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Oath Keepers Chief Denies Accused Rapist Was Member

By Larry Keller on January 22, 2010 - 6:34 pm, Posted in Extremist Crime

Antigovernment “Patriots” are pledging support for a former Marine and self-described Oath Keeper who recently was charged with the rape of a child in Oklahoma and illegally having a grenade launcher. They say the man is being set up because of his own unorthodox and antigovernment views.

Stewart Rhodes, founder of the conspiracy-minded Oath Keepers group, denies that Charles Dyer actually was a member of his organization, or that he scrubbed all mentions of Dyer from his website after Dyer was arrested. Dyer has repeatedly and publicly represented himself as a member of the Oath Keepers.

Dyer, 29, of Marlow, was arrested last week for the alleged rape and forcible sodomy of a 7-year-old child. He is in federal custody and has a court hearing scheduled on Monday. During a search of his residence to collect DNA evidence, a grenade launcher was found that had been stolen from a Fort Irwin, Calif., military base in 2006. Dyer told an FBI agent that his best friend had given him the grenade launcher while Dyer was stationed in California with the Marine Corps, according to court records.

Dyer is a familiar face in the angry world of the Patriots, where he assumed the name of July4patriot. He has appeared in YouTube videos, railing against a repressive government and the much-feared, socialistic “New World Order.” In one, he wears a mask of a skeleton from the nose down. He says he was a sergeant in the Marines, and served in Iraq.

“Me, I’m going to use my training from the military and I suppose become one of those domestic terrorists that we’re so afraid of from the DHS [Department of Homeland Security] and their reports,” Dyer says in one video. “Ridiculous.”

Now, some of Dyer’s fellow Patriots and conspiracy buffs see something sinister in his arrest and are pledging support in their own YouTube videos. “Another attack against the movement,” one of them declares. “Now is the time to intensify our hatred of tyranny. We are to stand by July4Patriot.” In another, a man opines: “Most likely it was a setup. This seems too convenient to the New World Order.” And a third man shaves his head in yet another video in a show of support for Dyer, who also has a shaved head.

Dyer can be seen in a video made at the very first gathering of the Oath Keepers in April of last year at Lexington Green, Mass., wearing an Oath Keepers sweatshirt. Members of that organization, which is composed of law enforcement officers, military personnel and veterans, swear to uphold their oath to defend the Constitution. They vow, among other things, not to carry out orders to take citizens’ guns, impose martial law or a state of emergency on a state, or force citizens into detention camps. Their website, without any supporting evidence at all, suggests that such things are imminent in the United States.

In another YouTube video, Dyer twice identifies himself as an Oath Keeper. And yet another video, this one titled “Free July4Patriot!”, contains footage of Dyer set to music and prominently displays the Oath Keepers logo at the end.

Rhodes, the Oath Keepers founder, denied Dyer was ever an actual member, saying he never paid dues, which are a minimum of $30. Anybody is free to wear the organization’s apparel or logo, he added. Rhodes said he did discuss with Dyer the possibility of him becoming an Oath Keepers liaison to the Marine Corps, but added that he opted out when Dyer told him he planned to organize militias once he got out of the Marines. “We’re not a frickin’ militia,” Rhodes told Hatewatch.

Nor is it significant that he didn’t stop Dyer from representing himself on videos as being an Oath Keepers member, Rhodes maintained. It wouldn’t be feasible to contact everybody who does that, he said. “Am I going to call them up and tell them you’re not a dues paying member?”

Dyer spoke on behalf of Oath Keepers at a “tea party” event in Oklahoma last July 4. An online magazine called Hate Trackers unearthed a written plea to Oath Keeper members from Rhodes that was sent out just days ahead of Dyer’s appearance at the Oklahoma event. In it, Rhodes said Dyer would represent the organization and “you can bet that Sgt. Dyer will deliver one heck of a fiery speech. Take that to the bank.” But one needn’t be an Oath Keepers member in order to speak of the group’s behalf, Rhodes told Hatewatch. He denied Hate Trackers’ assertion that he deleted that and other references to Dyer that had been on the Oath Keepers website after the arrest.

