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Behind the Hate: Long-Time Activist Runs New Anti-Gay Site

By Sonia Scherr on March 24, 2010 - 5:01 pm, Posted in Anti-Abortion, Anti-LGBT

A leading anti-abortion webmaster who is widely known for his extremist tactics is behind a new Internet site taking aim at gay and abortion rights supporters with ties to Kenya.

Neal Horsley — best known for his “Nuremberg Files” website targeting physicians who provide abortions — now controls (“SEE” stands for Stop Exporting Evil!) Horsley’s latest website features “Not Wanted” posters with the photographs and, in some cases, contact information of purported gay rights activists and abortion providers working in Kenya. It lists the names of others, along with an appeal to “send us INFO!” The website encourages readers to print out the posters and distribute them in the United States and Kenya. (Abortion laws are highly restrictive in Kenya and homosexual activity is illegal. In recent weeks, Kenyan activists have reported a rash of anti-gay violence, including the Feb. 12 beating of a man outside a health center that provides HIV/AIDS services, according to Human Rights Watch.)

Projectsee posters

“Project SEE Coalition roving photojournalists on the ground in Africa and the USA are currently gathering evidence which we hope will lead to the arrest and conviction of members [of] the international conspiracy to violate anti-abortion and anti-sodomy laws worldwide,” the website states. Elsewhere, it adds: “We advocate that abortionists and women determined to murder babies be driven back into filthy back alleys like other murderers, and advocate ‘homosexuals’ be likewise driven back into the closet, arrested and prosecuted for sodomy according to God’s law.”

One of those targeted by the website is Kenneth Hieber, who owns a New York-based travel company, Gay2Afrika, Inc., that caters to gays and lesbians. “I was repulsed. Absolutely repulsed,” Hieber, whose photograph appears on “Not Wanted” posters published on, told Hatewatch. The posters refer to Hieber as a “shoga” — a derogatory Swahili term for homosexual — and one of them includes a biblical verse in Swahili (Leviticus 20:13) calling for the death penalty for homosexuals. (“If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death. Their blood shall be upon them,” according to the King James version.) The website also identifies Hieber as the CEO of Gay2Afrika and provides Hieber’s work address and phone number. Emblazoned on a snapshot of the Gay2Afrika website are the words, “Is Homo-Sex-Tourism Coming to your Town?”

Hieber said this characterization of Gay2Afrika is false. “We are a company that serves with the utmost dignity and respect the gay and lesbian traveler to Africa. To even begin to contemplate that we are potentially selling sex tourism is absurd.” He also said has made him sufficiently concerned that he is increasing security for himself and his staff. “I feel very threatened personally,” said Hieber, a naturalized U.S. citizen from South Africa.

Hieber E-mailed Go Daddy, the website host for, which urged him to ask his local law enforcement agency to investigate and then to contact Go Daddy if the website needed to be taken down, according to an E-mail Hieber forwarded from Go Daddy’s Abuse Department. (Hieber said he contacted the New York Police Department shortly after discovering the website on March 8. Officers said they did not believe the website constituted a direct threat, though they would consult with their legal department. Hieber hasn’t yet heard back from the NYPD, which did not respond to a request for comment from Hatewatch.) Christine Jones, general counsel for Go Daddy, said the company has checked the Web links it received in the complaint about “Because there’s nothing that’s per se illegal, even though there seem to be things that could offend some people, our current position is we’re going to leave it up,” she said. As it did with Hieber, the company typically asks people to speak to their local police about whether there’s a legitimate threat. “We’re not in a position to be the decider of fact in these cases,” Jones said.

