is everything that’s bad about it the fault of white people as well?

  • Snorlax

    More revisionist propaganda from the Reich Wingnuts.

    Just make their racism go away by pretending it doesn’t exist.

    Like making the Holocaust go away by pretending it didn’t exist.


    Dangerously delusional.

  • texasgomer

    This is slick too. Watch it.

  • Kitty

    Racism is real. And it’s not easily cut and dried.
    We lived in a predominantly black neighborhood from December of 1986 to Autumn of 2002. At first, it was mostly clean and people were just working trying to survive. As more of the elderly homeowners died and their kids sold their houses, more renters came in. Quickly the place became more violent, dirty and loud. There was not the same respect for each other as before. We had to leave because my younger children were threatened repeatedly for being white, though they lived in the neighborhood long before their tormenters came in.
    I can say it is a definite socio-economic trouble. We moved to a different part of town, but the whites were just as idiotic. Trash was thrown in the streets and people were violent and property was destroyed.
    Finally we were able to move into a more stable neighborhood, and the respect for neighbors and the land is here. I can see the difference, and it’s definitely a poverty mindset.

  • Mary Ellen

    Marlowe: I’m so sorry that my honest recital of my own attitudes and concerns make you sick. Pardon me for commenting on the obvious, but it sounds like you have a lot more serious problem with intolerance than do I. No where did I say, “I’m not a racist, BUT….” Nor did I say “filthy” nor did I say “monsters.” Your hostile hyperbole does very little to assist in resolving any issue. I am CONCERNED about my own feelings of annoyance re littering and fear re crime and violence. I thought I was utilizing the opportunity to express those feelings honestly and get some intelligent feedback that would resonate and get me back on the path with heart. Some of these replies did just that. Yours was not helpful. Best of luck.

  • Doris V

    People in general seem more unkind and uncaring today than in past years. Responsibility for one’s actions does not appear to be a prized attribute either. Don’t have a perfect solution for this. Somehow we have to reach out to folks and teach them what is right and what is wrong. Hoping and doing what I can for a better tomorrow.

  • Marlowe

    Mary Ellen, you should tell him “I love black people, but black people and their littering are the cause of all of the world’s problems. But again, I love black people. The filthy monsters.” You know, the same thing you just told us. I’m sick of you and those like you thinking that you can precede overtly racist statements with “I’m not a racist, but…” and make it all okay.

  • L and M

    Mary Ellen,

    It may sound sort of glib, but these kinds of effects were predicted decades ago in studies of population density and overcrowding. The most famous study was by John B. Calhoun, involving lab rats in an overcrowded cage. Even though the rats were given enough food and water, they started attacking each other and exhibiting other kinds of aberrant behavior. (The full text of one version of Calhoun’s paper is online at

    We could add to that the influence of cultural factors such as violent movies, TV and music, and the use of drugs such as cocaine that increase aggression and decrease the capacity for abstract thinking. And of course the poverty, malnutrition and substandard education I mentioned earlier. All these things tend to contribute, I think, to a lack of empathy for other people and a lack of respect for the larger community’s norms.

    I’m not trying to excuse bad behavior, by the way, just trying to understand it. Maybe if we, as the larger community, tried to solve these problems as social issues, we’d spend less time and money trying to deal with them as legal problems.

  • Danny

    And yet even AGAIN, here are some more signals of his great (sarcasm) character and personality.

    Craig posts as Craigbe (his YouTube username) talks about biracials and “mulattos”:

    Here he talks about racial purity:

    Craig’s friends list on Facebook:
    Notice it contains Jamie Kelso of Stormfront, and Louis Andrews (of NPI).

  • Danny
  • Mary Ellen

    Horace Gaims: I do understand and accept that fact. I have no problem with it whatsoever. If people refuse to accept those realities, they are in serious denial, and I wouldn’t care to know them any more than I care to know these barbaric, unprinciples parasites who are ruining a decent, safe and relatively contented society.
    Mike Magruder, please take a pill and have a nice long lie-down.

