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Racist Skinhead’s Wife Behind European ‘News’ Website

By Larry Keller on December 16, 2009 - 5:45 pm, Posted in Neo-Nazi

The online news site European Union Times (EUT) — which recently “broke” a story about President Obama preparing for an imminent civil war — is being cited as a credible source by several libertarian bloggers who are hyping the story.

It turns out the EUT was created in October and is registered to the wife of a racist skinhead gang member who was involved in a bizarre stabbing incident last month.

The story began on Dec. 9 when the EUT reported that Obama has ordered 200,000 troops to be redeployed to the U.S. Northern Command in preparation for a civil war within the United States before the end of winter.

Since then, it has been cited by blogger Michael Gaddy on and by former Constitution Party presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin on his own website.

Gaddy, a regular on the racist “Political Cesspool” radio program, wrote that the EUT story shows a financial collapse or a confiscation of firearms may be imminent. Baldwin said the supposedly ominous events described in the EUT story explain the construction of detention camps to hold U.S. citizens, even though there is no evidence that camps exist.

The European Union Times isn’t exactly a venerable news source akin to, say, The Associated Press. It is registered to Jessica Nachtman, wife of Christopher Nachtman. [Editor’s note: After the initial posting of this blog item, Jessica Nachtman wrote Hatewatch to say that she merely provides Web hosting for “a European who lives abroad,” who she declined to identify further. She said she does not publish or modify any of the site’s content.] Christopher Nachtman is a former member of the neo-Nazi group National Alliance who more recently has been active in Volksfront, a racist skinhead group.

In October, Nachtman stabbed another man during an altercation at a luxury hotel in Palm Beach County, where Holocaust revisionist David Irving was giving a talk. No charges have been filed. The man who was stabbed, John Kopko, has also been involved in neo-Nazi activities in the past. Irving was quoted at the time as saying that Christopher Nachtman attended the event with his wife, Jessica, whom he said might open a bookstore and sell his books. The Nachtmans live in the semi-rural community of Loxahatchee in Palm Beach County, records show. [Editor’s note: In her note to Hatewatch, Jessica Nachtman described herself as a “White Racialist,” but not a Hitler worshipper. She said she “respectfully” quit the neo-Nazi White Revolution hate group after the stabbing incident and added that the white nationalist movement “is full of dirt bags, criminals, and unstable people,” along with a a few responsible and intelligent people.]

As for Gaddy, he has been a constant contributor to over the past five years, writing repeatedly of his love of guns and his disdain for the “ruling elite” and the “criminal government.” He was among several people who filed numerous on-the-scene reports to Political Cesspool from the Mexican-U.S. border in 2005 in conjunction with the original Minuteman Project. Those reports drew praise from David Duke on his website.

  • Ray

    The EUT is a fine news source in comparison of the many liberal progressive news sources like MSNBC, huff post etc. I would rather read the E U T any day, I have not read any racist reports, big deal. Remember KKK Bird, and now we have Hussein the Muslim sympathizer in the White House. You whiny liberal progressives can’t have it both ways. Oh, have you noticed, the militia movement is getting stronger by the day, millions have joined. This powder keg is about to explode that’s when the truth will be heard.

  • beth

    This lady is trying to stir up stuff. Blessed are the peacemakers, she is a trouble starter.

  • Ken Jarecki

    Whoa. I was almost fooled by the EUT being a legitimate news site after seeing one of its articles on FB for the first time today about Putin threatening to invade Saudi Arabia if the US invades Syria. The article referenced a previous article from English paper The Independent and the layout looked on the up and up. However, after reading the article, much of which I agreed with, I did a quick scan of other articles and became suspicious of the site. A quick internet search confirmed my suspicions. This is a very tricky site- professional layout, legitimate advertising, references to established news agencies, etc. Still can’t hide the far right slant. Who knows, there might be some wheat amongst all the chaff but I don’t intend to look. This seems to cater to the old fascist beast waiting to come out in the light again.

  • Joel Weymouth

    Could you please cite references to all these “facts”.