Horsley, 65, of Carollton, Ga., is listed as the registrant and administrator for, which in some ways resembles a toned-down version of his “Nuremberg Files.”  In the late 1990s, the self-described former marijuana trafficker created the online listing of abortion providers and other supporters of abortion rights, with the names of those who’d been murdered crossed out and the names of those who’d been wounded in gray. This website became a central issue in a civil lawsuit brought by Planned Parenthood and several abortion doctors against some of the nations most hard-line anti-abortion activists and groups. (Horsley was not a party to the lawsuit.) Though there were no explicit calls for violence on the website, a federal jury decided in 1999 that it constituted a “true threat” and thus was not protected by the First Amendment. The plaintiffs were awarded $107 million. The trial judge also ordered Horsley to take down his website.

Even after a federal appeals court largely affirmed the verdict, Horsley was undeterred. By 2001, he’d launched his website, which featured videos and photos of patients entering and leaving abortion facilities. In 2008, he was found guilty of obscenity for a campaign sign showing the head of an aborted fetus. Earlier this month, Atlanta police arrested Horsley and charged him with making terroristic threats, disseminating threats through the Internet and criminal defamation, according to the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that the charges stemmed from threats he allegedly made against the singer Elton John, who told Parade magazine that he believes Jesus was gay. Horsley was released yesterday from Fulton County Jail after posting a $40,000 bond. Horsley did not respond to several phone and E-mail messages this week.

Also promoting is Michael Bray of Wilmington, Ohio, who was convicted in connection with a series of 1984 bombings in Maryland, Delaware and Washington, D.C. The bombings targeted clinics, the American Civil Liberties Union and the National Abortion Federation, a trade association of abortion providers. According to Bray, the 1993 killing of abortion doctor David Gunn was a “rational way of following the Operation Rescue dictum: ‘If you believe abortion is murder, then act like it.’” Shortly before the trial of Michael Griffin for Dr. Gunn’s murder, Bray was among 34 signers of a “defensive action statement” that asserted Griffin was justified if he killed Gunn because he did it to save the lives of unborn children. Bray, 57, is listed as a contact on and endorses the site in an online statement. In a brief phone interview, he said he’d given support to the site, but was not directly involved in it.

Meanwhile, the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Campaign, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) and other human rights and faith-based groups are discussing how to challenge the website without further endangering the leaders in Africa who are being targeted by it.

Jonathan O’Toole, the editor, did not return a phone message seeking comment.

  • Patrick Salomon

    In reference to homosexuality there are some major points that have never been brought up. Im going to take a commercial of a leading brand of soap; lever 2000 says there are 2000 touchable parts not even inlcuding untouchable parts, emtional traits/reactions, and personality traits. Now you are an exact representation of every single person that has lived before you; for example you have your mother/father eyes, you laugh like your grandmother, same color hair as your great grandfather so on and so forth. With that in mind lets go back to the lever 2000 commercial for every touchable part lets put each part to one person that lived before you who are the reason why you are here. So meaning you are a representation of 2000 (not even including the fact there are more) people that lived before you. So where do people get the idea that they have the right to choose wether or not your family will continue. It is your obligation to go about continuing your family’s chain of life; thus as 2000 people before you went about doing things the right way so you would have a chance at life. So who says anyone can go about just stopping your family’s existence. That means since a person can choose wether or not 2000 (plus more) people should not continue then that person should of never been brought into this world and left with that responsibility of continuing every person that did the right thing which is the reason you are here. Maybe when people argue about homosexual’s rights and those that disagree say its wrong without reason maybe if we all put as this point there might be some change in States/Governments/Religions that are accepting this sickness.

  • MrsCaptJack

    Jeff ~ No legitimate organization that takes donations is going to ask for your social security number. Your receipt for your payment by credit card (or Paypal) is enough for your tax person.

    You should research any organization you donate too.

  • Jeff

    PLEASE BEWARE OF THIS PHISHING SCAM ORGANIZATION The FBI reminds to apply a critical eye and do their due diligence before responding to those requests. Social causes or extremist religious organizations prompted individuals with criminal intent to solicit contributions purportedly for a charitable organization and/or a good cause.
    This organization asks for money for “charity” through Paypal. Be AWARE, is not more than a criminal organization behind an extremist religious organization in Kenya, DON’T GIVE YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION OR SOCIAL SECURITY TO THEM.

