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Revealed! David Irving Can Be a Jerk

By Sonia Scherr on November 19, 2009 - 2:55 pm, Posted in Holocaust Denial

So secretive is Holocaust denier David Irving that he often doesn’t reveal the locations of his lectures until hours before they’re scheduled to begin — and even then, he only tells vetted guests. It must have been a blow, therefore, when his private E-mails appeared on the Internet, courtesy of self-described anti-fascist hackers.

The E-mails, along with the username and password for Irving’s website and AOL E-mail account, were posted last week on WikiLeaks, a website that publishes leaked documents. The messages reveal that it’s not only anti-racists who clash with the long-winded Hitler apologist: Irving’s own assistant, a young blonde woman named Jaenelle Antas, berated him repeatedly for his churlishness.

In a Nov. 7 E-mail, for instance, Antas wrote that Irving recently had been “snotty, rude, and disrespectful toward me.” She also said she was thinking about quitting. “I don’t care if you are frustrated, angry, stressed out, tired, or whatever — treating anybody like the way you have been treating me is unacceptable,” she wrote. “I bend over backwards to help you out on this tour, doing jobs that last year you would have done yourself, and not just making bookings, but also doing things like driving, helping you secure funds to reprint books and locating second-hand books. The only thanks I usually get are long whines about how something isn’t exactly perfect. Why would anyone in the world want to work with or even be friends with someone who is acting the way you have been acting lately? You like to say you treat me better than anyone else does, but the truth is, lately you have treated me worse than anyone else ever has. It hurts my feelings, it makes me angry and resentful, and it makes me question whether or not I should be doing this job anymore.”

Antas was responding to earlier E-mails from Irving in which he accused her of neglecting her responsibilities and “knee-jerk retorting.” “As for your more unhelpful and hostile messages: ‘Get over it,’” Irving wrote on Nov. 7. “I have been working since 6 a.m. this morning trying to catch up and plug holes you have left, e.g., by not bothering to inform me the Sala Thai no longer exists.”

But Irving appears to have gotten over this negligence. In subsequent E-mails, he tries to make it up to Antas with some not-so-subtle sweet talk. “Darling J, you are so efficient and beautiful,” he wrote on Nov. 13. “Please work your magic on (a) attached list [of prospective attendees at his New Jersey talk] and (b) me.”

According to her Myspace page, Antas is a 24-year-old college graduate from Minnesota with a passion for singing. She also appears to have a passion for posting on Stormfront, the leading white supremacist forum. As Stephen Lemons of the Phoenix New Times noted on his blog, Antas likely comments there under the name “Tristania.” The photos Tristania posts are of Antas, and in September, Tristania posted the schedule for Irving’s U.S. speaking tour this fall. Tristania has posted more than 4,000 times since joining Stormfront in 2005.

Also published on WikiLeaks are lists of people who ordered tickets to Irving’s talks in Philadelphia, New York City and New Jersey, along with their addresses, phone numbers, and E-mails. People who might not be friendly to Irving, including those believed to be Jewish, are flagged with the German word “Achtung” (attention). “ACHTUNG is quarter-Jewish” appears below one listing.

Despite their recent E-mail spat, Antas has remained sufficiently loyal to Irving to forward a statement from him to In it, Irving downplayed the leak and suggested that the hackers invented some of the posted material, though he did not respond to a follow-up question from asking for specifics. “We shall be apologizing to the many people who may find themselves inconvenienced by these juvenile cyber-nasties,” Irving wrote. “We are puzzled that they are so frightened by historical debate.”

In 2000, Irving lost a lawsuit filed in Britain that alleged that American historian Deborah Lipstadt had libeled him by calling him a Holocaust denier. In 2005, he was sentenced to three years in an Austrian prison after pleading guilty to telling audiences that there were no gas chambers in the Nazi concentration camp of Auschwitz. (Unlike in the United States, Holocaust denial is a crime in many European countries.) Irving was most recently in the news when a knife fight erupted between two white supremacists at his talk last month in Palm Beach County. The leaked E-mails show that Irving wrote the next day to one of the attendees, John Browne, banning him from future events. “Among your guests, it appears, were some who caused a serious affray and damage to hotel property,” he wrote.

In his response to Irving, Browne denied associating with anyone who illegally possesses weapons or resorts to violence. He also said he stepped into the hall where the fight was taking place and took the knife from one of the men. “I think some self examination on your part is warranted, but you can’t ask yourself not to attend future events,” wrote Browne, who runs a white nationalist consulting business. “It seems the questionable association was a Trojan horse within your own house.”

