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Radicals React: Holocaust Museum Killer Was a Hero (or a Patsy)

By Sonia Scherr on January 6, 2010 - 6:30 pm, Posted in Extremist Crime

White supremacists reacted swiftly to the death of Holocaust Museum shooter and long-time neo-Nazi James von Brunn by lauding his actions and promoting conspiracy theories about his demise.

Von Brunn, who had been in poor health and was recovering from gunshot wounds to one ear, died early this afternoon at a hospital in North Carolina, according to The Associated Press. The 89-year-old had been charged with the June 10 murder of a black security guard at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. He was himself shot in the face by other guards just seconds after killing Stephen T. Johns.

On Stormfront, the leading white supremacist Web forum, posters speculated this afternoon that von Brunn might not have died of natural causes, suggesting that evil forces were actually responsible for his demise. “I knew that case would never go to trial,” wrote “LawAbidingCitizen.” “There were so many holes in the ‘official’ story that it would have been a laughingstock.” Added “MedicineHat”: “Sounds like a clear cut case of ‘Jewicide.’”

Many others praised him as a hero. “James Wenneker Von [sic] Brunn died a martyr,” wrote “starviego.” “Long live James Wenneker Von Brunn.” Said “allkesh”: “Great man who gave his best for his people!” “Kennewickman,” a Stormfront moderator, put it like this: “Every man or woman who expresses opposition to ZOG [a neo-Nazi acronym for Zionist Occupation Government, meaning the federal government] and dies in ZOG’s hands is a martyr, automatically.”

Not everyone was so enamored, however. “He was an idiot, a crazed old kook,” wrote “Notakook.” “His actions might as well be scripted in Hollywood: ‘Mean, hateful, old racist, Jew hater, evil NAZI attacks Holocaust Museum. Honest, Black African American doorman/security guard is murdered!’ Yeah, that’s really a heroic act, really helps our ‘movement.’ We have to find things for our old men to do that do not involve military invasions of museums! Wow. Really pathetic folks.”

Von Brunn, who wrote many racist and anti-Semitic screeds, had ties to prominent neo-Nazis over the course of some four decades of radical activism. When he was arrested immediately after the June shooting, police found a notebook in his car saying: “You want my weapons — this is how you’ll get them. The Holocaust is a lie. Obama was created by Jews. Obama does what his Jew owners tell him to do. Jews captured America’s money. Jews control the mass media. The 1st Amendment is abrogated henceforth.”

Von Brunn was never a major extremist leader. However, he became a hero to the radical right in 1981, when he carried a sawed-off shotgun, a pistol and a hunting knife into the Federal Reserve in Washington, where he hoped to “arrest” the Board of Governors and “read to the American public my indictment on these treasonous liars” on television. He was convicted of attempted kidnapping and other charges by a “Negro jury” and “a Jew judge,” he wrote later, and sentenced in April 1983 to a term of up to 11 years in prison. He was released in 1989.

By the time von Brunn was arrested, however, he had been largely forgotten by other white supremacists. His death is unlikely to have any real impact on their movement.

  • dave varez

    “Good Riddance, James von Brunn ”

    Are guys like him for real or just mentally defective ?

    Hard to believe anyone sane can think in that manner.

  • Allen

    Good Riddance, James von Brunn – The Smoking Gun

  • dave varez

    Well , at least now we’re being specific.

    I’m sure you’ve seen my links , probably on another thread – I can dig them up – where even Hawaii suggests having an actual birth cert. as POI to apply for programs , downgrading the SLB in their evidenciary chain , and also posts per other info how it is easier to obtain than an actual B.C.

    This led to the request for the B.C. , and the refusal led to scepticism and some unrealistic assumptions , but some questionable ones.

    I brush off the wild spec , but have doubts as I am not a supporter and so have a higher threshold of proof than a supporter –

    If it were Cheney , you’d probably demand his butt cheeks be microfilmed , and scraped for DNA matching the hospital records.

    I’m just reasonably asking for a flash of a simple document , and not a classified one.

    Not really a whole lot to ask to put the whole thing to sleep.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    When someone asks to see your birth certificate, a certificate of live birth is sufficient. It was sufficient for Obama’s passport and sufficient for my own as well.

  • dave varez

    ” Barney Frank is a bad example because it is one thing for a politician to make a prediction about the economy and be wrong”

    Again , try to sound a bit more humble and willing to listen rather than teach.