  • MrsCaptJack

    Well said, Nathan.

  • http://queers.con Nathan

    At issue is whether assertions can be substantiated with proof. Judging people based on religious orthodoxy is fundamentally untenable because each and every assertion made by religion is unsubstantiable, unprovable, and worth no more than any other unverifiable opinion or suppostition. The overwhelming majority of the literature on the nature of homosexuality indicates it’s a combination of genetics, gestation environment and sequential position among siblings, reinforced by culture and other post natal environmental issues. None of the literature indicates homosexuality is a mental illness or any manner of pathology whatsoever.

    The indesputable reality is that anybody who condemns homosexuality on any grounds is engaging one or more factors among delusion, willful ignorance, prejudice, spite and a whole host of other anti-social dysfunctions. Further, as with every population that refuses or is unable to adapt, antigay factions are becoming less and dying out in adherence with the laws of evolution.

    So, all you well meaning, self limiting anti-gay bigots who don’t believe in evolution can die happily thinking they’re still right. The rest of us will understand what a good thing attrition of the archaic is.

  • Jack

    It is impossible to tell what the SPLC will scrub from the site.
    They delete posts that have no personal attacks, no vulgarity and no call to violence or other illegal action.
    Then on the other hand they allow other posts that do contain personal attacks and vulgarity.

    It is not worth it to spend a half hour on a response then get it scrubbed and you have no way of choosing your
    words so it will get through the censor.

    I have always believed that homosexuality is a mental illness regardless of the APA’s political decision made in 73. This is based on what I have read that makes sense and my personal experiences.

    So sorry, but since I have no way of knowing if it will get posted I am not willing to spend the time again.

    Maybe SPLC could publish posting guidelines so we all know rather than “randomly?” deleting them.

  • MrsCaptJack

    R Lavigueur ~ I must admit, much of my opinions and information come from GLBT friends. My belief that people tend to lean towards mental illness comes from watching my father become slightly more tolerant over the years. I’d like to think that my living in an area that is about 45% gay/lesbian had something to do with opening his eyes to the fact that people are born this way. I, too, was interested in Jack’s response. Perhaps he could try to repost?

  • R Lavigueur

    I’m sorry to hear about your post being deleted, since as I said above, I’m interested in hearing your opinions even if we do disagree.


    I agree with you in that many people do try to diguise or soften their religiously motivated prejudices by referring to mental illness among other things. It doesn’t matter what group you want to oppress, its difficult to do so unless you can understand them as being a threat or danger in some way shape or form. Typically, they end up claiming that sexual orientation is a choice and that on top of that, its an unhealthy choice that is dangerous to society (usually dangerous to children).

    On the other hand, I don’t think that this is true for everyone. The ‘mental illness’ approach took on a life of its own in the 1900s with a separation from the religious ethics that had preceeded it. As one example, the Soviet Union, which was by no means religious, used the mental illness arguement for a few decades and came up with some inventive if macabre ‘cures’ before they decided it was more conveniant to just say homosexuality was anti-revolutionary and a cause of facism.
    The Soviets were celebrating their triumph over this ‘remnant of the exploiting classes’ around the same time that the USA, Canada and Britain were banning gays from public service for fear that they would become communist agents and sympethisers.

  • MrsCaptJack

    I’m going to take a guess and say that many people who aren’t actually willing to condemn GLBT folks right to hell go with “mental illness” because it’s more comfortable for them at night. That way, the don’t have to believe that maybe God did create them and it is natural. They can believe that this is a treatable condition ~ something that they can “fix” if their kid gets it.

  • jack

    To R Lavigueur:
    Well, right on cue the SPLC deleted my post even though it contained no vulgarity or any other reason to be deleted except they do not like my opinions.

  • R Lavigueur


    As I stated above, if you believe that any country has the right to make whatever laws it wishes, without interference, that is your right. Since you don’t seem to be especially hypocritical about it, that’s fine.