But Rhodes didn’t deny that many of the same people who assume Dyer was framed feel a kinship for his organization. He did take exception to being asked if he shares their views. “I don’t control those people,” he said. He eventually added that it’s unlikely the government set up Dyer because of his views.

As for Dyer, maybe he saw this day coming. In another video, he said, “I’m sure not hiding from ATF. I’m not hiding from FBI. I’m not hiding from any organization. If they want to come take me, I’m not going to be afraid.”

  • John

    REMEMBER people we are a republic, due process,lets wait until the trail is over.Grandpa always said don’t believe anything you hear and only 1/2 of what you see and in this day and age I think he ‘s right.Oath keepers are only a group of people just like any group of people there will be good and bad in them.So only time will tell.Mr Dryer is innocent until he is proven guilty!!! We need to stick to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. If we don’t we’re no better than our present gov.

  • Blake

    So NEWSFLASH- Dyer got royally fucked, and will most likely be getting 30 years on sentencing day. There was shit for evidence, but Stephens County got its way, as did Valerie Dyer. It should be added that Dyers daughter did not even testify at the last trial, but the jury was shown a ‘video testimony’ as evidence. It should also be said that the child was in the custody for several times of the mothers pedophile sex offender relative.

    Also, whoever said that child sexual abuse warrants arent charged without DNA or evidence, go tell that to the tons of people who got fucked like Dyer did, some for crimes that never even happened. watch ‘witch hunt’ documentary.

  • Knightmare

    Rhodes is only showing he is a sell out, there was proof of J4P (Dyer) as an Oath Keeper, whether or not we was a paying member is spin. Look at the Oath Keepers website, they solicit not only current L.E. and Military, but also prior L.E. and prior military/vets to uphold their Oaths to protect and defend the constitution of the U.S. as Oath Keepers. This is simply damage control totally opposite of what the website calls for, which is standing for what is right, rather, Rhodes shrank from J4P (Dyer) because of the allegations. I myself am an Oath Keeper by their mission statement, which does not say I have to be a member of their site. As far as the supposed grenade launcher, it was never accurately measured and could very well be a 37mm civilian smoke/flare model, rather than a 40mm grenade model. J4P(Dyer) also represented the American Militia Movement/A.R.M. which was and is constitutionally based having no regard to race, religion or ethnicity.

  • larry

    you’re all a bunch of wackos, both on the right and the left

  • sysko

    Rhodes is only in this for the money whereas Dyer was a true patriot! Dyer’s gfriend facebook comments have been captured prior to his arrest. These comments clearly prove her intent before making these false charges. 100% sure all charges will be dropped with an exception of the weapon charges. Remember Rhodes could even be submitting his participants/members names to the establishment, this is why Dyer didn’t want to be part of this group!

  • Alex O

    Dyer was found not guilty on the grenade launcher primarily due to government evidence tampering and misrepresenting a legal 37mm flare launcher as the stolen Grenade launcher.

    The 37mm flare launcher had been constructed using several parts from an airsoft replica grenade launcher and there was an early assertion by Dyer that it was a legal item. Then while the launcher was in government hands, the serial number was added or altered to match one stolen from Ft Irwin.

    The defense team had gotten an expert witness lined up who would be able to testify as to the technical issues on the launcher, but apparently some jury members had enough personal familiarity with the issue to examine the evidence on their own and determined that the assertion that the launcher was the stolen grenade launcher was a false assertion, thus the verdict was handed down before the expert witness actually was to arrive.

    The child rape accusation is still pending trial, but at this point appears to have been leveled by Dyer’s vindictive estranged wife (Dyer had been living with his girlfriend at the time of the arrest).

  • MrsCaptJack

    If he was arrested on the sodomy charges, as it states, this would be a separate trial from the weapons charges. So perhaps we should wait and see.

  • N

    Dyer was found NOT GUILTY, by a jury of his peers on April 13, 2010. There was no charge for any stolen military grenade launcher. He had one charge, “…possession of a dangerous weapon.” NOT GUILTY, so maybe people need to NOT believe all they are told by the media.