    We are getting off track with this “my example of the Holocaust is valid and yours about Frank is not , because you “just dont get it , have no understanding…..”.

    My example does not refer to a prediction Frank made about the economy. It refers to his specific assurance that the books , the financial health of FM was just fine , AND THAT WE DIDN’T NEED TO SEE THEM – WE DIDN’T NEED AN AUDIT.

    IMO , that is exactly what we are talking about here , with you repeatedly pointing out that “two officials said it was A-OK ” (two Barney Franks ?) , and I saying fine , let us see it for ourselves.

    “There are many documents that you are not allowed to personally view”

    We are talking about a guy that was running for the Office Of The President Of The United States , and the document is not some highly classified one – it is a simple birth certificate , something we are all asked to show at one time or another , so lets not get so dramatic .

    “this does not give one a blanket license to allege endless conspiracy theories.”

    Please consider what you are saying here. I cant think of any other issue I support that can be considered a “conspiracy theory” , yet you seem to be following the Reid / Pelosi formula of calling senior citizens who show up concerned about their healthcare “radicals and fanatics”.

    This is one issue , not a plural “theories” , and you can call it conspiracy if you like but to me it is simply the satisfactory verification of one fact , and not a myriad of scenarios.

    I think the defense of “you have enough evidence” you are emphatic about is more my concern than anything else. Why should the public release of a BC be such a stickling point to a “bipartisan” President looking to engage in a trusting bipartisan effort on issues with minimal distractions?

    Please clarify one thing for me –

    Why did the Dem Nomination Committe change the wording on their final nomination document to distance themselves from this issue?
    It was changed from the original. Why?

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Again, I am comparing your method of reasoning, or lack thereof, to that used by some supporters of Holocaust denial(among other conspiracy theories). Barney Frank is a bad example because it is one thing for a politician to make a prediction about the economy and be wrong, it is another for two guys to look at a birth certificate and for some bizarre reason, purposely lie about it.

    The facts remain- the original was vouched for by two officials, his birth was announced in two newspapers from that era(no, these announcements were not at the behest of the family), and his certificate of live birth is valid to obtain a US passport, as is mine.

    There are many documents that you are not allowed to personally view; this does not give one a blanket license to allege endless conspiracy theories. And honestly, if this is such a concern for you, how much effort have you personally put into it? Have you traveled to Hawaii? Or better yet, have you made any personal effort to prove his birth in Kenya, which would be the best way to prove the theory that he is not a natural-born US citizen.

  • dave varez

    “No, my analogy was not the Holocaust, but I’m not surprised that you lack basic reasoning skills. I compared your “just asking questions” tactic to those used by Holocaust deniers”

    Basic reasoning suggests that any allusion to the holocaust invokes a comparative suggestion whether intended or not.

    “Namely, pretending to be objective and curious, yet not accepting any evidence against the conspiracy theory no matter how overwhelming.”

    Pretending? I am “pretending” and my examples untenable , your’s are spot on?

    Why is my example a poor one?

    Frank assured us FM was solvent and that “an audit was not necessary” , based on his own knowledge.

    Why is that unacceptable when I point out that just as his certain info was wrong , I dont want to “take the word” of other politicians” –

    What’s the deal now? We no longer have any right or need to see any documents anymore because we will instead be told what is the case?

    And should we dare to ask, we instantly are grouped together with radicals and fanatics and hate mongers?

    I know you possess way more reasoning skills than my basic lack of them , but you nonetheless misconstrued my point pertaining to FOX –

    My point was that the party doesn’t need to be “saved , and only this one thing can do it”-

    It was that when a longtime Dem stronghold like Mass. elects a Conservative and other influential Dems are way behind in the polls (Reid) and some not even running as a result (Dodd) , it may be a good idea to reconsider just who needs to be “saved”.

    There is no need to be condescending in making your points. I dont agree with some things you say but am not insinuating it therefore follows that your IQ is in single digits. If you have not by now been able to ascertain that my differing view does not mean that about me either , nor that I am a radical of some sort , then you may unfortunately be in the camp of stereotyping any who dont quite see it your way into one size fits all.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    No, my analogy was not the Holocaust, but I’m not surprised that you lack basic reasoning skills. I compared your “just asking questions” tactic to those used by Holocaust deniers and 9-11 Truthers, and this is an accurate analogy. Any emotional baggage tied to these events is irrelevant- it’s a matter of rhetoric. Namely, pretending to be objective and curious, yet not accepting any evidence against the conspiracy theory no matter how overwhelming. Nothing wrong with asking questions, but when one refuses to accept the answers, it’s suspicious.