    As for the “political decision” by the APA, what makes you think that the definition of mental disorder can ever exist removed from politics? For that matter, there are political and pseudo-scientific reasons that the first DSM included homosexuality as well, but I don’t expect you to pay any attention to those. In any case, the activism of the gay-rights movement was only one part of that decision, which was also influenced by newer research by psychologists like Evelyn Hooker.

    Hooker’s method was an interesting one. She gathered the psychological profiles of heterosexual and homosexual men, 60 in total, and asked fellow psychologists to identify which profiles were those of gay men and which those of straight men. Unsurprisingly, they were unable to do so or indeed to identify any differences. The supposed ‘duress’ faced by the APA should also be measured against the fact that the majority of America was opposed to homosexuality being removed from the DSM, and the pressure was hardly one sided.

    But it is difficult to dialogue with you on this issue without knowing where you’re coming from. My own opinions on homosexuality come from the statements of organizations like the APA, as well as research which I’ve read that argue in favour of that position. My views are also influenced by the research I’ve read which argues that homosexuality is unnatural or a mental disorder, and my own experiences as a gay man. If you want to know my sources, I’d be happy to offer names.

    Which brings me to my question. You state that you believe that homosexuality is a mental disorder, what I would like to know is WHY you believe that homosexuality is a mental disorder? What evidence have you seen or come across which supports that idea?

  • Snorlax

    “Uganda has the right to make whatever laws it wishes.”

    “However, I am not really ‘supporting’ Uganda”

    Yes, you are, Jack.

    You’re an evil, hateful man who wants to kill gays, Jack.

    You hate America and everything it stands for, Jack.

    And you hate Jesus. You really hate Him, Jack.

    Go move to Uganda, Jack.

  • Jack

    R Lavigueur:
    As far as I am concerned it is a mental illness. The political decision made by the APA in 73 means nothing as it was made under duress.
    I am sure there is no single, easy answer to the question of why it occurs.

    “Don’t believe me? Read the UN convention on Genocide. It’s one of the only cases where the UN is able to legitimately intervene in the affairs of another state.”
    If I had my way the U.S. would not be a part of the UN. The UN can not do anything legitimate as far as I am concerned. Have we not learned yet the stupidity of foreign entanglement?

    However, I am not really “supporting” Uganda. They are a sovereign nation and can do what they wish within their borders.
    If another nation doesn’t like it, fine, invade them and take over and do as you wish.

  • R Lavigueur


    One is forced to wonder if you would be so quick to support Uganda were it to pass a law making Christianity or following the Jewish faith punishable by death. Or for that matter, since being gay is not something people choose for themselves, punishing people for being born the wrong skin colour.

    For the record, twin studies are notoriously unreliable to begin with, as we’re discovering now that monozygotic (identical) twins often differ in areas commonly percieved to be controlled by genes rather than environment. Issues of self selection, and the fact that most twins come as close as possible to identical environments mean it can be very difficult to infer anything from twin studies. With this in mind, a review of twin studies would still give the opposite impression to your statement. Most suggest genetic factors, namely one twin being gay predicts being gay in the second twin between 30%-50% of the time. This is much higher than the number of gay and lesbian people in society (1%-10% depending on the study) and higher than its usual correlation among siblings.

    In any case, it never gets old listening to the anti-gay crowd rally around the idea that gays and lesbians choose their sexuality. Interestingly enough, no reputable health or psychological organizations still support that position. Interestingly enough, very few heterosexual people, even those who experiment with people of the same sex, ever actually make a concious choice to be gay. For that matter, why would someone actually want to be gay? It’s not like we’re reaping a whole bunch of benefits by being part of a group that is reviled, hated, and whose rights are opposed whenever the oppertunity strikes.