  • Loral

    I don’t see anything wrong with the paper but am astonished how quickly some of you have changed course just because of the background of the hosting woman’s husband. That’s pretty bad!
    The government is lousy and stealing the people blind, ignoring the laws they deem unworthy and making up those they think are great. Someone should say so. The news media in the USA has all been intimidated by the Obama administration and pretty much make sure they never tell an ugly story that might make him look bad, which means no truth for the American people,except for FOX news. Liberals hate FOX news because it’s the only truth teller, so because the other media doesn’t say it, they just know FOX is wrong. We like the truth so we can know what we’re dealing with.

  • Michael

    No proof the camps exist? You mean like an Army field manual recently leaked online detailing detention criteria for American citizens?

    How about the internment of Japanesse ancestry here in the US under Roosevelt? Never happened?

  • Jan Schuch

    I want free speech, yours & any “skinheads” who are talking. I want it because I can see all the agendas.
    Apparently, you can’t conceive of a black man not on the up & up. That’s your agenda.
    The box everyone has to escape is their own agendas.

  • Mark

    Thank you for this information and all that you do. SPLC is a national treasure, despite the propaganda it’s been bombarded with lately.

  • AR

    I agree with Marcel! After doing much research I have to say that I do not trust the US governement and chaos will reach America soon, be prepared. The Americans have been brain washed by their own government for decades and the have been dumbed down by the foods they eat. If they don’t wake up soon it may be too late.

  • Patrick

    Agreed Marcel

  • Marcel Dubois

    Leaving aside the issue of racism, why is it bad to believe that government is filled with criminals? I was under the impression that the United States government was occupying two countries and soon invading a third one, torturing the unconvicted, all the while granting itself more and bigger powers at home, to invade and take whatever liberties and it deems necessary, and otherwise give billions of other people’s dollars to big business. Sounds like shitloads of crime happening. And don’t tell me that it was written into law. Everything the government does is written into law, that’s how it announces what it’s gonna do.

  • MaxShelby

    They had me for a second on the Wheeler and Arkansas bird story, but thanks to sites like this we can find out who is really behind it and what it is all about.
    Appreciate the heads up!

  • Shane

    RTFM, have you read the stories on that ‘news’ site? It is grade-A bullshit through and through. Anyone with even a shred of journalistic intelligence knows that it is basically The Onion, only it believes in itself. Scratch that; The Onion is more believable.

  • rtfm

    Well, I’ve seen some “politically correct”, “democratic” sites censoring comments like it was in Hitler’s Germany, or Stalin’s Soviets, or…

    …but your comment will stay in EUT site inspite of whatever you say there. Now tell me where it’s more democracy and free speech?

  • sue

    I would like to thank you for your insite into this so called website. I had a feeling there was something deeper behind this dark story. Garbage!!!

  • Karl

    The EU times has had some very interesting and certainly useful articles which I could later back up through other sources.

    They fill the role of making us aware of some things that the spineless, bought-off western main stream media does not want to touch.

  • SRGT Law

    Thank you for this information. I was searching for info on the source of this website after receiving emailed articles from well intentioned, but gullible individuals.

  • Hoover

    Exaggerator, I wasn’t aware the EU had a good name.

    Charlie, the real European Union is an undemocratic tariff ring. The figures show that it hasn’t achieved the aim of “strengthening the economic condition of its member states”. There’s no evidence that it’s improved growth, employment, access to finance, or any other headline figure. And when you compare the trends before the introduction of the euro with after, it seems like the single currency might be actively harming the economic condition of member states.

  • Charlie

    Exaggerator: The real European Union is an organization built upon strengthening the economic condition of its member states and, as is becoming more so with the passage of the Lisbon treaty, a governing body–not a media outlet. I think that the European Union (if it can be personified as such) would know that it has nothing anyone claiming to disseminate conspiracy theories.

  • The Exaggerator

    So what exactly would the REAL European Union have to say about the so-called European Union Times “website,” apart from perverting the good name and repute of the European Union?

  • eslaporte

    Neo-nazi extremism is a HUGE international and transatlantic problem. It is not only anti-Semitism, but also expressed hate for Muslims and foreigners of all types.
    The growth on right-wing extremism in Europe and other parts of the Western world needs to be addressed by governments and international organizations. Some hatemongers in Europe are actually winning seats in parliaments and the Swiss minrent ban can be attributed to Islamophobic hate-mongering by the right-wing radical Swiss People’s Party. Let’s hope the courts in Europe step up and defend the human rights of all..!
    To take on a famous phrase by Dr. King: Hate anywhere is hate everywhere!