    Now would you like an example of a bad analogy? No problem. Look at your post where you mention Barney Frank being wrong about Fannie Mae. You see that has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the Governor of Hawaii and the State Secretary of Health and Human Services viewed and certified Obama’s original birth certificate, and the one he released publicly is valid to obtain a US passport. You don’t believe these people because you want them, or possibly need them, to be lying. And that is precisely what you are alleging whether you put it in those words or not. It’s called implication.

    And your claim that Fox and the GOP aren’t hammering away on that story(actually they have denied it) being overshadowed by Massachusetts(this is how you spell it) is laughable. You are saying that one congressional victory would mean more to them than sure shot at removing the president and embarrassing the Democrats for years to come? Laughable.

    Oh by the way- that was pretty tricky how the Obama family managed to go back in time and forge birth announcements in two newspapers.

  • dave varez

    P.S. –

    “We also have to ask why, if there were any merit in this, Fox News and the GOP aren’t hammering away on this every day. This is the one thing that could save their party”

    Am I spelling this correctly?


  • dave varez

    “Your analogies regarding this were rather pathetic. ”

    I am kinda smiling at that because your analogy was – The Holocaust!

    I know you didn’t mean to compare on a moral plane , but that comparison is still a huge stretch.

    I really dont care that politicians say everything’s “A-OK”.

    Barney Frank assured us Fannie Mae was just hunky dory. Woulda kinda liked to see their books for myself.

    You think it’s pathetic to point out that Court decisions can be off the mark ?

    I’m sure there are many you can think of that fit that description sans any examples from me.

    Not saying he’s ineligible for sure , just have read too much that conflicts to ignore and want the release of documents , and I dont chase , or buy into , conspiracy stuff , which is mostly crap.

    Ditto here.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Again, the birth certificate he released was valid to obtain his passport, the Governor and Secretary of Health and Human Services vouched for the original. Plus courts rejected the lawsuits in separate states, on separate occasions. Your analogies regarding this were rather pathetic. We also have to ask why, if there were any merit in this, Fox News and the GOP aren’t hammering away on this every day. This is the one thing that could save their party were there any merit to it at all.

  • dave varez

    “you think you are being clever by denying what you are while at the same time continuing to wallow in and spew out conspiracy theory.”

    This is why I say despicable –

    Not to be discurteous , but because I despise
    the tactic of trying to define someone , box them into something , put them in an overall category –

    And then use that as an “answer” , instead of debating/discussing the specific issue mentioned .

    That is the strategy being used in Massachusetts right now , and the strategy Reid and Pelosi used to define senior citizens opposed to certain healthcare changes , and others opposed to taxation policies.

    An old man in a wheelchair is touted as a a “radical” if he dares to disagree.

    Debate the specific points of the issue – agree or disagree like a man –

    Dont try to villify or inaccurately define a proponent with a different point of view than yours as your response –

    “Clever” ? I’m being as open and honest about my views and philosophies as I can. I pointed out I
    entertain little to no belief in most conspiracy assumptions.

    Yet you choose to continue to attempt to paint me as a “radical conspiracist”.

    And then you become irate when I use the description “despicable tactics”?

    Address the issue Jay – I dont want to fight and be enemies – just debate the merits of our differing positions in a friendly manner without unsubstantiated personal attacks as if you know
    my positions on everything and whether I am sincere and honest or not.

    And once again , I dont like that being done by EITHER SIDE.

  • dave varez

    I have a lot of beefs with Obama , which some may consider irrational because they dont accept other points of view as credible , and some may respect but disagree with – but at the same time , I have stood against criticism of him I felt unwarranted , respect the Office of the President , and am not salivating at the mouth that he is ineligible – At this point , actually , I’d prefer if the issue turns out to be an invalid one.

    I just want opposing evidence vetted , and take this position regardless of the Party or candidate in question.

    Court decisions can be biased towards a sitting President – I’m not claiming that to definitively be the case , but Courts have also been the entity which has “laughed out” claims of segregation and racial bias also , so I dont always laugh along with
    Court decisions.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    I think it’s pretty open and shut- the courts laughed your cases out, and the Hawaiian governor and Secretary of State and Human services certified the original birth certificate while the certificate which he got a PASSPORT was released. That would be enough for most people, unless they had some irrational beef with Obama.