  • MrsCaptJack

    @ Websuspect ~ “Wife accuses him of rape.”
    Since the warrant covered DNA, they obviously FOUND DNA on the child. You can’t get a warrant to look for DNA unless you have probable cause (like, say DNA) to match it against. If said grendade launcher is sitting out in the open as a conversation piece for all his buddies, it’s fair game. All they need to do is seize it, because it’s illegal. If they want to be extra careful, they suspend the search, call the Judge and expand the scope of the warrant to include illegal weapons and continue to search the remainder of the house.

    What gets me is that most of you are concerned about his Oath Keeper status, which can be proven by a few clicks and an internet search. How about his child molester status? Oath Keepers wants to distance themselves from this guy because he was too radical (or whatever). How about Oath Keepers wanting to distance themselves from a suspected child rapist? News flash folks, sodomy isn’t charged unless there is physical evidence to back it up…

  • Roger

    As someone who took his oath as law I find the oath keepers strange hypocrites. I remember dressing down a young OSI officer for participating in a local law enforcement sting that went out of its way to snag young people by using false reasons to stop their cars if they “looked suspicious”. This in was a clear violation of both her oath as a military officer as well as her oath as a law enforcement officer. I made the mistake of only warning her but I know she understood the message.

    These “oath keeper” have the same limited view of their oath as this young officer and did.

  • Allen

    This is all very familiar to me. When I was in the Army my MOS was ammo inventory control. And, yes indeed, rounds do go missing sometimes, and then we’d have to call up CID. Sometimes the thief would be found with the missing ordinance, sometimes not. It’s the “not” that is the big worry. Whether he has an M-203 or an AT-4, empty or not, rounds can always be found on the black market. Where do you think that missing ammo goes? DUH!

  • websuspect

    Oathkeepers should be called sheep dippers. Charles was supposedly a member. Im pretty sure he was on the Alex Jone show. Wife accuses him of rape, POlice goto investigate and find a Grenade launcher. Hes turned over to BATF although there was no warrant for a grenade launcher hes reffered to domestic terrorism and stuck on a bus and dieseled. Any so called patriots be aware and keep your mouth shut.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    It was indeed and M203 and the argument that this isn’t a big deal because it’s “useless without rounds” is insane. One could argue that having an 81mm mortar isn’t a big deal either, because one would have to have rounds. Eventually, someone will pony up with the rounds. The arms trade in America isn’t like that of the Old World, but crates of grenades do go missing from time to time.

  • Observer

    And Joe, you’re a moron, too. Stop trying to sound like an attorney and get back to your formation practice. Er, your “muster,” moron.

  • Observer

    Steve, you’re a MORON. “Marine Core”??? It’s CORPS, you IDIOT. Go back under your rock and stay out of the grown-up discussions.

  • Allen

    Once again, the idiots defend the idiots.

  • Liz

    The grenade launcher, which Dyer has admitted to having and has fingered his friend as the person giving it to him, was one of three stolen in 2006 from Ft. Irwin. It was part of a shipment heading to Iraq to be put into war use, so one can’t really claim it to be what you say. But I have a feeling you already know all about this or need to read up on this.

  • Joe

    1. We have no proof or conviction of anything yet, only allegations. It remains to be seen whether he is guilty of the crime.
    It would not be the first time an angry ex used such charges for revenge.
    2. The stupid “grenade launcher” referenced is probably an empty piece of residue from a live fire exercise that is worthless and no threat to anyone. If it was live and contained regulated explosives you better believe he would have been charged with several counts relating to possession of regulated explosives.
    They love to use those imprecise words to generate fear in an uneducated public.
    Anyone who has ever fired a LAW rocket or AT4 knows how silly this is, the launcher is nothing but an empty plastic tube with sights on it. If it is an M203 or M79 it is worthless without 40MM grenades that, except for smoke or inert practice rounds, are illegal and extremely difficult to obtain.
    This will turn out to be a simple piece of range residue that someone took as a trophy or souvenir.
    Still illegal, but harmless and no threat to anyone.

    It really is a tempest in a teapot unless he is found guilty of the charge.