    There remains the issue in the Ugandan law where it requires family members and friends to report their gay relatives or face imprisonment, and the fact that its proposed goal (stopping disease) has been discredited by all of the AIDS groups actually working in Africa and around the world; but what it comes down to is this. It would not be acceptable for Uganda to punish members of a certain religious group with death, why should they have free reign to conduct a genocide against gays?.

    Don’t believe me? Read the UN convention on Genocide. It’s one of the only cases where the UN is able to legitimately intervene in the affairs of another state.

    The Convention of course, doesn’t include sexual orientation as a form of genocide, which has less to do with genocide and more to do with the fact that the USA, USSR, and Britain all had laws against homosexuality and the gay men liberated from the Nazi concentration camps that spawned the UN Convention were often were liberated straight into german jails.

    If you believe Uganda should be able to just kill whoever it pleases, that is your right, but somehow I doubt you’d extend its right to kill groups which you have a more personal connection with.

  • mountaingirl08

    Neal Horsley, thou protesteth too much. Why are you so hung-up on homosexuality? It makes me wonder. Hmmm. . . . .

  • MrsCaptJack

    Doesn’t your bible teach tolerance? Doesn’t Jesus state to love the sinner and hate the sin? If you actually believe that homosexuality is a sin, then you should pay attention to Christ’s teachings and your ten commandments, as in thou shalt not kill.

  • Jack

    “When are people going to wise up a realize people are born GLBT just like folks are born with brown eyes?”

    No one has ever been able to prove that.
    The best twin studies available show that it is not a genetic issue.

    It is quite an unsettled issue.

  • MrsCaptJack

    While Uganda may have the right, it is clearly an attempt to “cleanse” their country and it is up to the rest of the world to stop the slaughter of innocent people. When are people going to wise up a realize people are born GLBT just like folks are born with brown eyes?

  • Jack

    Uganda has the right to make whatever laws it wishes.

  • Snorlax

    Uganda is voting on a new law that would have mandatory minimum LIFE sentencing for Uganda’s half million gays.

    And “aggravated homosexuality” (whatever that is) would be punished with the death penalty.

    These Religious Reich Wingnuts actually SUPPORT executing people just for being gay.

    Like they do in Iran.

  • Kenya

    Am the Kenyan coordinator of projectSEE and the bottom line fact is that the Bible does not authorize homosex neither does it authorize is a timely website.You can call me Robert Wakhu.

  • MrsCaptJack

    R Lavigueur ~ I couldn’t have said this better. Many of my friends have an aversion to mainstream religions altogether because of how they were raised or treated by a particular church. Sometimes, I have to remind myself of that when they make a comment that I would normally take offense to. I’m just grateful that I live in an area that is mostly open and tolerant.

  • R Lavigueur


    You make a good point, it is all too easy for those persecuted by religious people because of their sexuality to come to see all religion as an enemy. Many faith groups do support LGBT rights, as do many faithful individuals. Some do this because their church teaches values of compassion and equality, others take a stand for fundamental justice despite their church’s official teachings.

    In this area, we differ when it comes to the Catholic Church. While I agree that the Catholics officially have a position opposed to discrimination, they are by no means supportive of LGBT people. As you say, they are in favour of ‘basic’ justice, or in other words, they support my right to be free from violence; but they’ll spend tens of millions of dollars opposing any policies that would recognize me as equal or recognize my relationship.

    Let me clairify my position. I am not saying that any religious group should be forced to act against its beliefs, however I cannot respect any religious group that attempts to impose its prejudices upon society at large. When a church withdraws funding to charity organizations because those organizations support LGBT people openly, or when it withdraws charity activities because a jurisdiction allows same sex marriage, I have a difficult time seeing an organization that supports even basic justice.

    Horsley is an extremist in his anti-gay and anti-abortion rhetoric, however, his anti-gay ideology comes from the same mindset as the lesser forms seen within the Catholic Church’s official doctrines, and in the tennents of many other Christian and Muslim groups. The rise in anti-gay sentiments in much of Africa is largely the result of the growth of fundamentalist forms of Christianity in the region in recent years. These anti-gay reactionaries draw upon anti-sodomy laws that were imposed by colonial powers, and the governments have learned that they can count on churches to back them up when it comes to their homophobia. The result is that persecution against gays (and lesbians) is on the rise.