  • JAY

    Yes Varez – calling someone (namely me) “despiccable” and “simple” is impolite. I could call you a number of names – but unlike you, I AM polite.

    And yes – you think you are being clever by denying what you are while at the same time continuing to wallow in and spew out conspiracy theory.

    You are fooling no one – with the possible exception of yourself.

  • dave varez

    I wasn’t referring to you per my “lib” comments Rus – that was pertaining to Jay –

    You know I am not just saying “questions” – you have read my thinking on other threads –

    I just dont want to elaborate here because it is not the point of this thread and this isue seems to always “take over” the threads –

    And I put faith in very few “conspiracy” issues , and do not identify myself with conspiracists.

    Maybe you can tell me why there are two purposely different certifications by the Democratic election committee seeming to guard against citizenship issue backfire?

    This was pointed out to me , and is one of the things that raises my eyebrows , and is hardly a “conspiratorial”point undeserving of scrutiny?

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    I am as far from liberals as they are from you- bet on it. Claiming you have “questions”is just a cowardly way of advancing a conspiracy theory- it HAS to be a conspiracy theory if no legal action has been taken thus far, given the amount of lawsuits filed, and the damage having an ineligible president would do to the DNC. You know those 9-11 Truthers AND Holocaust Deniers pull the same “I’m just asking questions routine.”

    And by the way, I am not comparing your “questions” about Obama’s citizenship to Holocaust denial on any moral plane. I am comparing the rhetoric of it all, because all conspiracy theories tend to use the same kind of logic(or lack thereof). They are un-falsifiable.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    There is a point when civility ends, if people for example try to advance conspiracy theories that have already been debunked plenty of times. For example I have often found myself in debates with Holocaust deniers, where they pretend to be some unassuming guy who was just “curious”, “doing his own research”, and wanted to get both sides. Then he tells you there were many questions that the Holocaust deniers raised, and he just wants answers to them. Then of course you answer them, but he keeps hewing to the Holocaust deniers’ side until he’s basically arguing their case.

    The term for it is “concern troll”.

  • JAY

    First of all, Varez:

    “If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck – it’s a duck.”

    You spout the same conspiracy theories as the fearmongers at Fox News. And as to being polite – that you are NOT.

  • dave varez

    wtf represents what I point out I despise about many libs (AND some conservatives).

    An “I’m better and smarter than you are” self righteous attitude , not simply disagreeing , but disrespecting the intelligence of any whose conclusions , or philosophy’s differ from his.

    I prefer to converse politely with those whose thoughts differ from mine , hopefully coming to some agreement on some things , and hopefully doing so while remaining friendly and respectful
    of their conclusions despite disagreement on issues.

    Doesn’t always work out that way.

    The only thing that I can agree with here is that Beck is opportunistic.

  • WTF

    Again with the ‘birth certificate’ nonsense ? Looks like the conservatives have little or no reading comprehension.

    Regarding Beck, he is more of an opportunist than a racist. He knows fully well that by making inflammatory statements on Fox he is increasing their viewership in the idiot segment of USA and thereby enriching himself. If anything, he stands more guilty of making money off of the idiocy of RW idiots.

    Same goes for Limbaugh too.

    Ever sicne they elected bush twice, conservatives have lost all right to engage in the national debate in any form. At best, they are to be tolerated, like you tolerate an athlete’s foot itch.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    It is not the duty of the president to answer your questions to your personal satisfaction. The governor of Hawaii and the secretary of health and human services are satisfied. The courts are satisfied, the Democratic party is satisfied, as are the overwhelming majority of Republicans as they do not keep this nonsense up(and some have condemned it).

    Beck’s comment was a clear attempt to stir up animosity and fear in “white people”; a common tactic of racists was to smear black opponents as white-hating militants, which is precisely what he has done not only with Obama but others around him as well. Beck deliberately induces fear of this, and other things, and then weasels out of it when called on the carpet for his antics. But most importantly, there was simply no reason whatsoever to suggest that Obama has a profound hatred for white culture. In other words, he went out of his way to make that statement.

    As for the subject of Revered Wright, I cannot endorse everything the man says(and I would not assume his supporters do either), but every claim must be evaluated and stand on its own merit. Conservatives seem to think that any time you justifiably point out white complicity in the problems of the black community, this is whining or scapegoating.