  • Allen

    Notice how they are always being “framed” and “set-up”. The problem with this theory is that the “gubment” would have no reason to frame these nobodies. Why in the world would anyone have wanted to go through the trouble and expense to frame von Brunn? How in the world would that profit anyone? And yet we are expected by the WNs to believe that he was.

    Same with this guy; he was just another Joe Dirt.

  • Marisa

    These ultra-right-wingers have completely besmirched and made dirty the word “Patriot.” This was a disgusting act by a disgusting person, but there are lots of disgusting people among these “militia” groups.

  • Liz

    @Bart. The media reported it was his own 7 yr old daughter. Dyer from what I’ve seen doesn’t appear to be racially motivated, just real paranoid.

  • Liz

    Steve it is quite obvious you are a shill. The part about Dyer’s wife the Jim Stach’s of the nutworld are spreading are as grasping as it gets. Just because a woman posts on FaceBook she wishes her pending ex’s penis would fall off is not the proof she set up Dyer the conspiracy nuts think it is. It’s part of a disinformation campaign by ARM, so Jim Stach can reap some publicity. Even now he claims something about a silencer, but of course he has no way of knowing if the silencer he’s claiming is the one the feds have concerns about.

    Rhodes clearly said on his site that Dyer would be “representing Oath Keepers” at the Broken Arrow Tea Party. I’ve seen the screen capture. Google cache cannot tell a lie!

    But people like you fall for such things, don’t you Steve?

    What’s quite clear about this case is how Dyer’s associates have proven to be less than worms.

  • Bart Wilson

    So I think the case of Mr. Rhodes is pointless. Many others in the Oath Keepers have taken their place besides Mr. Dyer, and there is much proof of his membership (even quotes from Rhodes himself). Dyer seemed to be a pretty influential member if he was speaking at Keepers events, not just some random person who wears their logo. The group has made their decision, and he should stand by them.

    Also, shouldn’t someone in the military be supporting the government as opposed to thinking it is corrupted and trying to change it? They may think human rights are being violated, but I don’t see the government “taking away people’s firearms” or “sending them to detention camps”.

    Out of curiosity, what was the race of this little kid who was raped? Was it someone against the perfect “American vision”, maybe an immigrant?

  • Snorlax

    I’ve read those ten principles the Oath Keepers sign.

    Three of them have already been VIOLATED by their beloved Dubya during his Reign of Error.

    But you’ll never hear them complain about it. And they never refused to do those things when Dubya ordered it.

    How many of these Oath Keepers participated in warrantless searches? How many participated in “free speech zones” or illegally arrested protesters?


  • Free at last

    Liers and Deceivers from the beginning. Oath keepers are liers and deceivers here to divide and conquer. If they truly kept their oath, then they should defend this man. What happened to innocent until PROVEN GUILTY? Look what the NWO did to Tiger Woods to get the nation occupied on something other then healthcare. I thought you were to defend the Constitution, not throw in under the bus? Absolutely Steve is a plant. Stewart Rhoades is a deceiver, sent to deceive the mass and you’re all falling for it. The enemy never sleeps and neither should you.

  • Steve

    A tea party is not an Oath Keeper event. He never held the office of Marine Core liaison that he sought after, Rhodes would NOT allow it.

    In learning more about this case…it does appear that Dyer’s ex wife may have been just a little vindictive in regards to the “allegations”.

    It would be without honor to pronounce him guilty prematurely.

  • Alan Aardman

    Too bad they didn’t take an oath not to abuse children, huh? It would make a prudent choice for the eleventh spot on their silly list.

  • Liz

    And Steve “If by chance there was a video of Dyer on the OK web site past April 19th…it was left over from that muster (4-19-2009). It was dated material.”

    The videos of Dyer on the OK site were from the July 4, 2009 Broken Arrow Tea Party. Now that’s nearly three months after April 19th, isn’t it? Something from the future could hardly be left over from that “muster”.

    It would seem some things for certain that OK does not stand for is truth, loyalty, and honor.