    As long as it is acceptable to believe that some people are inferior to others and should be treated as second class citizens, I doubt we’ll ever see the end of such people as Horsley or their rhetoric. Sadly, the mainstream religions have difficulty protesting anti-gay violence that is promoted by their holy texts, especially if they themselves persist in believing that homosexuality, bisexuality and transgenderism are unnatural and sinful. Even western countries have a difficult time raising their voices in protest without looking like hypocrites, especially nations like the US which have plenty of legislation designed to impose lesser forms of the same breed of discrimination.

  • Jack Williams

    A line in a shakespear play states that Me thinks the lady doth protest to much! I think most people would understand that to mean that if you are bitching to much about an activity, you really want to participate in said activity! This was actually the case in one of the leading anti-gay activist a few years ago. He finally stoped bitching, and came out himself. I think this is the case with this trocladite! He must be expending all his energy fighting off his desire to join in.

  • majii

    Georgia is full of people like Horsley who think they are above the law. They come from the school of, “Do What I Tell You, Or Else,” most of them are armed to the gills and continue to push for the right to carry their firearms everywhere. I consider them to be extremely dangerous, and for the first time in my life, I am considering buying a weapon and obtaining a permit to carry. They will waste no opportunity to use their weapon first and ask questions later, and if a case goes to court, they’ll most likely win. They are incapable of understanding that arming one’s self to the teeth is a sign of fear, and not of courage. Most of the people here in GA, especially in the smaller towns, are afraid of anyone who differs from them in any way and will go out of their way to make them second class citizens in their own country and state.

  • NTX

    I want to know what all these groups and individuals are DOING running to Africa with their gay/anti-gay and/or abortionist/anti-abortion agendas. It’s not like many African nations don’t have much BIGGER fish to fry here – namely, famine, disease, unstable governments…I would say to those groups on both sides of those contentious issues, how about contributing something besides your agendas to these nations?

  • IludiumPhosdex

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but was that the same Neal Horsley who boasted on Fox News about losing his chastity to a mule … not to mention claiming that the very act in question (bestiality) is commonplace in rural areas when it comes to sexual introduction among poor, undereducated and easily-led rural youth?

  • Brian

    And that man claims to promote the Culture of Life?

    Allow me to add this to the discussion. Some reports have said that the Vatican declined to sign a resolution calling for the decriminalization of homosexuality on the grounds that it would impose hidden agendas. That’s actually not the whole story.

    Again, I am simply hoping to add to the discussion and showing that many “conservative Christians” are not like Horsely. I do appreciate past posts citing a “reparative therapist” calling out extremist activities. I thought I would also add the Holy See’s calls for basic justice. Do with this comment what you will.

  • MST

    I am pro-life, anti-war, and pro-gay rights and people like Neal Horsely truly make me sick, along with clinic bombers, shooters, and the like. They are deranged people and they do NOT represent the majority of pro-lifers!

  • Spiny Norman

    Seems like Neal Horsely spends a *lot* of his time in front of the computer thinking about homosexuality. Poor little tiger.

  • Mason Green

    Michael Bray has also been featured as a guest on the white supremacist radio show, The Political Cesspool. Interestingly, the staff of The Political Cesspool appear to be trying to hide that fact; the guest list on the show’s official webpage no longer includes his name. However, Michael Bray DID appear on the show in 2007; proof can be found here:
    I’m not sure what the reason for the apparent cover-up is; is it because Bray wants to distance himself from white-supremacist radio hosts to protect his reputation, or is it because the white-supremacist radio hosts want to distance themselves from Bray to protect _their_ reputations? I’m not entirely sure. On an unrelated note, Bray once dated Kathie Lee Gifford….I wonder if she knows what her former boyfriend has been up to lately?