  • dave varez

    First of all Rus , I’m not a conspiracy theorist ,
    or a birther zealot – for the millionth time , I dont necessarily believe Obama was not born in Hawaii – I just think there are fair questions that haven’t been answered to my satisfaction , despite apparently to yours.

    And I dont speak for Beck – in fact , I’m not necessarily happy with him as a conservative voice –

    But whatever his point in that statement – IT AIN’T RACIST.

    The definition of racism is not daring to make a statement relating to race.

    I can’t stand Reid , but he made a controversial statement that’s a “big deal” now –

    But Obama was right , it’s no big deal , and it’s not racist.

    It’s just a statement relevant to race.

    I can only assume , though I dont agree with his comment , that Beck meant something to the effect that Obama felt white culture had let down blacks and held a grudge?

    And I certainly think Wright was quite contentious , contrary to your assumption that he’s just fine.

    Do you agree with Wright that aids was a conspiracy to eliminate blacks?

    Quite more controversial that a birth certificate .

  • JAY


    Thanks for making it plain for all to see your efforts to cover up for Fox News and the other Extremist elements of the Republican / Conservative political sector.

    Again, there are two kinds of people in this country who think that Racism is not as pervasive as it truly is:

    1) Those who are truly blind to Racism

    2) Those who deny Racism in order to facilitate it

    I asked you which of the two you belong to . . . your latest post has answered the question.

    Just in case . . . what do you think it is we are talking about here??? Race Relations are ALWAYS a matter of Politics . . . but you’d rather white wash . . .

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    First of all Dave, all your birther conspiracies have been debunked. Were that not the case, you would be alleging a massive conspiracy where all the courts, to say the least, are involved. So either the claims have no merit, or massive conspiracy. I have to go with Occam on this one.

    Also I have heard Jeremiah Wright’s words and I find nothing hateful about white people in them, so let’s try this again- what did Beck mean when he said that Obama hates “white culture”?

  • dave varez

    Jay , let me be perfectly clear again.

    Whatever political motives you care to suspect per anyone having a problem with the citizenship issue , it is irresponsible to link it to racism..

    Any allusion whatsoever to equating questions concerning that issue – (and I’m not saying he’s not eligible , I’m saying that I’m dis satisfied with the incomplete vetting) –

    To the issue of race is ridiculous and disgusting .

    There is nothing – nada – to link a citizenship uncertainty to race even in a “thinly veiled” capacity,
    as you mention.

    Why dont you link it to height , eye color , or SAT scores also?

    Please explain how the majority of citizenship questioners you refer to supported Clarence Thomas , Condoleeza Rice , and Colin Powell , (which the non-racist Democrats summarily trashed each in turn) –

    But nonetheless are racist for daring to have a non race related question about Obama?

    You and your ilk make no sense at all and stir up imagined hate where it does not exist as a tactic ,

    something that disgusts me whether it is you or Glenn Beck doing it.

    I am not “muddying the debate” or claiming self-righteousness – I am calling you out on a despicable tactic of no merit I refuse to allow to go unchallenged , and delineating how silly your argument for it is.

    Sad such a worthy thread has to first listen to the
    shocking views of July , and then have you stick your agendized political talking points into this as well.

  • JAY


    Me, “simple”??? I’m so complex, I’m simple . . . so simple I’m complex. The thing is – neither me nor the great majority here are fooled by your self-righteous posturing nor your attempts at muddying the debate.

    I’m not calling you a “racist” – but you do spout the same thinly-veiled racist spew (under the guise of “conspiracy theory”) that the talking heads at Fox News continually regurgitate, including that discredited old “Obama is not an American” chestnut.

    I don’t need to call you anything – your own words indict you.

  • dave varez

    Rus , I dont know – maybe , in sympathy with many blacks given less than 100% fair shake , he meant just what he said as a result of that being the case.

    First off , I dont think I agree with that , but second , considering Obama’s connection to Rev. Wright , who certainly feels that way , the comment is not unsupportable.

    But either way , it’s not racist – every comment pertaining to race isn’t an automatic “he’s a racist” badge .

    Is Harry Reid a racist also , or that one is ok?

    Jay , people like you are either extremely simple or extremely political.


    So , am I a racist also?

    You think that anyone who dares to question that will not , because your ilk has equated it with racism?

    Not hardly.