  • Liz

    Steve I strongly believe you to be a plant for Rhodes in here trying to spread disinformation. Screen captures of the OK website from Dec. 31st ’09 were made and clearly show Rhodes stating well after the April 19th meething that Dyer was “representing Oath Keepers” at a Broken Arrow Tea Party. And that’s just one.

    Rhodes not only got caught lying about this, he has continued his deceit. He is less than dishonorable.

  • Snorlax

    Oath Keepers should have been around when Dubya was ordering WARRANTLESS “Snoop and Poop” SEARCHES and WARRANTLESS DOMESTIC PHONE TAPS.

    Dubya’s NSA thugs downloaded every single domestic phone call and internet message into the massive Carnivore computer system.

    Big Brother WAS Watching You. His name was Dubya.

    This violated the Oath Keepers’ oath, but you will NEVER hear them criticize Dubya or his Reign of Error. NEVER.

  • Steve

    Here are the facts as I see them.

    1) April 19th 2009 Dyer tells Rhodes that he intends to start militia cells nationwide. Rhodes says that he can’t represent Oath keepers. Due to his intentions as not being synonymous with their mission.

    2) Dyer was never a member of Oath Keepers.

    3) There are no statements caught on Google cache made after the date of April 19th 2009 where anyone in OK said that Dyer is representing them. If by chance there was a video of Dyer on the OK web site past April 19th…it was left over from that muster (4-19-2009). It was dated material.

    4) CNN and other news outlets, as well as Oath Keepers recorded the entire conference in Las Vegas 10-2009. Rhodes was bold and affirmative that NO member of OK should participate in militia activities. Those tapes are out there….Dyer did NOT attend that event. However, the entire “core” of Oath Keepers did.

    The Oath Keeper mission is to reach teach and inspire….this guy did none of those things. Lastly, he did NOT share in OK common values.

    I strongly dispute that Dryer’s exposure built Oath Keepers. Alex Jones..CNN and other did that. And if Stewart Rhodes finally realized that he needed to delete old tapes still on his site…so what.

  • GENO

    Its not unusual that everytime when one of their pathetic own is arrested and accused of such violent and morbid crimes. The said despisable White organization will always try to make egregious attempts to distant themseves of the accused. In a poor manner of saving their ofay circles. Its clear to one’s naked eye that the said KKKriminal organization has Charles Dyer written all over it gangster graffiti in a destituted barrio. The connections make sense.

  • Jon

    Steve, Rhodes knew about Dyer’s militia connections since at least April 19, 2009. He’s now saying that’s why he didn’t want him involved in OK from that date on. That’s what he is saying NOW. Yet that’s not what happened. Within weeks Rhodes was making statements saying Dyer would be representing OK. What Rhodes is saying this week in no way matches up with his past statements caught on google cache. Google cache has OK webpages from Dec. 31st that shows what Rhodes was saying. The links now go to the homepage of the OK site. Yet Rhodes is here denying he deleted those pages. Well, who did? And why did they disappear at the exact same time Rhodes chose to disavow Dyer?

    He also claims he can’t take the time to go after every person that claims to be with OK. Yet Dyer’s exposure is what built OK. When you have someone appearing on CNN or in documentaries or who has thousands of followers and when you yourself publicize Dyer will be representing the organization…well do the math.

  • Steve

    Could it be that Oath Keepers broke ties with this guy when they learned that he was attempting to form militia groups? That is the statement from Rhodes…what’s so hard to understand about that? Lastly, you can see by examining the evidence..that this person (july4thpatriot) is not of like mind of the Oath keepers on many levels.

  • Snorlax

    These oath-keeping oafs never had any problems with Dubya. But they sure hate Obama.

    Dubya ok’d a torture gulag, warrantless wiretaps and searches, and looser rules on declaring martial law.

    All things they swore an oath against.


  • Margie

    It’s odd that Rhodes is continuing to try to lie his way out of this. Google shows links to the July4Patriot and when you click they now go to the OK homepage. Click cache and you see a view from three weeks ago where they can’t stop gushing over this Dyer. Obviously, they were deleted and Rhodes has been caught in a web of lies that he feels he can lie his way out of.