  • Mark

    Great, Carter, and we’ll put you in charge of determining who is and who isn’t distorting the truth, ok? I say YOU distort the truth.

  • Jimmy Peanut

    Speaking of Stormfront, has Stormfront´s ties with wealthy figures in Miami´s right-wing Cuban exile community ever been fully investigated?

  • Carter

    Holding dishonorable viewpoints is certainly a subjective agenda. But publicly attempting to convince others of a lie and publicly disgorging falsehoods to the instigating of lies, misdeeds, & the re-writing of history is generally accepted as the “Fighting Words” concept within First Amendment case rulings.

    [If you don’t understand the legal definition of “fighting words”, please do a quick Google and conceptualize it in this context.]

    If someone were to take a public forum and blather on about a total distortion of truth to the extent that it insights the same social discordance as “Laughing at a Funeral”; that is NOT protected speech.

    It is NOT only shouting “fire” in a crowed movie theater that is not protected by the 1st Amendment but the illustration set above that is NOT protected. It is also NOT Privacy as set by the 4th Amendment as the statements (by Irving) were designed to be public & continued to be thus disseminated at the public for a specific purpose of swaying one group against another.

    The “Baptist Church” in Kansas (I use the term Church loosely) who publicly pickets the funerals of Servicemen and individuals who died from AIDS, had been ruled non-protected speech when taken to court. If a loved one died in military service and a group of INTOLERANT JERKS PICKETED THE MOST PRECIOUS & LAST TIME YOU HAD WITH THEM….

    The same is true with victims of the Nazis. Catholics (Laymen & Priests alike) Jews, Slavic peoples – just about anyone who did not fit the Nazi ideal, were murdered. And this little pontificating “scholar” would make an issue out of whether the number was 5.8 or 6 million….To what end? To stir further Hate, To revel in the pain of those whom he happens to hate, & to repaint history. So WHO is the INTOLERANT JERK?

    The Bill of Rights does NOT give individuals or organizations the right to manipulate truth or lies so the end result is “Fighting Words”. This is both substantiated in both State & Federal case law.

    Holding a “dishonorable viewpoint” & attempting to convince a group of it’s validity to the ultimate outcome of swaying a group that they are victimized by falsehoods – when NO evidence exists for such views, has no defense.

  • Mark

    People have a right to privacy, and they also have a right to hold dishonorable viewpoints. The real intolerant jerks are those who would violate these principles.

  • Carter

    Interweaving the David Irving Article and the story about the Canadian youth into one comment provides for a unique example about how Adolf Hitler had treated the MOST loyal of his followers. If any of you know the history of that period you also know how National Socialism (read – White Nationalism) lashes out at it’s own…

    During the War on the Eastern Front when Hitler’s prize Waffen SS Divisions would not fight to the death Hitler became lived with rage. These were Hitler’s most prized and victorious troops, yet they were torn to ribbons facing the Red Army.
    When SS Divisions Leibstandarte, Das Reich & Totenfopf (who were responsible for the operation of the Death Camp system) broke and run (retreated, some historians would say) Hitler became so enraged – that they would not sacrifice their lives on his magnificent military planning, that he ordered them to be stripped of their prized Divisional insignia & publicly shamed & repudiated them as cowards.
    To continue to follow Hitler would mean certain death at the hands of the Red Army. – Obviously they were not THAT loyal.
    National Socialism has had a history of turning on it’s own members; not matter HOW committed they seemed to be. This is actually the HISTORY of that Pathology & it’s interaction with it’s followers. (“You can NEVER be good enough to satisfy the ‘Leader'”)
    Because in the end, the sacrifices are always too much as to be wasteful, meaningless, & planned by an idiot.) Typically, Concentration Camp Guards found no problem in killing the helpless & sick, but when it came to standing and fighting those which would destroy them; they ran away.

    According to Nazi legend, Joachim Peiper a highly decorated veteran of Leibstandarte who had fought with profound victory at Kursk & Battle of the Bulge suggested his men gather all their combat decorations together in a chamber pot & send them to Hitler.
    Here was Hitler’s Body Guard Division saying “Fuck You, madman!” And there was Hitler saying, “If you won’t die needlessly for me in my ridiculously foolish military planning, I throw you out like rubbish – no matter WHO you are”.
    That was very very essence of National Socialistic thought:… They always have turned on their own. They have always been informers. The very nature of their system demands these disgusting character traits.