    I dont necessarily think he was born elsewhere , but I think it was not vetted as it should have been.

    How do you a equate questionable citizenship issue for a Presidential candidate (McCain’s was questioned also) = racist?

    That’s the rap libs run , and it’s why I dont just disagree with some libs – I’ve lost respect for some as a result of what I consider below the belt , despicable tactics such as the equation above.

    ( Yes , Conservatives can be “below the belt” also , and I dont particularly like the practises of Beck , but if you want to unwarrantedly throw him into racist territory , just be dam sure that Reid is thrown into it just as far.).

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Dave, what do you think Beck meant when he claimed that Obama had a profound hate for “white culture”?

  • JAY

    “Propagandist political garbage”??? Like when Fox News made it’s long-standing claim that President Obama “isn’t born in America” . . . you mean that kind of propaganda???

    Mr. Varez – if you can’t see the similarity between July’s post and the kind of innuendo & out-and-out lies continually spewed by Fox News, then you are part of the effort to COVER UP racism and hate in America.

    There are two kinds of people who deny that Racism is as prevalent as it is in America today:

    1) Those who are genuinely blind to Racism.

    2) Those who want to cover up Racism in order to facilitate it.

    Which kind are you, Mr. Dave Varez?

  • JAY

    Dear Mr. Have To Wonder,

    First of all, “white people” already HAVE a political party . . . it’s called the Republican Party.

    The problem with a lot of people who want to organize with the goals of “white identity” / “white power” / “white supremacist” / John Birch ‘ers at heart is that they don’t stop at politics – the ultimate fruition of their goals is VIOLENCE against non-whites.

  • dave varez

    JAY said,

    “EVERYONE, please read July’s rant . . . not far off from the kind of tripe you’ll find on Fox “News” (i.e. Glenn Beck) and the trash you’ll find on white supremacist websites/media.”

    Jay , you are either out of your mind , or a despicable politicist, to equate what that horrid July said with FOX or Beck.

    Despite political differences with this site , I applaud its searching out for legitimate hate , and
    hiliting it.

    Too bad guys like you , Jay , dilute that noble mission by infusing propagandist political garbage into the mix.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Keep dreaming, psycho.

  • Have To Wonder

    The apologist dreck from the left nauseates. I sincerely hope when you have achieved your inspired “utopia” you will be given the same quarter. That prospect is dubious at best. Enjoy your feel good shibboleths as they will deafen the righteous to your upcoming plight.

  • JAY

    July is obviously an apologist for the von Brunn and others of that ilk . . .

    . . . and speaking of “conspiracy theory” – EVERYONE, please read July’s rant . . . not far off from the kind of tripe you’ll find on Fox “News” (i.e. Glenn Beck) and the trash you’ll find on white supremacist websites/media.

    Mr. July – we KNOW where you’re coming from.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    July, July, July, I’ll pick up your gauntlet. First of all, if you really read this site you would see that non-white extremists are profiled on it all the time. So that claim can be laid to rest. Now for the real meat

    1. Jewish Neocons lied the US into war? Interesting because several of the most crucial neo-cons who pushed for this war, that is to say those who actually called the shots, were Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, George W. Bush, and Condoleeza Rice. Not to mention the very crucial role that Colin Powell played before the UN. None of these individuals are in the least bit Jewish.

    More importantly, the men who stood to gain from this war, particularly those with stock and interests in arms manufacture, construction, and private military companies are mostly white gentiles, not Jews. These people have their own interests in Iraq and an interest in Israel as well.

    Next on the subject of Israel- Many people the world over, and a great deal of them Jews criticize Israeli policies and Zionism, quite militantly in fact. Among such people are Noam Chomsky, Norm Finkelstein, William Blum, to name just a few. In fact, recently a film was released in Israel called Waltz with Bashir, which is an animated documentary based on the memories of the Lebanon War of the director and his friends. The film focuses on the Sabra and Shatila massacres and graphically depicts the Israeli complicity in the atrocity, likening it to the Warsaw Ghetto and even Auschwitz.

    On the subject of a “white” state, there is no such state because there is no such people. The peoples of Europe would not consent to being forced into some kind of state based on the American definition of “white”, and it is indeed largely an American invention. To speak of “white” in many European countries is simply incomprehensible. To the English for example, waves of Polish immigration are met with the same hostility as immigration from the Middle East or Africa. Demagogues blame immigrants for “taking jobs”, and when people believe that they don’t give a damn about the skin color or heritage of those who allegedly took them.

