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Racist Radio Host Pines for All-White Golf, Segregated ‘Civilization’

By Larry Keller on April 12, 2010 - 3:17 pm, Posted in Anti-Black

Count James Edwards, host of the Memphis-based white nationalist, anti-Semitic radio show called “Political Cesspool”, as among those likely celebrating Phil Mickelson’s victory at the Masters golf tournament on Sunday. Not because Mickelson is a feel-good story, winning the green jacket as his cancer-stricken wife watched, but because Mickelson is not Tiger Woods. That is to say, Mickelson is not black.

Edwards, 29, continually pines for a return to the Confederate South he never knew. The Masters — held at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Ga. — fanned those longings and Edwards’ racist rhetoric to depths unprecedented even for him. “Golf is the ultimate European sport,” he wrote on Friday, when the tournament outcome was in doubt. (By European, Edwards meant white, of course.) With its strict decorum, the Masters “is the closest picture we have of what the modern world might be like had the old South survived,” he gushed. (Part of that old South charm, apparently, is the fact that Augusta National still doesn’t allow women members and didn’t accept its first black member until 1990.)

Edwards, who normally couches his racism more carefully, was just getting started.

The Masters “is civilized. All civilization channels basic desires and instincts into something higher and nobler. Lincoln and the abolitionists did their best to put an end to it, and the Jews and liberals are trampling down what remnants are left.”

Edwards was still warming up.

Then along came Tiger Woods, a “mixed race Negro with the skills to break down the last sport of white refuge, golf, and its citadel, Augusta National,” Edwards lamented. “He was the black messiah of sports. The long awaited one who would tear down the last remnants of segregation.”

Most would see that as a good thing. Not Edwards, of course. He cited a litany of rancid racial stereotypes to explain why.

“He’s got the sexual mores of the most stereotypical ‘nigger’ that even the most hardened, bigoted cracker could imagine,” wrote Edwards, who opposes “primitivism,” homosexuality, loveless sex, feminism and abortion. “Oh, and he apparently only wants white women. From his Nordic model wife to the dumpiest diner waitress, all of his trysts are with white women.”

“Segregation in the old South was all about maintaining racial integrity and civilization,” Edwards continued. “About keeping our wives and daughters safe from sexual animals like Tiger. About building up and maintaining what is noble and good. If the ‘black messiahs’ like Tiger Woods and Martin Luther King Jr. are such animals, what about the mere mortals among them? Do we want to find out?”

Edwards doesn’t. In his ideal world, Tiger Woods might be permitted to be a clubhouse attendant, maybe even a caddie, but certainly not a player on a par with whites. Maybe it’s time for James Edwards to adopt a new sport. Arthur Ashe, another black athete, must have ruined tennis for him. Hockey, anyone?

  • John Lloyd Scharf

    Stan Horn, because their race bigots are better than your race bigots.

  • Stan Horn

    Why is black pride, hispanic and gay pride embraced so wholeheartedly, and white pride is looked at as racist?

  • venomlash

    This guy’s entire commentary on golf strikes me as not only racist and offensive, but veritably reeking of BAWWWWW.

  • Lex

    Well that show has it´s name right, it is indeed a show that features the cesspool of politics

  • John Lloyd Scharf

    Mixed Opinions, while SPLC does not promote “mixing,” I, like Patrick Henry, do. He advocated land grants to marriages between Natives and citizens. Given that inbreeding causes issues, the ideology of a “pure race” being one that does not mix is counter intuitive. If you think there is a such thing as “race” then it is better to be hybrid than inbred.

  • John Lloyd Scharf

    Simple equations are for simpletons like the gorilla leader in PLANET OF THE APES claiming, “The only good human is a dead human.”

  • Snorlax

    Had the old South survived, tney would have gotten us into WW2…on the NAZI side.


    Simple equation.

  • jeff

    we know what kind of diversity of opinion the American Right promotes these days from watching, e.g., the fair and balanced news on Fox Noise.

    some people appreciate the civil rights laws, and some people don’t. that’s diversity of opinion.

  • John Lloyd Scharf

    Tigar Woods is Black?

  • Mixed Opinions


    No one can answer your questions because they’re leading questions based on false premises.

    First, there’s no evidence that “any level of diversity of opinion is absolutely hated” by the SPLC and its members. Presumably, what you’re suggesting is that James Edwards’ preaching of racism shouldn’t be criticized because it’s just one man exercising his freedom of speech to express one “opinion” among a “diverse” range of possible opinions. But equally, Mr. Keller’s column criticizing Edwards is entitled to receive the same tolerance from you, isn’t it?

    Second, I’ve seen no evidence that the SPLC is promoting “the mixing of diverse peoples.” What it appears to me that they’re promoting is people getting along with each other in a world where “mixing” occurs whether you like it or not. But thanks for throwing out that word, “mixing,” as it helps everyone see exactly where you’re coming from.

  • Rick

    Bravo Lee! Well said my friend. I too am curious about the supposed “tolerance” of the SPLC and it’s kool-ade drinkers. I find it interesting that you people are tolerant of others as long as their opinions match yours – but that’s what you mock and complain about regarding people like Edwards. I specifically love how so called “tolerant” people are the first to use terms Like “in bred” and “hick” to describe people who they disagree with. Hypocrites – party of 5 – your table is waiting.

  • Lee

    Can somebody answer this question for me?:

    If the SPLC and its members love diversity so much how come any level of diversity of opinion is absolutely hated? Do you think that you can promote the mixing of diverse peoples and have absolutely no diversity whatsoever of thought or behaviour?

  • Alone in Georgia

    Keep in mind that Edwards’ Cesspool was at one time hosted by Georgia GOP gubernatorial candidate Ray McBerry’s now-defunct Dixie Broadcasting. McBerry is also Georgia Chairman of the League of the South.

    And McBerry’s seeming tool in the Georgia legislature is State Rep. Bobby Franklin (R-Cobb). Perusing his legislation is like reading the LOS’ Core Beliefs statement.

  • daemonesslisa

    All-White golf? Isn’t golf already All-White?

    These “Proud Aryans” always seem to have a collective diarrhea attack and want to run off to the next town whenever one minority shows up…25 miles away. Nothing but cowards.

  • Samantha

    It is so sad that people still think this way. He was probably raised in this environment. What is our society coming to?

  • Justin

    Not hockey- Jarome Iginla among about a couple dozen others who are biracial.

  • orly taitz wigs

    Nope -that inbred hick is shit outta luck there too – thank God! They’re all around you James Edwards douche bag! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. List of black ice hockey players – see wiki pages :-)