  • Mary Ellen

    L and M: What you say makes sense. I appreciate it. Neither I nor my children has EVER held racist attitudes. My roommate is a black woman. An intelligent, hard-working, responsible black woman. Within my own development, diversity has taken place–a situation devoutly to be wished. But, I have witnessed those kids walking down the street after school, mindlessly tearing paper and cellophane off their snacks and treats, and just letting them float away in the wind. Much of which lands in MY yard, which I resent. I’m not talking a bit here and there; I”m talking tons of crap. And, the fights and predatory behavior against schoolmates is appalling. What in hell is THAT about? I really want and need answers. I do not want to feel these feelings. My son, who has moved back in with me, has similar experiences in his work. The ignorance, the indifference, the mindless cruelty makes him crazy, and for once in his life, I don’t know what to tell him.

  • Jim Carlson

    Whew, I’m sure glad to hear racism isn’t real, after all.

    Of course, that may be a slightly harder sell to the relatives of all those who were enslaved, disenfanchised, lynched, burned, shot and beaten.

    And what a surprise, that the idea would come from a white guy.

  • L and M

    Mary Ellen,

    If you were living in Dublin, Ireland, say, or Manchester, England, you might be living near a public housing complex occupied mainly by people of Northern European ancestry, and you’d still be dealing with crime and trash and the rest of it. In many parts of the U.S., generations of racist governance have seen to it that the socioeconomic underclass is mainly black. It’s the socioeconomic status, not the race, that leads to the problems. We all know that the better a person is educated, paid and fed, the less likely he or she is to “turn to a life of crime.” That’s why it’s especially intellectually dishonest for someone like Bodeker to cite crime statistics in attempting to prove white superiority. It’s a little like breaking someone’s kneecaps and then sneering at him for losing a marathon.

  • Horace Gaims

    I challenge our racist “friends” to rebut the overwhelming fossil & genetic evidence which prove, beyond any reasonable doubt, that every living human on this planet is a differentially-mutated descendant of ancient African hominids.

  • Mike Magruder

    I’ve decided that the tail of Scorpius, the constellation, is a warning from God that we are genetically retarded because we must defecate. After all, just at the barb we find two white stars that MUST symbolize animal eyes peering out of our own spooky evolutionary darkness toward God himself. Of course, everyone knows that animals have no choice but to go to the bathroom somewhere. And , of course, the eyes MUST symbolize inferior creatures being born as well. God is VERY complex. The red supergiant star Antares, at the heart of Scorpius, obviously symbolizes our punishment for being inferior. In other words, we deserve cardiacs for stinking up our home planet. The star is destined to explode as a supernova. Finally, the crowning achievement of the white race is obviously the goosestep. Why? Because the goosestep symbolizes the master race stomping arrogant scorpion gods to death with eventual super rockets. Hey…anybody can be a master of sophistry…even me. How bout you?

  • Don Quixote

    Poor angry white males. They’re waxing nostalgic lately for a past when things were wonderful for them, but pretty much suc*ed for everyone else. They’ve got it so tough now that The Other is gaining political power finally and is slowly putting an end to the centuries-old affirmative action program for white males.

    Must be tough letting go of so much privilege, but all good things (for angry white males that is) must come to an end. Find your nearest angry white male and give him a hug today. Or better yet, follow Obama’s example and buy him a cold one.

  • Mary Ellen

    Well, I gotta tell ya…I have been a lifelong liberal who actually MILITATED on behalf of civil rights, but I’m sick of the crime, the litter and the hate. I have a perfect example in my (suburban) neighborhood. Lived her for 26 years. Lovely area. Apartment complexes opened up to Section 8 three years ago. Crime has increased geometrically, as has litter and trash. I’m miserable and afraid. And, when I see the violence perpetrated by even high school age people, I believe–I KNOW–there is something primitive going on there. I love our president, but I hate the crime. I advocate for an island where these people can be relocated so they don’t hurt innocent people any more. Does that make me a racist? I don’t even stop in at my Q-T anymore because the illegals who live under bridges in our area congregate there. It’s all just horrible. What do I do with my issues and observations?

  • Jeronimus

    Oh, what a terrible man! He said he agreed that white people have produced “everything that is good about civilization!” Absolutely scandalous!

    Well, he’s not getting invited to my cocktail party this year.