    Next you shot yourself in the foot by claiming that Jews donate 50% of the Democratic party’s money. First of all, even if we assume that is true, who cares? But more importantly, this would mean that most Jews were supporting candidates opposed to Bush and his neocon cadres. Indeed, the Democrats have in the past and presently proven themselves to be just as imperialistic, but Jewish support for Democratic candidates represents their rejection of Bush and his policies. But again, we would have to assume that is true, and I have a sneaking suspicion that this is based on counting certain organizations or groups as “Jewish” based on a few prominent Jewish members, a typical WN tactic.

    James von Brunn, due to his conspiratorial theories, decided to go on a shooting spree that was thankfully ended prematurely. That type of activity is something the SPLC apparently covers. It is not their business to cover wars of imperialism or negative foreign policy, and never has been. If you are looking for condemnation of imperialistic war and related atrocities, there are thousands of them all over the internet in any language you desire.

    I also highly doubt that the SPLC hates “white people”.

  • July

    Why are all the bad guys at “hate watch” always WHITE?

    How much blood is on the hands of the members of the American Israeli PAC?

    Did you know that the Jewish Neocons who lied us into Iraq sent out Death Squads to kill all of the Iraqi intellectuals who were capable of rebuilding Iraq or saving their people? Iraq had done nothing to us.

    Now these same people are fermenting riots in Iran and calling for us to attack it. There is about as much chance that Iran would attack the USA as for Cuba to attack us.

    Is it acceptable to kill Jew’s enemies? Is it acceptable for Jews to have their own state but not for White people? Why? Why must Whites die for a Jew state but not be allowed to have one of our own?

    Why is it called HATE when White people do it but its acceptable for Jews? Do you know what is happening to White people in South Africa today? Why do we never hear about South Africa any longer now that its White people who are being slaughtered?

    James von Brunn was not a Senator or the POTUS. He had no political power. He never contributed any money to get a candidate elected. Jews donate 50% of the Democrats’ campaign funds. Why not hold Jews accountable as you do Brunn?

    James von Brunn was never allowed on CNN or Fox Network or the Sunday Morning news programs nor did he write for the New York Times. He never formed public opinion.

    If he wore a five thousand dollar suit, spoke with a Harvard accent and hosted a program on CNN would you view the blood on his hands differently?

    Is it ok to hate and kill as long as you hate and kill the right people? White people?

    why am I being censored? Are you Supremacists? Do you hate White people?

  • Carter

    I really glad you all ran this article. Because for me, this was not about some psychpath named Von Brunn.

    Stephen T. Johns knew what he was into, what he was protecting, what impact his job had on the museum in a bigger picture.
    Stephen T. Johns was a man whose life and ethics should be celebrated as a man who gave his life so that others would be safe.
    Mr. Johns was a man with character. It didn’t matter a bit that he was most likely under paid & rarely thanked day to day for what he did in his job.
    What mattered most of all is that [those of us who care about] those who sacrifice for their ethic – men & women who, in their heart, KNEW this may eventually happen.

    In celebrating Stephen T. Johns’ life, his sacrifice spoke volumes about his personal decisions. So often it’s the seemingly “unknowns” who need their names remembered and respected.

  • Tyrone mixon

    I say he did die of natural causes. Hate, stupidity and evilness are natural causes. The fires of hell will burn a bit brighter when this masterpiece arrives. Good riddens and make room for the rest of your “brothers”. Let’s not fool ourselves and think these people will come around so we can work on this thing as people of one planet. Ufos will land on the whitehouse lawn first.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    What you have to understand Bede, is that these people are basically, in one way or another, losers. Somewhere in life they consistently fail, and rather than try to improve themselves they adopt a worldview which explains their failure as a conspiracy against them.

  • Marisa

    I hope Bede Baldry is feeling sorry for the family of the VICTIM. I feel no sympathy for von Brunn. He has no redeeming qualities and after he’s buried, hopefully without even a marker, he should be forgotten. He deserves no compassion, ho soul-saving comments, nothing.

  • Bede Baldry

    Some of these comments make me sick. It is time for people to realize we are in this together. Why do I have to be better than others? Why can’t I just be with others? It is time to realize God really did create us all.
    I feel sorry for this guys family. He was a husband, father, uncle, brother or one of these traits. He did have a family. They must feel sad.