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Defiant Sheriff Launches Yet Another Anti-Immigrant Sweep

By Hatewatch Staff on October 20, 2009 - 9:17 am, Posted in Uncategorized

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office is the only law-enforcement agency in the country to lose its authority to enforce federal immigration laws on the street under a revamped and controversial program that lets local and state agencies act as immigration officers.
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  • GENO

    Could the inane senile (Sheriff) be losing his decrepit mind? The angry law dawg is getting mocked by the local mainstream media outlets, as FOX10news is the latest to jump into the ever growing arpaio bashing bandwagon(followed by 12News, ABC15 and KPHO5 among others.)
    One can read some of the latest entries regarding our tin pot tyrant from the Feathered Bastard’s blog @ the Phoenix New Times. In which there are numerous links posted in his daliy scribes…..

  • Dan

    This is the United States of America not Mexico, Cuba, China or any other nation. Sheriff Joe is protecting our Country from people entering illegally. If you can’t get a green card stay home. God Bless America, love it or leave it..

  • Ed

    The type of law enforcement needed in this country could neither be exacted nor understood by most women. Once again, solidifying my position that the two worst things to happen to the U.S. are slavery and suffrage.

  • Douglas

    Send him to Yuma, Arizona. We can use him against the drug traffic, human smuggling, sex trade, kidnappings and car thieves. The border fence must not work if they are getting to Phoenix. The people have elected him with 80 percent. He must be doing something right. Following the law, you think.

  • Eileen

    Sheriff Joe is a Roque Cop…and needs to have his wings clipped.

  • Wayne

    Illegal is Illegal. I really don’t understand why the sheriff is under attack.

  • Marisa

    Sheriff Arpaio has no respect for authority because he thinks he’s the main authority in Arizona, where I live. Until the voters wise up, we’re stuck with him until he either dies of old age or retires. He is an embarrassment to Arizona, and those who continue to vote for him are embarrassments, too.