    Source: Story of the Second World War, Schuser,
    German Battle Tactics, Newton. Rise and Fall of Third Reich, Simon Shuster.

  • nativefaith

    Question about this Saturday in NYC
    From: Allen Rouse
    Date: Thu, Nov 12, 2009 12:37 pm
    Hello Mr.Irving,
    My name is Allen Rouse and my wife and I will be attending your talk this Saturday in NYC. I am part of the media group at Stormfront, I do a weekly program on Stormfront Radio called “The Staropramen Show”, Staropramen is my username there. I would like to know if it would be possible for me to videotape the talk on Saturday for Stormfront. Don Black, SF’s proprietor has informed us that a major overhaul is being done to the site in the coming weeks which will include our own video hosting capabilities and it would be nice to have this
    talk for this new feature. I look forward to meeting you and enjoying your always brilliant and informative talks.

    Yours truly,

    Allen Rouse/Staropramen

    The stormwatch website that Rouse refers to harbors more of the same and an interesting line of communication is exposed:

    Don Black, proprietor of Stormfront website

    “Stormfront is an online community of White activists. It’s not a business, no one receives a salary, and our work is supported by voluntary contributions. These are used entirely for upgrading hardware and software, monthly Internet bandwidth charges, expanding Stormfront radio and other multi-media projects, publishing our printed newspaper and, when necessary, legal bills.”

    Charles A Lindbergh

    “Stormfront’s creator and Administrator, Don Black, has financed much of Stormfront’s growth out of pocket, personally. The bigger we grow, the more we Stormfronters (and Guests) need to pay ourselves for what Don created.”

  • beholder

    This post is astounding. So much so that I am speechless. Truth is indeed stranger than fiction. So, finding myself without meaningful comment on this issue, I will limit myself to state that in my mind’s eye I can clearly see Snorlax’s forebears sweeping the trenches of Huns and liberating Europe.

  • Jimmy Peanut

    There may be a suspicious South African hand behind this self-described “anti-fascist” hack. Please note the animosity between Irving and a certain BNP “historian” due to Irvings suggestion, published on-line in his diary, that the said “historian” may be some sort of intelligence operative. A racist South African blogger close to this “historian” was recently raided by the police and closed down his blog. All very fishy…

  • Snorlax

    Some states in the US still have criminal libel laws.

    These Holohoaxer nut cases have been successfully prosecuted under civil libel laws.

    Maybe its time to get a criminal prosecutor involved.

  • Snorlax

    “Over 60 years ago the World told the Nazis to go to Hell & the world will continue to do so.”

    Damn right.

    My dad, both my uncles and both my grandpas wore our uniform against the Hun and then against Hitler.

    Their generations were willing to put their lives on the line for freedom. Is ours?

    The reich wingnut rhetoric in blogspace is turning ugly. They’re openly talking revolt.

    Is today a repeat of 1931 or 1861…or maybe both?

  • moldings suffolk county new york

    What comes around goes around. He’ll get his share of karma just wait.

  • Carter

    So Ms. Antas is experiencing some Aryan angst…..too bad. She is a grown up woman & should known that – YOU CAN’T BE DISILLUSIONED IF YOU DON’T HAVE ILLUSIONS TO BEGIN WITH.
    Recently I had been watching the History Channel with a color film(s) documentary of WWII.
    ANYONE who can doubt the existence of the Holocaust is either a sheltered fool, someone experiencing “wishful thinking”, or a certain defilement of humanity called Sin by many.
    National Socialism not only destroyed a generation or more, but it left such an ugly scar that one would think that anyone tempted to play on that Playground should think twice or three times before proceeding.

    WN rat-out their own members, & seem to scar themselves at the point when they wake from their nightmarish ideals with nothing but embarrassing tattoos to show for it.
    And wake, they do! I would not be surprised that here are MORE “ex-white nationalists” than there ever are committed members. They are a group whose reflection in the mirror of self examination is treachery, disappointment, & sadness.
    Carrying their ideals to the end they would exterminate little children. Children who have never harmed a soul.
    Knowing this, or seeing it makes anyone with an ounce of decency – silently weep for all the hurt they have delivered over the course of their “career”.
    They eventually remember the children they screamed at during their “Rallies” or public appearances. The elderly people they frightened or made to cry…..what a legacy!

    Over 60 years ago the World told the Nazis to go to Hell & the world will continue to do so.
    Those who harm the innocent will NEVER be supermen (or women). They will always be the cowards, bullies, & a low functioning blight on the pages of history or human interaction.